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Ten Pillars of Civilization

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Today most people have two ways of thinking about “civilization”, either it’s the Roman conquering the barbarians or its the destructive corporations raping the countryside model. Either way civilization is seen as a terrible force that imposes order on the “uncivilized” world through fraud, theft and violence.

I don’t see it in those terms. I believe that the best ideas of humanity are what create true civilization. In my opinion true civilization is brining order to chaos without the need for external authority in the pursuit of eliminating human suffering.

Civilization for me, like all things, begins with the individual. That’s why this list doesn’t include any mention of government and that’s on purpose.

The state is not the progenitor of civilization and in fact throughout history it has been antithetical to its advancement. Governments only legitimate purpose is to protect life, liberty and justly acquired property. Thus it is an outgrowth of the ten pillars of civilization.

Civilization gets a bad rap but it’s the only reason why you and I are here. Below are a list of the ten ideas and concepts that underpin civilization and make it possible.

1. Self ownership – From this we get freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of consumption, the right to privacy, the right to self-defense, and the burden of self-responsibility.

2. Private property – All justly acquired property is obtained by voluntary peaceful exchange, charity or through homesteading. Disposal of one’s property is at the discretion of the owner which includes one’s body.

3. Cleanliness – It is next to godliness, which we don’t hear this saying much any more but it’s as true as it ever was. Sanitation and the physical order of things are the foundation of a civilized life.

“Make your bed and put your house in perfect order before criticizing the world”. Jordan Peterson

4. Manners – They are a form of social cleanliness. A Simple “thank-you” or “please” go a long way in reducing social friction. Being courteous without being a pushover demonstrates respect for yourself and for others.

5. Peaceful Voluntary exchange – It is the opposite of war. When two people exchange voluntarily what the other wants both parties win. There is no need to rob my neighbor of his lawn mower that I would like to have if I can peacefully trade with him for it.

6. The Acknowledgment of suffering – Life is hard for everyone. We all suffer. Work is about the elimination of as much suffering in our own life and in the lives of those we interact with as possible.

7. Rational progress – True progress is based upon reason, wisdom, and knowledge in order to develop

new tools, processes and technologies to increase profit, quality, and beauty.

8. Charity – Charity truly begins at home. All charity requires profit from peaceful exchange and it’s always voluntary or it’s not charity. The fact is that everyone needs help at some point in their life.

9. Awe and Curiosity about the natural world – Having an understanding that we only know a tiny fraction of the universe’s secrets is vital to keep perspective and to encourage constant searching for new knowledge and wisdom about ourselves and the wider world.

10. Whole system analysis – Its easy to get lost in details and miss the bigger picture. That’s why it’s important to investigate and understand cause and effect in the widest scope possible. Listening to specialists who have specific knowledge about a specific subject is smart but considering the entire context of the situation is demonstrating wisdom.

This last pillar below is new to the history of humanity and it is what I believe will help spread true civilization to all corners of the world.

11. Peer to peer trustless networks – These cryptographically secured global person to person networks facilitate communication, value exchange and organization without the need for hierarchical institutions like banks, corporations and nation states.

This technology, based upon the concept of blockchain, which is what the Bitcoin protocol runs on, is beginning to show how it can outcompete and eventually supplant the entrenched governmental, banking and corporate interests that currently benefit from the war, fiat currency and subjugation through taxation system.

When people can be their own bank, trade with anyone around the world without regard to artificial boundaries, and vote directly on issues affecting them, the current power asymmetry in society will begin to shift away from the political rats and their cronies, back to the individual where all power originates and should reside.

Unlike what most people fear, freedom of action doesn’t endanger civilization. In fact when people are more free they are more limited, not less inhibited, because they are directly responsible for the consequences of their actions. This is a natural discipline that no government can ever hope to match in quality, severity or efficiency.

Chaos reigns when there is no peace within oneself. Chaos reigns when there is no peace between man and nature. Chaos reigns when there is no peace between man and his neighbor. The pillars of civilization help to create more peace in the world which fosters an environment in which the best qualities of humanity can flourish.

These are what I believe are the best ideas that create a more civilized world. Anyone who wants to go live in nature without any tools will quickly find that the pillars of civilization have been built for a reason. Mother Nature gives nothing for free. Work is the only answer to suffering. Peaceful exchange is superior to war.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Civilized Living

Further collectivization of healthcare will embolden the Drug War

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From Ayn Rand’s Textbook of Americanism:

Individualism holds that man has unalienable rights that cannot be taken away from him by any other man, any number, group or collective of men. Therefore each man exists by his own right and for his own sake, not for the sake of the ngroup.

Collectivism holds that man has no rights; that his work, his body and his personality, belong to the group; that the group can do with him as it pleases, in any manner it pleases, for the sake of whatever it decides to be its own welfare. Therefore, each man lives by permission of the group and only for sake of the group.

Our current system of healthcare is a mixture of government licensed monopolies and good ole fashioned communism. Those who advocate for a single payer healthcare system or more government intervention into the healthcare sector are asking for more communism which is another term for collectivization.

The great struggle is always between individualism versus collectivism.

If you believe in the second Amendment you also believe in individualism. If you believe that individuals have the right to consume Marijuana then you believe in individualism. If you believe the War on Drugs should be ended then you believe in Individualism.

Unfortunately the current political debate is carried out in sound bites and is meant to divide and segregate individuals into groups. That’s how collectivism works. Those groups then clamor gain the levers of power to usa

e the force of government to force others to live as they see fit. They use words like “social cost” or “societal impact” to justify limiting the choices of others.

The War on Drugs is based on the idea that social costs trump individual choice. Any rational thinking person can clearly see the horrible consequence that Drug Prohibition has caused. For most though they don’t see this as “government intervention” or the further “collectivization” of America. More government intervention into healthcare or A Single Payer healthcare system is based upon the same philosophy. Not only are they politically aligned they are inseparable.

As the government pays for (by taking from others or borrowing from future generations) more and more healthcare more and more experts will be supportive of the War on Drugs. The reason is simple, when the state pays for healthcare every individual choice becomes subject to government scrutiny.

When experts and politicians speak about Social costs or public policy you can guarantee that they are peddling the further erosion of your individual freedom. The Drug War is the biggest erosion of human liberty that we are currently living under, besides the inflationary banking system. Which coincidentally is also a mixture of monopolies and communism.

I believe that the average America who advocates for a single payer healthcare system or clamors for more government regulation of healthcare is doing so because they want a better more effective system that is also affordable. For a lot of people the Single Payer Healthcare idea is the only option they are exposed to that they believe will lead to their desired outcome.

I advocate for another alternative to the current Monopoly/Collectivist model of medicine and that is simply Medical Freedom.

Medical Freedom is the elimination of all the restrictions of individuals to purchase, grow, sell or trade in medicines that they believe will help ease their suffering or increase their wellbeing. This will allow individuals to grow their own medicines in their backyard or purchase medicines at a greatly reduced price because market forces will enter back into the healthcare system.

This is an alternative that the political class, insurance companies, the media, the big pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, the DEA, the FDA, the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services never talk about because in an atmosphere of Medical Freedom they will be deprived of their power and it will be rightfully restored back to the individual through the power of choice.

If you are against the War on Drugs and understand how destructive it is to individuals and society then you should also support the elimination of government interference in the choices individuals make regarding their health and wellbeing.

Just as we have separation of church and state, we also need the separation of medicine and state.

The Bill of Rights is based upon the philosophy of individualism. The belief that individuals have innate inalienable rights and that they own themselves. The current healthcare system and the War on Drugs are based on the idea that you don’t own yourself and that any rights you have are granted by the state. And they can be changed and altered as the political climate changes. This collectivist ideology is extremely dangerous and has led to the death of hundreds of millions by governments around the world.

I believe that deep down everyone would prefer the Freedom of choice in their healthcare decisions and their life in general. When we have Medial Freedom restores in this country the cost of medicine will plummet because individuals will be able to grow Cannabis, Poppy Plants and mushrooms in their backyard.

With a medicinal garden based around these three easily grown plants and fungi most of human ailments can be successfully treated. Physical pain is taken care of by the Poppy Plant. Inflammatory conditions can be mediated by compounds found in Cannabis and certain types of mushrooms. Emotional and existential issues along with addictions could be eased or even eliminated through the careful use of mushrooms containing psilocybin.

A backyard pharmacy would free individuals and families from relying on big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies to treat a majority of the ailments that can afflict humans. It’s not for everyone and many people including myself would want to combine the best of the homegrown natural medicines with what mankind has created. In an atmosphere of Medicinal Freedom we’ll be able to do just that.

When we have true Medicinal Freedom in this country Pharmaceutical companies will no longer be protected under their monopoly arrangement with the government. The FDA would no longer have the power to allow them to sell dangerous drugs into the marketplace. If they want to stay in business they’ll have to provide more effective, less expensive and safer drugs to compete with the homegrown variety.

More government intervention is not the answer to lowering medical costs. Increasing Medical Freedom is the answer. Ending the War on Drugs and ending the prescription restriction model of medicine is the first steps in making this a reality.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Liberty

Opioid Prohibition is destined to fail

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Prohibitions in this country don’t tend to stick. There is good reason for that. Humans want to be free to choose what to consume. Governments, do-gooders, and doctors will never change that.

Alcohol prohibition sparked the current War on Choice that we are currently suffering under. The campaign was puritanical in nature and the “social costs” of alcohol were frequently bandied about as a reason to ban it. But like all government interventions the Prohibition of Alcohol was a colossal failure. Instead of increasing morality in society it increased real crime.

Gangsters through violence became powerful and wealthy during Alcohol Prohibition. Governments grew more powerful as well. But the people got sick of the violence and the encroachment of Government into their lives and it was overturned.

But the philosophy and profits of prohibition were so appealing to those in power it would soon return. Once Alcohol Prohibition was gone the good people at the Bureau of Prohibition didn’t have anything to fight.

Henry Anslinger the head of the Bureau of Prohibition was determined to find a new target. It didn’t take him long to turn the puritanical racial attitudes that fueled the push to make alcohol illegal towards an evil weed, Marijuana.

Interestingly while Anslinger and The Bureau of Prohibition were busy busting up speakeasies he said that Cannabis didn’t harm people and didn’t make them violent. He changed his tune when his Department was axed. He became the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and was instrumental in getting Marijuana Prohibition established at the Federal level.

Thanks to Anslinger’s lies about the health risks of Marijuana and the dubious anecdotes he collected, Reefer Madness swept the nation. It was fueled by blatant racism and puritanical self righteousness that we still see echoes of in the current opioid crisis propaganda. But like all prohibitions, Marijuana Prohibition was destined to fail.

Unlike with Alcohol Prohibition, Marijuana Prohibition wasn’t ended at the Federal level. But it’s effectively over. Millions and millions of Americans have defied the Federal Government, rejected their lies and propaganda and continued to use Cannabis despite Federal Prohibition for over seventy years.

We live in an era where the people have defied the Federal Government and won. Eight States have fully legalized Marijuana and another 21 have some form of a Medical Marijuana programs even though the DEA still has it as a Schedule I drug.

From their website:

Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are:

heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote

People have seen through the lies of the government and the philanthropic tyrants. Cannabis is safe and extremely effective for millions of people for a myriad of health issues and for improving well-being. The health benefits are astounding and more and more are being discovered all the time.

The current opioid crisis is the latest in a long line of hysterias that have swept this country based on government propaganda and spread by a compliant media. Alcohol and Marijuana proceeded it and have been overturned completely at the Federal level or by defiance at the local level. Opioids will be no different in the coming years.

Millions of people safely use pain pills everyday to help ease their suffering. The current hysteria has all the hallmarks of the classic prohibition manias of the past. There is a strong moral disgust component, an us versus them mentality, and a healthy dose of ignorance thrown in.

Those who profit from prohibition are the ones pushing the opioid crisis hype as well as the philanthropic tyrants who believe they alone know how others should live. How sociopathic must a person be to tell someone who is in physical pain that they can’t have their pain relieved because there are a small percentage of people who may overdose on a similar type of medicine?

That makes absolutely no sense.

The two main problems cited as being the “opioid crisis” are deaths due to overdose and addiction.

The majority of the deaths are due to illicit fentanyl laced heroin caused in large part by the War on Drugs & the US governments complicity in growing, protecting & shipping Afghanistan poppies. Afghanistan became the number one grower of illicit poppies in the world after the US government invasion.

If the deaths aren’t due to bad heroin they are usually attributable to combination of drugs which are prescribed to someone else or illegal.

The second problem cites is the bogey man of addiction. This is the issue that sparks the puritanical self righteousness which fuels these types of hysterias. Those who are addicted are viewed as morally weak and depraved. And people live in fear of pain pills. It is almost as if pain pills are seen as demons who will possess anyone and cause them to do horrible things to get their “fix”.

This is totally irrational. In reality addiction has its basis in biology and not in demonology. Plus it’s extremely rare. Only about 2-3% of people have the predisposition for real addiction. In the near future we will be able to test for this and get those who need actual help instead of locking them up.

The answer proposed to the above two problems is to place draconian restrictions on opioids for people in pain. That’s the great answer from the enlightened elites. Make people suffer more. Brilliant!

Chronic pain patients aren’t overdosing on illicit heroin. That is unless they have had their pain pill allotment cut and they are still in pain. By further restricting access to prescription pain pills the government is forcing those in pain to look to the black market for relief.

Could they in fact be doing this on purpose to get more people buying Afghanistan Heroin?

And on top of the Opioid Prohibition currently taking shape the DEA wants to Schedule I Kratom. It’s a plant from Southeast Asia that has amazing properties that can help ease pain and eliminate opioid withdrawal symptoms. Plus it’s extremely safe despite the government propaganda to the contrary.

I myself have used it and it works. I’ve been in chronic pain for 30 years and have taken pain pills ever since. Unfortunately I’ve also had my supply cut do to this opioid insanity and I do run out before the end of the month depending on my pain level.

I’m not addicted but I am physically habituated to Narcotics like most people who’ve taken them for decades. Addiction and habituation are not the same. Now when I don’t have pain pills for 48 hours my body does react in a negative way.

It’s extremely unpleasant. Being in pain plus going through physical withdrawal is almost unbearable. Kratom takes away 80-90% of the terrible withdrawal symptoms and eases my pain as well. It’s so empowering to know I have an option if I run out of pain medicine or can’t get a prescription refilled. And of course the DEA hates this and wants to ban it.

More prohibition is not the answer. Making people suffer in pain is not the answer. If the DEA wanted to save tens of thousands of lives they would legalize heroin tomorrow and leave Kratom alone.

Prohibition is big business not only for the government but also for crony capitalists who reap huge profits by filling their prisons. The DEA, FDA, CDC have their budgets at stake. Local police departments rely on grants and civil asset forfeiture sharing with the DEA. Unions who represent law enforcement and prison workers want more people in prison. The private companies that now run government stocked prisons have contracts requiring that 90% or more of the cells have to be filled or they receive increased compensation to make up the difference. Rehab centers want more and more people in their facilities as well. Each arrest means profit for someone. Prohibition fills the pockets of politicians, prison owners, Union Leaders, and law enforcement.

Don’t forget that the media makes a ton off of this as well. Fear sells. False sense of security sells as well. It always has. Alcohol Prohibition and Marijuana Prohibition were accomplished with complicity of the media.

There are also profits that go unseen but are just as powerful a motivator that keeps Prohibition in place. Black Market profits are laundered through the largest banks in the world, the CIA uses them to fund their dark operations, bribes from them line the pockets of politicians, law enforcement officers and judges.

Prohibition accomplishes none of what it promises and never will. Crime, corruption and violence multiplies because of it. Anyone who talks of the “societal cost” of the opioid crisis doesn’t understand the cost of chronic pain, the cost of the prison system, the cost of the War on Drugs, the cost of compliance by doctors and pharmacies, the hours wasted by patients who are forced to go back to the doctor to get a physical prescription, the cost of mandatory drug testing for pain patients, the cost of the SWAT teams, and the cost of the people living in fear of a tyrannical government who is forcing them to live in pain or risk going to prison.

The current opioid hysteria is being used as a way to rebrand the War on Drugs and ensure the increased budgets of the DEA, DOJ, CDC and FDA. The War on Drugs is extremely unpopular and people are questioning if it should even be waged. The majority of people know that the powers that be were lying for decades about the dangers of Cannabis. Just like Harry Anslinger in the 1930’s needed a new target after the ending of Alcohol Prohibition the DEA needed to swing attention away from the failure of Marijuana Prohibition to a new target – enter the Opioid Crisis.

People want to be free to make their own choices. That will never change. Prohibition of any kind is a battle that can never be won. Look at drugs inside of prisons. The State can’t even keep them out of secure buildings that they have 100% control over.

That is why the opioid crisis propaganda is not focusing on illegal opioids. Instead the target is doctors and people in pain. The powers that be are issuing new restrictive guidelines for doctors to limit the prescribing of pain pills. It’s the same reason why cops give speeding tickets instead of going after known criminals. The criminals have guns and they payoff the cops. Everyday citizens caught “speeding” are easy pickings just like people in pain are.

The sick and suffering are being targeted because they are an easy target. Those sick and suffering don’t give up easy though. Opioids are effective and safe. People in pain shouldn’t be forced to suffer because of politicians colluding with bureaucrats, prison owners, and law enforcement unions to brand them as criminals because they seek the most effective tool to eliminate their pain which are opioids.

A backlash is occurring against Opioid Prohibition though and it will continue to grow in proportion to the degree its enforced. Make no mistake the government would love to outlaw all opioids. That would keep the prisons full, law enforcement budgets fat, and politicians pockets filled with bribes and kickbacks.

Opioid Prohibition is destine to end just as Alcohol and Marijuana Prohibition did. People will see through the lies of the do-gooders, the social reformers, the philanthropic tyrants, the government doctors, the corrupt politicians and the ambitious bureaucrats and will end it at the Federal level, at the local level or just ignore it. If there is demand there will always be supply.

The problem with the philosophy of prohibition is that it has no logical end. Everything you ingest causes some harm. The very air you breathe coupled with the food you eat is causing oxidative damage in your body that will eventually contribute to your death.

Will the prohibition pushers next target be food? Will we all be required to have a prescription for the food we buy? Why not? That would be inline with the philosophy of prohibition.

The societal cost of obesity, diabetes and heart disease are thousands of times more than the cost of individuals using opioids. Food plays an enormous role in these deadly and debilitating diseases. If the same logic for opioid prohibition is to be used to help the most people than it should be applied to all products with wheat and sugar, and vegetable oil in them. They all contribute to causing so called lifestyle diseases.

And all other foods would be by prescription only of course. They could be called food pyramid prescriptions. Only the enlightened elite know what’s best for us. Think of a supermarket that has all the food locked behind shelves. You have to present a government approved doctor written list of the foods you are allowed to buy. That is the future we are heading to if the do-gooders, the social planners, and the politicians continue with using prohibition as a means to restrict freedom for a nebulous purpose such as lowering “societal costs”.

If you thinkthat could never happen go and try to buy Sudafed off the shelf. That’s right you can’t it’s locked up behind the counter and you have to show ID and sign for it. Remember how Meth was the biggest threat the United States ever faced back in 2005? Taking away your ability to buy Sudafed without being tracked didn’t have the results they were hoping for. Last year alone Americans bought about $13 billion worth of Meth.

The philosophy behind prohibition is truly evil and has no logical end. If societal costs are the only measure for the use of force against peaceful individuals than all behavior is on the table for possible prohibition. Driving, owning firearms, swimming, showering, or other “dangerous” activities could be next.

The social engineers are never satisfied. They think they can perfect society if only they can use the force of government to implement their utopian schemes. They blame every ill of society on individual freedom while they think the actions of the government are perfect or at worse haven’t gone far enough. In fact they clamor for more government action never less. They believe they are the enlightened and educated elite who have a duty to save the ignorant masses from themselves. Of course by doing so they gain power, prestige and money.

Prohibition is based upon the belief that individuals don’t own themselves and shouldn’t have a choice of what to ingest because it could have “societal costs”. And how do they propose to do this? By making criminals out of peaceful individuals.

Taking pain pills is not a crime against humanity. True crime is violence committed against a person or his property. Ingesting a pill doesn’t qualify as a crime. Limiting access to a drug that eases physical suffering is. Using the force of government to force people to endure pain is tantamount to torture. The personal cost of pain is infinitely more expensive than any so called societal cost can ever be.

Americans are the only nation in the history of the world founded on a revolutionary idea: that our rights come from our humanity and not from the state. This fire of freedom still burns brightly in the hearts of millions. Prohibition of Opioids will end by voting or by massive civil disobedience.

One possible peaceful way to effectively end Opioid Prohibition is for every person in chronic pain to grow their own poppy plants in their backyard or indoors under lights. (I of course don’t advocate breaking the law)

If there was (hypothetically of course) a peaceful movement that encouraged and helped everyone who wanted to control the means to ease their physical suffering; to grow poppy flowers, Opioid Prohibition would be impossible enforce.

Every backyard would have a few of these plants and every individual who chose to take control of easing his or her own physical pain, would have on hand the most effective mix of compounds humans have every discovered for eliminating pain, the sap of the poppy.

It was the underground Cannabis Cultivation culture that greatly helped end Marijuana Prohibition. In fact one day they were “illegal growers” and after legalization they were now “legal growers”. It can happen that fast.


A powerful backyard pharmcacy could be created by growing poppy plants, different strains of Cannabis, and medicinal mushrooms including the magic kind. If you’ve ever grown your own food you know the amazing satisfaction and power you feel being able to feed yourself directly from your own effort. Now think what it will feel like when you can ease your physical suffering from the sap of a poppy plant you grow in your medicinal garden.

That my friend is how you fix healthcare. It’s with more freedom not less.

The poppy plant is a miracle of nature. It has eased the physical suffering of millions and millions of people. Very few ever become addicted and even less overdose on “legal” or “illegal” opioids. Humans have made choices about what to ingest long before the FDA, DEA or any other government agency existed. People and poppies go back thousands and thousands of years.

The backlash is coming. Governments could in the past get away with lying but no more. People are too informed and too connected through the internet. You can see groups banding together online because pain transcends artificial political boundaries.

Every individual has an innate right to consume what they choose and to be responsible for their actions. Pain pills aren’t a special class of property. They shouldn’t be locked behind a counter, you shouldn’t be required to obtain a prescription from a doctor to buy them and once you own them you should do with them what you choose.

Until we have true Medicinal Freedom in this country the less government intervention in the healthcare choices the better. Ending the War on people in pain is a great place to start.

Brad Miller

Fellow Human & Advocate of Liberty

Two True Government Conspiracies Bryan Callen should know about

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Bryan Callen, a hilarious stand up comedian and actor was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast episode #1045. For three hours Joe and Bryan talked about many subjects and actually busted out signing a duet at one point. It was a good listen.

During the conversation government conspiracies came up. Bryan Callen’s opinion is that governments aren’t able to pull off big conspiracies because someone involved would spill the beans and in general governments are incompetent.

I think that is a naive and ill-informed opinion. In fact there are two huge government conspiracies that are going on right now and they affect every American. They are the Federal Reserve Central Banking System and the CIA’s involvement in The War on Drugs. Both of these continuing conspiracies erode personal liberty, promote violence, and destroys lives.

The Federal Reserve System was cooked up and passed due to the conspiring of a few powerful bankers and their political allies. This system was designed to use inflation to siphon off wealth from the American people and deposit it into the pockets of the bankers. For the privilege of printing the currency in the United States the Federal Reserve Bank would loam limitless amounts of this newly printed paper money to the U.S. Federal Government. This is still going on to this day.

I highly recommend Bryan read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” to get the full story of this true life conspiracy.

The second example of a legitimate conspiracy is the CIA’s involvement with the War on Drugs. In fact the CIA has been aligned with and supported drug traffickers around the world since the Korean War.

Instead of “fighting” the War on Drugs they actually facilitate the growing and distribution of them. During the Korean War they armed rebel Chinese Generals in Burma in exchange for intelligence on the North Koreans. These Generals used the weapons to guard their poppy fields.

During the Vietnam War the CIA armed drug producers in Laos and even used their own airline called “Air America” to fly the heroin out. In fact in one instance two agents with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (precursor to the DEA) stopped a plane that had Tide detergent boxes filled with heroin. Turns out it was a CIA owned plane and the CIA told the BNDD agents to stand down and it flew away to deliver its cargo of drugs.

The CIA’s involvement in East Asia created the Golden Triangle which was the largest producer of Heroin up until The War in Afghanistan. A year after the US invasion, Afghanistan became the number one producer of poppy plants for illegal drugs in the world.

To this day Afghanistan grows 90% of the world’s illegal poppy plants. Are they really illegal poppy fields if the CIA and the US war machine are helping protect them? U.S. soldiers have guarded poppy fields because the CIA wanted to use the Warlords who control these areas as informants.

The Federal Reserve System and the CIA’s involvement with the War on Drugs are two true life government conspiracies that continue to have terrible negative consequences to this day. Bryan is a smart dude and once he starts digging into these he may change his mind about the possibility of massive government conspiracies.

Personally I believe that all drugs should be legal. This would end the War on Drugs and prevent the CIA from using the black market premium on them. And I believe we shouldn’t have a Central bank controlling the value of our money. Fortunately we are seeing the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are threatening to unravel the whole Central Banking scheme. Legalizing Drugs and Ending the Fed would eliminate two huge scourges on humanity and truly limit the government’s ability to perpetrate vast conspiracies.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Liberty

Jeff Sessions should End enforcement of Drug Prohibition instead of doubling down on it 

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The drug war was designed to target minorities, anti-war protestors and others who were a threat to the status quo. It was never about justice or health – it’s always been about increasing tax revenues and controlling those who disagree with the state, and those who weren’t like everyone else. Instead of it being a war on drugs it’s a war against those who think differently. 

The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect our god-given natural right to sovereignty over our consciousness. Make no mistake about it the Drug War  is not against a plant or a chemical, it’s a war against the thoughts and feelings you have in your head.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association were created to keep government from forcibly legislating your thoughts. 

You are sovereign over your body and mind. If you ingest a psychotropic compound and commit no crime against person or property then what business is it of the government what compound you took? According to the philosophical underpinnings of the Bill of Rights, government has no right to interfere with the mind of an individual let alone imprison him for altering his thoughts or even killing him for them. The state fears that if we alter our thoughts with drugs we will be less likely to kill for it or accept its interference in the rest of our lives.

Read Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” and you understand the type of thinking they at war with.

Buy Doors of Perception at Amazon 

The Federal progenitor the War on Drugs Henry Anslonger had these illuminating quotes:

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

We have always had plenty of laws on the books to prosecute those who commit crimes against persons and property.  The above quotes show that Henry Anslinger, the first head of what would become the DEA, was more worried about music and sex between white women and black men than any kind of crime against person and property.

People who supported this law back then believed the Constituitin prevented them from passing laws to forbid creative expression or interracial sex. So they passed laws that would prosecute thought and emotions by targeting substances those people used and so do an end around on the Bill of Rights .

Richard Nixon was no fan of the Constitution as well and turned up the heat on the War On Drugs in a big way. His motivations were similar to Harry Ansligner’s. Acordding to John  Ehrlichman, Nixon’s domestic policy advisor, The War On Drugs was a tool to control black people and crush the antiwar movement. And it’s used in a similar manner today. 

The entire War on Drugs is a waste of time, money and also a waste of human potential. It should be called a war against Thought and Feelings, because that is really what these laws punish. Life is painful and tragic. Locking people up for pursuing a better state of mind, even if the side effects could be detrimental, isn’t helping them or society.  Continuing the enforcement of the Prohibition of Drugs will only lead to more suffering not less suffering  in the world. 

Jeff Session  – Now is the time to end the failed War on Drugs. 

Brad Miller 

Advocate of Liberty 

Top Ten Reasons To Legalize Cannabis

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The drug war against growers, sellers and of users of Marijuana is a war against society itself.

Marijuana is a plant. It has been smoked inhaled and ingested by human beings for thousands of years. It is safe, has many medical benefits and it makes you feel good.

Here are the top ten reasons to end the Prohibition on Pot.

1. THE INSANE COST: Over a trillion dollars has been spent on the drug war in the last 40 years. Most of that has been spent on stopping the growers, sellers and buyers of Marijuana.

2. THE GROWTH OF POLICE STATE: The drug war empowers police to violate the privacy of any person on the planet. It has fueled the militarization of the police from the DEA down to the local police SWAT team.

3. REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: Not only has a Trillion dollars been stolen from tax payers to fuel the Drug Warriors directly, police departments across the country split over 1.6 billion in seized property related to drug crimes each year. This is a massive redistribution of wealth from society to the state.

4. ALLEVIATION OF NEEDLESS SUFFERING: Tens of thousands of sick people already have gained enormous benefit from smoking pot and millions more would benefit if it were legal. Marijuana is a proven anti-nausea and anti-vomiting treatment which has been shown effective in thousands of cancer and AIDS patients across the country. The idea that Marijuana is a medicine is nothing new, over a hundred papers were written about thebenefits of Marijuana between 1840 and 1900 enumerating the many maladies the miracle medicine relieved.The active ingredients in Marijuana relieves pain and does so without the liver destroying side effects and addictive properties of percocet, vicodin or Oxycontin. Marijuana also lessens the symptoms of everything from migraines to menstrual cramps. It could also be a very effective reliever of the symptoms of the FLU virus as well. Marijuana reduces the effects of auto-immune disorders such as Chron’s Disease and Psoriasis. And it is one of the most effective treatments for Glaucoma.

5. LOWER HEALTH CARE COSTS: Not only is Marijuana effective against a whole host of diseases, it is also very cheap to grow and harvest. If it weren’t for the Prohibition induced premium on Pot, it is estimated that each “dose” would cost less than two dollars. Instead of paying the drug companies for their side-effect inducing factory made medicine you could grow your own at home. It would also eliminate millions of trips to the doctor and emergency room because people could treat themselves for many ailments.

6. LOWER PRISON POPULATION: Over 20,000,000 individuals were incarcerated due to Marijuana busts in the last 40 years. That is a boom for the private prison industry but a disaster for taxpayers and the people who were busted. Think about the lawyer and court costs of those 20,000,000 people who were incarcerated. This financial burden along with lost time on a job means many families of the incarcerated suffer horrbile finacial burdens. This leads to more and more dependence on the state and taxpayers ultimatley pick up the tab. While in prison many non-violent drug offenders are put in with hardened criminals and when released begin a life of real crime, against property and persons. Having the largest prison population on the planet makes us less safe and all of us less prosperous.

7. LESS VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY: If politicians really want to save lives they should be falling all over each other to legalize pot. A government study done on soldiers in the 1930’s showed definitively that smoking Marijuana decreases violent tendencies in men. The recommendation then was to allow individuals in the United States to legally purchase pot.Of course the opposite happened and in the 1930’s Marijuana Prohibition started in earnest and the destructive War on Drugs began. The Drug War fuels the violence between Cops and dealers and between the dealers themselves in this country and around the world. If pot were legal than maybe the 40,000 individuals who have been killed in the Cartel Wars along the US/Mexican border might still be alive today. Prohibition leads to violence. Smoking Pot doesn’t.

8. IT’S THE SAFEST INTOXICANT ON PLANET EARTH: Marijuana is exponentially safer than Tobacco and Alcohol. These two over the counter legal substances have led to the deaths of over 440,000 Americans just in the last year. Do you know how many cases of emphysema or other lung related deaths have been caused by Marijuana? The answer is ZERO. Do you know how many people had overdosed on Marijuana in the last 5000 years? The answer is zero. It is medically impossible to OD on the stuff. (I am not for banning either alcohol or tobacco.)

9. MARIJUANA STRENGTHENS SOCIETY: Marijuana is a herb that encourages socialization. Humans are social animals. We all need to have regular positive contact with other human beings. In this ever isolated society, Marijuana brings people together in a positive way.

10. MARIJUANA HELPS WITH CREATIVITY: Marijuana has been shown to help thousands of people to increase their creative output. The typical image of a person who uses pot is the “Stoner” and that image is mostly incorrect. Sure there are those who smoke pot because they just enjoy it and want to relax and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are a lot of people out there who smoke pot not because they want to do less in life, but because they want to do more. For me the perfect example is Joe Rogan. He is a stand up comedian, UFC commentator, black belt in Brazilian jujitsu, host of one of the most successful podcasts on the planet and creator of his own clothing line. This guy is a doer and he smokes a lot of pot.

And the Main Reason to Legalize Pot is because…

YOU OWN YOUR BODY: You have the God-given right to stick whatever you want down your pie-hole. Marijuana makes you feel better, whether it’s because you had a rough day at work or because you have cancer. There are no reasons why adult individuals in the “So Called Land of the Free” shouldn’t be able to go down to the liquor store and choose between a twelve pack of budlight or an ounce of bud.

Freedom is not divisible. If you believe in limited government, lower taxes, and more individual freedom than you must support the legalization of Marijuana.

Brad Miller
Advocate of Liberty and Less Pain and More Pleasure.
(Full disclosure: I don’t smoke the stuff but I think everyone should have the right to if they choose)

Freedom in Film Friday: Elite Squad 2- The Enemy Within

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The Motion Picture industry has been a bastion of Collectivist thought for decades. Ayn Rand famously tried to help  stem the “Red Tide” in Hollywood when she wrote her classic “Textbook of Americanism”. I hope to carry on her crusade but to do so in a different way. Instead of focusing on the negative my goal is to bring to light those films from around the globe that exemplify the struggle between Liberty and Coercion.

That is why I am starting a new post on Fridays to rate movies according to if they are  pro-liberty or pr0-tyranny. Each movie will be given a rating of zero to five “Beacons of Liberty”. A film receives a rating based on how well it exemplifies the ideas of Individualism or brings to light the terrible evils of Collectivism. An example of a movie that gets a rating of “5 beacons of liberty out of 5” is the film “1984”. That is the film version of  George Orwell’s classic novel which shows what the logical conclusion of collectivist thought leads to, which is the total annihilation of the individual.   I like all types of movies and I love Liberty so I thought this would be a great way to combine the two together. I’m also working on a Zombie Screenplay, so I will be reviewing tons of Zombie Movies in the future as well.

My first review is Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within. It is a Brazilian film that deals with corrupt police and politicians and their ties with organized crime in Rio de Janeiro. I give it “4 Beacons of Liberty out of 5” because it shines the light on corrupt politicians  who use the power of government to buy votes, enrich themselves and use dirty cops to kill individuals to protect their interests.  The Main Character Lt. Colonel Roberto Nascimento discovers the corruption and is forced to confront the system when his best friend and son are shot.

Elite Squad Two is a sequel. The first Elite Squad focused on the war between cops and drug dealers. That is how  Elite Squad 2 begins but like Lt. Col. Nascimento says toward the end of the film “the system is much more comprehensive than I expected”. In the film Lt. Col. Nascimento is a member of an elite Para-Military Police Unit. He is a gung-ho hard charger ready to get rid of the drug dealing scum. After a prison riot where a drug cartel leader is shot he is promoted to head the wire tapping division at the Rio de Janeiro’s Department of Public Security. That is where he uncovers how the politicians are really the biggest criminals of all in Rio de Janeiro. At the end he testifies before a congressional hearing and because of his testimony he makes many of those corrupt cops and politicians pay.

He is helped throughout by an unlikely ally, a Diogo Fraga who is married to Nascimento’s ex-wife and is president of Human Rights Aide, a Non-Governmental Organization  that is critical of the brutal tactics of the Rio de Janeiro police.  At the beginning there is a prison riot scene where Fraga goes in to negotiate the release of the hostages where Nascimento  is in charge of the police force trying to end it. Things go wrong and the leader of the prison riot is shot as he is surrendering.  This catapults into the public eye both Fraga who is seen as a hero for risking his life to negotiate the end of the violence and Nascimento because his team killed the leader of the riot who was in the process of surrendering. Fraga pushes for Nascimento to get fired but after  public support for Nascimento becomes apparent the governor relents and instead of firing him promotes him to the Department of Public Security.

From there Nascimento goes to war against the drug dealers in the slums of Rio. As his para-military units  kills and captures the drug dealers the corrupt cops with their militias  backed by vote seeking politicians move in to fill the power vacuum.

Fraga and a Journalist are the only other one’s beside Nascimento who see that the politicians are in league with the militias. It all comes to a head when the journalist is murdered after she finds campaign posters and stolen police weapons in a house being rented by the corrupt cops and their militia, which ties the governor and two other corrupt politicians to the criminal activity of the militas.

The finale occurs at a Congressional hearing headed by Fraga in which Nascimento tesitifies and calls out the guilty politicians who are in league with the dirty cops. It is a great scene and one of my favorite lines from Nascimento’s speech is when he  questions his own brutal behavior in the past “I’ve been in the police force for 21 years. And in that time I can’t say why I’ve killed or in the name of whom I’ve killed for. But a cop doesn’t pull the trigger by himself. Half of your (talking to Fraga) colleagues should be in prison…over half.”

What I love most about this movie is the ending sequence or the resolution of the story. There is a sweeping camera shot of the Brazilian Capital, Brasilia. The Brazilian Capital built back in the 50’s was inspired by Socialist Utopian thinking and it was done on a grand scale.. It is stark and isolated. It is surrounded by the poverty and chaos outside its border. But the politicians live in its protected isolation. And that really sums up how the villains in the movie would have stayed in protected isolation if it had not been for Nascimento and Fraga. At the end Nascimento narrates over the sweeping shots of the Brazilian capital.

“The System is much more comprehensive than I expected. No wonder the drug dealers, cops and militiamen kill so many people in the slums. No wonder there are so many scandals that occur in Brasilia and despite the successive administrations the corruption persists.”

Nascimento continues his narration and asks ” Who do you think pays for all of this?” there is a pause then “Exactly and it’s quite expensive. Very Expensive”

Another excellent aspect of the film was the condemnation of the prison system in Brazil.   Diogo Fraga is introduced at the beginning of the film while  giving a lecture on the exploding Brazilian Prison Population. He is giving statistics and gets a chuckle out of the audience when he tells them that with the current rate of incarceration everyone in Brazil will be in prison by 2087. We shouldn’t be laughing in America though. The United States of America has the highest reported incarceration rate in the world. The prison population has exploded since the 1970’s and the biggest reason for that is the “War on Drugs”.

And that is one of the reasons I didn’t give “Elite Squad 2: Enemy Within a “5 Beacons of Liberty out of 5” because it doesn’t  address the real reason why the corrupt police and politicians have the excuse to expand their power and enrich themselves in the process.  When you destroy individual liberty through the law, the law enforcers must become increasingly totalitarian to keep the population in compliance.

The story is fiction but deals with real issues not only in Brazil but in every Government on Earth.  I also didn’t give it “5 Beacons of Liberty” because while the film does highlight the criminal activities of the police and Politicians, it fails to indict the real “System”, which is Government. That is where the few through legal means enrich themselves and their friends.  Stated differently, the film fails to get down to the bedrock of the problem which is Government itself.

Frederic Bastiat beautifully defined Government  which still applies today.

“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else”.

That being said, anytime you have a congressional scene at the end of a movie in which Government officials are called to account and are shown being led to jail is an exciting and cathartic experience.  The story is one that anyone who loves liberty can get behind and the movie does illuminate corruption of politicians within the “System”.

But like Nascimento says in the film “the system will give up a hand to save an arm…and it is resilient.”
Overall I really enjoyed the film. It has some great action sequences, the  acting is first-rate and the story has a good pace. There is a subplot between  Nascimento and his son that will definitely pull at your heart-strings and reminds us that the force of government seems fine when it is used far away or against someone else but when it comes close to  home it becomes apparent how deadly it truly is.

Check out “Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within” and let me know many “Beacons of Liberty” you would give it.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Living a life Free of Coercion

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Natural Rights and Rick Santorum

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Today Rick Santorum is leading in the polls for the Republican Nominee for President. I’ve actually heard from several people that they support Santorum. Whenever I hear that this is what I say to those folks.

Rick Santorum is a big government guy who doesn’t believe in the Natural Rights of the Individual. Stated differently he doesn’t believe in Individualism. He has several quotes where he denigrates Libertarians the “rugged individualism”. Like most Conservatives he wants to bomb people overseas and limit freedoms at home. Instead of working to chain down the Federal Government to the confines of the Constitution he wants to use the expanding powers created by preceding Congresses and Presidents to implement his “vision” for America.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want anyone’s vision for myself. That is because America is made up of individuals. Santorum doesn’t see that. He sees a “nation” of people who should behave in the way he sees fit. To that I say no thank you.

Natural Rights is another way to say that every individual on Earth has an inalienable right to their Life, Liberty, Property and Pursuit of Happiness.

Here’s a real gem from Rick Santorum that I think summarizes what he believes about Individual Liberty:

One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about  before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country…. Many of the  Christian faith have said, well, that’s okay, contraception is okay. It’s not  okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how  things are supposed to be”

Now who is to determine what is supposed to be? This is the same man who said this about individuals who choose to marry another individual of the same-sex (I hate the term gay/middle class/heterosexual…etc):

“Every society in the history of man has upheld the institution of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. Why? Because society is based on one thing: that society is based on the future of the society. And that’s what? Children. Monogamous relationships. ”

Society is made up of individuals. Only ten percent of the population is gay. So his assertion if gay people marry somehow there would not be enough people to continue society? That is insane. But the core of the issue is that he believes that if you force people to behave in a certain way according to how he reads the Bible somehow God will “bless the Nation” and all those who use the force of government to keep two people who love each other from marryinig will be especially blessed.

That to me is the definition of Collectivism. You are forcibly making those who disagree with you to behave in a certain way so that you benefit from their action or non action. First of all the whole idea that “God Blesses” or “Damns” a nation is crazy. A nation is a collection of individuals in a geographic area. Society doesn’t act, doesn’t believe, doesn’t “uphold”. Only individualis think act and are responsible for their actions.

Here’s another one:
“Isn’t that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage? “
With the 16 trillion-dollar debt, the five wars overseas, the drug war, the destruction of individual liberty at home, the  big government big business cartel that strangling the free market he’s talking about how wrong it is for two dudes or two chicks to marry? That is again insane.
He is a collectivist in the worse sense. He cloaks his brand of collectivism a thin veneer of Freedom  to make it go down easier for Conservatives.
Here’s his take on Individual Liberty:
“The idea is that the state doesn’t have rights to limit individuals’ wants and passions. I disagree with that. I think we absolutely have rights because there are consequences to letting people live out whatever wants or passions they desire. ”

Rick is clearly has not had his Personal Revolution yet. I’m hoping he will join the 100 million individuals who want to be free. soon. But until that happens I’ll continue to point out his irrational statements.

 This statement is a total denial of an individual’s right to choose how to live his life as he sees fit. Now maybe Santorum is saying that everyone has a right to act as they see fit as long as they don’t violate the Natural Rights of others. But we know that’s not true from his previous quotes about gay marriage.
Now on Iran I’m sure he has a sane approach right. One that will help to bring about peace. Wrong.

” he would tell Iranian leaders that either they open up those facilities, begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors — or the U.S. would attack them.

He doesn’t believe in Individual Rights at home or abroad. Have you looked recently how many U.S. military bases surrounded Iran? It is crazy. I wish Santorum would spend his time telling everyone how the interventionims around the world has helped to cause the problems we have but there is only one candidate who talks that way, I bet you can guess.

Now think for a second what would the State of Texas be doing if China had bases in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Lousiana, and Arkansas and ordered them to give up or stop developing a weapon that they themselves have pointed at Texas? Wouldnt Texas be doing everything they could to defend itself?

I know there are some crazy folks in Iran but they are in government. I would rather put my faith in the decency of ordinary individuals in any country than trust a politician to kill anyone anywhere in the world because their government threatened ours. Unless someone is attacking the shores of the United States of America I don’t believe we should kill individuals in other countries. That’s what I believe. Maybe I’m naive but I’d rather be naive then a murderer.
Because the case could be made that my tax money is going to pay for those bombs that blew up kids in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lybia and I don’t do anything to stop it. So in an extended way you could say I have the blood of the innocents on my hands. That is a scary thought when you take it to its logical conclusion which Rick Santorum I can guarantee you has never done.

By the way which  is the only country that has ever used a Nuclear Bomb? That’s right ; the United States of America, twice. The rhetoric from Russia during the cold war was no less inflammatory than that coming from some folks in Iran, is today and they had thousands of Nukes.

Look this argument could be made against every nation who has ever uttered a bad word about the Federal Government. Every nation has an army and even if they had one gun with one bullet than the logic would hold that we should go in and attack them immediately.

People around the world don’t hate us because of our “freedom”. We don’t have that much left anyway. They hate the U.S. Federal Government becasue of the five wars across the world, the 900 military bases, the rampant devaluing of the U.S. dollar and the arrogance to tell everyone around the world how to live. That is why there is animosity towards the U.S.
Stalin had a quote ” We don’t let our enemies have ideas and they are more powerful than guns, why would we let them have guns”.

I understand that nukes could kill a lot of people. But who has killed the most in the last ten years? It could be argued the wars started  by the United States in the last ten years have killed more people than the Iranians, Chinese or the Russians combined.

If Rick Santorum gets the nod for the GOP it is a vote against your Natural Rights. It is a vote against individualism, it is a vote against Peace, its a vote against the Free Market to America.

There is only one GOP hopeful you could vote for that understands your inalienable right to your life, liberty and property and that’s Ron Paul. Every other candidate including Santorum does not believe that you or anyone else on Earth has a right to live your life as you see fit. They believe that the State is the supreme arbiter of what you can and can’t do.
Who else but Ron Paul ever talks about Natural Rights? The Conservatives don’t because they (for the most part) believe your rights come from those who hold the reigns of power and and not from God and their only hope is to be the one’s holding the reigns.

By the way why do you think they use the phrase “reigns of power”? What do you think those reigns are attached to?


Brad Miller


Out of Control Police State: Do you feel any safer?

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Today in America we are accosted by agents of the Government on a daily basis. There isn’t an aspect of your life that isn’t governed or policed. Now more than ever peaceful activities of individuals are being regulated by bureaucrats at all levels of Government.

People seem to forget that at one time there were almost no police in America and most people forget that the FBI didn’t even exist until the prohibition era. Government creates its own market. If alcohol was never outlawed the gangsters would have never risen to power, the FBI would not have come into being and the IRS which was used to bring in a bunch of the racketeers, would not have the power it has today.

Government produces one product and that is force. It uses this force to limit the activities of everyone who lives within its sphere of power. It incidentally resembles the Mafia in every respect. Maybe that’s why it targets it so much.

With the prohibition of Gambling, PRostitution and Drugs the government creates criminals and thus demands larger and larger police forces to combat these “evil doers”. That is how the police state grew in the past. The mafia and tax cheats were the biggest offenders. But in the last two decades the explosion of the police state can be attributed to two things 1. Drug Prohibition and 2. Terrorism.

Drug Prohibition could go away tomorrow and that would save the lives of tens of thousands of people across central and south america and around the world, as well as empty more than fifty percent of the prisoners serving jail time in the U.S. This Policing of the use of drugs has led not only to the killings of innocent individuals but was the first step in the militarization of the Police. SWAT teams have been developed to deal with drug dealers who are merely fulfilling a demand by customers. Think about that. I don’t even like the term drug dealer. Think about how the State manipulates the language. What is a pharmacist? A drug dealer, except with a permission slip from the government to dispense only “certified” government approved drugs to individuals. So a street drug dealer should really be called a street pharmacist or black market pharmacist or even a freedom pharmacist.

But nothing has led to the expansion of the Police State in America more than the overblown threat of terrorism. Did you know 90% of the foiled attempted terrorists plots are those that have been arranged by the FBI? That is crazy. They entrap these impressionable kids and give them fake bombs and even plan out the fake attacks, befriend these people and then arrest them. I don’t think the Government should be allowed to lie. All this undercover operations and drug entrapment is wrong.

Terrorism is a byproduct of U.S. Government action. If we had not had huge military bases in Saudi Arabia  9/11 may have never happened. The planners of the attacks site specifically the presences of U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia as the main reason for the attack. Why do you think the Pentagon and World Trade Towers were hit? They didn’t go after schools or shopping malls or the Superbowl.

Now the police are monitoring every phone call, all social media, all texts and any other form of communication. What are they searching for? They are searching for anyone who threatens their power. I heard one NSA guy say that the Government is not interested in listening to your phone calls about your last date or what you had for dinner. But they can do it!!! That’s the point. The shouldnt be listening to anyone’s phone conversations. If we weren’t going around the world killing untold number of brothers, husbands, and fathers, not to mention the thousands of women and children the Federal Government wouldn’t have to be so paranoid.

You may think that this applies only to the Federal Level  and not to the State and local levels. . In fact the more the Federal Police State grows and the more the military and intelligence complex grows the more the local and State police grow as well. The funding for a lot of what the local and State police get is from the Federal Level. They use this to direct the activities of the different departments, make them a subsidiary to the Homeland Security, Department of Defense, the DEA, and ATF.

Now more than ever police departments have armored cars, high-tech surveillance gear, and military style weapons. Have you seen a SWAT team officer lately? He looks like he belongs in Afghanistan and not on the streets of Atlanta. But this goes along with how the politician’s view America today. Senator McCain spoke out in defense of the ability of the Federal Government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens caught on U.S. soil who are deemed a “terrorist” without trial because America is now a battlefield!!! How scary is that?
The last time America was a battlefield it was during the Civil War or more accurately the War of Succession by the Southern States and how did Abraham Lincoln handle this? By suspending habeas corpus, instituting Martial Law and having Military Tribunals for “Terrorists” and “enemy combatants”. Is this the future we have in store for us?

The Federal Police are out of hand, privacy no longer exists, they can write their own search warrants, and deem anyone they want a terrorist and have the authority to make that person disappear. And they are increasingly colluding with the Local and State law enforcement. Do yourself a favor and Google fusion centers and see exactly what I mean.

In the news on a regular basis the “cooperation” of the Federalis and local cops is being documented. Why is L.A. deploying a military style command center to watch over the city? Why is FEMA and Department of Health and Human services buying up huge warehouses whose locations are secret? Why has the military conducted joint operations in L.A. with the local police? I don’t know I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the Government fears the people there is freedom.” Thomas Jefferson

The local police are no better. Why do you think there are so many cameras along the highways now? In some places it’s every third of a mile? What about all the guard rails going up? What about all the metered on-ramps? And also the countdown signs at cross walks. These people think we are either morons and terrorists. And what about the speed traps, the entrapment for prostitution and buying drugs?

If there were no prohibition on Gambling, Drugs and prostitution the police would take a drastic cut. They are in the business of self-preservation just like the generals and defense contractors are.  War is the health of the State. The War against Drugs, Prostitution and Gambling is the health of local law enforcement agencies.

I want to be free and left alone. I want to be able to put into my body what I choose to. I want to be able to pay a woman for sex if I choose to. I want to have the choice to gamble with whomever I choose to. I’m not saying I’d do any of these things but it would be my choice. The consequences of my actions will still rest squarely on my shoulders so if I get hooked on heroin and lose my job that’s my fault. If I contract venereal disease from a Lady of the Night that’s my fault (but that is highly unlikely if we look at legal prostitution in Nevada), and if I lose all my money gambling I will be broke. I don’t need a police officer to tell me that.

“An Anarchist is anyone who doesn’t need a police officer to tell him what to do.”

I know there are bad people in this world. But has there ever been a document written or a revolution fought against an individual? Stated differently only Government has throughout the course of history slaughtered millions, enslaved millions, stolen trillions and laid waste to much of the world at one time or another. Individuals acting on their own without the structure and bureaucracy of the Nation State can never threaten the life, liberty and property like Government does. And why was the second amendment added to the Constitution? Its primary purpose was that individuals would always be able to overthrow a tyrannical government if it; instead of Defending the Natural Rights of its CItizens violated them.

That was the founder’s thinking. My thinking is that no government is necessary. Individuals acting according to their self-interest and trading voluntarily with others can create a peaceful society in which no collective force of government is necessary. But until that happens I hope that the Police State will be reigned in.

If it’s not the senseless deaths of thousands will continue here and around the world. Two quick stories that illustrate how out of control the police are here and abroad.

A fifty year old man holding his grandson was shot and killed by SWAT officer recently. The man’s crime? He had kicked a neighbors trash can earlier in the day. That sounds like a raving mad man who needs to be put down right? Anyway it turns out he fits the profile of a “Sovereign Citizen” Which the FBI recently alerted Local Law Enforcement as a movement dangerous to police. Needless to say that this must be a huge crisis for the FBI to alert the whole country to right? Wrong. There were less than thirty incidents with so-called Sovereign Citizens in the last three years. One of them did end in the shooting of a Local Cop. But why isn’t there an alert to all individuals to warn us of the dangerous and deadly nature of SWAT OFFICERS? By the way the granddad was not armed and was putting the child down when he was shot in the head.

That’s on the local level. Now let’s take this idea of the Police State that’s out of control onto the International Stage. I coud cite the death toll on the Mexican border but that’s been reported and not many people care. The response to that has been typical, more funds for more police and more military style hardware for local law enforcement. No the story I want to tell you is happening right now in Afghanistan and it’s because of the “War on Drugs”.

If you think that the War on Drugs should not be ended on the grounds of individual liberty, or the out of control expense or the crime created by the prohibition it creates, then this story might help sway you.

Poppy farmers in Afghanistan grow somewhere between 75-90% of the poppy in the world. Now most people don’t realize that most of these farms are small plots of land tended by individual farmers and their families. And these small farmers borrow the money from the drug dealers to finance the buying of the land and the growing of the poppy. Then when harvest time comes, the drug dealers come along and collect what’s due them out of the harvest and give the farmer his remuneration for his work. Unfortunately the War on Drugs in the U.S. and the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan has led to the destruction of many of these small farmers’ fields.

I’m sure the drug dealers who leant the money to these farmers will understand its the U.S. government’s fault because their military provides security for the Afghan Police to destroy their crops right?  Wrong. The Drug Dealers take the children of the farmers to settle the debt. I’ll repeat that. They take the Children, little kids boys and girls as payment for the debts if the poppy fields have been destroyed. This is an epidemic in Afghanistan. Families have to choose which child they are to give up. The kids are put to work for the drug dealers and sexually abused. When I saw the story on PBS I had tears in my eyes. One little girl whose 12 watched the drug dealers take her sister and they told her family they would be back for her. Now her family is having to go from town to town to stay ahead of them. With tears in her eyes she said ” if they come for me, I will kill myself. What other choice do I have?”

This little girl feels like she doesn’t have a choice but Americans do. We can vote for a  President who will end the Federal War on Drugs, and bring the troops home immediatley. The only two candidates who pledge to do this are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

When Politicians make laws that destroy individual liberty and the police enforce these laws ,lives of peaceful people are destroyed. That is why it’s so important to remember Liberty is indivisible. And whether liberty is destroyed by the prohibition of drugs in America or the occupation of foreign lands, these actions directly destroy individual lives far more than any terrorist or drug use could ever do.

By the way no one has been fired from the Government or gone to jail because of the failure of their duties to protect the life and property of the American people.

Do you believe there is a terrorist around every corner? Do you believe you can’t trust your neighbor? Do you believe as a lot of politicians believe that citizens should be disarmed?” If so keep voting the same way. Keep trusting what the Government tells you. Believe that the police are here to serve and protect and that the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and the War on Individual Liberty are good and help keep us all safe.

Do you feel safer with the trillion-dollar military budget? Do you feel safer that poppy farmers in Afghanistan have to give up their children to settle debts because of the U.S. policy of destroying poppy fields? Do you feel safer that SWAT teams look like Special Operations Operators, have Armored cars and are increasingly assisted by the Feds with Drone Surveillance? Do you feel safer knowing that there will be a projected 30,00 drones in the skies of America in the next 3 years? Do you feel safer that the jails are full of people whose only crime is the consumption of a substance? Do you feel safer that cops target you for speeding but don’t go after those who steal your check book and pass bad checks all over town? Do you feel safer that the line between the military and local police has been erased? Do you feel safer that America is now considered a battlefield?

And if America is a battlefield then its just a matter of time before the collateral damage begins piling up. I believe it’s already started. This is a long post becasue the Police State violates your natural rights of privacy, life, liberty and property on a daily basis. You desrved to be free from any intrustion into your life. You should have Zero dealings with anyone from the Government on a daily basis unless you violate the Natural Rights of others. Unforntunatley we do not yet live in such a world. All we need is 33% of the population to want to be free. That is 100 million Americas who understand the concept of Natural Rights and want to live under a system in Which the govenrment only exists to combat force and fraud.

This is the minarchist view and its a stepping stone toward a stateless society. I believe that there are enough of us right now to make this happen. Our job is to help one person to see the light and vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. I can see a Free America Again and it can happen faster than you think. 100 million is very doable. The rest of the population will come along just as they did during the American Revolution. Which today I advocate for a purely peaceful second Revolution. The Revolution must take place within the hearts and minds of our friends and families first. I feel like its closer than we think.


Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Peace