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Why Bitcoin over Banks?

In Banking, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Liberty, True nature of the State on December 25, 2017 at 10:41 pm

Do you remember the 2008 World Financial Collapse? Do you remember the politicians and central bankers clamoring to bail out the banks and the entire financial system? They got their bailouts, did you? I know I didn’t and neither did the vast Majority of the American People.

The Bailouts were orchestrated by the Federal Reserve, The Secretary of the Treasury in league with the politicians in Washington. When they first tried to pass the TARP bailout the America people said no. But the banksters convinced the politicians that the financial sky was falling and that everything would collapse if they weren’t bailed out. So TARP was finally passed on 10-03-2008.

From that point on Banks were being bailed out left and right, Credit Card Companies and Insurance Companies were having their corporate structures changed to “Banks” so they could get bailed and an undisclosed number of companies received direct bailouts from the Federal Reserve, all the while individuals lost their homes to foreclosure, took pay cuts to keep their jobs or lost them completely.

Back in 2008 we had no viable option to exit this corrupt and inherently unstable financial system dictated by the Federal Reserve. Fast forward to today, we now have Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies which are the first true alternative to the US Dollar based financial system. More and more people are catching on to the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and they have a combined value of over five hundred billion dollars.

Do you think the banksters who failed to predict the financial collapse in 2008  would be welcoming this new technology that offers the individual an alternative to their Central Banking Cartel that spans the globe?

The answer is not surprisingly NO.

All those in the Central Banking ecosystem hate cryptocurrencies. They hate it because they can’t profit from it and they can’t control it. That is exactly why it was created.

Satoshi Nakamoto was inspired to create Bitcoin because of the Bank Bailouts of 2008 and 2009. He cemented this fact into the “Genesis Block”, the first Bitcoin Block mined on January 3, 2009 by including a copy of the Financial Times Newspaper with the headline “Chancellor on Brink of Second Bank Bailout”. This was the British version of TARP.

Why should anyone now listen to the former peddlers of TARP and the trillion of dollars of bailouts who are bashing Bitcoin?

Recently Ben Bernake the Former Head of the Federal Reserve said that:

“Bitcoin is an attempt to replace fiat currency and evade regulation and government intervention. I don’t think that’s going to be a success,”

I disagree that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are an attempt to replace fiat currencies they are simply digital currencies that are competing with it.  The vast majority of people using cryptocurrencies aren’t criminals. Currently the financial system is providing the money to fight the wars around the world, building and filling up the prisons with millions for simply possessing a plant and keeping the banksters pockets fat with profits.

He further went on to answer if he thought Bitcoin was a rival to government controlled fiat money:

“Eventually governments will take any action they need to prevent [that],” he said.

You can feel the arrogance dripping from these statements. The Federal Reserve is as private organization. Its not a government entity. It is not something that the Constitution of the United States ever authorized. The Federal Reserve was created by an act of Congress passed in 1913. If you want to read about how a small powerful group of bankers conspired to create the Federal Reserve read:

Creature from Jekyll Island

Here are some of other quotes from Ben Bernake the former head of the Federal Reserve who is certain that Governments will eventually crush Bitcoin.

“The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost. Ben Bernake 2002 

This isn’t true at all.  Inflation is a true cost that affects every single American. As the number of dollars chases the same amount of goods prices increase. We all can see inflation right before our eyes. The Federal Reserve and the Federal Government don’t track the everyday stuff people use and so they say that there isn’t any inflation or that its at their 2% target. Thats a complete load of bull.

Everything costs more due to inflation. And the people who work for a living are always behind inflation because the goods and services go up in cost throughout the year and if their lucky they may get a 2% increase. Then if they’ve saved any money the money in their savings account is worth 2% less than it was last year as well.

Not only does direct inflation chew away at our savings and make the goods and services we rely on cost more it also causes whats called “Shrinkflation”. This is the practice of companies hiding the cost of inflation by keeping the price the same while offering a product in smaller size or lesser amount.

Check out this article further illustrating the devastating effect of Shrinkflation on the average consumer.

Shrinkflation can be seen throughout the grocery store. Anyone who has bought a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream pie is a lot smaller than they used to be. This goes the same for potato chips and packs of bacon. A large “Party Size” bag of chips used to be 160z. Now they are only 12 oz or even 10 oz in some cases. The next time you buy a pack of bacon check to see if it’s a full pound or merely 12oz.  Bernake and his ilk don’t account for this shrinkflation which their printing presses cause.

They act so smug and they pretend to be economic oracles. This is a total fiction which has caused misery and mayhem in society. Bernake in particular had no clue about the coming housing crisis.

“We’ve never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. So, what I think what is more likely is that house prices will slow, maybe stabilize, might slow consumption spending a bit. I don’t think it’s gonna drive the economy too far from its full employment path, though.” July 2005

He was definitely wrong about the housing crisis and he’s wrong about Bitcoin. Not only was he wrong ,so were every other person working for the Federal Reserve, The US Treasury and those huge financial companies that were bailed out during the housing crisis.

If you had the government approved monopoly that allowed you to print trillions of dollars out of thin air and then give that newly printed cash to your friends, would you want anyone to disrupt the most lucrative racket in the history of humanity? That is why they are on one hand down playing Bitcoin as dangerous, unstable and unusable as a currency and while issuing a warning that they’ll use the force of government to ensure their money monopoly continues.

. They are afraid that individuals are going to recognize their true incompetence, their arrogance and their thievery and exit their current system and buy into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can’t be stopped by the likes of Bernake or any government on Earth. They will try but they will fail. The BlockChain which is the public ledger that Bitcoin runs on isn’t stored in one place or even two places but in over a hundred thousand places including orbiting in space inside satellites.

Bitcoin has no central leader that the government goons can point a gun at to force him to shut it down. It isn’t controlled by a corporation the government can seize its assets and shut it down . It is something that those in government and in banking have never experienced before:

A true digital global currency that is borderless, not controlled by any individual, corporations, central banks or governments, and which individuals can transfer value from their smart phones to anywhere in the world without the need for the current financial system.

What the Old Financial Guard has failed to comprehend is that Bitcoin isn’t going away. The genie is out of the bottle and cryptocurrencies are the future. On GitHub right now there is the open source code for creating cryptocurrencies. Millions of people have the technological expertise to create their own cryptocurrency in about a weekend.

The Federal Reserve has had a nice run and has enriched the owners of the fractional reserve banking system with trillions of profits over the last 104 years, but those days are numbered. A new system of transferring value has been created and it doesn’t require a central bank, a government treasury, a government mint or their permission to use it.

This is a revolution that Bernake and the Bankers have yet to understand. Their monopoly on money creation and benefiting from being a part of the financial elite has ended. No longer will people be trapped in a banking system that profits by charging them for storing and facilitating moving their money.

Checking account fees will be a thing of the past just like long distance phone call charges.  Individuals who have the option of being their own bank for free with Bitcoin has no patience for a company charing for simply storing their money.

Wire fees of $30-$65 will be a thing of the past as well. Right now you can send a cryptocurrency from your phone to anyone in the world for at the most a few dollars. And it wont take up to a week like it does for International Wires. It can be done almost instantaneously. And you don’t have a government bureaucracy telling you who you can and can’t sent money to.


Every time you use your debit card banks make money. Interbank fees – fees they charge businesses for accepting debit cards generates billions per year for them each year. This profit center will be greatly diminished as more and more businesses accept Bitcoin as payment.

The only reason The Federal Reserve has the monopoly to create money in the United States is that the Federal Government benefits greatly from it. When the Federal Government spends more than it brings in with taxes it simply borrows money that the Federal Reserve Bank creates out of thin air. It would be impossible for the US Government to wage wars around the world, build and fill prisons at home and create the world’s largest surveillance system through taxation alone.

Ron Paul ran in 2008 and 2012 to End the Fed because of these very reasons. Up until Bitcoin was created there wasn’t a real means to accomplish this goal. Now with cryptocurrencies catching on around the world the grip of the Central Banking Cartel is beginning to loosen. As more and more people learn about why Bitcoin was created and what cryptocurrencies have to offer more and more people will begin to question the why do we still need a Central Banking System.


Brad Miller

Reformed Banker


Voting: Meaningful Exercise in Civic Duty or Self Indulgent Dillusion?

In Liberty, True nature of the State on March 6, 2012 at 2:12 am

Vote Or Die.

Just kidding. I don’t buy into that. In fact I wish fewer people would vote. Because if you don’t vote according to what you believe you are expressing the ideas of others through action and violating your first basic duty as a Rational Human being ,which is to think for yourself.

That being said I did think for myself and actually voted early the other day Republican Primary. I have to say it felt good to cast my vote for Ron Paul. Now is this self-delusion or am I actually making a difference in the world?

I’ve voted in the past and have compromised my beliefs in order to do so. My two Senators from Georgia are anything but advocates of Liberty. They were the lesser of the two evils I believe at the time. But how terrible a system does it have to be in order for that to be a comforting type of rationalization that I used to justify my violating what I belive? They support Big Government Programs like TARP and National Defense Authorization Act and most of the other nefarious Government expanding programs. I didn’t vote for my current Representative who is a full-blown collectivist but he has a lot more in common with the Two Republican Senators then most folks think.

Government is the problem; Liberty is the answer.

I will  vote straight Libertarian from now on or not vote at all. I don’t believe voting is the best way to change the world by any means.

The only reason I will choose to do that is to maintain the integrity of my own mind. I’m tired of the argument of choosing between the least “evil” option. Both parties are really one party, The Big Government Party.

The whole amount of attention given to politics is really a lamentable fact in America today. I love when the politicians say it shouldn’t be about politics when discussing an issue, or that the other side is playing politics. When in reality politics is the “theory and practice of government”. So everything a politician does is by default “Political”

Anyway I look forward to a day when every American can go about their business and not have to be concerned at all with what the Federal Government is doing at home or abroad. Not because individuals choose to be voluntarily ignorant or choose to hide their heads in the sand but because the Federal Government is so small it doesn’t interfere with the peaceful transactions of individuals who are pursuing their definition of happiness.

It did feel good to vote for Ron Paul as the candidate for Republican Nominee. But somehow it feels like a hollow victory. The whole two-party system, the Federal Reserve, the 16 trillion-dollar debt, the endless wars overseas, the militarization of the police at home, the ever expanding wars at home against Drugs and imaginary terrorists made me think that punching a button for a candidate makes zero difference in reality.

When I think that I tell myself that is totally wrong. (I talk to myself a lot btw.) . Every thought you have, ever action you take matters. In the grand scheme of things sure, no Federal Election has ever been decided by one vote. Your vote matters because it is like any action you take. It should be one in which you don’t compromise your principles. It is an act of the will.

Emerson has a quote that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately : “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind”.

That sums it up. Your vote should be an extension of that thought. In fact every action we take should be one in which you pay homage to the “sacredness” of the integrity of your own mind. That is the litmus test for all action.

Too often I’ve compromised in my life. I’ve not gone after what I desired because I didn’t think it mattered or I didn’t have the confidence in myself to obtain it. Emerson’s quote really brings into stark relief what is truly important against the back drop of all the  things that do not matter in  this world.

I am responsible for myself and the integrity of my own mind. Integrity is defined as a state of being whole.Your sacred duty is to maintain the “wholeness” of your mind. That is the path I believe to Happiness and isn’t that what we are all truly seeking?

: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. Gandhi

That is what I’m working towards in my life. Another way to say that is that I am looking for resonance in my life. That sounds like a new age term but in practice it is simply brining into agreement your thoughts and actions. This is the process of creating the external world according to the pattern of your internal thoughts.

How can I possibly have resonance in my life if  I vote for anyone who doesn’t believe that every individual on Earth has God-given Natural Right to their LIfe, Liberty, justly earned Property and the Pursuit of Happiness? The answer is I can’t and I won’t. Not because I believe it will change the external world in any significant way but because if I didn’t it would change my internal mental world in a significant way.It would be a violation of my “integrity”. How many people even talk of integrity any more? I know that is a daily challenge for me.

And with voting at least  I can say with certainty I will not be a party to “compromise” any longer.

Some Libertarians and Radical Individualists eschew voting all together. I can see that. But I also know I live in a world in which I must breathe, and eat and trade with others. There are things beyond my control and I must live within the world. That being said how I live in this world is totally my choice. I did seriously think about not voting this year. I would say if Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were not running I probably wouldn’t have voted unless there was another candidate who believed in Individual LIberty as they do.

I personally don’t believe Ron Paul will win the Republican Nominee for President. Instead I think he will be more like Obi Wan Kenobi. The Empire will think he has been “struck” down but he will only become more powerful outside of their reality. The State only sees force and power. They want us to believe we as individuals are weak and need to “collectivize” with them in control in order to live. That is false and Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are carrying the mantle of Liberty for us today. It is our job to do so in our own mind first then share that glimpse of the truth we’ve seen with others.

You matter. Your thoughts matter. Your actions matter. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that they don’t.

So to answer my own question do I think Voting is a meaningful Civic Duty? No. Because I abhor the State and any credence we give to “civic duty” is anathema to individualism and Natural RIghts. That being said I don’t think it is self-indulgent delusion either. Thoughts are the most powerful force on Earth. For my money the most powerful thought held in the mind of man is that we are all individuals granted by our Creator with Inalienable Rights. So when we vote as an expression of that idea we are carrying on the battle of  a long line of champions of Liberty stretching back through the centuries. And every Vote for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson is in some way keeping alive the best of what humans can conceive and accomplish, because it’s an expression of the thoughts of Liberty held in the minds of individuals.

The world is changed by ideas and the actions expressed based upon those ideas. That is why I am working to reach 2.3 billion people and help them each spark their own personal revolution. The kind of personal revolution I’m advocating for is one in which the individual understands that he is in control of meeting his needs and fulfilling his dreams. And more importantly that he is capable of doing so. I believe Collectivism grows because of a lack of self-confidence in individuals.

If  a third of the world is confidently pursuing their passion with a faith in their own personal power the shackles of the Collectivists will fall away.A personal revolution of thinking must occur before the external peaceful political revolution can occur.  I get the 33% figure from the fact that only a third of the Colonists wanted to secede From England, a third didn’t care and a third were against it. A majority is not necessary to stop the Collectivist Train.

I believe that once individuals again strive to have as Kierkegaard wrote “perfect faith in themselves and God” we will see an external peaceful political revolution in which Liberty is the norm and any form of government coercion is the aberration. When I talk about God, I refer to not only the deity, how every you define Him, but also to Providence or the Working of the knowable Universe. That is the belief and faith that everything that we desire and work persistently toward we can obtained because the Universe Contains everything we need to meet our needs and fulfill our dreams. Life is awesome. I know too often I’ve lost my awe of this Universe. But I would advocate for everyone to pause during these crazy times and really dwell upon the vastness and interconnectedness of this Amazing Universe we get to call home for only a blink of an eye.

It is enough that people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph  Stalin

The Government that people vote for is  just an expression of their internal thoughts. I choose to spend my time in first clarifying for myself why Liberty is so important and then day by day trying to figure out how to think and live as a free man and then help others to do the same.

“Let him who that would move the world first move himself.” Socrates

So when there are enough individuals who care about their own Individual Liberty and believe and live by the creed of “I can and I will be self-responsible” the Joseph Stalin’s of the world will have no power and there will be no position for them to be in to decide anything for anyone ever again.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, Living in Awe and Embracing Life