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Ten Pillars of Civilization

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Today most people have two ways of thinking about “civilization”, either it’s the Roman conquering the barbarians or its the destructive corporations raping the countryside model. Either way civilization is seen as a terrible force that imposes order on the “uncivilized” world through fraud, theft and violence.

I don’t see it in those terms. I believe that the best ideas of humanity are what create true civilization. In my opinion true civilization is brining order to chaos without the need for external authority in the pursuit of eliminating human suffering.

Civilization for me, like all things, begins with the individual. That’s why this list doesn’t include any mention of government and that’s on purpose.

The state is not the progenitor of civilization and in fact throughout history it has been antithetical to its advancement. Governments only legitimate purpose is to protect life, liberty and justly acquired property. Thus it is an outgrowth of the ten pillars of civilization.

Civilization gets a bad rap but it’s the only reason why you and I are here. Below are a list of the ten ideas and concepts that underpin civilization and make it possible.

1. Self ownership – From this we get freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of consumption, the right to privacy, the right to self-defense, and the burden of self-responsibility.

2. Private property – All justly acquired property is obtained by voluntary peaceful exchange, charity or through homesteading. Disposal of one’s property is at the discretion of the owner which includes one’s body.

3. Cleanliness – It is next to godliness, which we don’t hear this saying much any more but it’s as true as it ever was. Sanitation and the physical order of things are the foundation of a civilized life.

“Make your bed and put your house in perfect order before criticizing the world”. Jordan Peterson

4. Manners – They are a form of social cleanliness. A Simple “thank-you” or “please” go a long way in reducing social friction. Being courteous without being a pushover demonstrates respect for yourself and for others.

5. Peaceful Voluntary exchange – It is the opposite of war. When two people exchange voluntarily what the other wants both parties win. There is no need to rob my neighbor of his lawn mower that I would like to have if I can peacefully trade with him for it.

6. The Acknowledgment of suffering – Life is hard for everyone. We all suffer. Work is about the elimination of as much suffering in our own life and in the lives of those we interact with as possible.

7. Rational progress – True progress is based upon reason, wisdom, and knowledge in order to develop

new tools, processes and technologies to increase profit, quality, and beauty.

8. Charity – Charity truly begins at home. All charity requires profit from peaceful exchange and it’s always voluntary or it’s not charity. The fact is that everyone needs help at some point in their life.

9. Awe and Curiosity about the natural world – Having an understanding that we only know a tiny fraction of the universe’s secrets is vital to keep perspective and to encourage constant searching for new knowledge and wisdom about ourselves and the wider world.

10. Whole system analysis – Its easy to get lost in details and miss the bigger picture. That’s why it’s important to investigate and understand cause and effect in the widest scope possible. Listening to specialists who have specific knowledge about a specific subject is smart but considering the entire context of the situation is demonstrating wisdom.

This last pillar below is new to the history of humanity and it is what I believe will help spread true civilization to all corners of the world.

11. Peer to peer trustless networks – These cryptographically secured global person to person networks facilitate communication, value exchange and organization without the need for hierarchical institutions like banks, corporations and nation states.

This technology, based upon the concept of blockchain, which is what the Bitcoin protocol runs on, is beginning to show how it can outcompete and eventually supplant the entrenched governmental, banking and corporate interests that currently benefit from the war, fiat currency and subjugation through taxation system.

When people can be their own bank, trade with anyone around the world without regard to artificial boundaries, and vote directly on issues affecting them, the current power asymmetry in society will begin to shift away from the political rats and their cronies, back to the individual where all power originates and should reside.

Unlike what most people fear, freedom of action doesn’t endanger civilization. In fact when people are more free they are more limited, not less inhibited, because they are directly responsible for the consequences of their actions. This is a natural discipline that no government can ever hope to match in quality, severity or efficiency.

Chaos reigns when there is no peace within oneself. Chaos reigns when there is no peace between man and nature. Chaos reigns when there is no peace between man and his neighbor. The pillars of civilization help to create more peace in the world which fosters an environment in which the best qualities of humanity can flourish.

These are what I believe are the best ideas that create a more civilized world. Anyone who wants to go live in nature without any tools will quickly find that the pillars of civilization have been built for a reason. Mother Nature gives nothing for free. Work is the only answer to suffering. Peaceful exchange is superior to war.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Civilized Living

How to raise billions of dollars and change the world

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Those who attempt to use the force of government to improve material progress and the moral improvement of society will always be disappointed by the results.

Government is force. It can never be a charitable or a moral institution. It’s mainly funded through Taxation, which is the taking of the property of one person and giving it to another. When the government spends more then it brings in with taxes it borrows money from the Federal Reserve. Both of these actions produce havoc in the economy, make people poorer, encourages envy and enmity between those in power and those seeking power, and destroys individual initiative.

That is the problem with politics. Two parties vie to buy the votes of 50.1% of the population in order to control the power to tax, borrow, spend and regulate. The party that buys the votes of the majority now has unlimited power over the remaining minority.

That is why there is so much vitriol in politics. It will always be this way because it creates a ruling and ruled class. If we keep looking to the state to create prosperity and cure the ills of society we will continue to get the same results. Trillions of debt, a divided society, and an enormous bureaucratic and increasingly violent police state that crushes individual initiative and voluntary cooperation.

There is a far better way to get people to work together than to force people at the barrel of a gun to cooperate in an attempt to create wealth, peace and prosperity for all.

Voluntary cooperation is the only true way to produce lasting material and moral progress. Civilization advances not by government edict but through the creative acts of individuals adapting to and shaping their environments through experimentation and voluntary cooperation.

Now we have the technology to connect like minded individuals around the world in order to combine their creativity, intelligence and capital to build businesses, start charities and other types of organizations that can create positive change in the world. The rapidly evolving technologies of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts will make this extremely easy to implement.

I call this type of invention a Voluntary Crypto-secured Capital Pool (VCSCP). These are self directed, self funded, organizations that individuals who agree on a specific purpose for the accumulated funds.

Most people complain that what we need is capital! Here is a way in which anyone in the world can become involved in helping to acquire and spend massive amounts of capital that can be used to start businesses or charitable organizations. This is how you can raise billions and change the world!

Here are the startling numbers of how quickly a relatively small group of people can accumulate massive amounts of capital in a short period of time. These examples are based on the belief that individuals who want to positively affect the world will be willing to contribute a $1 or $5 per week to their preferred VCSCP.

1. One million people contributing $1 per week would have at the end of 52 weeks $52,000,000. How many urban farms could be funded with this? How many meals could be bought for the homeless?

2. One million people contributing $5 per week would have at the end of 52 weeks $260,000,000. That’s over a quarter of a billion dollars!

3. Ten million people contributing $1 per week would have at the end of 52 weeks $520,000,000. Could you think of ways this could be spent to create positive change in the world?

4. Ten million people contributing $5 per week would have at the end of 52 weeks $2,600,000,000. That’s two billion six hundred million dollars! What business couldn’t be started with this amount of money? How many millions of people could be fed, houses and educated with this amount of money?

The idea that capital is in hands of only a few is totally wrong. The problem with capital is that we don’t realize we already have it and that it’s just dispersed. Everyone who has just $4 per month has the capital to contribute to a VCSCP and change their life and the lives of potentially millions.

We no longer live in a world in which only banks can decide who gets the funds needed to open a business. Nor do those who want to improve the world have to spend billions in an attempt to gain the levers of power to help others.

I do believe that most socialists, communists and conservatives are compassionate people and have been sold the wrong idea that only through forced cooperation made possible by government can things get better.

Those who’ve sold this idea of Collectivism to the majority of people are the very people who benefit from the current political system. The media benefits through increased advertising ads, politicians benefit from donations and increased power, professors benefit through consultation and appearance fees as well as government largesse for the university system. All the pundits, media personalities and politicians who are currently involved in drumming up the political hysteria on the MAGA side and the Resistance side are benefiting in some way.

Those who ultimately pay the price for all this political fighting are the normal individuals who only want a better life for themselves and those they love.

Through VCSCPs individuals in this country and those around the world can pool massive amounts of capital for whatever purposes they want it to go for with no need for the political process. Each one will be a separate entity that could be for profit or strictly for charitable purposes.

VCSCPs would be extremely easy to set up and to administer due to the use of new technologies. By utilizing cryptocurrencies these pools would allow small weekly contributions, be able to hold massive amounts of wealth without the need for banks and utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable all the contributors to vote on fund distribution.

These funds could be held for years or be put to use immediately. Let’s say a group wants to accumulate an endowment to help the homeless. A million people decide to give one dollar a week for five years and then only use the investment gains would be used to help feed and clothe the homeless. The principal amount would never be spent.

In five years the endowment would be worth $260,000,000. If it could earn 5% per year then $13,000,000 could be used in perpetuity to help feed, clothe and house homeless people. Now imagine hundreds or thousands of these type of VCSCPs operating around the globe without the bloated and corrupt overhead of government bureaucracy. Think of it as a streamlined automated charity.

Now let’s say a hundred thousand people in a city want to have more locally grown organic foods. They contribute $5 per week for 52 weeks. At the end of the year they’ll have a pool of capital of $26,000,000. How many organic urban farms can be funded by this pool of capital?

Let’s say on average a half acre organic urban farm costs about $40,000 to get up and running. That means up to 650 mini organic farms could be created. They might not want to do that so they only fund 100 the first year to see how it goes and all the while they continue contributing because they believe that more organic local food should be produced.

Next year they’ll have the expertise of the the ten farms plus a pool of capital of $48,000,000 plus a percentage of the profits from the farms. Now they can expand into larger farms, create farmers markets, create organic products from the excess produce or other opportunities that they decide. Hundreds or thousands of jobs would be created – people who contributed could be employed by the VCSCP as well. That’s a win-win.

Capital isn’t the problem now. The real problem will be how to decide on what type of business you want to be a part of.

This works on a smaller scale as well.

Let’s say you have a network of 500 people who want to have a park in their area. Instead of relying on the force of government to create it, this small group of people can accumulate enough cash to make it happen. In two years they’ll have $260,000 in capital contributed. That’s enough to buy a few acres and to install a walking trail.

The following years they’ll continue to contribute and make improvements and to fund upkeep. How awesome would it be to have your name on a brick on that walking trail? Instead of having the name of a politicians or bureaucrats associated with the park it will have the names of the actual people who payed for it.

Now when the park users see one of the park founders they thank them directly. This helps to create community.

The uses for these pools of capital, whether small or enormous are endless.

Each VCSCP would have its own rules as to what the funds will be used for and how much of a consensus would be needed for the distribution of the funds. By using the blockchain the people contributing will have a direct vote on how the funds are spent. Smart contracts will lock funds away until a consensus is reached.

The administration and the contributions could all be handled through a smartphone. Each VCSCPs would have their own app that would allow individual contributors to vote, set up their weekly contributions, suggest projects to fund and keep track in real time progress of any projects being funded.

Unlike with taxation the money contributed to VCSCP’s are voluntary and the spending is directly voted on. I believe when people join these VCSCPs which support their favorite causes or create the businesses they want to have in their communities they will no longer be interested in the struggle for control of the State.

VCSCPs could implement the changes in the world that people want to see in a peaceful and voluntary way. Feelings of community and friendship will be increased when individuals join together without force to help their fellow humans.

Politics will always breed hatred and mistrust in society. That’s because with a two party system the majority has unlimited power over the minority. Voluntary cooperation increases peace, prosperity and harmony because individuals are working together towards shared goals.

Peace and prosperity are what we all want. Politics and government create violence between individuals and countries. With the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies VCSCPs could be joined by people from anywhere in the world.

An example would be if a group of people around the world who were all against war wanted to help those who’ve been hurt by it. They could pool their capital through a VCSCP and buy a hospital type ship and park it off the coast of a war torn country. They could buy the supplies and pay for the staff to heal those who are being killed and maimed. And at the same time they could paint on the side of the ship in huge letters “End War”.

This is an exciting time to be alive. Anyone who wants to create positive change in the world can do so. Lacking the money is no longer an excuse. Lacking political power is no longer an excuse. Individuals have the power to cooperate and help shape the uncertain future.

I envision a world where millions of these VCSCPs are funding new businesses and creating new charities that are borderless that will help bring about the biggest leap in prosperity and peace the world has ever seen.

I don’t have all the answers. No one does. But individuals cooperating together have the best chance at improving the state of the world. That’s what’s great about voluntary cooperation – you have millions and millions of people experimenting, analyzing and adapting to an ever changing world. This is what Adam Smith called “Spontaneous Order”.

If you are interested reading more about the benefits of voluntary cooperation I “highly recommend Auberon Herbert’s The Voluntaryist Creed” and “A Plea for Voluntaryism”.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Liberty

If Human Nature is Evil; How can we ever be Free?

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Should individuals be free to interact with others as they see fit or should all human interactions be regulated and governed?

That is the question that every law passed answers. It’s ironic that most people view themselves as peaceful but they view everyone else as evil. Every law from Banking Regulations to Free Medical Care aims at the fundamental question: Are humans fundamentally evil? If left free would individuals violate or respect the Natural Rights of Others? Stated differently if you know that no one is watching do you try to steal from your neighbor? Do you try to kill that old lady for her pocket book?

I belive this is one aspect of the freedom argument that most people skirt around. Most people believe that Human Nature is fundamentally evil. They believe that humans will violate the Natural Rights of others to meet their own needs every chance they get. This is the reason why Government has no limits to its scope. Once that premise is accepted there is no end to the kinds of transactions that governments will be called upon to regulate.

Look at the TSA scanners and patdowns. Those searches assume that every individual who is boarding a plane is planning to murder all the passengers on board. Every regulation of business assumes that individuals within those companies are seeking to steal and defraud those who purchase their products and services.

If Humans have to be “regulated” in order for a peaceful society to exist then everyone should be advocating for a Total State. Because we are not safe from anyone including ourselves. That is exactly the attitude that is gaining wider and wider acceptance everyday.

The Total State adherents believe that no man on Earth (except themselves and their ilk) will  behave peacefully toward their fellow-man. Conservatives and Liberals both hold this fundamental truth. Liberals believe that the “Greedy” will destroy the weak and the Conservatives believe the “infidels” will either blow up the faithful or the “infidels” will rebel against God and thus bring down God’s wrath upon the faithful as well as the “infidels”. Either way individuals will not and fundamentally can not coexist in a peaceful society, and its only with the omnipresent gaze and the iron hand of government can humans live in close proximity with each other.

But this assumption is acutally is disproven throughout history. It is always those who sought power to rule over others who have killed, pillaged and destroyed thoughtout the history of government on Earth. Who conscripts the armies of the world? Who directs the battleships? Who confiscates tribute, which today is called taxes. Who lies and obfuscates in order to remain in power? It is predominantly those who seek and hold public office.

I don’t believe that humans are fundamentally evil. Because I don’t believe I am. Do you believe that you are? Do you believe your family is fundamentally evil? Do you believe your friends are? Do you believe that your co-workers are? Do you believe that they are at their heart murderers, thieves and liars?

If you answered yes to these questions then you need to have the Government, which is Legalized Force, to intervene, surveil and govern all interactions between yourself and yourself, between yourself and your family, between yourself and your friends, and between yourself and your co-workers and between yourself and your customers. (I define customers as anyone who purchases your product or service. For most of us that is our boss.) That is the only logical conclusion to the idea that we are all evil and must be watched so that we do not hurt ourselves or anyone else we come into contact with.

Ayn Rand believed that there was actually no conflict between the competing interests of Rational Men. She belived that rational men only gain what they can earn.  That concept even applies to love, because two men can never have the same love from a woman. Who ever a woman chooses to love, the other man could never have what she is giving to the other man. That is the essence of the absence of competition.

Rational individuals will only get what someone else is willing to give them in return for their product or service. If a customer wants to buy from a “competitor” the only recourse for a rational man is to improve his product, sell it at a cheaper price or look for other customers. A rational man never uses force to extract involuntarily something that he wants from another individual. A rational man only trades for what he wants.

I believe the whole idea of the evilness of man comes down the static concept of the World. That is a belief that there are limited resources and man being an animal will compete to get as much as he can, no matter who he has to kill, steal from or deceive to do it. This is a very pessimisitce and limited view of life. If there is truly a static “Pie” of all things and everyone must fight to get their “share” then I can see where some folks would think everyone would use force instead of trading to sustain and increase their life.

But look at the material wealth and abundance of food created in the last 200 years beacause of the energies of the Free People of America and to a lesser extent Europe. Could anyone have imagined the “pie” that exists today existing in 1812 or even 1912 or even in 1976? No. The idea of a static world or a static economy is insane. Life is change.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” Heraclitus

Most Collectivists hold as the definition of individualism as the  strong exploiting the weak. This could not be farther from the truth. It is a simplistic Collectivist view of the world. The main question besides the fact that peaeful trade improves everyone’s life withing a society is the question “Who defines who is strong and who is weak?” And more importantly who is going to be the one’s to “correct” the behavior of the strong, how will they have the resources to do so and until everyone is “equalized” won’t there always be those who will have more wealth than others? So the end game of all the Collectivist has to be Communism in which everyone is “equalized”.

And when these Collectivists get into power aren’t they now the “Strong” in Society? I would define anyone who has at their disposal a Trillion Dollar Military as the “Strong”. And if humans are fundamentally evil , then the more power they acquire the more evil they are.  Then wouldn’t it hold true that those who hold the “reigns of power” of Government are the most evil, because they are the most powerful in Society? You can see the absurdity of the Central Planners argument.

Frederic Bastiat lived during the time of increasing Socialism as we do today. In his time as now men were competing to come up new ways to “organize society”. He was an ardent opponent to all State planning. He would be well at home in the Liberty Movement of today.

For me Bastiat was a progenitor of the Anarcho-Capitalist movement even though his writings are overwhemingly in favor of a laissez-faire minarchist state.

“Even in the absence of all law, society would resist such acts (murder, theft, fraud), and consequently such resistance is a general law of humanity”.

He believed that Government should be only constituted to defend life, liberty and justly earned property. But his writings on the “harmonious nature of man” lays actually the foundation for the elimination of any Government.

What keeps you from violating the Natural Rights of others? Is it the fear of Hell or Jail? Or is the fact that you know that if you violate the Natural Rights of others you can not prosper in the long run? Is it because you know that eventually the truth will be found out and no one will want to interact with you because of your previous actions?

If you look at most world religions at their basic core is the Golden Rule. Most people practice that on a daily basis. And they wouldn’t if it did not help promote  peaceful relations with other individuals. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or stated differently don’t do anything to someone else you don’t want them to do to you.

I personally like the second version because it is a more “negative” view of action. It simply means I don’t want to be killed, stolen from or lied to. So I do not do that to others. We can only control our own actions. We can not control the actions of others ( Unless you are a Government Official).

Society is nothing more than the collection of individuals. Like Marcus Aurelius wrote “I am a Rational and Social Animal.”
Humans seek to interact socially with other individuals for many reasons. Ayn Rand wrote that the human animal is unique in the fact we can benefit from the passing down of knowledge from others and improve our lives trading with other humans.

A society is a mechanism in which individuals can learn from and trade with other human beings. . How long can any society exist if members are allowed to kill at will, steal whatever they like or deceive those who seek to trade with them? I tell you not very long. This is a fundamental economic Law. It doesn’t matter if gangs are running rampant in a small town killing, extorhting and stealing property or if its on a completely systematic way when a Government is based upon Collectivist principles. Eventually production is reduced and the standard of living for everyone including those who hold the reigns of power or the head of the maurading gang deterirorate because Collectivism destroys, it never creates.

But if humans are evil then there isn’t an instance of human interaction (including the transaction of love) in which the Government should not be involved in. If you are fundamentally evil and the only thing holding you back from murdering and stealing from your fellow-man is the threat of death or imprisonment then we need an unlimited Government to regulate and govern every human interaction.

That is what all Collectivism trends towards. What is ironic is that the mechanism of Government through which the Planners use in an attempt t0 extinguish Human evil is in itself an implement of murder, theft and deception. Its like trying to put out a match with a flame thrower.

When you go buy Zaxby’s and they serve you your food, do you think that the people fying up your chicken fingers  want you to die of Salmonella? Of course not. They want you to enjoy your delicious chicken fingers and then come back and buy from them again.  And if you get sick there and its traced back to them they will go out of business because others will stop buying their chicken fingers.

That is a simple example of Rational Self-Interest and that is the basis for all peaceful human interactions. Iits not the government but a person’s own Rational Self Intersest which impels each of us to try to improve and increase our own life which in turn compels us to trade peacefully with others.

I’m not saying there aren’t criminals in this world. But they are small in comparison to the criminals who currently populate the Government. Has any other criminal in the world stolen  trillion dollars, killed 100’s of millions of people or lie to millions of people everyday? Has anyone criminal orgainzation printed up trillions of counterfeit hundred dollar bills? No. Only the State can get away with that bull mess.

Government is the problem and Liberty is the Solution.

In reality its the thoughts in the minds of individuals who believe that individuals are evil and that huge intrusive destructive government is necessary which is the real problem. Only when the minds of men change will there be an external peaceful political revolution, one in which Government is chained down once again to its role of protecting your Natural Right to your life, liberty and earned property.

But as I’ve written in previous posts its only when a third of the population wants to be free, believes they can live peaceably with other individuals in society and have the courage to be self-responsible will the Collectivist ideas fall out of favor along with government based upon those ideas. Everything man made was first fashioned in the minds of men.
I belive that only when individuals are free to trade with other individuals will the most peaceful society possible  exist. I’m not talking about a Utopia. I’m talking about a world in which individuals are free to pursue their own uniqueness and uncover their potential. And the only way to do that is to freely and peacebly trade with their fellow-man.

I don’t believe humans are fundamentally evil. Every human being has to live. The best way to live is in peace. The freer individuals are the more peaceful they are. That is a fact. I want to live in the freest and most peaceful world I can. That is why I’m working to reach 2.3 billion people to spark their personal mental revolution that will lead eventually to an external peaceful political revolution.

Freedom is a good thing. And like Mises wrote “Freedom always means freedom from Government”. Not freedom from the responsibility of peaceably interacting with ourselves and our fellow man.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, Peace and Loving Life

One Party: The Government Party

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If anyone doesn’t think this whole political system is rigged should look at who the nominee will be for the Republic ticket. This man is supposed to represent the opposite of who is  currently in the White House. He must be someone who believes in limited government and individual liberty. He must be as far away from a socialist as one can be, right? WRONG.

Mitt Romney believes in collectivist ideas just as the president does and has in fact set the table for the most sweeping liberty destroying legislation ever passed in the good ol’ USofA.

How in the world can the “opposition” party the party which currently doesn’t hold the White House run a candidate who supporst the crowing achievment of the sitting president. Not only does Mitt Romney support an indivdual mandate while in office as governor he signed into law the prototype for Obama care.

This is insane. Our choice is between the guy who implemented the single payer mandate to the nation and the other guy is the one who ran the prototype in Massachusetts. I am not shocked that the system is rigged any more. If you research how Alexander Hamilton encouraged the Federal government to assume state debt to centralize power, there is no way anyone can be surprised at the mess we are in today.

What does surprise me is that the American people keep lapping up the lies from the politicians. There is no difference in the parties. There is only a difference in degree.

Right now the wars in Afghanistan, the tough talk against Iran is set up to pacify the Conservatives and the Left gets Obama care, Soak the rich and redistribute the wealth.

All the while those in power prosper while the American people suffer with higher prices due to inflation and regulation.

Mitt Romney and Obama believe that Government has the right to interfere with any part of your life. They do not believe in the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (The pursuit of happiness clause was originally the right to your property. But even under the current wording happiness means, happenstance in the lexicon of the revolution. Which means that each person has a God-given right to pursue their own direction without the interference of the Government and to reap whatever risk and reward of their actions)

The healthcare system of Romney and Obama violates your basic fundamental Natural Rights. If someone controls your healthcare they control your life, if they control your healthcare they destroy your liberty, which is simply your ability to choose, and they destroy your ability to pursue your definition of happiness because they destroy your ability to reap the risk and reward of your individual behavior.

Romney should be booed off stage at every single Republican Primary but everyone is so scared that he is the only “electable one”. What does that even mean? Electable. Does it mean he is the best liar? Does it mean he is able to soften the collectivist rhetoric with terms of Liberty and Freedom better than the other candidates? Does it mean he is attractive enough so women will vote for him? Does it mean he is able to pretend the best he is not a part of the Government Party?

Liberty is destroyed more and more at every election. Even though the SOPA bill was delayed a new version will slip through probably even worse than the current version. The totalitarian state continues to grow. Mitt Romney will not stop it. He will not reverse the growth of government and he will not repeal Obama Care. His take is that he will issue an executive order so States can opt out if they choose. And I’m sure if they do they will lose a huge chunk of Federal Funds.

That is the problem today. There are no States. There are only divisions of the Federal GOvernment. This is what Jefferson warned about but did not do enough to protect. This is what Alexander Hamilton wanted and he has won.
Why does Liberty slip away so easily? Why do people not want to be free?

Live Free or Die is just a phrase people say. We are dying every one of us because of the growth of government. Every time a law is passed it limits our ability to express ourselves. In doing so this limits who we are and thus destroys the potential life we would have lived. Make no mistake we have a One Party system, THE GOVERNMENT PARTY.

I still support Ron Paul as the best candidate trumpeting liberty. But even the stalwart of Liberty has been tainted by the system. He has been in congress maybe too long. There is talk of Paul’s campaign colluding with Romney. If this is true it is very disappointing. I would want Ron Paul to shout down Romney from the hilltops and treat him not as a friend but as an enemy.

I have a feeling that Romney will win the White House but the Senate will stay in control by the Democrats so everything that has been put in place will remain. The whole system is so f’d that it needs to be rebooted. Collectivism is like a virus that has effected every level of government. It is because the very idea of Government is a collectivist notion and limited government is a pipe dream. On the other hand maybe Anarcho-Capitalism is too.

I don’t watch the debates. There is no reason to. All politicians lie. They continue to lie after they are elected. Government is based upon lies, stealing and murder. There is no mistaking it.

I am not advocating anything except that people stop to think about the big picture. Where is the uproar over Obama Care now as the myriad of its pieces are being silently erected across the country? Where is the outcry to repeal it? It doesn’t exist. Do you find that curious? Has Mitt Romeny ever apologized for giving the Feds the blueprint for Obama Care?

The whole system from the Federal Reserve controlling your money, to Health and Human Services controlling your healthcare is about the elites controlling us. They are whittling down our choices in life. Why do you think that is? Do you think it benefits us or those that hold the reigns of power? I am appalled at this world. I am appalled at the apathy of Americans. I am appalled at the lies we are fed. I am appalled at the ONE PARTY RULE.

By the way Soviet Union which was termed the “Evil Empire” also had ONE PARTY RULE. Do you really have a choice come election day?

God and government don’t mix

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Today I’m writing in response to a posting on a radio talk show host’s blog, which advocated reading a prayer before any government proceedings. I don’t agree and here’s why.

The Government ignores any sense of morality on a daily basis. If you use the ten commandments and Jesus’ summation of the Law as your standard then you will see how God and Government have nothing in common. In fact in my opinion they are total opposites. One values violence and coercion and the other free will and love.

Government violates two of the commandments in the Decalogue “Thou Shalt not Steal”and “Thou Shalt not Covet”, just with the taking in and spending of taxpayer money.  This is a system where money is “stolen” from some and given to others who “covet” their wealth. I think Bastiat summed it up best with his definition of government :”Government is the great  fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

The next commandment the politicians and bureaucrats break on a daily basis is self-explanatory “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. I know shocking, people in Government lie. But what amazes me is not that they lie, they have to in order to do what they do, but that we so easily accept this as unacceptable behavior?

Government also kills innocent people on a regular basis. Whether its innocent folks killed by bombs in Libya or by police bullets in a botched drug raid. So Government violates a fourth Commandment “Thou Shalt not Murder”.  The death penalty too, a function of the State has killed innocent individuals as well. Government action is based on the threat of or the actual use of lethal force.

Like George Washington warned, “Government is force and it is  …”a fearful master”.

If you want to bring the debate into the New Testament we can. Government is unable to adhere to Jesus’ teachings; which to me boil down to the Golden Rule and treating others as you would have them treat you. Simple. But again as we have seen Government is designed from the outset to Deceive, Steal, and Kill. So it is obvious that government and God do not mix. It kills me to hear politicians ask God to “bless” legislative proceedings. How ridiculous is that?  Its like a bank robber praying to God for a lot of cash to be in the vault  right before he enters a bank.

And it doesn’t matter what level of government we are talking about. I went to a Clayton County Commissioner’s meeting on Tuesday and a sheriff’s deputy said a prayer before the meeting. I did not bow my head. I refuse to pray with an agent of the State who is there to protect the Commissioners from the citizens and not to protect us from them, who are stealing from us. At the meeting they were taking comments on a 34.18% property tax hike. The meeting was pure theatre and the commissioners were arrogant and annoyed they had to even hear our opposition. They had already made up their mind to vote for the increase and nothing we said mattered.

I don’t see how God has anything to do with those who lie, steal and kill for a living. Prayer and relationship with God is an individual matter and should not in any way be co-opted by the State. That to me is the true meaning of  Separation of Church and State.

For me I try to live by the principles of the Golden Rule, peaceful coexistence with others and using only defensive force advocated by the Bible but no government can, by the very nature of what government is, embody these virtues. Only individuals can.

I believe we need more not “we need to do this or that” but more I will do this or that.” I don’t endeavor to tell anyone how to live. For Me I believe that Maximum Personal Liberty is the best way to enjoy the time we have here on Earth and the best way to become who we choose to be. God gave us Free Will. The question is: Why do we so easily cede to government that most precious gift from God?

And that’s my take,


Advocate Of Liberty

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on my reasons why I’ll never say the pledge of allegiance again.