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Kathy Griffin and the Leftist Neo-Inquisition 

In Liberty, True nature of the State on June 1, 2017 at 11:44 pm

Kathy Griffin did a photo shoot recently holding a bloody decapticated simulated head of Donald Trump. After receiving a lot of heat she then came out and gave a half hearted non-apology apology. 
Why did she do this? Sure she is filled with hate for the man and she is in show business so she has an insatiable need for attention. All of that is a given. 

The real reason behind these actions I believe is  because she is part of the Leftist Neo-Inquisition. This is an increasingly violent movement that wants to eradicate all ideas that threaten their power and right now their target are those ideas that Donald Trump represents. 

We are all familiar with the Spanish Inquistion of the 16th century. A brutal centralized systematic attack on the heretics threatening the power of the Catholic Church in Spain. 

The Inquisition wasn’t about killing people it was about killing ideas that people held that threatened the power of the decadent priests and other dependents who only held on to power because of their view of God they were peddling.

She is doing the same thing. Her simulated decapitation of the president is an attempt to kill the ideas she think he represents. He is a heretic in her eyes and many Leftists. This act appears to be aimed at all the people who hold beliefs like Donald Trump and anyone else who disagrees with their brand of Statism. 

This is an excerpt from  the 1578 edition of the Directorium Inquisitorum (a standard Inquisitorial manual)

for punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the correction and good of the person punished, but for the public good in order that others may become terrified and weaned away from the evils they would commit”).
This act was the latest escalation of the ever expanding and violent Leftist Neo-Inquistion. The State is their god and anyone who blasphemes the State is a heretic. Anyone who is in the political priesthood who isn’t one of their own is a heretic. Anyone who doesn’t agree that their friends,  allies and pet projects should  receive the “blessings” of the State is a heretic. 

The first Inquisition really began in 1209 but was localized and decentralized throughout Europe up until the Protestant Reformation. The Inquistion got heated up around this time because the entire political power of the Catholic Church was being threatened by a new competing priesthood, The Lutherans, who had a more radical indicualistic view of the relationship between God and man 

The Leftists and the Alt-Right are like the Lutherans and the Catholics during the Reformation. Both believe in an omnipotent power – the State – but each own slightly different doctrines that their  priests, pundits and professors  interpret. The two brands of Statism  want to be in charge of the trillions of dollars in tax revenue and Federal Reserve counterfeit cash as well as control of  the 10 aircraft carriers, fleet of drones, the worldwide police state and 4000 nuclear warheads. This is the power that they crave. 

The more the incumbent power structure of a religion is threatened the more violent the prosecution of heretics become. 

Kathy Griffin didn’t just simulate the beheading of Donald Trump. She also implied that he had been kidnapped, tortured and finally murdered. 

Those who conceived and funded this spectacle, along with Kathy Griffin,  knew this wasn’t just a message to Donald J Trump. This was a message to everyone who dares to hold ideas that disagree with their version of Statism, which they hold as the one and only true gospel. They will only be safe when they forgo these blasphemous ideas. 

No that can’t possibly be right because she is a comedian and it was just a joke, right? Didn’t she say when she apologized “she just went too far”? 
I’m a political atheist. I don’t view the State as a god. I believe we all have inherent rights that the government shouldn’t violate. I am an Individualist and not a Collectivists. Those who worship the State are Collectivists whether they are Leftists or with the Alt-Right. I disagree with the philosophical underpinnings of both political religions because I believe that the less government that lords over is always the best government. 

This could be just the beginning of a dangerous escalation in the Leftist Neo-Inqusition. 


Advocate of Liberty 

Jeff Sessions should End enforcement of Drug Prohibition instead of doubling down on it 

In Liberty, True nature of the State on May 15, 2017 at 8:54 pm

The drug war was designed to target minorities, anti-war protestors and others who were a threat to the status quo. It was never about justice or health – it’s always been about increasing tax revenues and controlling those who disagree with the state, and those who weren’t like everyone else. Instead of it being a war on drugs it’s a war against those who think differently. 

The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect our god-given natural right to sovereignty over our consciousness. Make no mistake about it the Drug War  is not against a plant or a chemical, it’s a war against the thoughts and feelings you have in your head.

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association were created to keep government from forcibly legislating your thoughts. 

You are sovereign over your body and mind. If you ingest a psychotropic compound and commit no crime against person or property then what business is it of the government what compound you took? According to the philosophical underpinnings of the Bill of Rights, government has no right to interfere with the mind of an individual let alone imprison him for altering his thoughts or even killing him for them. The state fears that if we alter our thoughts with drugs we will be less likely to kill for it or accept its interference in the rest of our lives.

Read Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” and you understand the type of thinking they at war with.

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The Federal progenitor the War on Drugs Henry Anslonger had these illuminating quotes:

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the U.S., and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

We have always had plenty of laws on the books to prosecute those who commit crimes against persons and property.  The above quotes show that Henry Anslinger, the first head of what would become the DEA, was more worried about music and sex between white women and black men than any kind of crime against person and property.

People who supported this law back then believed the Constituitin prevented them from passing laws to forbid creative expression or interracial sex. So they passed laws that would prosecute thought and emotions by targeting substances those people used and so do an end around on the Bill of Rights .

Richard Nixon was no fan of the Constitution as well and turned up the heat on the War On Drugs in a big way. His motivations were similar to Harry Ansligner’s. Acordding to John  Ehrlichman, Nixon’s domestic policy advisor, The War On Drugs was a tool to control black people and crush the antiwar movement. And it’s used in a similar manner today. 

The entire War on Drugs is a waste of time, money and also a waste of human potential. It should be called a war against Thought and Feelings, because that is really what these laws punish. Life is painful and tragic. Locking people up for pursuing a better state of mind, even if the side effects could be detrimental, isn’t helping them or society.  Continuing the enforcement of the Prohibition of Drugs will only lead to more suffering not less suffering  in the world. 

Jeff Session  – Now is the time to end the failed War on Drugs. 

Brad Miller 

Advocate of Liberty 

Longevity and Liberty

In Liberty, True nature of the State on March 19, 2017 at 3:41 pm

Longevity and Liberty

What if all that we are doing to advance the cause of freedom is a waste of time? What if its an impossibility to live in an atmosphere of increased human liberty because the fear of death and the lack of experiencing enough time on Earth prevents individuals from seeing through the lies of those who champion collectivism over individualism? The current human life span of less than 80 years may not be sufficient for the majority of individuals to live long enough to see the benefits or the advantages of being more free and the dangers and futility of giving up liberty for security.

Robert Heinlein was a liberty minded master author of science fiction who explored the ideas of Liberty throughout his career. My favorite character he ever created was a very long lived man named Lazarus Long. He was born to parents who were part of a longevity project that encouraged long lived people to mate. He’s later on able to outlive his genetic gifts of his parents and make it past 2000 years old due to advanced medical treatments called “rejuvenation”. This character loved freedom and distrusted authority. He would leave a planet as soon as the population reached a sufficient number to require identification cards.

Without the fear of natural death there is a new perspective gained by humans. Lazarus when he learned that he wasn’t going to die of natural causes began making more long term plans. How many of our decisions are based on our fear of death? And how much of the ideas of collectivism exist because of this fear of death? If humans began living 200 years or 2000 years would the freedom philosophy be embraced by most humans?

I don’t know but I think that what is holding back the freedom movement may not be a “selling job” or a “numbers problem”. What if it is simply a lack of lifespan for the majority of humans to find out that death is not the worst thing that can happen to a person? And that being dependent of the whims of the collective is not only dangerous but also degrading. Lazarus Long despised living on a planet where everything was given to him and wanted to leave another planet when he found out him and his follow space travelers were seen as domesticated animals by a super advanced race. Collectivist Politicians and others who worship power view the masses as domesticated animals and they promise to give us everything if we only submit to their brilliant schemes. Lazarus would rather risk death by returning to an Earth that was potentially dangerous to him and his own kind then become a pet or have everything handed to him. When people no longer have a fear of death these currently invisible chains of collectivism will begin to weight heavy on them. Lazarus understood this and that is why he always chose liberty over security because giving up liberty meant submitting and giving up his inherent rights.

Another benefit of an extended or even infinite physical human lifespan besides eliminating the fear of death will be the increased ability of humans to see patterns of history over extended time frames. Right now most humans don’t read or even care about history. They are unaware of the hundreds of millions of people murdered by collectivist nation states in the last hundred years. They are unaware of the small pockets of history in which humans had more freedom and why these epochs created the amazing level of civilization we all take for granted today. Currently those who worship the state and suckle at its teat are able to ignore or twist history to their benefit and cloak the current patterns of deceit, theft and murder that their unholy god is unleashing on humankind from the masses because people haven’t lived long enough to recognize what always happens when collectivism is chosen over individualism.

There are many factors that go into a person’s decision in choosing to believe in collectivism or to embrace individualism. I do believe that the fear of death and the inability to see long term historical patterns are two key reasons most people prefer the paternal state gaining more and more power while they accept their individual freedoms to diminish. I believe most who fall into the ranks of the collectivists are blinded by their own fear of death and their ignorance of history so they can’t see the pile of bodies and the lost potential of billions of humans because of the actions of the all powerful state throughout the history of humankind. One day physical death will be a thing of the past for humans. When that happens a majority of humans will live long enough to spot long term historical patterns with their our own eyes and see the lies that the priests of politics are peddling and totally eliminate all support for the all powerful paternal state.

Brad Miller

Pain: a truly individual experience

In Liberty on March 18, 2014 at 5:27 pm

The politics of pain are close to my heart. I have suffered chronic and acute pain for the last 25 years. I’ve been treated like a junky for asking for pain medication, experienced the side effects of the opioids, and the pain and isolation due to not having them. I’ve disengage from life, I’ve been horrible to be around and generally miserable at times when I’m in pain.

Pain is a very subjective event. It has horrible psychological, behavioral and physical effects on the suffering individual. That is why collective political decrees are the worst possible way to help people who have chronic physical pain. Every individual has a god-given, natural right to seek relief from their pain without the government.

I’ve personally had a doctor get in trouble for prescribing pain medication to me by the DEA. How nuts is that? First of all, I shouldn’t need a permission slip from a government approved doctor to get a product that relieves my pain and secondly the government has no idea how much pain I was in at the time to tell the doctor or myself how much pain meds I should be allowed to have. ( I have no problem paying for expert advice but I am the final arbiter of what goes in my body and I take full responsibility for that.)

You are an individual. If you hurt, you are the one experiencing that pain. If you are hungry don’t you eat? Do you need a government approved food peddler to tell you how hungry you are, what will satisfy that hunger or how much of it you should eat to feel full? Of course not. Unfortunately I know a lot of politicians who would love to make you get a prescription for every meal you ate. They would love to make you take your food prescription to the local government approved restaurant where you could only eat the food prescribed. Then they would love to make you subject to random testing to determine if you were eating non-prescribed foods. This is not far off from the current environment for people in pain.

If I can regulate my hunger with eating and my thirst with drinking, why can’t I do the same with pain and products that alleviate pain?
I shouldn’t have to schedule an appointment when its convenient for the government approved drug dealer, pay a co-pay, hope he sympathizes with my plight, and then take the permission slip (aka prescription) to the pharmacy.

What if there were an inexpensive plant you could grow at home, that you can administer yourself, and alleviates pain better with fewer side effects? There is, it’s Marijuana. It has helped thousands of people with a myriad of ailments including chronic.

Marijuana can be grown inside or outside by just about anyone. We hear a of talk from buying local. Why not grow your own medicine in your backyard. That’s as local as you get. I look forward to the day when every individual is able to grow their own medicine and take their pain relief into their own hands.

Not only can everyone grow it at home they can grow the particular strain that helps them the most. There are hundreds of strains to choose from and almost an infinite variability for dosing with a wide variety of delivery methods. You can smoke cannabis, eat it in food, inhale vapors or take it in tinctures.

It’s also lot safer than opioids . Marijuana has a lower chance of addiction and no one has ever overdosed on it. While over 16,000 in 2010 died from opioid overdosing.

The goal of life is to feel as good as possible throughout the day. If you are in constant pain you isolate yourself from others, have a shorter temper, don’t try new things, miss work, and generally miss out on life.

We don’t need the governemt or it’s sanctioned officials in white coats doling out inferior, factory produced, dangerous, pharmacy dispensed, pain medication. Marijuana is a safe natural plant that is a far superior product. By ending marijuana prohibition we will also be ending the war on people with pain, because individuals will then be free to manage their pain without government interference and get back to business of enjoying life.

Brad Miller

Living Liberty: Joe Rogan

In Advocates of Liberty, Liberty on January 9, 2013 at 3:16 am

“Liberty is for the Living. If you are not living, you have no need for Liberty.”

Liberty id choice. It is about making your own decisions about how you want to spend what limited time you have on this Earth. Liberty is the ability to choose your path free from the coercion of others.

How many of us who understand the truth about “Our Enemy, the State” are truly living?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Life and Liberty lately and the fact that too often those in the Liberty movement (I am guilty as well) harp on only the negative aspects of this world. But in order to be successful in spreading the ideas of Liberty we need to present the positive aspects of freedom. In particular I believe we should highlight those in this world who are already living lives of Liberty in spite of the overwhelming presence of Government in our lives today.

For those who love liberty and want to see a world filled with more Peace and freedom, we should in fact be living a life of liberty in all the areas we are currently capable of.

One person who is living a life of Liberty is Joe Rogan. If you are fan of the UFC you know him as the color commentator at all the Pay Per View Shows. Others may know him as the host of Fear Factor and still others may know him as a stand up comedian who was a regular on the T.V. show “News Radio”. On top of all that he has one of the most successful podcasts on the planet.

What makes Joe Rogan a man Living Liberty is that he lives the life he desires despite the creeping totalitarianism in this country. He takes full advantage of the choices he has in his life. He is a skeptic at heart and questions everything. He admits to taking psychotropic drugs and smokes marijuana on a regular basis. He also trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu and can talk at length about the nature of reality. He can clearly articulate the ridiculousness of the drug war and the growing oppressiveness of the police state.

He is an interesting guy who admits that earlier in his life he had a confidence problem. At one stage of his life he considered himself a total “piece of s**t”. It was after he became heavily involved in martial arts d his confidence began to grow. And a lot of Living Liberty is all about Confidence.

“Liberty belongs to the Bold” I hit upon that idea (I’m sure not original) after I read the “Creature From Jekyll Island.” The men who plotted to create the Federal Reserve System were bold, the men at the top of the heap are bold, and those who know the truth but still lie to keep power are bold. Even though their actions are evil they do what they do so they have more and better choices in their lives so they can live their perverted version of a life of liberty.

Liberty doesn’t exist for those who refuse to live. Live your life fully now and don’t wait till the Republicans have control of the Senate or Obama Care is repealed. Live now. People like Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Steve Rinella, Ted Nugent, Vince Vaughn and many others in this world who are choosing to live in the present are in their own unique way blazing a trail for others to live Lives of Liberty.

Liberty is choice. It is true as taxation grows, as regulation regiments more and more of your life, and the police have become more militarized and aggressive in enforcing the ever growing mountains of laws, the amount of choices we have and their quality of those choices have changed. It is our duty who are aware of this creeping totalitarianism to sound the alarm. But it does a disservice to ourselves to focus purely on the negative of life and forget about the choices that are in our power to make.

Joe Rogan is not a guy who is in the “liberty movement”. I’m not sure where he stands on a some of issues. I do know he’s for legalizing weed and some other drugs and I believe he’s for brining the troops home. But he might harbor progressive ideas about the state. I don’t know. What I do know about is that the man appears to be sincere and genuine in his respect for his fellow human. This is evidenced by how he shows deference and genuine respect for the fighters he interviews in the UFC Octagon after a fight. every time he gets in the Octagon (UFC) and interviews the fighters. 

He is also a capitalist and entrepreneur at heart. He’s developed a clothing line called “Higher Primate”. On his podcast he is a pitchman for such diverse products as the “fleshlight” and Onnit brand supplements which he co-owns. He produced out-of-pocket his most recent standup comedy album. He pursues what he loves. And that should be the message for those spreading the ideas of Liberty. Do what you Love as long as it doesn’t violate the natural rights of others.

Joe Rogan did an Interview with Alex Jones the other day. The two of them are good friends. I’m a big fan of Alex as well. If you haven’t checked out the interview I suggest you do. Something Rogan said in the interview with Alex Jones really stuck with me and I believe it is an integral concept for all of us who want to be more free. He said to Alex when they were talking about the nature of Reality, that the one thing he knows for sure about Reality in this Universe is that he feels good to make people laugh andmake people  smile. That’s why he does the stand up comedy.

When we talk to others about Liberty let us not forget this fundamental Law of Nature. It feels good to laugh and smile and to make others do the same. Don’t get so caught up in the misery that the State causes to forget to live your life fully by pursuing what you are interested in and being around people who inspire and support you. 

The most miserable in life don’t win. The famous quote “A life well lived is the best revenge”  is something for all of us to consider when we get caught up in the daily grind of the news cycle reporting about lying corrupt politicians, the endless wars and increasing political strife. Focusing solely on the Negative in life is detrimental to you and the one’s you love. If you want to advance Life, Love and Liberty in your life I suggest you start focusing on the choices you have the most power over. Those in life Living Lives of Liberty who are Happy, Successful and Knowledgable are the one’s best suited for advancing the cause of Liberty for all.

Thanks to Joe Rogan for Living his life of Liberty.

Brad Miller
Advocate of Living Liberty

The Case Against Santa Claus

In Liberty, True nature of the State on December 17, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Who in their right mind could possibly find fault with the myth of Santa Claus?

I believe Santa Claus is Evil. In fact I blame Santa Claus for the mess we are in today. The idea of a jolly fat man delivering gifts to the good children of the world lays the neural foundation  in which the totalitarian government/banking elite use to control the masses today.  The idea of Santa Claus retards a child’s ability to grasp a rational world, separates the child from parent through lies, and makes the child’s mind ready-made to accept other myth’s concerning religion and government. It is the pattern by which all those in authority use to control the lives of individuals.

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices” Voltaire

Lets breakdown the whole Santa Claus Deal.

1. Children pray to a strange fat man who lives in the North Pole for presents to appear on Christmas Eve.

2. This omnipotent being watches every child on Earth throughout the year.

3. Then Santa Claus passes arbitrary judgement of the child’s behavior, which lands the child on the naughty or nice list, which in turn determines if presents will magically arrive under the tree.

4. Then in one night Santa Travels around the world in a sleigh being pulled by flying reindeer full of toys manufactured by elves around the world. He then does hundreds of millions of b & e’s and leaves presents. While in each house he eats the offering of milk and cookies.

This is insane. Kid’s believe anything you tell them. Why fill their head with this destructive lie?

I was in Wal-Mart in the toy section the other day when I heard a two-year old exclaim “Mommy I want that”. The mother’s reply was that the child should ask Santa for it.  The parent then explains that she must be “good” so that she can receive the toy she desires. Not only is the parent advocating for the child to pray to a god for gifts, she is also teaching the child the pattern of submission to authority that prepares her to submit to the Banking/Government/Big Business cartel in adulthood.

It also conditions children in later years to give up any thought of privacy. Children go from Santa spying on them to God watching everything they do, to Government doing the same thing.  Today we see the result of this. Red Light Cameras, Spy satellites and drones threaten to  constantly monitor every inch of the surface of the Earth, and not many people seem to care. Every email you send  is being logged and stored by the NSA, again no one cares. A new 2 billion dollar data center is being built-in Utah to house this data. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That is a fact. The only reason they collect this is so they can determine who needs to be on the naughty or nice list.

And you don’t want to be on the Government’s Naughty list. That’s called the President’s kill list. And you will die if you are on it.

No only does  the Santa Claus myth condition children to be submissive to authority, foster the belief that they are entitled to the production of others, and accept 24/7 surveillance by an omnipotent power, it also destroys or retards a child’s ability to see the world in a rational manner. I believe that is the greatest crime against humanity and every parent perpetrates it.  If you can’t accurately see how life works how can you possibly be successful in life?

“Man has to discover how to tell what is true or false and how to correct his own errors; he has to discover how to validate his concepts, his conclusions, his knowledge, he has to discover the rules of thought, the laws of logic, to direct his thinking. Nature gives him no automatic guarantee of the efficacy of his mental effort.”  Ayn Rand.

Why do we want to keep kid’s from understanding how the world works?

The answer is simple. It’s all about control. The parents gain submission from the children, the retailers gain submission with the parents, and the bankers benefit from every dollar borrowed to sustain this massive myth. And politician’s gain power by acting as Santa Claus to adults.

Let me ask you this: Why do all the malls have men dressed up as Santa? Is it to benefit you kid? Or is it to keep the mass of men and women producing the new cogs for the machine of the Political/Banker machine? Is it to maintain their innocence or to groom children to become adults who embrace ignorance? Is it to demonstrate the goodwill of a god or produce individuals who are comfortable with being spied on 24/7? Is it to get children to “behave” or is it to create adults who willingly submit to their omnipotent god which as they become older becomes government?

The whole holiday deal is set up to control the population. It is meant to syphon your dollars out of your pocket, it’s meant to instill submissive traits that last throughout your lifetime,  it’s a conditioning event that create neural pathways which the ruling elite use to steer your thoughts. That is why Santa Claus is EVIL and should be stopped.

Let’s celebrate ourselves, our loved ones this  year. Let’s celebrate our  ability to mix our labor with the factors of nature to create anything our imagination’s  can conjure. Let’s celebrate your individual and family accomplishments. Let’s celebrate the knowledge that we’ve gained, the loved we gave and received this year. Let’s celebrate the fact that the sun still rises. That’s what the Romans did with the Holiday Saturnalia,. That’s the holiday the early church leaders replaced with Jesus’ birthday. It  had some crazy elements but also some with real value. The reason we have lights on Christmas trees dates from this Roman Holiday. Candles were lit to symbolize the quest for truth and knowledge. I hope that more and more parents will teach their children to do that this holiday season.

The lies from authority don’t stop at childhood. They perpetuate on. We are told that Government can protect us. That’s a lie. We are told the Federal Reserve is here to keep unemployment low and prices stable. That is a lie. The Federal Reserve system is a money creating machine meant to syphon the wealth of the world from the masses into the hands of a very few. We are told the military is around the world protecting us. That is a lie. The men and women dying and  killing around the world in your name are doing so to protect the banking interests and the other beneficiaries of the Central Banking System around the world.

All these lies are predicated on a public not being able to see the world rationally. And that all begins with the so-called innocent lie of Santa Claus. If we want to be Free we must bring into the light all the lies. I want to know. That’s it. I want to know the truth. Children are desperate to know how the world works when they are small. They are little need machines that are totally dependent on the their parents. The whole goal of childhood is to become independent of them. Not teaching children at an early age how much labor and life goes into the purchase of Christmas Gifts marked “From Santa” keeps them from understanding how the world truly works.

The Santa Claus Lie is a pattern that other people in power use to keep the majority of people in chains. Like Thomas Jefferson wrote “The knowledgable will always rule the ignorant” As individuals our job is to not be subjected by our own ignorance. Ending the Santa Claus Lie will go a long way in raising a new generation who will critically look at the Lies from the Banking-Government-Big Business Cabal.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and stopping Santa Claus

Brand Differentiation – Red Bull vs. NASA

In Free Market Miracles, Liberty, True nature of the State on October 18, 2012 at 6:14 pm

On Sunday Oct 14th, “Fearless” Felix Baumgartner set world records for skydiving when he leaped from an altitude of 128,000 ft. What makes this even more amazing than him becoming the world’s fastest unassisted human being, traveling at over 884 mph at one point in his free fall, is that the endeavor was a completely private enterprise. It was a Red Bull energy drink publicity stunt to the edge of space. The entire purpose of the event was to further differentiate the brand of Red Bull from the other energy drinks on the market.

Red Bull has a history of these kind of “stunts” but this one by far is the most impressive. It got me to thinking about how NASA and the entire “Space Race”, which was really one big PR stunt The two competing brands for world Market Share were NASA and the Soviet Space Program who were selling their country’s brand of Statism around the world.

NASA and the equivalent Soviet Space program were trying to “Sell” their government’s ideology through “publicity stunts” in Space. When we look at the Space program in this manner it clarifies the difference between what Red Bull accomplished this week and what NASA has done in the past. One of them is a champion of Privately owned capital and profit seeking while the other is an inevitable example of what happens when Government steals from the productive and collectivizes that property.

Red Bull has made its founders Billionaires. NASA has had its budget cut repeatedly and is being relegated to the history books. Red Bull’s founder’s created an entire market for energy drinks that will soon be worth 52 billion dollars. NASA is relying on the Russians to ferry astronauts to the ISS. The founders of Red Bull were told by a research firm that the product would fail, they now sell 4 billion cans a year.  Because of privately held capital and Mateschitz’s vision Red Bull now owns an F1 team, two soccer teams, a NASCAR team and a hangar full of restored vintage planes. While NASA has retired its costly and deadly Space Shuttle and which are now  collecting dust in museums.

That is appropriate if you think about it. That is where Government programs should go, to the dust bin of history. They are inefficient and waste valuable resources. Socialism, as Mises wrote will always fails because it lacks the pricing mechanism, stated differently Socialist systems lack the ability to calculate economically. That is the difference between the success of Red Bull and the failure of NASA and all other government programs.

Today we hear so much about how the Free Market and Profit seeking is destroying the “Economy”. But those love Liberty know that is false. As the United States Federal Government Collectivizes more and more individual wealth in this country it is destroying the Free Market. There are some bright spots still and that is why I love the story of Red Bull and the other private companies that are charting a new Era of Freedom in Space.

A perfect example of this is the LunarX prize. That is a prize offered to the first private non-governmental entity that can successfully launch, land, and operate a robot on the Lunar Surface. When the prize was first conceived NASA was going to be the sponsor. But due to budget cut backs they backed out. Google became the main sponsor and upped the prize money from 20 million to 30 million. It also opened the competion to all individuals regardless of what country they lived in and created bonus challenges. The most intersting bonus challengs awards an extra million dollars to the compnay that whose robot takes pictures of the Apollo 11 site and beams them back to earth. Private Enterprise always trumps State Enterprise.

The private space industry is growing everyday while the Space programs of the world are faltering or completely failed. There will be in the next five years an explosion of private space travel, while Government space programs will have to buy time like anyone else on the privately owned rockets and space stations.  Armadillo Aerospace, Bigelow Aerospace and Virgin Atlantic all see Space as a huge opportunity that government planners could never fathom. In other words some of the richest men in the world are investing billions of dollars into Privately owned Space travel and Space Stations. Why? Because just like Red Bull they are doing so for profit. Now their business models are very different from Red Bull but upshot is the same, going to Space makes economic sense to them. They see Profit in the Stars.

I hope that the amazing feat of Fearless Felix  and Red Bull will spark people to  ponder the difference between Privately owned vs. Collectively owned Capital. We can have more Red Bull,’s amazing Marketing trips to the Edge of Space,  Virgin Galactics Space Tours, Bigeolow Private Space Stations or we can have more mothballed Space Shuttles. The choice is ours. Diffusion of Knowledge within a society as Hayek wrote, can only be efficiently utilized if people are free to trade their knowledge and products and services which it creates, freely with each other.

When the State steps in and its central planners tell you that they know how best to spend your money, think of Red Bull and Fearless Felix. And think about the harmony that the Spontaneous Order of the Free Market facilitates versus the limitations and failures of Government Space Programs.

The Red Bull Stratos jump is a victory for not only Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull but also for the Free Market. It is an amazing story that an energy drink company from Austria can mount a manned mission to the edge of space and land him safely home. That is incredible. In twenty years from now instead of the NASA Logo or any other Government logo on the side of rockets there will be logos of Companies and even individuals. It will be Private Companies like Chevy, Ford, and Toyota do now in NASCAR, with all their associated sponsorships competing to take people and cargo into Space.  And I have a feeling Red Bull will continue to be a key player in getting people to the stars. And it will not be for the reason of  “National Pride” or “Collective Security” but for “Brand Differentiation and Profit”

Capital in the hands of Private individuals is the superior way to live as human beings. Being able to trade and keep the profits from the products and services created by Private Capital Leads to amazing inventions and betters everyone’s life. This is demonstrated by the successful track records of the entrepreneurs who are leading the privatization of space travel. Men like Dietrech Mateschitz co- founder of Red Bull and the Stratos jump , Robert Bigelow a hotel chain owner now designer and manufacturer of Private Space stations with his Bigelow AeroSpace company who currently has two prototypes orbiting earth, Richard Branson Aviation and telecom mogul with his Virgin Galactic and private space tours,  Peter Thiel founder of Pay Pal and investor in Space X which recently delivered cargo to the ISS, Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft and StratoLaunch which won the Ansari X Prize in 2004, and John Carmack Founder of id Games and Armadillo Aerospace who is building lower cost reusable rockets; all prove that privately Owned Space flight is another example of how Individual Liberty is always superior to Collective Coercion.

Ayn Rand would have been very proud of Felix Baumgartner and Dietrich Mateschitz of Red Bull. This is her summation of her philosophy circa 1936:

” To make my life a reason unto itself. I know what I want up to the age of two hundred. Know what you want in life and go after it. I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals and I loathe humanity, for its failure to live up these possibilities…”

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Privately Owned Capital

If you want to learn more about the men and women who are living up the the highest possibilities in private space travel check out these sites. Track in real-time the position of the Genesis II prototype Private Space Station launched by Bigelow Areospace in 2010.

Elton John Loves Conservatives but Hates Their Kids

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Does Elton John Hate the kids of Conservatives? If he praises the actions of Compassionate Conservatives then I think he does.

‘We’ve seen George W. Bush and conservative American politicians  pledge tens of billions to save the lives of Africans with HIV. Think of all the  love. Think of where we’d be without it, nowhere, that’s where. We’d be nowhere  at all,’ John said at the International AIDS conference in Washington on  Monday.”

I like Elton John. I want him and everyone else to be able to Marry whomever they want. I want him to be free to write more great hits like “Sad Songs”  and “Tiny Dancer”.  I’m a fan. But what I am not a fan of is his Collectivist Ideas of praising “Compassionate Conservatives” for using the force of Government to steal property from some, in order to give it to others, even if it is to “Save Lives in Africa”. More Government always leads to less freedom, for Elton John, for individuals in America and around the world.

Elton exclaims “think of all the love” that the actions of the Conservative politicians produced, but is taxation and redistribution an act of love?

When property is stolen from “taxpayers” in the form of taxes, they suffer and so do their children. Having children at all for the productive class is an economic decision and taxation and inflation are key drivers in that decision. In effect when Government steals money from a mother and father they are being deprived by force of their resources, which they can spend on their offspring which in effective limits how many children they have. This reduces the “Love” an individual can show to themselves, their living children and the children they choose not to have due to economic reasons.

Stealing money from one to give to another isn’t an act of love, either from whom its stolen from or to whom its bestowed upon.  Think about the corruption these “Billions of Love dollars” will perpetuate in Africa and here at home.  Where is this money going to? Who benefits? I bet it is going to benefit the politicians and their cronies more than any Aids infected individual in Africa. The Drug Companies win, the NGO’s win, and the local corrupt chieftains in America and Africa win as well.

Instead of advocating for more Government, I wish Elton and others would be advocating for protecting the Natural Rights of every individual, whether they are gay, straight, live in Africa or America or have AIDS or not.  Everyone on Earth has a right to their life, liberty and property. No one has a right to take away anyone’s  life, liberty or property even if it is to “help” someone else.

The planners in Washington who think they can spend your money better than you can never miss an opportunity to do so. This is just such an opportunity. If individuals want to give to charity that is their business. It is no business of Government to do so.

Elton John doesn’t hate the kids of Conservatives but by praising and putting his stamp of approval on Conservative Politicians redistributing the wealth of others, limits the life and “love” of individuals from whom the tax dollars are stolen from. It is a violation of their God-given Natural Rights. If it’s okay to take money to help AIDS infected individuals then why shouldn’t the government confiscate all taxpayer income and allow politicians to dole the stolen wealth out to the “needy”?

A lot of people who have a cause turn to government for help. But Government has no money of its own. It steals what it has from those who provide a service or product that others voluntarily purchase, whether that be the service of a bank teller or a Master Song writer producing a heart wrenching “Sad Song”.

Property should only be taken from someone who earned it on the Free Market through voluntary exchange as a recourse to satisfy a victim after that individual committed a crime.  I have committed no crime against any African who  contracted AIDS. Why should the government steal money from me that I work for to give to them? That is the crux of the matter. No one has a prior lien on my earnings, no matter how much they are in need.

“Whether you should or should not give a dime to a beggar.  That is not the issue.  The issue is whether you do or do not have the right to exist without giving him that dime.  (or Individual with Aids). The issue is whether you must keep buying your life, dime by dime, from any beggar who might choose to approach you.  The issue is whether the need of others is the first mortgage on your life and the moral purpose of your existence.  The issue is whether man is to be regarded as a sacrificial animal.  Any man of self-esteem will answer: “No.” Altruism says: “Yes.”  Ayn Rand

The misery and poverty of billions of people around the world is terrible. But having the government steal money from taxpayers and then dole it out to the “needy” is not the answer. What keeps people in poverty is Government and specifically the Authoritarian Collectivist Ideas upon which it is based. They are the same ideas that Elton John is unwittingly supporting when he praises and in effect advocates for more of the same Government actions that perpetuate poverty and misery here and around the world.

Individual Liberty and Private Property and the idea that the Individual is sovereign instead of the “Collective” has raised the living standard of Billions and saved the lives of Billions as well. What Elton and others who advocate for collectivism forget is that the wealth that is stolen from productive individuals was created not because of government but because of the voluntary exchanges of the free market. More freedom equals more wealth and because of that more people will be helped. Voluntary Charity is huge in this country and would increase in direct proportion to the decrease in Government theft (taxation).

Taxation is theft and not an act of Love. Love is a personal act and by its very nature can only be voluntary, or it is not Love. It is the willing sacrifice of yourself for another because you want to enjoy the life of that individual. Love is not force, it is the opposite of force. Government is force and as such is the opposite of love. If a thief steals a hundred dollars from you and gives it to someone who “needs” it, does that change the fact that the theft took place? Aren’t you still out the hundred dollars? . Taxation for “Good” is still theft.

These “Humanitarian Highwaymen” of the government who steal from you to “help others” remember do so at the barrel of a gun. Just try not paying your share of helping someone over seas. The friendly “Humanitarians” at the IRS will begin a dialogue with you that has the full force of Government behind it. And if you persist in not “paying your humanitarian share” they will come and seize it, and they will do so like the highwaymen of old with a gun. And just like the highwaymen of old they will not hesitate to kill you if you persist in not giving up your property in a timely manner.

All Government Humanitarianism is based upon this model. Give up the loot or give up your life. This is why so many go to the government for the support of their cause. There isn’t a better armed “highwayman” in the world.

I think Elton and most people who look to Government to help their cause are trying to do good even though they don’t consciously understand that taxation is theft, and in essence armed robbery. I hope that those like Elton instead of advocating for more Government theft will advocate for less, because the more Freedom people have the more prosperous they are the more they are able to help themselves and others.

“The solution to the social problem lies in Liberty” Frederic Bastiat

Brad Miller


Give your Consent or Pledge your Allegiance: Either way the State Wins – and You Lose

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“Your silence gives consent. ” Plato

Just because you live in a country does that mean you’ve consented to everything the Government of that country has done or is doing? When you say the pledge of Allegiance are you pledging to uphold the ideals of Liberty, Peace and Free Trade or are you pledging your loyalty to an entity that Lies, Steals and Kills on a regular basis?

Consent.(Synonym: Acquiesce): To give assent or approval

I’m sure you’ve heard of Government resting on the “consent of the Governed”. I think that is a theory created to justify the existence of tyrants in the past and our current over bloated, over regulating, war machine of a Federal Government in the present. I like the phrase “acquiescence of the governed” to more accurately describe what is happening in this country. Most individuals including myself acquiesce to the power of the State and more accurately the power of the shifting majority whose only purpose is to extract wealth from some individuals and give it to others. If there was no government force or just extremely limited government force which adhered to the Constitutional limits based upon the principles of Natural Rights, then everyone who believed in Liberty would “Consent” to that type of Government. But why would anyone who loves freedom give his consent or pledge his allegiance to the current Federal Government which flaunts the Constitution and denies even the existence of the concept of Natural Rights?

“No attempt or pretence, that was ever carried into practical operation amongst civilized men — unless possibly the pretence of a “Divine Right,” on the part of some, to govern and enslave others — embodied so much of shameless absurdity, falsehood, impudence, robbery, usurpation, tyranny, and villany of every kind, as the attempt or pretence of establishing a government by consent, and getting the actual consent of only so many as may be necessary to keep the rest in subjection by force. Such a government is a mere conspiracy of the strong against the weak. It no more rests on consent than does the worst government on earth” Lysander Spooner

Now if you still feel that you haven’t given  your consent to the State , it reminds you that you have an obligation to be loyal to the it because it protects you from other Governments around the world.  This is by the way the basis for the “Social Contract” theory that is bandied about by liberal pundits across the airwaves and college campuses. It states that individuals freely give up certain rights in order to be protected and taken care of by the state. This is not a new idea. It’s as old as Feudalism. And today that ancient concept of Feudalism is mixed with a healthy dose of “patriotism”.

Allegiance:  The obligation of a feudal vassal to his feudal leige.

(or) The fidelity owed by a subject or a citizen to a sovereign or state.

Now, when you say the pledge of Allegiance do you know who the authored the words you are mindlessly repeating? It was written by a Socialist Flag salesman looking to gin up flag sales to schools. And by the way the “Under God” part was added decades later. Did you also know that the original salute while people said the Pledge not a hand over their heart but an outstreched arm.  You maybe familiar with this gesture, it’s not because you have done it but because it was the salute adopted by the Nazis as back in the 1930’s. There is actually a picture of Woodrow Wilson giving what would today be described as a “Nazi Salute” while saying the pledge with school children. My refusal to say the pledge is not because of its origins but for the words that constitute it. I don’t say the pledge because my allegiance is not to a Flag or to a Non-existent Republic, my allegiance is to the Natural Law. Stated differently I belive that I have the God-given right to pursue my definition of happiness as long as I don’t interfere with the equal liberty of others. Why would I “pledge” my allegiance to the State which violates my Natural Rights and limits my peaceful pursuit of happiness and those of millions of others here at home and around the world?

Government is meant to protect all individuals life, liberty and property and no one man or collection of men should be able to violate the Natural Rights of a single individual even if the entire population is against him. That is what Government is meant to be, a night-watchman, instituted to carry out the Natural Right of Each individual to protect his life and property.  But what we have today is not a protector of our Natural Rights but a violator of them.  I myself look forward to the day when everyone pledges their allegiance not to nations or States but to themselves and the upholding of the principles of Natural Rights as inalienable for every individual on Earth.

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing — when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.” Ayn Rand

I don’t think we are doomed. I am an optimist and everything that man has done was done because of his thoughts. Our job is to educate ourselves about the blessings of Liberty, incorporate that into our thoughts, words and deeds and share with others the slice of the truth that we’ve discovered.

Lysander Spooner in his essay “No Treason” does a beautiful job eliminating any pretense to the idea of consent of the minority being ruled by the majority. His take is that not  no “contract” is valid unless two parties agree to it VOLUNTARILY. And this alone is what destroys the statists’ idea of “Social Contract Theory”. That is because I can not forego my end of the “Social Contract” by refusing to pay my taxes or more accurately defend my property as its being stolen every two weeks out of my paycheck, without the Police Power of the State being used to punish me until I submit. This is the Concept of not “Consent of the Governed” but “Acquiescence of the Governed”.

“In truth, in the case of individuals, their actual voting is not to be taken as proof of consent, even for the time being. On the contrary, it is to be considered that, without his consent having ever been asked, a man finds himself environed by a government that he cannot resist; a government that forces him to pay money, render service, and forego the exercise of many of his natural rights, under peril of weighty punishments. He sees, too, that other men practise this tyranny over him by the use of the ballot. He sees further that, if he will but use the ballot himself, he has some chance of relieving himself from this tyranny of others, by subjecting them to his own. In short, he finds himself, without his consent, so situated that, if he use the ballot, he may become a master; if he does not use it, he must become a slave. And he has no other alternative than these two. In self-defence, he attempts the former. His case is analogous to that of a man who has been forced into battle, where he must either kill others, or be killed himself. Because, to save his own life in battle, a man attempts to take the lives of his opponents, it is not to be inferred that the battle is one of his own choosing. Neither in contests with the ballot — which is a mere substitute for a bullet — because, as his only chance of self-preservation, a man uses a ballot, is it to be inferred that the contest is one into which he voluntarily entered; that he voluntarily set up all his own natural rights, as a stake against those of others, to be lost or won by the mere power of numbers. On the contrary, it is to be considered that, in an exigency, into which he had been forced by others, and in which no other means of self-defence offered, he, as a matter of necessity, used the only one that was left to him. ” Lysander Spooner

The idea that we consent to the government we live under because of our “silence” is ridiculous. Social Contract theory and the idea of the “Consent of the Governed” are used to enshrine and protect Politicians, Bureaucrats and those who suckle at the Government’s teats,  while at the same time enslaving individuals whose property is seized against their will to fund the very Government largess used to enslave them. My ultimate goal is to see the idea of Government disappear and in its stead to have everyone  live in a “Free Market Society”, where the production of defense as well as policing would be done by individuals freely contracting with one another.  But until that happens I want to see the Federal Government chained down to the (2nd) Constitution or even go back to the first Constitution, The Articles of Confederation.

If any law is passed that takes a person’s life, liberty or property away from them without them first committing a crime against another’s person or property is fundamentally flawed and violates what Gustave Molinari referred to as “Natural Law”. The current Constitution and the Articles of Confederation are the first 13 original states’ constitutions were the first and in my opinion the closest man has ever come basing his law upon the Natural Law. But how many of the laws of man since those heady revolutionary days  have violated the “Natural Law” ? And how many of these laws, regulations and executive orders  that have violated the “Natural Law” have you yourself “consented” to? (Production of Security -Gustave Molinari)

Let me ask you this: Did you consent to the drones flying hundreds of missions over IRAN? Did you consent to the assassination of the American Citizen the suspected terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki or his 16 year son by U.S. drone attacks in Yemen? Did you consent to the use of unmanned drones over the skies of South Dakota to catch a suspected cattle thief who was by the way a “Sovereign Citizen”. Did you consent to Home Land Security buying 450,000,000 .40 pistol rounds?

(To put that last figure into perspective imagine a four mile stretch of highway. Now imagine that stretch of highway with 383 semi trailers, not with a tractor attached end to end for those four miles. Now imagine that each is slam full of .40 pistol rounds not destined for a war overseas put for your own backyard which by the way has been deemed by several Senators now as a battlefield with the war on terror.)

Did you consent to the GSA throwing a lavish $820,000 party in Vegas? Did you consent to the Federal Reserve and the trillions of secret bailouts to Foreign CEntral Banks? DId you consent to the Fractional Reserve Banking System or FDIC? Did you consent to the ever-increasing inflation? Did you consent to the prohibition of Marijuana? Did you consent to the DEA given carte blanche to basically infiltrate and militarize the entire police force of Latin and South America? Did you consent to the 900 military bases overseas? Did you consent to the Korean War or the Vietnam War? Do  you currently consent to the continued war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia?

 Did you consent to the establishment of the United Nations?  Did you consent to the billions of dollars given to the Uber-Collectivists in the United Nations to carry out their plans for a one world government? Did you give your consent for the founding and funding of the World Bank, the IMF, and Bank of International Settlement? Did you consent to FDR confiscating all the gold in the thirties or Nixon taking us off the last vestige of the gold standard in the 70’s? Did you consent to any of this?
I could go on and on but my point is that the idea of our current government resting upon the  “Consent of the governed” is false. Those who support the government and are in turn supported by the growth of government point to two things why you give your “tacit” support and consent to the government everyday.
1. You don’t move to another country. (Which is a losing proposition because there is no place on Earth where there is no government. This maybe changing though with the idea of Seasteading and offshore independent communities)
2. You are not openly rebelling against the government. So unless you are trying to violently overthrow the government somehow you are “consenting” to everything that is done in the Halls of Congress, the White House and the thousands of Bureaucratic offices around the country.
That is your consent. That is the “Social Contract” theory  you acquiesce to the force of government which rests upon the force of the majority who “Do consent” because they are living off the stolen property off the minority who do not “consent” to the theft of their property. But it doesn’t matter what they want because the majority has spoken through the god of “Democracy”.
 Government is built upon the decisions of the past. Social Security and the other entitlements are so engrained into the minds and lives of most Americans they are afraid to voice their “discontent” about the programs for fear of losing the benefit that is keeping their mother in the nursing home or the Social Security Check they get coming into their bank account each month. This is why Frank Chodorov wrote “Individuals can vote themselves into Socialism but they can’t vote themselves out.”
If you are still not on board with big government at home then the propagandists have an answer for that. They tap into the fear that people have of those who live in other countries. And they gin up the “Terrorists” or other “threats” to The United States of America so that a large portion of the population being loyal subjects as they are okay with the killing of thousands of individuals overseas because the bad guys want to “Attack the good ole “USofA.”  But the politicians and bureaucrats know that the fear mongering and endless wars eventually wear thin so they must institutionalize this “Allegiance mentality” and not leave it to mere chance. They do this by inculcating our kids in public schools by making them recite a loyalty oath every morning.
The loyalty oath I’m talking about is the “Pledge of Allegiance”. Most Americans hold it almost as sacrilegious for an individual not to say the pledge. But what are you pledging your allegiance to and  who benefits from your loyalty to “The Flag” and “to the Republic for which it stands”?
Every time you see the flag it engenders these feeling of fidelity. But where do these flags fly? Over Federal Building’s at home and military bases around the world. And then we fly them on our houses. I think that’s insane. Why doesn’t every family have a family flag? Why doesn’t every individual have an individual flag? Why isn’t there a Natural Rights Flag? The closet thing I’ve seen is the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag”.
 The Terrorists and civilians being killed overseas are being killed because the “Patriotic Allegiance Individuals” in this country believe the propaganda and believe that when if the United States Federal Government is threatened that means they are as well. This is simply not true. If the Federal Government was dramatically shrunk down to pre-1900 levels there wouldn’t be anyone on Earth who would want to retaliate against the United States Government because all it would do is protect the borders of the country and have a limited court role to adjudicate cases arising between the 50 states. That is what the Federal Government should be doing. That’s it.
Allegiance can also mean : “Devotion or Loyalty to a person, cause or group”.  I like this definition better because it is not predicated on the force of government or the will of the majority. And that is the allegiance I talk about when I say I “Pledge my Allegiance to the principles of Natural Rights, the golden rule, non-aggression, giving each man his due (in regards to voluntarily agreed upon contracts) and treating everyone honestly.
If each of us pledges to do that and only give our consent to contracts that we voluntarily agree upon then government would be less and less necessary, thus becoming the limited night-watchman State that those who love liberty are working for. And for those like me who advocate for “Anarcho-Captialism” or  a purely “Free Market Society”,  would welcome a night-watchman state as a giant leaps towards a stateless future.
The State is built upon the fact that human beings are adaptable creatures and it uses subtle means to gain the “consent” and “allegiance” of millions everyday. It is our job who love liberty to point out the truth about what is going on and give an alternative to the out of control Government we live under today. What advice would we give to those who are desperately seeking an alternative to the Leviathan and its unending coils? I would give them the advice that Leonard Read offered in a speech he gave down in Argentina back in the 1950’s
“…everything else has been tried…Why Not Try Freedom?”
I advocate for a peaceful revolution. One in which  the external political revolution we seek  first takes place in the minds of individuals. I believe that once a third of the population has had what I call a “personal revolution” in which they have embraced their individuality, their and everyone elses’ God-given right to their Life, Liberty and Property and the responsibility that comes along with those rights; true individual  freedom will spread around the world.   Once a third of a population believes in these principles there will be such a “gravitational pull” others will see that there is a much better alternative to “consenting” to an oppressive Government and that their only “pledge of allegiance”will be to the ideas Liberty, Peace and Free Trade.
Brad Miller
AdvocateofLiberty and Anything Peaceful

Voting: Meaningful Exercise in Civic Duty or Self Indulgent Dillusion?

In Liberty, True nature of the State on March 6, 2012 at 2:12 am

Vote Or Die.

Just kidding. I don’t buy into that. In fact I wish fewer people would vote. Because if you don’t vote according to what you believe you are expressing the ideas of others through action and violating your first basic duty as a Rational Human being ,which is to think for yourself.

That being said I did think for myself and actually voted early the other day Republican Primary. I have to say it felt good to cast my vote for Ron Paul. Now is this self-delusion or am I actually making a difference in the world?

I’ve voted in the past and have compromised my beliefs in order to do so. My two Senators from Georgia are anything but advocates of Liberty. They were the lesser of the two evils I believe at the time. But how terrible a system does it have to be in order for that to be a comforting type of rationalization that I used to justify my violating what I belive? They support Big Government Programs like TARP and National Defense Authorization Act and most of the other nefarious Government expanding programs. I didn’t vote for my current Representative who is a full-blown collectivist but he has a lot more in common with the Two Republican Senators then most folks think.

Government is the problem; Liberty is the answer.

I will  vote straight Libertarian from now on or not vote at all. I don’t believe voting is the best way to change the world by any means.

The only reason I will choose to do that is to maintain the integrity of my own mind. I’m tired of the argument of choosing between the least “evil” option. Both parties are really one party, The Big Government Party.

The whole amount of attention given to politics is really a lamentable fact in America today. I love when the politicians say it shouldn’t be about politics when discussing an issue, or that the other side is playing politics. When in reality politics is the “theory and practice of government”. So everything a politician does is by default “Political”

Anyway I look forward to a day when every American can go about their business and not have to be concerned at all with what the Federal Government is doing at home or abroad. Not because individuals choose to be voluntarily ignorant or choose to hide their heads in the sand but because the Federal Government is so small it doesn’t interfere with the peaceful transactions of individuals who are pursuing their definition of happiness.

It did feel good to vote for Ron Paul as the candidate for Republican Nominee. But somehow it feels like a hollow victory. The whole two-party system, the Federal Reserve, the 16 trillion-dollar debt, the endless wars overseas, the militarization of the police at home, the ever expanding wars at home against Drugs and imaginary terrorists made me think that punching a button for a candidate makes zero difference in reality.

When I think that I tell myself that is totally wrong. (I talk to myself a lot btw.) . Every thought you have, ever action you take matters. In the grand scheme of things sure, no Federal Election has ever been decided by one vote. Your vote matters because it is like any action you take. It should be one in which you don’t compromise your principles. It is an act of the will.

Emerson has a quote that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately : “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind”.

That sums it up. Your vote should be an extension of that thought. In fact every action we take should be one in which you pay homage to the “sacredness” of the integrity of your own mind. That is the litmus test for all action.

Too often I’ve compromised in my life. I’ve not gone after what I desired because I didn’t think it mattered or I didn’t have the confidence in myself to obtain it. Emerson’s quote really brings into stark relief what is truly important against the back drop of all the  things that do not matter in  this world.

I am responsible for myself and the integrity of my own mind. Integrity is defined as a state of being whole.Your sacred duty is to maintain the “wholeness” of your mind. That is the path I believe to Happiness and isn’t that what we are all truly seeking?

: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. Gandhi

That is what I’m working towards in my life. Another way to say that is that I am looking for resonance in my life. That sounds like a new age term but in practice it is simply brining into agreement your thoughts and actions. This is the process of creating the external world according to the pattern of your internal thoughts.

How can I possibly have resonance in my life if  I vote for anyone who doesn’t believe that every individual on Earth has God-given Natural Right to their LIfe, Liberty, justly earned Property and the Pursuit of Happiness? The answer is I can’t and I won’t. Not because I believe it will change the external world in any significant way but because if I didn’t it would change my internal mental world in a significant way.It would be a violation of my “integrity”. How many people even talk of integrity any more? I know that is a daily challenge for me.

And with voting at least  I can say with certainty I will not be a party to “compromise” any longer.

Some Libertarians and Radical Individualists eschew voting all together. I can see that. But I also know I live in a world in which I must breathe, and eat and trade with others. There are things beyond my control and I must live within the world. That being said how I live in this world is totally my choice. I did seriously think about not voting this year. I would say if Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were not running I probably wouldn’t have voted unless there was another candidate who believed in Individual LIberty as they do.

I personally don’t believe Ron Paul will win the Republican Nominee for President. Instead I think he will be more like Obi Wan Kenobi. The Empire will think he has been “struck” down but he will only become more powerful outside of their reality. The State only sees force and power. They want us to believe we as individuals are weak and need to “collectivize” with them in control in order to live. That is false and Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are carrying the mantle of Liberty for us today. It is our job to do so in our own mind first then share that glimpse of the truth we’ve seen with others.

You matter. Your thoughts matter. Your actions matter. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that they don’t.

So to answer my own question do I think Voting is a meaningful Civic Duty? No. Because I abhor the State and any credence we give to “civic duty” is anathema to individualism and Natural RIghts. That being said I don’t think it is self-indulgent delusion either. Thoughts are the most powerful force on Earth. For my money the most powerful thought held in the mind of man is that we are all individuals granted by our Creator with Inalienable Rights. So when we vote as an expression of that idea we are carrying on the battle of  a long line of champions of Liberty stretching back through the centuries. And every Vote for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson is in some way keeping alive the best of what humans can conceive and accomplish, because it’s an expression of the thoughts of Liberty held in the minds of individuals.

The world is changed by ideas and the actions expressed based upon those ideas. That is why I am working to reach 2.3 billion people and help them each spark their own personal revolution. The kind of personal revolution I’m advocating for is one in which the individual understands that he is in control of meeting his needs and fulfilling his dreams. And more importantly that he is capable of doing so. I believe Collectivism grows because of a lack of self-confidence in individuals.

If  a third of the world is confidently pursuing their passion with a faith in their own personal power the shackles of the Collectivists will fall away.A personal revolution of thinking must occur before the external peaceful political revolution can occur.  I get the 33% figure from the fact that only a third of the Colonists wanted to secede From England, a third didn’t care and a third were against it. A majority is not necessary to stop the Collectivist Train.

I believe that once individuals again strive to have as Kierkegaard wrote “perfect faith in themselves and God” we will see an external peaceful political revolution in which Liberty is the norm and any form of government coercion is the aberration. When I talk about God, I refer to not only the deity, how every you define Him, but also to Providence or the Working of the knowable Universe. That is the belief and faith that everything that we desire and work persistently toward we can obtained because the Universe Contains everything we need to meet our needs and fulfill our dreams. Life is awesome. I know too often I’ve lost my awe of this Universe. But I would advocate for everyone to pause during these crazy times and really dwell upon the vastness and interconnectedness of this Amazing Universe we get to call home for only a blink of an eye.

It is enough that people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph  Stalin

The Government that people vote for is  just an expression of their internal thoughts. I choose to spend my time in first clarifying for myself why Liberty is so important and then day by day trying to figure out how to think and live as a free man and then help others to do the same.

“Let him who that would move the world first move himself.” Socrates

So when there are enough individuals who care about their own Individual Liberty and believe and live by the creed of “I can and I will be self-responsible” the Joseph Stalin’s of the world will have no power and there will be no position for them to be in to decide anything for anyone ever again.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, Living in Awe and Embracing Life