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Jeff Sessions should End enforcement of Drug Prohibition instead of doubling down on it 

In Liberty, True nature of the State on May 15, 2017 at 8:54 pm

The drug war was designed to target minorities, anti-war protestors and others who were a threat to the status quo. It was never about justice or health – it’s always been about increasing tax revenues and controlling those who disagree with the state, and those who weren’t like everyone else. Instead of it being a war on drugs it’s a war against those who think differently. 

The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect our god-given natural right to sovereignty over our consciousness. Make no mistake about it the Drug War  is not against a plant or a chemical, it’s a war against the thoughts and feelings you have in your head.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association were created to keep government from forcibly legislating your thoughts. 

You are sovereign over your body and mind. If you ingest a psychotropic compound and commit no crime against person or property then what business is it of the government what compound you took? According to the philosophical underpinnings of the Bill of Rights, government has no right to interfere with the mind of an individual let alone imprison him for altering his thoughts or even killing him for them. The state fears that if we alter our thoughts with drugs we will be less likely to kill for it or accept its interference in the rest of our lives.

Read Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” and you understand the type of thinking they at war with.

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The Federal progenitor the War on Drugs Henry Anslonger had these illuminating quotes:

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

We have always had plenty of laws on the books to prosecute those who commit crimes against persons and property.  The above quotes show that Henry Anslinger, the first head of what would become the DEA, was more worried about music and sex between white women and black men than any kind of crime against person and property.

People who supported this law back then believed the Constituitin prevented them from passing laws to forbid creative expression or interracial sex. So they passed laws that would prosecute thought and emotions by targeting substances those people used and so do an end around on the Bill of Rights .

Richard Nixon was no fan of the Constitution as well and turned up the heat on the War On Drugs in a big way. His motivations were similar to Harry Ansligner’s. Acordding to John  Ehrlichman, Nixon’s domestic policy advisor, The War On Drugs was a tool to control black people and crush the antiwar movement. And it’s used in a similar manner today. 

The entire War on Drugs is a waste of time, money and also a waste of human potential. It should be called a war against Thought and Feelings, because that is really what these laws punish. Life is painful and tragic. Locking people up for pursuing a better state of mind, even if the side effects could be detrimental, isn’t helping them or society.  Continuing the enforcement of the Prohibition of Drugs will only lead to more suffering not less suffering  in the world. 

Jeff Session  – Now is the time to end the failed War on Drugs. 

Brad Miller 

Advocate of Liberty 

Daniel Chong – DEA Victim

In True nature of the State on July 30, 2013 at 11:49 pm

Daniel Chong recently won a 4.1 million dollar judgement against the Justice Department for wrongful and cruel imprisonment by the DEA.

The 23-year-old engineering student was arrested during a drug raid in 2012. The Agents told him that he would not be charged and released shortly. That was a lie. He was locked in a small cell and no one checked on him for FOUR DAYS. No food. No water.

He had to drink his own urine and by the third day had accepted that he would die. Daniel Chong’s horrifying imprisonment is indicative of how the DEA operates and is another reason why it should be disbanded.

Did the DEA agents who locked him up and forgot about him go to prison? No. Did those agents get fired? No. All the DEA did was APOLOGIZE. This is a clear example of how government agents, men in costumes (uniforms), play by different rules than individuals in society do.

The individual DEA agents weren’t held responsible for their actions and instead the tax payers pay the price. Those criminal DEA Agents escaped imprisonment while the American Justice System is locking up millions of individuals for non-violent drug offenses.

The United States has the largest prison population in the world. And a huge proportion of those people in prisons are sent there by the DEA and other anti-drug police units. Daniel Chong’s arrest and imprisonment should have never happened. If the Drug War ended tomorrow that would prevent these type of horrible abuses of power from occuring in the future.

If we own our selves and own our bodies then we have a God-given right to ingest what ever we choose to. This is a natural right that can not be taken from us.

Thomas Szasz’s video on entitled “The Right To Do Drugs” brings up an interesting point. His basic premise is that all drugs in this country are illegal. None of us can get drugs without a prescription, which is nothing more than a “government permission slip.” That is insane if you think of it in that way.
Watch the Video – its worth the twenty minutes.

We are all victims of the Government when it comes to drugs. We are all trapped in the prison cell of the Drug Laws that limit our God-given right to ingest whatever we choose to on a daily basis. Why should a politician or a DEA agent determine what kind of chemicals or plant extracts you or I ingest? That is the question that should be asked. It’s not about preventing a junky from shooting up heroin. It’s about your natural right of self ownership.

Drug Prohibition costs trillions and it ruins people’s lives. Everyone of the individuals who have been imprisoned on drug charges are like Danial Chong; they have been wrongly imprisoned. He is only one of the millions and millions of people who have been locked up because of the drug war. Can we put a price on Daniel Chong’s four day horrific imprisonment? The Justice Department did and gave him 4.1 million dollars for his trouble. Can we put a price on the human misery that has been caused by the imprisonment of the million of individuals who’ve been arrested for drugs during the so-called drug war?

Daniel Chong should receive a cash settlement for his kidnappping but Taxpayers shouldn’t pay it. That chunk of change should come out of the DEA agents’ pockets who locked him up and almost killed him.

We should all be outraged and demand that justice be served for this traumatized young man and for all of us who have been terrorized by the tyrannical enfrocement of the Drug War in America.

Brad Miller
AdvocateofLiberty and Freeing all the Individuals in Prison for Drug Charges

Top Ten Reasons To Legalize Cannabis

In True nature of the State on January 25, 2013 at 12:28 am

The drug war against growers, sellers and of users of Marijuana is a war against society itself.

Marijuana is a plant. It has been smoked inhaled and ingested by human beings for thousands of years. It is safe, has many medical benefits and it makes you feel good.

Here are the top ten reasons to end the Prohibition on Pot.

1. THE INSANE COST: Over a trillion dollars has been spent on the drug war in the last 40 years. Most of that has been spent on stopping the growers, sellers and buyers of Marijuana.

2. THE GROWTH OF POLICE STATE: The drug war empowers police to violate the privacy of any person on the planet. It has fueled the militarization of the police from the DEA down to the local police SWAT team.

3. REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: Not only has a Trillion dollars been stolen from tax payers to fuel the Drug Warriors directly, police departments across the country split over 1.6 billion in seized property related to drug crimes each year. This is a massive redistribution of wealth from society to the state.

4. ALLEVIATION OF NEEDLESS SUFFERING: Tens of thousands of sick people already have gained enormous benefit from smoking pot and millions more would benefit if it were legal. Marijuana is a proven anti-nausea and anti-vomiting treatment which has been shown effective in thousands of cancer and AIDS patients across the country. The idea that Marijuana is a medicine is nothing new, over a hundred papers were written about thebenefits of Marijuana between 1840 and 1900 enumerating the many maladies the miracle medicine relieved.The active ingredients in Marijuana relieves pain and does so without the liver destroying side effects and addictive properties of percocet, vicodin or Oxycontin. Marijuana also lessens the symptoms of everything from migraines to menstrual cramps. It could also be a very effective reliever of the symptoms of the FLU virus as well. Marijuana reduces the effects of auto-immune disorders such as Chron’s Disease and Psoriasis. And it is one of the most effective treatments for Glaucoma.

5. LOWER HEALTH CARE COSTS: Not only is Marijuana effective against a whole host of diseases, it is also very cheap to grow and harvest. If it weren’t for the Prohibition induced premium on Pot, it is estimated that each “dose” would cost less than two dollars. Instead of paying the drug companies for their side-effect inducing factory made medicine you could grow your own at home. It would also eliminate millions of trips to the doctor and emergency room because people could treat themselves for many ailments.

6. LOWER PRISON POPULATION: Over 20,000,000 individuals were incarcerated due to Marijuana busts in the last 40 years. That is a boom for the private prison industry but a disaster for taxpayers and the people who were busted. Think about the lawyer and court costs of those 20,000,000 people who were incarcerated. This financial burden along with lost time on a job means many families of the incarcerated suffer horrbile finacial burdens. This leads to more and more dependence on the state and taxpayers ultimatley pick up the tab. While in prison many non-violent drug offenders are put in with hardened criminals and when released begin a life of real crime, against property and persons. Having the largest prison population on the planet makes us less safe and all of us less prosperous.

7. LESS VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY: If politicians really want to save lives they should be falling all over each other to legalize pot. A government study done on soldiers in the 1930’s showed definitively that smoking Marijuana decreases violent tendencies in men. The recommendation then was to allow individuals in the United States to legally purchase pot.Of course the opposite happened and in the 1930’s Marijuana Prohibition started in earnest and the destructive War on Drugs began. The Drug War fuels the violence between Cops and dealers and between the dealers themselves in this country and around the world. If pot were legal than maybe the 40,000 individuals who have been killed in the Cartel Wars along the US/Mexican border might still be alive today. Prohibition leads to violence. Smoking Pot doesn’t.

8. IT’S THE SAFEST INTOXICANT ON PLANET EARTH: Marijuana is exponentially safer than Tobacco and Alcohol. These two over the counter legal substances have led to the deaths of over 440,000 Americans just in the last year. Do you know how many cases of emphysema or other lung related deaths have been caused by Marijuana? The answer is ZERO. Do you know how many people had overdosed on Marijuana in the last 5000 years? The answer is zero. It is medically impossible to OD on the stuff. (I am not for banning either alcohol or tobacco.)

9. MARIJUANA STRENGTHENS SOCIETY: Marijuana is a herb that encourages socialization. Humans are social animals. We all need to have regular positive contact with other human beings. In this ever isolated society, Marijuana brings people together in a positive way.

10. MARIJUANA HELPS WITH CREATIVITY: Marijuana has been shown to help thousands of people to increase their creative output. The typical image of a person who uses pot is the “Stoner” and that image is mostly incorrect. Sure there are those who smoke pot because they just enjoy it and want to relax and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are a lot of people out there who smoke pot not because they want to do less in life, but because they want to do more. For me the perfect example is Joe Rogan. He is a stand up comedian, UFC commentator, black belt in Brazilian jujitsu, host of one of the most successful podcasts on the planet and creator of his own clothing line. This guy is a doer and he smokes a lot of pot.

And the Main Reason to Legalize Pot is because…

YOU OWN YOUR BODY: You have the God-given right to stick whatever you want down your pie-hole. Marijuana makes you feel better, whether it’s because you had a rough day at work or because you have cancer. There are no reasons why adult individuals in the “So Called Land of the Free” shouldn’t be able to go down to the liquor store and choose between a twelve pack of budlight or an ounce of bud.

Freedom is not divisible. If you believe in limited government, lower taxes, and more individual freedom than you must support the legalization of Marijuana.

Brad Miller
Advocate of Liberty and Less Pain and More Pleasure.
(Full disclosure: I don’t smoke the stuff but I think everyone should have the right to if they choose)

No Reservations vs. Cocaine Wars: Dominican Republic

In True nature of the State on November 1, 2012 at 12:57 am

Do you want more Freedom or more Tyranny in your Life?

That is the question which smacked me in the face when I was switching between two channels on Monday Night. I was enjoying Tony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel and in between commercials, I was switching between that and Nat Geo, which was showing “Cocaine Wars”. Both shows were filmed in the Dominican Republic, which the locals refer to as the D.R.

The more I watched the two shows the more I began to think about how when Individuals freely exchange with each other, both parties win, but when Government is involved in a transaction only the Government wins. Tony Bourdain is the greatest Ambassador the United States has ever had. The DEA is not. They use force to steal, arrest and kill people all over the world. That is the concept behind “Cocaine Wars”. Now If you haven’t watched “No Reservations” before it is a simple concept as well, except without the killing and the stealing. Tony, a former chef goes around the world, meets interesting people and samples the food their countries have to offer.  It is a celebration of life, where individuals are producing in order for others to consume, all voluntarily I might add.  They are not doing this because of altruism for others but because of their own rational self-interest.  There is a huge difference between what happens when the DEA shows up at your establishment vs. what occurs when the “No Reservation” crew shows up at your place.

The Dominican Republic looks like a great place to relax and enjoy the sun and local delicacies.  Tony sampled pork skin fried in lard, fried salami (a D.R. breakfast staple),  and the D.R.’s national dish “sancocho” which all look tasty. He met great people who were glad to show him the best places to drink, the best beaches and share a drink with him. His show is a celebration of life and freedom.  What Nat Geo was showing in contrast was the total opposite.

On Monday Night at 10:00pm the Nat Geo Channel was showing the program “Cocaine Wars”.  On this particular episode several DEA agents were followed arresting individuals and confiscating property on the streets and beaches of  the Dominican Republic. I knew the DEA were in a lot of countries but it struck me as unbelievable to see an American DEA agent leading a bust on a suspected money-launderer who ran a clothing shop that in a foreign country. But there it was on Prime Time t.v.. The DEA unfortunately  has a presence in over 50 countries and so this is happening all over the world.

In this episode of Cocaine Wars, a money-launderer was busted who owned a clothing store. The actual crime of money laundering is no crime at all. If it weren’t for the confiscatory tax code and the war on plants and processed plant extracts , this crime would not exist.  That being said, the DEA searched the clothing store and the adjacent factory and found a cash hoard. Next the DEA and the D.R. counterparts confiscated the cell phones of all the store employees,  took the cash and the owner back to the DEA Dominican Republic HQ. There they began counting their haul. It was a disgusting dichotomy, the DEA agents counting the stack of cash on the table like little kids counting their Halloween candy, while the store owner sat next to them in a metal folding chair, dejected, handcuffed, and contemplating how she was going to endure the next ten years in a Dominican prison. The total take of the DEA was over $500,000 in cash. They could barely contain themselves.

Then came news that the supplier who was laundering money with the clothing store owner was going  to send a boat to drop a load of cocaine at a nearby beach. Other DEA agents geared up and  with local cops and soldiers went to make a bust on the beach. They caught two fat Venezuelans from the drug delivery boat and a ton of cocaine. The DEA agents rallied around the bails of cocaine. They were like a pack of hyenas surrounding a fresh zebra kill. Yipping and high fives all around. Meanwhile the two guys from the boat had lost their shoes and tried unsuccessfully to escape by walking on the ragged coral. So they sat their handcuffed, tired and thirsty with bleeding feet while the “looters” celebrated and boasted about how they always get the “bad guys”.

The DEA and Tony Bourdain had two totally different impacts in the Dominican Republic. One spread oppression and looted. While the other voluntarily exchanged with others to the betterment of everyone involved. The DEA used helicopters to track the boat to the beach bust.  Tony Bourdain took a helicopter to a remote beach and ate grilled lobster.  The DEA shut down a local clothing store where they actually manufactured the clothing on site and put who knows how many people out of work.  Tony ate delicious food and gave millions of t.v. viewers a virtual trip to the D.R.  Everyone benefits with the “No Reservations Show”, Tony benefits, I as a viewer benefit, the purveyors in the show benefit, Travel Channel benefits and those who buy ads during his show benefit.  This is the Free Market. Now the question must be asked “Who benefits from all the money and drugs confiscated by the DEA and who benefits from their Billion dollar budget? I’ll give you a hint it’s not you and me.

Freedom of exchange is the most successful and peaceful way to live. Governments have expended billions trying to destroy this right and the people (at least a majority of them )clamor for them to do it . Why do so many people want to give Government more power, when it always uses this power to oppress the very people who grant it that power? It’s because as Albert Jay Nock wrote in his 1935 book “Our Enemy the State”…

Americans are now… “conditioned to the new increments of State power, and they tend to take the process of continuous accumulation as quite in order. All the State’s institutional voices unite in confirming this tendency, they unite in exhibiting the progressive conversion of social power into State power as something not only quite in order, but even as wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

Conservatives as well as Liberals love the Drug War. Nixon Signed into law the Controlled Substance Act in 1970, Reagan and Bush Sr. expanded the Drug War. And if you think Obama has gone easy on drugs because he smoked marijuana and did a little blow in college,. think again.  If you don’t believe me look at the DEA’s website to see that business for the Drug Enforcement Agency is booming and that is always bad news for us.

After you get done with that and you have a horrible taste in your mouth, go to Travel Channel’s site and check out Tony’s visit to the Dominican Republic for a true taste of Freedom. .

I believe that we need more “No  Reservation” shows and less “Cocaine Wars”. Just think if the drug war was over and there would be no shows like this to aggrandize the agents of the State. Billions of tax payer money could return back to the productive sector and who knows what awesome travel/food shows would emerge. I advocate for More Freedom and Less Tyranny. And the best way to ensure that plant procurement prosecutions ends in this country is to vote into office people like Gary Johnson and other Freedom minded individuals who pledge to return Plant and Plant Products Freedom back to you.

You own your life and your production. You own your body. What you put in your body is your business.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Voluntary Exchange

What if D.C. had been destoryed by the earthquake?

In True nature of the State on August 24, 2011 at 2:26 pm

Would life come to a screeching halt if D.C. no longer existed?

A 5.9 earthquake hit near Washington D.C. yesterday. If you had watched any news coverage you would think that the world was coming to an end. There were pictures of people scrambling to get out of various government buildings. This made me think  “What would life had been like today if Washington D.C. had been swallowed up by a giant crack in the Earth?”

Would life in this country grind to a halt? Would the economy come to a screeching halt if there were  no one to regulate how make or spend our money? Would businesses destroy run amok and destroy the environment? Would terrorists take the opportunity to kill us all? Or would your life and my life continue on as it had before? I believe it would with a couple of exceptions: We would no longer have to labor to feed the Leviathan and or worry how it would strike us down if we angered it.  The Leviathan is no longer strangling your neck

Now when I talk about the disappearance of the Federal Government I don’t mean the disappearance of the people who work for the State (except maybe the politicians). I’m talking about  the machinery of the Federal Government and its huge bureaucracy including the IRS and all the other alphabet soup agencies.

If the Federal Government had disappeared yesterday life would continue on today. Most individuals would not miss it one bit. For those worried about anarchy breaking  loose, the governors, legislatures, and judiciary of each state along with the county and city levels of government would continue to operate. Those who advocate for a stateless society of course would continue to question the very necessity of these local governments as well, but at least the great Leviathan would be off our back.

The biggest relief felt by most if the Federal Government sank into the abyss would be the elimination of the IRS. You would no longer have your income stolen through withholding for the income tax and payroll tax. This would affect individuals as well as  businesses. Social Security and the other Entitlements would end over night. The old and disabled would not be thrown out onto the streets. Private Charities and churches would provide relief just as they did before the great Welfare State was created. The economy would improve overnight as individuals and businesses free of the tentacles of the IRS would once again feel confident to invest, save, and earn without the Feds getting in the way.

If Federal Government no longer existed that would also include the elimination of the Defense Department, the NSA, the CIA, the DEA, and BATF. For starters the wars would end immediately overseas because what governor would want to tax his citizens to fund a war thousands of miles away? I don’t think they would. The idea of  actual defense would replace the war hysteria we now live under. A militia system would develop and if any state’s borders were attacked citizens would respond to defend their property and their lives.

If the Federal Government disappeared over night the DEA would no longer be terrorizing Central and South America in an undeclared war. Individuals in each state would choose to legalize drugs or not. I believe most would in order to tax them. This  is going to happen eventually and I believe without the Federal Menace of the DEA there would be a lot more states that would do that now.

If the Federal Government disappeared under the Earth’s crust the ATF would not be selling guns to drug cartels who would more than likely disappear when the prohibition on drugs is lifted. Without the DEA the individual states would more likely end the prohibition on drugs all together and that would almost eliminate the drug cartels overnight.

This is just the beginning. Think about if the EPA no longer existed and all their industry killing regulations disappeared overnight? No longer would farmers in California be put out of work for some tiny little fish. Industry could expand to meet consumer need without fear of arbitrary regulations based upon pseudo-science.

 The FDA would no longer exist and that would free up more drugs to be released upon the market. And it would not act like some kind of shield for drug companies to release bad drugs. The SEC and Sarbanes Oxley would disappear and small companies could once again go public without spending millions of dollars in regulation.

But our problem is really not the Federal Government  or the politicians who pass the laws or the bureaucracy that writes and enforces the regulations resultant from those laws. The Federal Government is just a reflection of the basic premise held by most Americans today. That premise is that it is okay to violate the Natural Rights of others and to have others violate the Natural Rights of themelves. So even if by some act of God the entire Federal Leviathan was swallowed up by a great fissure caused by the earthquake yesterday the ideas that built D.C. would still exist today. These ideas of entitlement and plunder would build the same or similar structure of the State as we see today. 

If we truly want to be free we must first understand that we are each endowed by our Creator with Natural Rights that are inseparable from us, the right to Life, Liberty and Property. Until the majority of Americans believe in the basic premise of  natural Rights we will continue to have our rights violated by politicians at every level of Government and it makes no difference if they are  in Washington D.C. or in your state’s capitol or at the county commissioner’s office. (If you’ve ever been to a county commissioners meeting you understand that problem is government no matter what level it is on.  )

Our enemy is the State as Albert Jay Nock wrote, but more accurately our enemy is the idea that propagate, support, and enlarge the State. If Washington D.C. was gone today I am afraid that in all fifty states the politicians there would be clamoring to fill that power vacuum and the majority of citizens dependent on the Entitlements and redistribution of wealth would be happy to oblige. The majority of citizens would still view their state and local governments as proxy thieves and demand that the State provide other people’s property for them to live off of.

Even if D.C. disappeared the ideas that built that cess pool of thievery and corruption would continue to find expression elsewhere. As long as individuals believe that they can not govern themselves and are unwilling to take on the responsibility that comes with their Natural Rights to Life, Liberty and Property we will alway have the State oppressing us no matter what form it takes.

And that’s my take,



Overall I believe