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A different libertarian take on taxes

In Taxes, True nature of the State on May 11, 2017 at 8:51 pm

Taxation is theft,  right? 

I firmly believe that it is but I just read something today that made me reconsider this idea. 

I’ve been fascinated with the idea of creating my own country for years. During my recent research into Seasteading I bought the classic book “How to start your own country” by Erwin S. Strauss  A fascinating book that any freedom loving person should own. 

How to start your own country – Erwin S. Strauss

Erwin covers the many ways one may go about creating your own country including declaring your home a sovereign nation. Peter Griffin actually did this in an episode of Family Guy and called it Petoria. It didn’t go so well for him. He should have read “How to start your own country” before raising his flag. (I’ll be covering how Peter could have used Erwin’s advice to create a better outcome in a future post).

Erwin doesn’t pretend that you’ll be able to flaunt the law of the government surrounding your plot of land. Peter Griffin learned this the hard way. By declaring your home a sovereign nation is an easy way to as Erwin retire “dip your toe in the new country water”. And you get to create your own flag!

Taxation is one of the main reasons  why people want to start their own nation. The power to tax is at the heart of the nation state.  And taxation becomes the number issue if you do declare your home an independent nation within the territory claimed by another nation. The problem isn’t you collecting taxes from yourself and your family. 

Borders mainly exist to delineate who gets to take your money in the form of taxes. 

If you refuse to pay your taxes what will happen. The exact same thing that would happen if you don’t pay your taxes now as a citizen. The U.S. government will use force to collect it. We all know trying to use  force to repel the unlimited police/ war machine of he U.S. Federal government  is not an option. 

If you declare your home an independent nation inside of the U.S., you instantly have the largest most deadly military and police force in the as your not so friendly neighbor. How do you defend against them seizing your property or committing violence against you? 

All nations have a defense budget. Why? A large part has to do with the military industrial complex and the psychopathy that propels politicians to wage war. But the stated purpose of a defense budget is to keep the lives and property of the “citizens” safe within its borders. 

As a microscopic, poor, ally-less nation how could you possibly survive? According to Erwin your best option to defend your person and property from harm is to pay your taxes to the state and federal governments. Your tax bill is simply part of your defense budget for your nation. This is the idea that got me to reconsider if taxation is truly theft.!

How much do you think Assad would pay in “taxes” to avoid being attacked by the U.S. government? 

That is an interesting way to look at taxation. Is taxation still theft in Erwin’s scenario if it’s labeled “defense spending”? 

Do you consider your tax bill as a part of your personal “defense budget”? 

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about taxation and the viability of creating micro-nations within an existing country. 


Elton John Loves Conservatives but Hates Their Kids

In Liberty, Taxes, True nature of the State on July 26, 2012 at 9:27 pm

Does Elton John Hate the kids of Conservatives? If he praises the actions of Compassionate Conservatives then I think he does.

‘We’ve seen George W. Bush and conservative American politicians  pledge tens of billions to save the lives of Africans with HIV. Think of all the  love. Think of where we’d be without it, nowhere, that’s where. We’d be nowhere  at all,’ John said at the International AIDS conference in Washington on  Monday.”

I like Elton John. I want him and everyone else to be able to Marry whomever they want. I want him to be free to write more great hits like “Sad Songs”  and “Tiny Dancer”.  I’m a fan. But what I am not a fan of is his Collectivist Ideas of praising “Compassionate Conservatives” for using the force of Government to steal property from some, in order to give it to others, even if it is to “Save Lives in Africa”. More Government always leads to less freedom, for Elton John, for individuals in America and around the world.

Elton exclaims “think of all the love” that the actions of the Conservative politicians produced, but is taxation and redistribution an act of love?

When property is stolen from “taxpayers” in the form of taxes, they suffer and so do their children. Having children at all for the productive class is an economic decision and taxation and inflation are key drivers in that decision. In effect when Government steals money from a mother and father they are being deprived by force of their resources, which they can spend on their offspring which in effective limits how many children they have. This reduces the “Love” an individual can show to themselves, their living children and the children they choose not to have due to economic reasons.

Stealing money from one to give to another isn’t an act of love, either from whom its stolen from or to whom its bestowed upon.  Think about the corruption these “Billions of Love dollars” will perpetuate in Africa and here at home.  Where is this money going to? Who benefits? I bet it is going to benefit the politicians and their cronies more than any Aids infected individual in Africa. The Drug Companies win, the NGO’s win, and the local corrupt chieftains in America and Africa win as well.

Instead of advocating for more Government, I wish Elton and others would be advocating for protecting the Natural Rights of every individual, whether they are gay, straight, live in Africa or America or have AIDS or not.  Everyone on Earth has a right to their life, liberty and property. No one has a right to take away anyone’s  life, liberty or property even if it is to “help” someone else.

The planners in Washington who think they can spend your money better than you can never miss an opportunity to do so. This is just such an opportunity. If individuals want to give to charity that is their business. It is no business of Government to do so.

Elton John doesn’t hate the kids of Conservatives but by praising and putting his stamp of approval on Conservative Politicians redistributing the wealth of others, limits the life and “love” of individuals from whom the tax dollars are stolen from. It is a violation of their God-given Natural Rights. If it’s okay to take money to help AIDS infected individuals then why shouldn’t the government confiscate all taxpayer income and allow politicians to dole the stolen wealth out to the “needy”?

A lot of people who have a cause turn to government for help. But Government has no money of its own. It steals what it has from those who provide a service or product that others voluntarily purchase, whether that be the service of a bank teller or a Master Song writer producing a heart wrenching “Sad Song”.

Property should only be taken from someone who earned it on the Free Market through voluntary exchange as a recourse to satisfy a victim after that individual committed a crime.  I have committed no crime against any African who  contracted AIDS. Why should the government steal money from me that I work for to give to them? That is the crux of the matter. No one has a prior lien on my earnings, no matter how much they are in need.

“Whether you should or should not give a dime to a beggar.  That is not the issue.  The issue is whether you do or do not have the right to exist without giving him that dime.  (or Individual with Aids). The issue is whether you must keep buying your life, dime by dime, from any beggar who might choose to approach you.  The issue is whether the need of others is the first mortgage on your life and the moral purpose of your existence.  The issue is whether man is to be regarded as a sacrificial animal.  Any man of self-esteem will answer: “No.” Altruism says: “Yes.”  Ayn Rand

The misery and poverty of billions of people around the world is terrible. But having the government steal money from taxpayers and then dole it out to the “needy” is not the answer. What keeps people in poverty is Government and specifically the Authoritarian Collectivist Ideas upon which it is based. They are the same ideas that Elton John is unwittingly supporting when he praises and in effect advocates for more of the same Government actions that perpetuate poverty and misery here and around the world.

Individual Liberty and Private Property and the idea that the Individual is sovereign instead of the “Collective” has raised the living standard of Billions and saved the lives of Billions as well. What Elton and others who advocate for collectivism forget is that the wealth that is stolen from productive individuals was created not because of government but because of the voluntary exchanges of the free market. More freedom equals more wealth and because of that more people will be helped. Voluntary Charity is huge in this country and would increase in direct proportion to the decrease in Government theft (taxation).

Taxation is theft and not an act of Love. Love is a personal act and by its very nature can only be voluntary, or it is not Love. It is the willing sacrifice of yourself for another because you want to enjoy the life of that individual. Love is not force, it is the opposite of force. Government is force and as such is the opposite of love. If a thief steals a hundred dollars from you and gives it to someone who “needs” it, does that change the fact that the theft took place? Aren’t you still out the hundred dollars? . Taxation for “Good” is still theft.

These “Humanitarian Highwaymen” of the government who steal from you to “help others” remember do so at the barrel of a gun. Just try not paying your share of helping someone over seas. The friendly “Humanitarians” at the IRS will begin a dialogue with you that has the full force of Government behind it. And if you persist in not “paying your humanitarian share” they will come and seize it, and they will do so like the highwaymen of old with a gun. And just like the highwaymen of old they will not hesitate to kill you if you persist in not giving up your property in a timely manner.

All Government Humanitarianism is based upon this model. Give up the loot or give up your life. This is why so many go to the government for the support of their cause. There isn’t a better armed “highwayman” in the world.

I think Elton and most people who look to Government to help their cause are trying to do good even though they don’t consciously understand that taxation is theft, and in essence armed robbery. I hope that those like Elton instead of advocating for more Government theft will advocate for less, because the more Freedom people have the more prosperous they are the more they are able to help themselves and others.

“The solution to the social problem lies in Liberty” Frederic Bastiat

Brad Miller


I’m Not Zombie Feed – The Anti-Collectivist Creed

In Taxes, True nature of the State on January 3, 2012 at 11:51 pm

“I’m Not Zombie Feed” is my new slogan that sums up how I feel. 

It’s a protest slogan against the constant chatter from the collectivists for me and others to sacrifice more and more of my life for the benefit of them and others. It is a way of clearly and succinctly telling the world that my life is my own. I will not go quietly into the dark, while the “majority”  decides how much of my life I can keep.

Every man’s life is his own. He is the only one who is responsible for the choices he makes. No one Earth has a claim to his life, his liberty or his justly acquired property. This is the philosophy of Individualism. Every individual is an end to himself and not a cog in a machine or part of the “masses”.

Collectivism is the opposite to Individualism. It posits that an individual only exists to serve others. It’s basic tenet is that Society can only exist if everyone sacrifices their will, their property, their life,  for everyone else. Those who advocate Collectivism coincidentally are the one’s who are the “priests” of the State and receive these “life” sacrifices. While they seem to forget to adhere to the idea of “sacrificing themselves”, because they have so much important work to do in order to facilitate the slaughter and sacrifice of others to feed the helpless masses.

Do you believe that your life is your own? Do you believe anyone has a prior lien against your labor because of their need? Do you believe just because enough of your neighbors get together to form a majority you should be forced to give up your home, your bank account, and your life simply because they “vote” for you to do that?

Today we are asked to sacrifice more and more of ourselves to others. Unfortunately the majority of Americans, who I like to call the Apathetic Americans, are no better than Zombies.

If you do not think for yourself and you consume the life of another then you are a Zombie.

A man is only alive if he consciously chooses how to live and does so by not “cannibalizing” the life of another. Today in America we are asked to have our hat in hand and Sacrifice 50% or more of our life to the State who reallocates that life to others because of their political influence or because they are part of a “voting block”. This is all done by force. But on the same hand it is done with the consent of the Majority.

I call everyone who is tired of being “fed” to the “Zombies” to start replying when anyone asks you to “pay your fair share” or tell you that “paying taxes is your patriotic duty” or when they try to explain taxation with the bullshit “social contract theory”  that “I”M NOT ZOMBIE FEED. MY LIFE IS MY OWN. I LIVE FOR NO ONE EXCEPT MYSELF”.

That is what I’m saying now. I’m making up and selling wrist bands and t-shirts that say this. I want to see a revolution of rational self-interest in America. I want to replace the Apathy and Entitlement thought processes that goes through most American’s heads with  the old-school Pioneer way of thinking of  that “I can Handle anything that happens” and that “I will live my life as I choose”.

The Slogan “I’m Not Zombie Feed” is a summation of what I believe. I believe taxation is cannibalization. Your expenditure of energy used to produce a product or service that another person voluntarily purchases is siphoned off or “chewed” off by the IRS (THE HALL OF SACRIFICE) and “fed” to others (ZOMBIES). Of course the cannibals who rip off your flesh take their cut and then  pass the scraps out to the “Zombies” whom they rely upon for popular consent, to continue acting as the Priests of the State.

This is a primal event. That is why so many people are up in arms about taxation because they feel that their life is being stolen from them. But when those who feel that their lives are being stolen attempt to defend themselves they fail to get to down the basic premise of the theft of their life energy and instead debate on the collectivist’s turf and in turn get sucked into a debate about policy, politics or even worse “economics”. It  all boils down to the simple question: “Do you believe you own yourself?”

That is what all the debates about taxation and regulation should come down to. Make the Collectivist who is asking for more and more of your life or more accurately demanding it at the barrel of a gun, to admit that they think you don’t own your life or that you only own the portion of life that the State allows you to keep.

If you do belive that your own your self then you are “NOT ZOMBIE FEED”. If you don’t believe that you own your body then you don’t believe others do either. So this sets up a perpetual conflict of every citizen against every other citizen in a Collectivist Socieyt. If no one has a right to their own lives then possession of a person belongs to the largest “gang” who will fight to be fed the life of others and prevent their members from being fed to someone else. That is the destructive nature of any collectivist system. Each individual, each group, each department tries to get enough power, through numbers to cannibalize the others before they themselves are devoured. It is a state of war. Individualism which is slammed as “selfish” and “destructive” is the only humane way to live. Otherwise individuals are alive only at the whim of the majority. And history is full of examples of the majority turning on “individualists” and labeling them enemy of the “People” because they were profiteers, capitalist, or worse selfish. Those throughout History who screamed in their own way that they weren’t Zombie Feed were summarily killed by the Collectivist States.

In the Last century the collectivist nations deemed about 170 million of their own citizens threats to the collectivist ideology and murdered them by starvation, shooting, hanging, boiling in oil, drowning and every other way you can imagine a human being can kill another human. Why is this not brought up in every conversation about the difference between individualism and Collectivism?

These ideas have consequences. The more you allow your life to be fed to the Zombies the more the Zombies will grow. Once they are sufficient in number they will consume everyone who is not a Zombie first and then they will consume their current caretakers and then turn on each other.

The Slogan “I’m Not Zombie Feed” is not supposed to be funny or ironic. It is a statement of fact. I am not a sacrificial animal to be slaughtered and offered to the living undead. I am a man in full. The more people you can help educate about the importance of individuality and self-responsibility the less Zombies there will be and the less government necessary to offer the sacrifice of the living to the walking undead.

The Zombies today are not helpless . Zombies come in all shapes, sizes, socio-economic levels of society, what they share in common is that they believe government should steal the life of others in order to feed it to them. When they stop believing the government propaganda they too can be brought “back to life”. Once they start using their NeoCortex in rational thinking and refuse to feed upon the life of others they too will be able to say not only they themselves are not  Zombies; but they themselves will be able to say proudly to the world of Collectivists that they are “Not Zombie Feed“.

I’m tired of being told that my life is not my own. I’m tired of being told that I have to prove I’m not a criminal in order to travel. I’m tired of being told that I don’t own the product of my labor and I don’t have a choice in what I put in my body or how I spend my life. I’m tired of having 50% of my life cleaved off and fed to others. Our job who believes this too is to provide the Zombie inoculation to those who are content with the status quo.  And that Anti-dote to Zombism is the Truth.  The Truth about Liberty and Individualism. That is the only weapon that can turn the tide against the swarming Undead.

The school system in America is designed to produce Zombies by the millions. The America education system was adopted from the German model whose only purpose was to educate citizens to become obedient cogs and competent enough to operate the machinery of the industrial revolution. That’s it. The citizens were never meant to think rationally, or how to innovate, or to appreciate the Liberty that made this country the most prosperous of any Nation in the history of the world.

The State has no interest in self-reliant, self thinkers. They want conformity. They want dependence. They want to be on top and then feed the different groups to each other. The House of Representatives is not a factory of law like some like to refer to it but it is an abattoir, a slaughterhouse of humans. It is where a majority decide how much life should be cut off of some individuals to be fed to satisfy the desires of others. They say that you shouldn’t watch how bills are made because it looks like making sausage. That is appropriate but it’s also an insult to butchers. Because at least the butcher kills the poor animal before carving him up. But the Legislators (human butchers) cut pieces off of live human beings to be fed to sustain the life of others. It is cruel. It is literally killing people by a thousand cuts.

Is your life your own? Do you want your life energy stolen and fed to others? Of course not. The more of your life energy that you are left to keep the better your life will be. You are the captain of your fate. You decide what’s best for you. You live to satisfy your desires. That is your purpose of your life. Your mind, your body, your labor, your production, your words, your thoughts are yours, and no one has a claim on them. You are a minority of one. No majority on Earth can take away your God-given Right to your life, Liberty, and property.

So when you hear a politician talks about a bill or law that cuts off a piece of your life to feed to others just think in your mind or scream it at the top of your Lungs “I’M NOT ZOMBIE FEED”!!!


False Choices the Government Gives the People

In Liberty, Taxes, True nature of the State on October 19, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Why is it that in only 100 years the Federal Government has become this monolithic creature which we the individuals in this country have no control over?

The Politicians and Pundits say we can’t cut Federal Government Spending to be in line with Revenue, we can’t bring the troops home because we wouldn’t be safe and we can’t lower taxes because we can’t cut spending and we can’t bring the troops home because that would make us less safe hurting the economy and thus decreasing revenue which would cause the budget deficit to grow larger which would mean that taxes will need to be raised.

This vicious cycle keeps us all in bondage. We are slaves and our fetters are taxes and regulation.  Our lives are continually being directed by the mind and the hands of other people whom we never see nor have any control over. This includes the Federal Reserve and the plummeting value of our money.

False Choice: We have to choose between slowly balancing the budget over a long period of time or  wait to do it in the distant future when times are better because doing it now would hurt the economy.

This premise is flawed on two accounts.

1. Government can’t create wealth it only destroys it. The people would be  be 15 trillion times better off if its spending ways are curbed or eliminated all togehter.

2. Government is a man-made institution not some force of nature that has to be “reigned in”. It is the result of conscious decisions made  by human beings. These decisions have consequences and we are suffering under them. Human thought and action creates and sustains Government. It can also limit and eventually eliminate it.

The budget can be balanced tomorrow if the people demanded it.

The reason that the budget won’t be  balanced tomorrow or eliminated all together (That’s what I would like to see.) is that too many people are net benefiters and the people who are net losers don’t realize it. The net benefiters are  parasites and don’t want their hosts, the tax producers, to realize that they are in fact siphoning off their life. Why would any of the tens of millions receiving tax payer money want to lessen their cut? It goes against human nature.

So on one hand the State anesthetizes the host, the productive in society, with propaganda and talk of patriotism . When the parasites grow too numerous per host and the hosts grow weaker they begin to  feel the pain of the parasite feeding. The words of the pundits, economists, and politicians  fail to fog their mind sufficiently and they begin to see clearly that they are the prey of parasites.

What does the State do when the hosts try to get rid of the parasites?  It uses the threat of force or actual force to make sure the host doesn’t find a way to stop the parasites from feeding.  This is a diabolical scheme that goes way beyond “money” or “regulation”. It deals with the only real capital on Earth and That is human life.

The State and its dependents live by consuming the life of others. I’ll explain this concept under taxation is Cannibalization. I believe Human Sacrifice is alive and well in America and around the world. It is partial human sacrifice mostly with taxation and regulation but at times the State does murder others in order to keep the rest in line.

The Tax Consumers are bankers, Federal Reserve, Foreign Nations, Defense Contractors, Non Profits, the U.N., Politicians and their families, Agriculture, Energy, and everyone who is a net tax profiteer from the system. No one talks about those who net a profit from the Federal Government’s handouts or from its regulations.  Why isn’t that “profiteering” attacked by the Occupy Wall Street Folks?

So all of these disparate Tax consumers prop up the current system. The politicians claim their hands are tied when the Tax Producers complain. They say “it’s not mathematically feasible to balance the budget overnight.”  As Penn Gillette would say that is”Bullshit”.

I don’t care about the numbers. If a thief  steals your debit card and pays for his living expenses out of your checking account then gives the rest of your money to the “needy” do you allow him to continue to do so?  Do you say oh I’ll wait till he begins stealing it from others before I tell him to stop or wait till there are no more “needy” people left in the world.

Need will always exist in this world. Every human being is born into this world naked and hungry. Its only by using reason to enlist the cooperation of nature does man find shelter, food, and life in this world.

Another False Choice: You must be Taxed more or you will be allowing  children to starve and kill old people because they can’t get medicine.

The only money the Fed’s have is that which they steal from us. Individuals are altruistic toward others in need. We don’t need an intermediary to steal from us and give to others. In a Free Market Society without Taxation there would be a lot more individuals who could and would take care of themselves eliminating the need for a lot of charity.

False Choice: Fair Tax, Flat Tax or Modification of Current Tax Code.

If you believe in Natural Rights than in my opinion you must consider taxation as Theft. It doesn’t matter what costume a thief is wearing or how many of your neighbors tell him its okay to steal from you. Nor does it matter where who he gives the money to after he steals it from you.  The act is still theft.

In my own mind I take the description of the act of taxation a step further. I believe that Taxation is Cannibalization. So how can I have a debate about the tax code when I believe taxation is consuming my life?

Here’s how I came to that conclusion. Think about it another way. Taxation steals your money, and what does money represent? Money equals time.  Okay if money is time than what is your time? Your time is simply your life. Taxation steals your life!!!

Taxation is cannibalization. It is when one individual feeds upon the life of another in order to sustain his life. If people began to view the tax consumers as life consumers, as cannibals than the discussion will now be grounded in reality.

So the False Choice that one politician gave us was through a famous line “It’s patriotic to pay your taxes.” He is asking you to voluntarily sacrifice your life for the life of others. But the false choice is the “voluntary” part. If the taxes were voluntary why would the IRS and Federal Agents kill you if you decided not to pay your taxes?

The scenario would go down like this. You decide that taxation is not only theft but it’s more akin to cannibalization. You decide that you will not “voluntarily” pay your so-called tax bill nor will you allow them to forcibly take your pound of flesh. The IRS does not like this to say the least so they embark on a process to forcibly collect your “voluntary tax”.

Their first step is to go to their buddies the banks and order them to steal the money out of your checking account and send it to them. But your too smart for that and you have already closed out all your bank accounts. Why do you think they want everybody to have a bank account?  Next they try to target your employer to garnish you wages. They know they’ve got companies over a barrel with regulations and their own corporate “voluntary tax” mess. But again you’ve out smarted them. For the last few years you’ve worked full-time on your farm and now your are self-sufficient. Anything you need you trade for.

The IRS now shows its true colors. Every action the State takes is backed up the barrel of a gun. They come to your farm and to steal your livestock; your two goats one cow and a chicken will be sold at auction to cover your  “voluntary tax bill”.

Wait a minute,  you’ve worked hard for years and expended your time and energy in order to work the land, grow the corn and tend to these animals. You’ve mixed your labor with the factors of nature in order to procure and then raise those animals. They represent your past, present and future, a portion of your life. The IRS only knows that you owe them “Money” so they will sell these creatures at auction to pay your “Voluntary Tax Bill”.

You believe in your God-given right to self-defense. So when the thieves in costumes (Federal Thugs) show up you to steal your property you decide to defend it. You warn them. That is more than they would do for your, but they ignore your warning and go straight for your barn. You present a shotgun as you would to scare off any other thief and are  summarily executed by heavily armed agents in combat gear. Your life is sacrificed to the god of the State and now all your property will be laid upon its altar.

The idea that Taxes are voluntary is wrong.

False choice: We can’t bring the troops home because we won’t be safe if we do.

How does stealing my life through taxation and giving it to Drug Dealers, Dictators and tribal chieftains around the world make me any safer? How does building vast Aircraft Carriers parked off the coast of other nations  and developing  micro drones used for assassination make me any safer?  How does sacrificing our young men and women on the altar of this false choice make me in any  safer?

The only people who won’t be safer if we pull the U.S. military  home are the corporations who use the military to protect their overseas assets. Without the guns of the Department of Defense many corporations couldn’t cozy up with dictators and Totalitarian States in order to enter markets closed to those who don’t have political connections.

I think the odds of my life, liberty and property are hell of a lot more likely to be violated by the American Federal Government than any other Government on Earth. So I will take my chances and have the troops come home.

And  I believe more and more of the soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines are waking up to the fact that what they are ordered to do has nothing to do with my safety or their families’ safety. It’s about the large corporations using politics and force to gain market share in Totalitarian and Corrupt Countries around the world.

This has played out over and over again through by the U.S. throughout its history. Read up on how Hawaii was illegally annexed and how the Doles benefited from that or how the Marines were used in Central America to secure land for them. Read up on how the U.S. military began intervening in the Middle East because of Standard Oil . The list goes on and on.

The false choice is that if we do not fund a huge military we will all be less safe. This is wrong. The Founders warned against standing armies for eventually they are turned on their own people. And even if they are not they will bleed the people dry.

Don’t buy into the False Choices that the Politicians, Economists, and Pundits give you. Think for yourself. Your Life, Liberty and your justly acquired Property are yours and no one else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you that you must sacrifice for the “greater good”. There is no “Economy”, or “Country” or “GDP” or “National Security”. These are all collectivist terms used to destroy the individual and further enslave you into their system. The economy you should worry about is your own and the economy of the people you choose to love, the only security that you are responsible for is your security and the security of the people you choose to love, the only collective that matters is the free associations that you choose to be a part of.

That’s My Take

Brad Miller


Difference Between Conservatives and Libertarians

In Liberty, Taxes, True nature of the State on August 23, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Conservative Talk Show Host Illustrtates how Big Government Grows under Republicans

I used to call myself a Conservative. Now I fancy myself an Advocate of Liberty, one who advocates for my own Natural Right to Life, Liberty and Property and the right of everyone else to the same. Some people call this the Freedom philosophy, Libertarianism or another way to say it is that I am a Radical Individualist. I belive that I am a unique entity and no one has a right to “govern” my actions unless I violate the Natural Rights of others.

A lot of Conservatives claim to support individual liberty but fail to understand that any time the State is called upon to “govern” how someone chooses to live their life that individual’s Natural Rights are violated.

Today I was listening to conservative talk show host who said something today that highlighted the difference between the conservative ideology and that of Libertarians.

A caller was talking about his idea for ending Social Security. The guy was nervous but I thought he got his point across but I think the host missed it completely. The caller said that his plan to end Social Security was to first  pay people back what they paid into the system, secondly honor the commitment to keep payments going to folks already on it, and then end the Social security program all together. His main point was that he was not a fan of Social Security. He did not have time to articulate why the Social Security program like the other entitlement programs violated individuals’ Natural Right to their Life, Liberty and Property. He didn’t get the chance. The host  was pressuring him to get his point out because he was up against a break but curiously had time to take a call about Sarah Palin after he got the guy  off the line.
Before the host ended the call he actually said that he agreed with the caller but what he said next makes me think he really didn’t. He said that the caller’s plan was similar to Paul Ryan’s plan which he supports. He went on to explain that the Ryan Plan pays out to people already on Social security then the plan allows those under 50 to own and invest their retirement but the government will still force them to save!!!

That last qualifier illustrates where the host and the caller ideologically part ways. How can anyone who wants to live free accept the premise that the State can force you to save? If the State can force you to save they can tell you how to spend all of your income.  What is the premise behind this idea that the government can dictate how individuals spend their money? It assumes that individuals if left free to exercise their God-given right to their Life, Liberty and Property are not capable of taking care of themselves and that the State must intervene and make decisions for them. How is that premise any different from the one that spawned the Welfare State?

That is why it is always important to check your basic premise and the basic premise of others. One side believes in the basic premise that individuals have a Natural Right to their Life, Liberty and Property and the other side does not. They believe that the State can determine what “rights” individuals have.

If someone chooses not to save that is their choice. When they get old and are destitute that will be a lesson to those around them that saving for retirement is probably good idea.

Private charities have existed long before the Welfare State and would do a far better job helping the poor and sick than any bureaucratic humanitarian could ever do. The more of a person’s income they are “allowed” to keep the more charity spending they would do. The individuals in the U.S. already give a ton of cash to charity just think what would happen if everyone kept 90% or even 100% of their income?

When the State intervenes in the life choices of individuals everyone suffers. When people are free to live, to choose, to invest, to invent and  to meet consumer demand without interference everyone benefits. It is the “Spontaneous Order”  Hayek wrote about. Prosperity comes to all when individuals are free to spend and save the fruits of their labor as they see fit. If you accept that the State has some role to play in how individuals do that then you do not believe in each individual’s inherent inalienable Natural Right to Life, Liberty and Property.

This is the dividing line between those who believe in the Freedom Philosophy which can be summed up as “anything peaceful” and those who on the Right embrace the concept of a coercive powerful central government that is “okay” as long as it is forcing people to live as they see fit. This is the same “Fatal Conceit” that all collectivists share.

I am an advocate for a Stateless society in which private individuals and entities enter into voluntary exchanges without external coercion. Until this day I advocate for the immediate ending of the Social Safety Net,  ending the wars and bringing the troops home, and lowering federal taxes to 10% or less which would then only be used to fund the  National Defense ( under 100 billion a year) andto pay off the debt.  After the debt is paid off I don’t see why the National Defense could not be providedfor  like all other services through private entities.?

I believe that most conservatives want to be free and it is our job who Advocate for Liberty to help them see that by embracing the Coercive State to accomplish anythingt limits the freedom of everyone.

And That’s My Take




John Stossel’s Spending Cut Plan

In Taxes, True nature of the State on August 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm

An actual spending cut plan!!! Check it out.

It would leave the Federal Government with a 2.3 billion dollar surplus.

No other plan I know of gets anywhere close to that. Most of the plans out there allow for trillions of dollars of deficit spending over the next decade. They are not real spending cuts, just cuts in proposed spending.

John’s plan is a good start. And he goes further on his show talking about the Libertarian position of eliminating the entire Social Safety Net. He argues and I agree, that if the Government Safety Net is removed Private Charity would step in.

If you want a Libertarian Perspective on the news check out Stossel on Thursdays at 9pm and   Freedom Watch, with Judge Napolitano weekdays at 8pm.


Debt and Slavery

In Taxes, True nature of the State on July 27, 2011 at 10:48 am
We are chained to the State from birth and most folks don’t even realize it. The current cirucs surrounding the Debt Ceiling is proof that the majority of Americans do not understand that the Debt is a direct result of the Collectivist ideology, epitomized by the Entitlement Programs, Central Economic Planning, and the denial of consumer choice.
“Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers (administrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”- Thomas Jefferson
The State is set up to enslave. It has convinced individuals to continually cede more and more of their liberty for security, whether security from Terrorists or security from starvation. This erosion of personal liberty is effectively slavery. When one does not have control over their property and someone else does that equates to slavery.  Even if someone voluntarily votes to become a slave they are still a slave. And woe to the one’s who never consented to becoming the State’s property or have been blind until now and finally feel the weight of the burdensome chains around their necks. 
The chains that shackle us to the State, include the Federal Reserve and its price controls on the price of money (interest rates), the Income Tax (which provided an avenue for increased taxation), and Social Security which started the abdication of personal responsibly for one’s life and the growing dependence on the State.
The Federal Reserve has continued to manipulate the currency by printing trillions of new dollars and by trying to centrally plan the economy through manipulation of the price of money, i.e., interest rate it pays. This distorts the entire credit markets and leads to booms and crashes. Which the government then sweeps in to borrow trillions of dollars of bailouts which add significantly to the debt. This inflation caused by the counterfeiting of new dollars is a stealth tax that impoverishes all of us.
The forcible taking of money from individuals through the Income tax is another way the Government let’s us know that all the property on their turf (within U.S. borders) is theirs and they only allow us to keep what they deem appropriate.  Along with the income tax is the further involuntary withholding performed by your employer. This along with the expected “tax refund” blind most people  to the true amount of money the Federal Government deems their “fair share”.  Most individuals have no idea what their true amount of time they work (slave for) the Federal Government. And for all that is stolen the Federal Government gives vauge promises called “Entitlements”.   I advocate for no taxes and no entitlement programs.
One of these so called “benefits” your  taxes “pay for” is  the ponzi scheme of Social Security. It is the granddaddy of all the nanny state entitlement programs. We can thank German Chancellor Bizmarck, a Progressive, for first wide spread impementation of  this type of program. This to me along with the introduction of the Income Tax greatly increased the shackling of the current and future generations to the State.
Along with Social Security we have Medicaire and Medicaid. I believe we need to change the name of these programs, at least when we reference them, from entitlements to something more appropriate. The programs should be called The Stolen Property Fund or better yet the Progressive Enslavement Program.  Every dollar stolen regardless of the intention of who stole it, is still theft.  It violates the basic right to our property and the right to dispose of it as we see fit. 
Every Law that is passed and every dollar stolen through taxation, and every time the Fed prints more money, dimishes our Liberty  adds the chains around our necks.  Not only do these actions by the State hurt us in the short run they are designed to chain our children and generations yet unborn. 
And all of these accretians of power to the State violate economic law and so incur a massive debt. The debt itself is a result of this Collective ideology that is embodied in the Federal Rerserve’s economic central planning, the penalizing producers tax, and the entitlement programs.  All of these programs substitute individual choice for dictatorial direction. And we have tangible proof where this leads, to a debt of over 14.6 trillion and growing each day. Now how can any Statist claim this as a vindication of their philosophy?
The Statists and Progressives exist in both parties and Jefferson is right on when he described big government as pursuing “a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.” This explanation is the only one that makes since of the mess we are in because it it doesnt matter which party is in office, the debt always goes up and Individual Liberty is constantly being reduced.  
It seems to me the only solution to this is the elimination of the whole idea of the State and the striving for a voluntary Free Market Society where these invasions of property would not be tolerated.
And that’s my take.
If you have a better idea for retitling the Entitlement programs let me know in the comments section.
Advocate of Liberty