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Ten Pillars of Civilization

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Today most people have two ways of thinking about “civilization”, either it’s the Roman conquering the barbarians or its the destructive corporations raping the countryside model. Either way civilization is seen as a terrible force that imposes order on the “uncivilized” world through fraud, theft and violence.

I don’t see it in those terms. I believe that the best ideas of humanity are what create true civilization. In my opinion true civilization is brining order to chaos without the need for external authority in the pursuit of eliminating human suffering.

Civilization for me, like all things, begins with the individual. That’s why this list doesn’t include any mention of government and that’s on purpose.

The state is not the progenitor of civilization and in fact throughout history it has been antithetical to its advancement. Governments only legitimate purpose is to protect life, liberty and justly acquired property. Thus it is an outgrowth of the ten pillars of civilization.

Civilization gets a bad rap but it’s the only reason why you and I are here. Below are a list of the ten ideas and concepts that underpin civilization and make it possible.

1. Self ownership – From this we get freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of consumption, the right to privacy, the right to self-defense, and the burden of self-responsibility.

2. Private property – All justly acquired property is obtained by voluntary peaceful exchange, charity or through homesteading. Disposal of one’s property is at the discretion of the owner which includes one’s body.

3. Cleanliness – It is next to godliness, which we don’t hear this saying much any more but it’s as true as it ever was. Sanitation and the physical order of things are the foundation of a civilized life.

“Make your bed and put your house in perfect order before criticizing the world”. Jordan Peterson

4. Manners – They are a form of social cleanliness. A Simple “thank-you” or “please” go a long way in reducing social friction. Being courteous without being a pushover demonstrates respect for yourself and for others.

5. Peaceful Voluntary exchange – It is the opposite of war. When two people exchange voluntarily what the other wants both parties win. There is no need to rob my neighbor of his lawn mower that I would like to have if I can peacefully trade with him for it.

6. The Acknowledgment of suffering – Life is hard for everyone. We all suffer. Work is about the elimination of as much suffering in our own life and in the lives of those we interact with as possible.

7. Rational progress – True progress is based upon reason, wisdom, and knowledge in order to develop

new tools, processes and technologies to increase profit, quality, and beauty.

8. Charity – Charity truly begins at home. All charity requires profit from peaceful exchange and it’s always voluntary or it’s not charity. The fact is that everyone needs help at some point in their life.

9. Awe and Curiosity about the natural world – Having an understanding that we only know a tiny fraction of the universe’s secrets is vital to keep perspective and to encourage constant searching for new knowledge and wisdom about ourselves and the wider world.

10. Whole system analysis – Its easy to get lost in details and miss the bigger picture. That’s why it’s important to investigate and understand cause and effect in the widest scope possible. Listening to specialists who have specific knowledge about a specific subject is smart but considering the entire context of the situation is demonstrating wisdom.

This last pillar below is new to the history of humanity and it is what I believe will help spread true civilization to all corners of the world.

11. Peer to peer trustless networks – These cryptographically secured global person to person networks facilitate communication, value exchange and organization without the need for hierarchical institutions like banks, corporations and nation states.

This technology, based upon the concept of blockchain, which is what the Bitcoin protocol runs on, is beginning to show how it can outcompete and eventually supplant the entrenched governmental, banking and corporate interests that currently benefit from the war, fiat currency and subjugation through taxation system.

When people can be their own bank, trade with anyone around the world without regard to artificial boundaries, and vote directly on issues affecting them, the current power asymmetry in society will begin to shift away from the political rats and their cronies, back to the individual where all power originates and should reside.

Unlike what most people fear, freedom of action doesn’t endanger civilization. In fact when people are more free they are more limited, not less inhibited, because they are directly responsible for the consequences of their actions. This is a natural discipline that no government can ever hope to match in quality, severity or efficiency.

Chaos reigns when there is no peace within oneself. Chaos reigns when there is no peace between man and nature. Chaos reigns when there is no peace between man and his neighbor. The pillars of civilization help to create more peace in the world which fosters an environment in which the best qualities of humanity can flourish.

These are what I believe are the best ideas that create a more civilized world. Anyone who wants to go live in nature without any tools will quickly find that the pillars of civilization have been built for a reason. Mother Nature gives nothing for free. Work is the only answer to suffering. Peaceful exchange is superior to war.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Civilized Living

Brand Differentiation – Red Bull vs. NASA

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On Sunday Oct 14th, “Fearless” Felix Baumgartner set world records for skydiving when he leaped from an altitude of 128,000 ft. What makes this even more amazing than him becoming the world’s fastest unassisted human being, traveling at over 884 mph at one point in his free fall, is that the endeavor was a completely private enterprise. It was a Red Bull energy drink publicity stunt to the edge of space. The entire purpose of the event was to further differentiate the brand of Red Bull from the other energy drinks on the market.

Red Bull has a history of these kind of “stunts” but this one by far is the most impressive. It got me to thinking about how NASA and the entire “Space Race”, which was really one big PR stunt The two competing brands for world Market Share were NASA and the Soviet Space Program who were selling their country’s brand of Statism around the world.

NASA and the equivalent Soviet Space program were trying to “Sell” their government’s ideology through “publicity stunts” in Space. When we look at the Space program in this manner it clarifies the difference between what Red Bull accomplished this week and what NASA has done in the past. One of them is a champion of Privately owned capital and profit seeking while the other is an inevitable example of what happens when Government steals from the productive and collectivizes that property.

Red Bull has made its founders Billionaires. NASA has had its budget cut repeatedly and is being relegated to the history books. Red Bull’s founder’s created an entire market for energy drinks that will soon be worth 52 billion dollars. NASA is relying on the Russians to ferry astronauts to the ISS. The founders of Red Bull were told by a research firm that the product would fail, they now sell 4 billion cans a year.  Because of privately held capital and Mateschitz’s vision Red Bull now owns an F1 team, two soccer teams, a NASCAR team and a hangar full of restored vintage planes. While NASA has retired its costly and deadly Space Shuttle and which are now  collecting dust in museums.

That is appropriate if you think about it. That is where Government programs should go, to the dust bin of history. They are inefficient and waste valuable resources. Socialism, as Mises wrote will always fails because it lacks the pricing mechanism, stated differently Socialist systems lack the ability to calculate economically. That is the difference between the success of Red Bull and the failure of NASA and all other government programs.

Today we hear so much about how the Free Market and Profit seeking is destroying the “Economy”. But those love Liberty know that is false. As the United States Federal Government Collectivizes more and more individual wealth in this country it is destroying the Free Market. There are some bright spots still and that is why I love the story of Red Bull and the other private companies that are charting a new Era of Freedom in Space.

A perfect example of this is the LunarX prize. That is a prize offered to the first private non-governmental entity that can successfully launch, land, and operate a robot on the Lunar Surface. When the prize was first conceived NASA was going to be the sponsor. But due to budget cut backs they backed out. Google became the main sponsor and upped the prize money from 20 million to 30 million. It also opened the competion to all individuals regardless of what country they lived in and created bonus challenges. The most intersting bonus challengs awards an extra million dollars to the compnay that whose robot takes pictures of the Apollo 11 site and beams them back to earth. Private Enterprise always trumps State Enterprise.

The private space industry is growing everyday while the Space programs of the world are faltering or completely failed. There will be in the next five years an explosion of private space travel, while Government space programs will have to buy time like anyone else on the privately owned rockets and space stations.  Armadillo Aerospace, Bigelow Aerospace and Virgin Atlantic all see Space as a huge opportunity that government planners could never fathom. In other words some of the richest men in the world are investing billions of dollars into Privately owned Space travel and Space Stations. Why? Because just like Red Bull they are doing so for profit. Now their business models are very different from Red Bull but upshot is the same, going to Space makes economic sense to them. They see Profit in the Stars.

I hope that the amazing feat of Fearless Felix  and Red Bull will spark people to  ponder the difference between Privately owned vs. Collectively owned Capital. We can have more Red Bull,’s amazing Marketing trips to the Edge of Space,  Virgin Galactics Space Tours, Bigeolow Private Space Stations or we can have more mothballed Space Shuttles. The choice is ours. Diffusion of Knowledge within a society as Hayek wrote, can only be efficiently utilized if people are free to trade their knowledge and products and services which it creates, freely with each other.

When the State steps in and its central planners tell you that they know how best to spend your money, think of Red Bull and Fearless Felix. And think about the harmony that the Spontaneous Order of the Free Market facilitates versus the limitations and failures of Government Space Programs.

The Red Bull Stratos jump is a victory for not only Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull but also for the Free Market. It is an amazing story that an energy drink company from Austria can mount a manned mission to the edge of space and land him safely home. That is incredible. In twenty years from now instead of the NASA Logo or any other Government logo on the side of rockets there will be logos of Companies and even individuals. It will be Private Companies like Chevy, Ford, and Toyota do now in NASCAR, with all their associated sponsorships competing to take people and cargo into Space.  And I have a feeling Red Bull will continue to be a key player in getting people to the stars. And it will not be for the reason of  “National Pride” or “Collective Security” but for “Brand Differentiation and Profit”

Capital in the hands of Private individuals is the superior way to live as human beings. Being able to trade and keep the profits from the products and services created by Private Capital Leads to amazing inventions and betters everyone’s life. This is demonstrated by the successful track records of the entrepreneurs who are leading the privatization of space travel. Men like Dietrech Mateschitz co- founder of Red Bull and the Stratos jump , Robert Bigelow a hotel chain owner now designer and manufacturer of Private Space stations with his Bigelow AeroSpace company who currently has two prototypes orbiting earth, Richard Branson Aviation and telecom mogul with his Virgin Galactic and private space tours,  Peter Thiel founder of Pay Pal and investor in Space X which recently delivered cargo to the ISS, Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft and StratoLaunch which won the Ansari X Prize in 2004, and John Carmack Founder of id Games and Armadillo Aerospace who is building lower cost reusable rockets; all prove that privately Owned Space flight is another example of how Individual Liberty is always superior to Collective Coercion.

Ayn Rand would have been very proud of Felix Baumgartner and Dietrich Mateschitz of Red Bull. This is her summation of her philosophy circa 1936:

” To make my life a reason unto itself. I know what I want up to the age of two hundred. Know what you want in life and go after it. I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals and I loathe humanity, for its failure to live up these possibilities…”

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Privately Owned Capital

If you want to learn more about the men and women who are living up the the highest possibilities in private space travel check out these sites. Track in real-time the position of the Genesis II prototype Private Space Station launched by Bigelow Areospace in 2010.

Natural Rights and Rick Santorum

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Today Rick Santorum is leading in the polls for the Republican Nominee for President. I’ve actually heard from several people that they support Santorum. Whenever I hear that this is what I say to those folks.

Rick Santorum is a big government guy who doesn’t believe in the Natural Rights of the Individual. Stated differently he doesn’t believe in Individualism. He has several quotes where he denigrates Libertarians the “rugged individualism”. Like most Conservatives he wants to bomb people overseas and limit freedoms at home. Instead of working to chain down the Federal Government to the confines of the Constitution he wants to use the expanding powers created by preceding Congresses and Presidents to implement his “vision” for America.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want anyone’s vision for myself. That is because America is made up of individuals. Santorum doesn’t see that. He sees a “nation” of people who should behave in the way he sees fit. To that I say no thank you.

Natural Rights is another way to say that every individual on Earth has an inalienable right to their Life, Liberty, Property and Pursuit of Happiness.

Here’s a real gem from Rick Santorum that I think summarizes what he believes about Individual Liberty:

One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about  before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country…. Many of the  Christian faith have said, well, that’s okay, contraception is okay. It’s not  okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how  things are supposed to be”

Now who is to determine what is supposed to be? This is the same man who said this about individuals who choose to marry another individual of the same-sex (I hate the term gay/middle class/heterosexual…etc):

“Every society in the history of man has upheld the institution of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. Why? Because society is based on one thing: that society is based on the future of the society. And that’s what? Children. Monogamous relationships. ”

Society is made up of individuals. Only ten percent of the population is gay. So his assertion if gay people marry somehow there would not be enough people to continue society? That is insane. But the core of the issue is that he believes that if you force people to behave in a certain way according to how he reads the Bible somehow God will “bless the Nation” and all those who use the force of government to keep two people who love each other from marryinig will be especially blessed.

That to me is the definition of Collectivism. You are forcibly making those who disagree with you to behave in a certain way so that you benefit from their action or non action. First of all the whole idea that “God Blesses” or “Damns” a nation is crazy. A nation is a collection of individuals in a geographic area. Society doesn’t act, doesn’t believe, doesn’t “uphold”. Only individualis think act and are responsible for their actions.

Here’s another one:
“Isn’t that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage? “
With the 16 trillion-dollar debt, the five wars overseas, the drug war, the destruction of individual liberty at home, the  big government big business cartel that strangling the free market he’s talking about how wrong it is for two dudes or two chicks to marry? That is again insane.
He is a collectivist in the worse sense. He cloaks his brand of collectivism a thin veneer of Freedom  to make it go down easier for Conservatives.
Here’s his take on Individual Liberty:
“The idea is that the state doesn’t have rights to limit individuals’ wants and passions. I disagree with that. I think we absolutely have rights because there are consequences to letting people live out whatever wants or passions they desire. ”

Rick is clearly has not had his Personal Revolution yet. I’m hoping he will join the 100 million individuals who want to be free. soon. But until that happens I’ll continue to point out his irrational statements.

 This statement is a total denial of an individual’s right to choose how to live his life as he sees fit. Now maybe Santorum is saying that everyone has a right to act as they see fit as long as they don’t violate the Natural Rights of others. But we know that’s not true from his previous quotes about gay marriage.
Now on Iran I’m sure he has a sane approach right. One that will help to bring about peace. Wrong.

” he would tell Iranian leaders that either they open up those facilities, begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors — or the U.S. would attack them.

He doesn’t believe in Individual Rights at home or abroad. Have you looked recently how many U.S. military bases surrounded Iran? It is crazy. I wish Santorum would spend his time telling everyone how the interventionims around the world has helped to cause the problems we have but there is only one candidate who talks that way, I bet you can guess.

Now think for a second what would the State of Texas be doing if China had bases in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Lousiana, and Arkansas and ordered them to give up or stop developing a weapon that they themselves have pointed at Texas? Wouldnt Texas be doing everything they could to defend itself?

I know there are some crazy folks in Iran but they are in government. I would rather put my faith in the decency of ordinary individuals in any country than trust a politician to kill anyone anywhere in the world because their government threatened ours. Unless someone is attacking the shores of the United States of America I don’t believe we should kill individuals in other countries. That’s what I believe. Maybe I’m naive but I’d rather be naive then a murderer.
Because the case could be made that my tax money is going to pay for those bombs that blew up kids in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lybia and I don’t do anything to stop it. So in an extended way you could say I have the blood of the innocents on my hands. That is a scary thought when you take it to its logical conclusion which Rick Santorum I can guarantee you has never done.

By the way which  is the only country that has ever used a Nuclear Bomb? That’s right ; the United States of America, twice. The rhetoric from Russia during the cold war was no less inflammatory than that coming from some folks in Iran, is today and they had thousands of Nukes.

Look this argument could be made against every nation who has ever uttered a bad word about the Federal Government. Every nation has an army and even if they had one gun with one bullet than the logic would hold that we should go in and attack them immediately.

People around the world don’t hate us because of our “freedom”. We don’t have that much left anyway. They hate the U.S. Federal Government becasue of the five wars across the world, the 900 military bases, the rampant devaluing of the U.S. dollar and the arrogance to tell everyone around the world how to live. That is why there is animosity towards the U.S.
Stalin had a quote ” We don’t let our enemies have ideas and they are more powerful than guns, why would we let them have guns”.

I understand that nukes could kill a lot of people. But who has killed the most in the last ten years? It could be argued the wars started  by the United States in the last ten years have killed more people than the Iranians, Chinese or the Russians combined.

If Rick Santorum gets the nod for the GOP it is a vote against your Natural Rights. It is a vote against individualism, it is a vote against Peace, its a vote against the Free Market to America.

There is only one GOP hopeful you could vote for that understands your inalienable right to your life, liberty and property and that’s Ron Paul. Every other candidate including Santorum does not believe that you or anyone else on Earth has a right to live your life as you see fit. They believe that the State is the supreme arbiter of what you can and can’t do.
Who else but Ron Paul ever talks about Natural Rights? The Conservatives don’t because they (for the most part) believe your rights come from those who hold the reigns of power and and not from God and their only hope is to be the one’s holding the reigns.

By the way why do you think they use the phrase “reigns of power”? What do you think those reigns are attached to?


Brad Miller


Leonard Read’s “I, Pencil”: Still relevant 53 years later

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Leonard Read the founder of FEE and a champion of the Freedom Philosophy published his most famous work “I, Pencil” in 1958.

   “I, Pencil” is a short, succinct story that dispels at once the “know-it-all-ness” of central planners by illustrating how not a single man on Earth knows how to make a simple wooden pencil.

    By tracing the manufacture of himself, the “pencil” reveals that millions of individuals had their hand at helping him come into being. The story brings to life the  miraculous “spontaneous order” that the “invisible hand” brings about when individuals free of coercion exchange upon the Free Market.

“I, Pencil, am a complex combination of miracles: a tree, zinc, copper, graphite, and so on. But to these miracles which manifest themselves in Nature an even more extraordinary miracle has been added: the configuration of creative human energies— millions of tiny know-hows configurating naturally and spontaneously in response to human necessity and desire and in the absence of any human masterminding!” 

  The pencil traces its genealogy  from a single tree to all the other natural resources and human energy needed to bring about its existence. He explains that it’s not just the person who fells the tree, mines the graphite or runs the machines in the pencil factory that are responsible for his creation.  What is unseen in the creation of the pencil is the millions of individuals who mined the ore for the steel to make the saws and machinery and the ships and trucks. Then there are the men who are unseen who are involved in getting oil out of the ground, refined and transported. Taken a step further there are the other individuals who go unseen who produce the food, clothing and housing for the workers who build the saws and machines, drives the trucks, mines the ore, fell the trees, produce the lacquer and finally runs the pencil making machines.

   The revelation that millions of people are needed to produce a single pencil changed the way I viewed the world. Sir Isaac Newton is credited with saying that “We stand upon the shoulder of giants” when he referred to his accomplishments . “I, Pencil” illustrates a similar truth that we all are dependent upon on the millions of people around the world who everyday  have a hand in making the things we buy.

   Stressing the need for “faith in Free People” the pencil implores the reader to contemplate that these millions of exchanges that must occur for him, a simple pencil, to come into being are not directed by anyone in government. They are the result of free individuals using their small amount of knowledge to produce their small piece of a product that others want in exchange for products and services they want.

   This story is similar to what Bastiat wrote a hundred years before “I, Pencil”. In Natural and artificial Organization Bastiat uses a humble carpenter  instead of the manufacturing of a pencil as a means to illustrate the complexity of relationships in the Free Market. He writes that the humble carpenter enjoys in one day goods and services that he in a life time could never come close to producing.  And all the individuals produce the goods and services he consumes not out of altruism or societal good but out of self-interest. They act because they know that Production must proceed Consumption.

  Bastiat quoted Rousseau in his Natural and artificial Organization : “Much Philosophy is needed for the correct observation of things which are in front of our eyes.” Throughout their stories Bastiat and Leonard Read help us see the “Unseen” efforts that create the abundance and variety of physical goods we are able to buy on the Free Market. They stress that they exists because individuals are free to act and enjoy their  Natural Right to their Life, Liberty andPproperty without interference from the State.

“I, Pencil” is the shortest most concise explanation of the Free Market that I’ve found. It takes less than fifteen minutes to read and it could change the way you view the world for the rest of your life.

And that’s my Take



MakerBot 3D at home printer -Another Miracle of the Free Market

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Another Reason to love the Free Marke: 3D at home printers

Home manufacturing using 3D priners  is here. The company MakerBot is manufacturing and selling a 3D printer for the home. They are selling their Thing-O-Matic for only $1299.  It extrudes plastic and prints 3D objects layer by layer from plans you can download or that you create with a 3D scanner.

At home manufacturing could revolutionize the world on a scale similar to how cell phones and the internet has.  Just think about making anything out of plastic at home. Eventually metal objects could also be “printed” using metal powder heated and injected out of the 3D printer. Even though the current technology is limited today it is rapidly advancing. Just think about the quantum leap from the apple IIe to the Ipad today.

This is another awesome  illustration of the how Free Market works. These entrepreneurs wanted for their own use a 3D printer and designed one. They built a few more thinking they might be able to sell them in a couple of months. To their surprise they sold them almost immediately. Now over 4000 of these at home manufacturing devices are being used around the world.

In the not too distant future instead of going to the toy store to buy your son a Matchbox car,  you would go to their website, download the plans and could “print”  out the actual toy at home.  Kid’s tv commercials would emphasize, download, “print” and play today.

This is another reason why Central Planners are always wrong. They can never foresee or plan for technological innovations. Just as they were hopeless to predict the explosion of home computing ,the internet and cell phone use so will they be unable to plan for how at home manufacturing will change the world.

Leave people free and they will do amazing things.



I do not pledge my allegiance to the Flag

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I no longer say the pledge of allegiance. I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with saying the pledge for over a year now. The more I’ve read about Individual Liberty, the more I’ve come to realize that I am a sovereign individual and I do not have to pledge my allegiance to anything or anyone, especially the State which is the enemy of all individuals. I can not give my allegiance to an organization which exists to rob, kill and deceive.

That being said I do not advise folks to say it or not. I also stopped saying the pledge because I learned about its origin.  The pledge itself was written by a socialist, Francis Bellamy, who was trying to sell more flags to schools back in 1892. The phrase “under God” wasn’t added till 1954. So debating whether people say “under God” or not is in my opinion missing the bigger issue, which is voluntarily or involuntarily saying a loyalty pledge to a corrupt and violent State. By the way Francis Bellamy also developed a salute to go with the pledge  which you may be familiar with becasuse its the single raised arm with the palm out salute that Mussolini and Hitler adopted as their own.

The pledge and the flag are used by the State to aggrandize itself and diminish the individual. It makes people think that the State is above them.  This was not always the case. At the onset of this nation the founders did not want to waste time on desiging a flag or a loyalty pledge. They knew these were the tools of monarchy and empire and wanted no part of them. They understood that Individual Liberty always shrinks in relation to growth of the state.

Also no one can pledge “to the Republic for which it stands..”, because the Republic no longer exists. The confirmation of this came when the president took the military to war without the consent of Congress, that is what occurs not in a republic but in an empire.  Couple that with the five wars overseas the military is waging and the 900 military installations around the world then the idea that the Republic is dead and the Empire is here to stay. So if the republic no longer exists how can anyone pledge to it?

In society we do not need to pledge to anything or anyone.  We are all self contained sovereign entities with the God given rights of Life, Liberty and Property. Like Frederic Bastiat wrote “Life Liberty and Property do not exist because men wrote laws, on the contrary Laws were written because they existed already.”  On the Free Market  individuals have to each day serve others and by doing so they each serve their own self interest. We don’t serve the “Republic” we serve ourselves by the selling of product and services that other individuals choose to buy. This is what creates the “invisible hand” or the “spontaneous order” that economists have observed as the result of free individuals within a free market.

At a recent clayton county commisioner’s meeting I obstained from not only joining in a prayer with the sheriff but also from saying the pledge. I looked around and one other fellow did the same. It is my small way of expressing my sovereignty over myself. So much freedom has been stolen from us through taxation and through dicatates concerning consumer choice, whenever we can express our disatisfaction with the State I say do so. (always of course in a peaceful manner)

I don’t care if others say the pledge or not. I have control over only myself. When I learned of the origins of the pledge when I from  Judge Napolitano on his  show FreedomWathc, it only confirmed what I had been feeling for the past year. The pledge is an artificial construct whose meaning has been taken as gospel in this nation. But I understand that most folks who say the pledge believe they are pledging not to the State but to the ideas of the founding of this nation, the ideas of Life, Liberty and Property.  But committing to these ideals doesnt require a loyalty oath to the oppresive, corrupt, destructive State. All it requires is that we each live according to them in our own lives each day and that’s exactly what most of us do anyway. The State on the other hand violates these principles on a daily basis and this is why I no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance.

And that’s my take.


Advocate of Liberty

God and government don’t mix

In True nature of the State on July 22, 2011 at 1:02 am

Today I’m writing in response to a posting on a radio talk show host’s blog, which advocated reading a prayer before any government proceedings. I don’t agree and here’s why.

The Government ignores any sense of morality on a daily basis. If you use the ten commandments and Jesus’ summation of the Law as your standard then you will see how God and Government have nothing in common. In fact in my opinion they are total opposites. One values violence and coercion and the other free will and love.

Government violates two of the commandments in the Decalogue “Thou Shalt not Steal”and “Thou Shalt not Covet”, just with the taking in and spending of taxpayer money.  This is a system where money is “stolen” from some and given to others who “covet” their wealth. I think Bastiat summed it up best with his definition of government :”Government is the great  fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

The next commandment the politicians and bureaucrats break on a daily basis is self-explanatory “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. I know shocking, people in Government lie. But what amazes me is not that they lie, they have to in order to do what they do, but that we so easily accept this as unacceptable behavior?

Government also kills innocent people on a regular basis. Whether its innocent folks killed by bombs in Libya or by police bullets in a botched drug raid. So Government violates a fourth Commandment “Thou Shalt not Murder”.  The death penalty too, a function of the State has killed innocent individuals as well. Government action is based on the threat of or the actual use of lethal force.

Like George Washington warned, “Government is force and it is  …”a fearful master”.

If you want to bring the debate into the New Testament we can. Government is unable to adhere to Jesus’ teachings; which to me boil down to the Golden Rule and treating others as you would have them treat you. Simple. But again as we have seen Government is designed from the outset to Deceive, Steal, and Kill. So it is obvious that government and God do not mix. It kills me to hear politicians ask God to “bless” legislative proceedings. How ridiculous is that?  Its like a bank robber praying to God for a lot of cash to be in the vault  right before he enters a bank.

And it doesn’t matter what level of government we are talking about. I went to a Clayton County Commissioner’s meeting on Tuesday and a sheriff’s deputy said a prayer before the meeting. I did not bow my head. I refuse to pray with an agent of the State who is there to protect the Commissioners from the citizens and not to protect us from them, who are stealing from us. At the meeting they were taking comments on a 34.18% property tax hike. The meeting was pure theatre and the commissioners were arrogant and annoyed they had to even hear our opposition. They had already made up their mind to vote for the increase and nothing we said mattered.

I don’t see how God has anything to do with those who lie, steal and kill for a living. Prayer and relationship with God is an individual matter and should not in any way be co-opted by the State. That to me is the true meaning of  Separation of Church and State.

For me I try to live by the principles of the Golden Rule, peaceful coexistence with others and using only defensive force advocated by the Bible but no government can, by the very nature of what government is, embody these virtues. Only individuals can.

I believe we need more not “we need to do this or that” but more I will do this or that.” I don’t endeavor to tell anyone how to live. For Me I believe that Maximum Personal Liberty is the best way to enjoy the time we have here on Earth and the best way to become who we choose to be. God gave us Free Will. The question is: Why do we so easily cede to government that most precious gift from God?

And that’s my take,


Advocate Of Liberty

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on my reasons why I’ll never say the pledge of allegiance again.