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Lessons for Libertarians learned from the fight to keep Kratom legal

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It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” John Philpot Curran 1790img_3376

Millions of Kratom users, scientists, voluntary associations, and small business owners who sell Kratom, have banded together and have successfully forced the Federal Government to keep this beneficial plant legal. I believe that the battle plan used to keep Kratom legal can be applied to any issue in which the government has violated the Natural Rights of the individual.

Kratom is a plant from Southeast Asia. It’s been used safely for thousands of years for anxiety, fatigue and pain relief. Another use for the plant is for the alleviation of withdrawal symptoms associated with abrupt stoppage of opioid use. Ive used it myself and have found it great for providing relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms as well as for pain relief. I’ve been ill for over 30 years and have been treated increasingly like criminal for seeking to have my pain relieved within the medical system, if the FDA is successful in banning Kratom, they’ll make me an actual criminal for simply drinking a tea made from a plant, that makes my life livable.

In 2016 the DEA did use its emergency powers, to place Kratom in the category of Schedule I, at the behest of the FDA. The DEA reversed this decision after they heard from thousands of people who safely use Kratom everyday and about the lies the FDA had been telling them from organizations like the American Kratom Association. The FDA has been waging a battle to ban Kratom since 2009, but they’ve failed. The reason why they’ve failed is because those who support the continued legalization of Kratom have enacted a successful political battle plan which if followed, could be used in other political battles as well.

I believe that it is our natural God-given right to ingest what substances we choose. This is based upon the idea that individuals own themselves. We are not owned by the state. We have dominion over our minds and bodies. This is something the alphabet soup of Federal and State agencies seem to forget and we must remind them. The regulatory bureaucracies have exploded in power over the last 50 years but their power can be curtailed. The successful political battle plan for keeping Kratom Legal can serve as a template of action to help anyone who is passionate about freedom to win more political battles in the future.


The Kratom Battle Plan:

  1. Have a single issue – everyone from the many scientists studying the plant to people who use it, to the small business owners importing it, to the documentary filmmakers exploring the many aspects about the plant, they all can rally behind the single idea of: Keeping Kratom Legal. 
  2. Form Issue Specific Associations – One thing libertarians hate more than government intrusion into their lives, is joining groups. This has to be done if we want to decrease the power of government to control our lives. Forming issue specific associations provides an aggregator of relative scientific information, a source for updates about legislation and other governmental actions concerning the issue and also a way to organize the community so they can coordinate and concentrate political action. I’m extremely thankful that The American Kratom Association exists. It’s one of the largest, if not the largest association, fighting to keep Kratom legal. Their staff and leadership are extremely smart accomplished men and women, who have government, non-profit and business experience. This group of highly competent, knowledgable, intelligent and passionate folks are a huge reason the DEA backed down in 2016 and have forced the FDA to go to plan B and to deal with each state individually.
  3. Know the Facts inside and out – The FDA lied about the deaths associated with Kratom. They also lied about their “proof” derived from a computer model that showed Kratom was a danger to the American Public.   The American Kratom Association has done an amazing job funding and disseminating the true scientific facts about Kratom. They along with others have proven that the FDA are lying about the facts about Kratom and profited specific point by point refutation of every lie the FDA is peddling.
  4. Mobilize personal stories – One of the tricks used by the FDA is to say that a substance doesn’t have any agreed upon medical benefits – this is their way of saying that personal experience of millions can be totally dismissed, when they deem a substance dangerous. Each individual’s experience with Kratom is an experiment of one and sharing the story of only a small fraction of the millions of these successful individual experiments have provided powerful evidence for lawmakers that Kratom should stay legal.  The DEA and FDA have been inundated by personal stories of those who use Kratom safety and effectively everyday. In 2016 this was a key reason, along with the shoddy work of the FDA, that the DEA reversed their decision to place Kratom in Schedule I. Also thousands and probably now tens of thousands of people have created powerful Youtube videos about their personal experiences with Kratom. These personal stories are emotionally powerful and highlight to lawmakers the fact that when they make a law it affects real people. Many of these videos contain heart wrenching stories of people who have used Kratom to help them stop taking black market drugs and turn their lives around.
  5. Get involved in Politics: This is something that libertarians hate even more than joining groups. Most of us just want to be left alone. The problem with this attitude is that there are powerful interests in this country – Big government and Big Business – who want to control every aspect of our lives. Getting involved in specific issues is a great way for Libertarians to use the political system to increase the freedom we all enjoy. If Ron Paul and Thomas Jefferson never got involved with the political system where would we be today? This single issue approach is about using the power of the individual in voluntary association with others to engage the political system to stop the government from violating their Natural Rights and that of others. This is a noble pursuit. Call your local Representatives. Call the representatives that are heading up the committees which deal with the issue you care about. They will listen. They will all you back. I did this myself and was shocked to hear from a state rep that he say the Kratom issue as a personal freedom issue and that the state of Georgia had no plans on banning it any time soon. He was fully aware of the lies the FDA has been telling, thanks largely to the work of the American Kratom Association and he also mentioned that they’ve heard from many people who gain significant benefit form Kratom. The American Kratom Association also hires lobbyists to educate politicians and staffers. They also have experts at Committee meetings or anywhere else the Kratom issue is being discussed to make sure lawmakers are hearing the facts about the plant and not just being force-fed the lies from the FDA.
  6. Produce Documentaries about the single issue: The Document “A Leaf Of Faith” was produced by one of the largest Kratom vendors. Its extremely well done and clearly shows that the scientific as well as anecdotal evidence shows that Kratom is legal. The film helps to reach a mass audience which helps to make those who haven’t heard of Kratom aware of it and how the government is trying to ban it. The  mainstream media is controlled by huge corporations who have a vested interests in keeping the status quo going and expanding government power from which they benefit from. Creating our own quality content is a way to help to expose the lies the government is spreading and to tell the truth about the issue you care deeply about.


The Kratom victories are incredible and give me hope for the future. I used to think that getting involved in politics was a waste of time. I’ve experienced first hand that it’s not. The bigger structural issues will take time – the Federal Reserve system, the Military Industrial Complex, The War on Drugs, the Endless Spying – all won’t disappear over night. But what we can do now is to choose single issues we are passionate about and follow the KRATOM  battle plan to start winning more political battles in the fight for more personal freedom in our lifetime.


Brad Miller

Advocate of Liberty



Santa Lives

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The stories we believe inform how we think, speak and act. They shape who we are and who we will become. The Santa Claus story is one of the three main stories of Western Philosophy, along with the story of Christ and Capitalism.

Many people want to ban Santa. The atheists do, the anti-capitalists do, and the fundamental religious want to as well. All of these groups see the story of Santa as competition for the story they are selling. But Santa endures. The story of the fat jolly man in the red suit endures in the face of continued ridicule and claims its sinful, because it teaches virtues, values and wisdom that children and adults can use to make their individual lives better, and by doing so, protect, maintain and advance the best aspects of Western Civilization.

Why do we pass on the story of Santa to the next generation?  I used to believe it was a concerted collective conspiracy to inculcate kids for the purpose of keeping them in line and grooming them for their future of blind obedience to authority figures. I saw it as the first great lie children are told by their parents and society (the first of many) as a means to contain their near limitless energy and potential. After researching more about the archetypal meanings of ancient stories, I now see the story of St. Nick in a whole new light. If you’re interested in learning more about the archetypal patterns of story, (I highly recommend Jordan Peterson’s book  “Maps of Meaning”. )

Audio Edition “Maps of Meaning”

Children can become anything according to the stories they are told. They can become high-powered lawyers, hippies or headhunters depending on what values they assimilate or reject from the stories they hear. Children are wired to respond to and to think in stories.  Instinctively, all children desire to know how to survive and thrive in the adult world, and they devour stories from their parents and the wider culture in which they live, to do accomplish this. The story of Santa Claus and the accompanying rituals can help children learn the lessons which can help them become well adjusted, compassionate, responsible, successful adults.

The Santa Story is well known throughout the entire world. The basic components of the myth are that children must “believe in Santa”, they must “be good all year”, they must “write him or speak to him to tell him what they want”, and they must “offer a sacrifice of cookies and milk” before he gives them their gifts. The entire narrative is structured in a way to teach the absolute best values which underpin the Western Philosophy of thought.

  1. Belief in a better world – One must believe in Santa Claus, who represents the  “GOOD FATEHR”, who in archetypal terms represents Culture, Tradition and Reason. Belief is an individual choice. Western thought is based upon the idea that the individual is sacred and is responsible for the choices he makes. As kids age they  find out from their peer group that Santa doesn’t exist as the story states. This is one of the few coming of age traditions in the West and helps the child to leave the childish thoughts behind and explore explicitly the formerly implicit lessons, values and wisdom that the story of Santa teaches. The belief that if you believe in a better future, work hard, set goals and sacrifice to make them happen is the archetypal residue left imprinted on the child’s subconscious, whether they realize it or not. I’d urge parents to consider teaching children the true meaning of the Santa myth and its significance when the revelation of Santa not being real is found out. Like James wrote in the Bible “Faith without works is dead.”
  2. You better be good for goodness sake – The 24/7 surveillance Santa and his Naughty and Nice List, at first glance seem like the prototype for the NSA but in reality they are metaphoric devices that teach children  lessons about the power of the choices they make. The constant surveillance and yearly judgment by Santa teaches kids that they have the free will to choose to be “bad or good”. They also learn that if they are “good” (defined by their parents teachings and culturally appropriate behavior) they’ll be rewarded in the form of presents at Christmas. This helps children practice deferring gratification. This skill to sacrifice immediate gratification for long term gain is one of the main predictors of a child’s chance at success later in life. Being judged as good or bad also helps children to regulate their emotions. This goes along with the deferring of gratification. In the moment it feels good to do bad but the long term consequences of such rash behavior motivated by anger, envy, jealousy or fear are negative. Kids at this age need boundaries as well. I used to think this was a part of the story that was added to create easily controlled conformist non-thinkers who wouldn’t question authority later in life. In reality, the lessons kids learn about being good at this age are for the most part extremely valuable. What are kids taught when they are young? Pick up your toys (learn organization), learn to share and not steal (learn to trade), be respectful to their parents (respect the traditions of the past), and follow the rules of the tribe. These are what children need to learn at an early age. In a broader context as well it teaches that you must produce in order to consume. It’s only after a year of good behavior will the child be rewarded.
  3. Asking for what you want – On the surface it seems ridiculous to teach kids to write letters to a god who lives in the North Pole or to speak in person to him. But these are skills which are actually beneficial. Having children “ask” with words what they want helps them to begin the life long process of goal setting. It’s a well established fact that people who write down their goals are more successful then people who don’t. This proto-goal-setting exercise helps them to clarify their thinking, begin to learn about opportunity costs, and about speaking into existence an imagined better future. And what do kids mostly ask for? They ask for toys and games. Children learn the rules of life by playing games and playing with toys. Remember, Santa represents the Good Father which represents Culture, Tradition and Reason, he is brining them toys to help them learn how to behave and thrive within the society they live in.
  4. Leaving Milk and Cookies – The tradition of leaving out the Milk and Cookies for Santa is akin to a pagan sacrifice of the old days. Sacrificing the best of what you have or your favorite thing to a deity in the past was a symbol of your ability to negotiate with the future, through work and sacrifice, to create a better life for yourself and those you love. This helps kids further experience through ritual action the values that will serve them well in life: that you have to produce before you consume, that humans respond to the law of reciprocity, and that sacrificing a tasty treat which could be enjoyed in the present for something better in the future, will lead to a better future down the road.
  5. Presents Under the Tree – There isn’t much more magical then running down the stairs to open presents on Christmas as a child. What appears to be simple consumerism driven act by the “evil capitalists” is actual a critical part of a child’s maturation process. Many unseen lessons lurk behind the bows and wrapping paper. Toys and games are the way that a child learns about his or her internal and external environment. Also, the surprise aspect of opening wrapped Christmas presents helps to link a positive aspect in the child’s mind to the unknown future. Even though most kids get a lot from Santa they don’t get everything from their list. This teaches them that even if they are “good all year” they won’t always get everything they want in life.  And a final lesson of opening presents is the need to express gratitude, for the gifts of the present as well as to be grateful for the best aspects of our traditions and culture.
  6. Turning the House into a Temple: decorating for Christmas is one of the greatest spiritual acts most people do without even being aware of it. The Christmas decorations are a mixture of Christian and Ancient symbols. When you decorate with garland, holly, mistletoe and the Christmas tree along with the lights that accompany them, you are turning you home into a temple to receive the blessings of the Good Mother and the Good Father. This is an ancient idea that is worth preserving. The natural part of these decorations – the evergreen plants represent the GOOD MOTHER – who is dormant outside but the blessings of Life which comes from her, are alive and well inside the home, expressed through the greenery, the warmth of the hearth and through the abundance of food. The Good Father is represented as well in the form of the lights inside and outside the home as well as all of the rituals which have been passed down through the millennia which help people prepare for and survive through the winter. This doesn’t take anything away from the story of Jesus. In fact, the Santa Claus story is complimentary to the story of Jesus, who in archetypal terms is the Redemptive Hero, whose path we should all seek to follow in our own lives.

Children learn through stories. Those who are taught the story of Santa learn some of the most powerful virtues and values the Western System of Thought has to offer. Along with the stories of Christ and Capitalism, the enduring story of Santa Claus helps to create a better now, during the Christmas Holiday Season and also helps to ensure the continued flourishing of the best aspects of Western Culture.

[T]he Christian religion when divested of the rags in which they [the clergy] have inveloped it, and brought to the original purity & simplicity of its benevolent institutor, is a religion of all others most friendly to liberty, science, & the freest expression of the human mind,” Thomas Jefferson

I think that the Santa Claus story should be embraced by all, including Christians. The myth of Santa was  inspired by the real life of Saint Nicholas, a Christian, who lived in the 4th century AD. He was famous for giving gifts to those less fortunate. If you believe as James wrote in the Bible “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” : then the Story of Santa is a gift from God and we should all be grateful for that.

Forbes Article: Neuroscience and the importance of writing down goals

Psychology Today: Benefit of Delaying Gratification

Merry Christmas,

Brad Miller


TinFoil Hat Podcast – next wave of the Awakening

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The Joe Rogan nexus is the center of the Awakening. It has produced wave after wave of enlightenment – from hunting to health to comedy to personal development and now its unleashed the next evolution in the consciousness crossroads of comedy and conspiracy theories in the form of The Tin Foil Hat Podcast.

The Tin Foil Hat Podcast is the most recent wave that has hit the right frequency to be at the forefront of the Awakening. They are combing the best of what Bill Hicks, Alex Jones and the Ancient Alien Theorists did but with a more open mind and an empathic heart.

Sam Tripoli is a stand up comedian who is the driving force behind the Tin Foil Hat Podcast (TFH). His humor, honesty and his conviction that what we’ve been told all our lives has been a lie, keeps the conspiracy conversations moving. Ryan Davis aka “Off the Grid”, is his co-pilot, who brings a spiritual element to the show as well as providing deep research for the topic being discussed in each week’s episode. They are the dynamic duo of comedy conspiracists.

Eddie Bravo is a grandmaster of conspiracy theorists and he is an honorary member of the TFH podcast. He’s been on many episodes and he seems to becoming more and more involved. Which is fantastic. Recently all three did a conspiracy focused comedy show and from all accounts crushed it. I didn’t attend but I did follow their extensive live streaming on the way to the gigs, in the green room, and the on the drive home afterward and it was all extremely entertaining. I especially liked how they took questions on their live stream after the gig.

These three funny guys are warm, sincere and open minded. They are at the forefront of the next wave of the Awakening. Eddie gives them immediate street cred, Sam is incredibly funny, and Ryan is a sensitive well read cat. And you can tell that they are really good friends. The best thing about what they are doing is they don’t have any corporate overlords (that I’m aware of) and they are sincerely interested in seeking the truth.

Their shows are getting better and better. They’ve covered topics from Ancient Aliens to Lizard People to the definite conspiracy of the US Petro Dollar. On each episode they have a guest on and they allow them to explain their point of view. Many times it seems incredible or even insane but with Ryan’s research and Sam’s intensity and humor they drill down into fascinating subjects without endorsing them or refuting what their guests are saying.

Each episode you learn something and you are guaranteed to laugh and be entertained. The conspiracy movement has not broken through yet because of the lack of entertainment value. I was weaned on Alex Jones but his doomsday and insane style coupled with his love of Trump is hard to take. The Tin Foil Hat Podcast are adding much needed humor to the world of conspiracy analysis without watering down the seriousness of the actual conspiracies that are occurring now and have occurred in the past.

You can tell the TFH guys like to have fun, hang out and talk shit. It’s awesome to listen to good hearted people searching for the truth in an entertaining way. If you are newly “woke” or if you’ve been in the game for a while you’ll enjoy listening to their eclectic guests and their particular brand of conspiratorial analysis. Their show is a great way to dip your toe into the conspiratorial waters or if you are a seasoned vet you can take a big sip of their conspiracy laced waters which have been run through a filter of humor without getting emotionally ill.

Do yourself a favor and tune in and listen to these guys explore the nearly infinite world of conspiracies. If you are a fan of Joe Rogan but have been disappointed in his apparent dismissal of the world of conspiracies – then you’ll love the Tin Foil Hat Podcast.

The Joe Rogan Nexus of the Awakening has created the next positive force for good and its call The Tin Foil Hat Podcast.

I live in Georgia and I am trying to help get the Tin Foil Hat tour to the ATL and even to do a show from the Georgia Guidestones. If you would be interested in seeing one of their shows in the ATL or at the Ga Guidestones, hit them up and let them know the dirty south is awoke and waiting for them .

Brad Miller

Advocate of Liberty

Big Boi, Rap and Freedom

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When you think of Freedom you don’t necessarily think of Rap. But I think in the coming years the two will become more and more associated. Big Boi, formerly one half of the hugely successful Rap Duo “OUTKAST”, shocked a lot of people when he revealed he didn’t vote for Barack Obama.

The revelation came out when Big Boi was on a black radio station and the host was asking him if he had encountered any real world racism recently. He replied in fact he had while going through an airport. He related that a white woman came up to him and expressed how great it was for his people that Obama was re-elected president. Big Boi responded to her “Bitch, I voted for Gary Johnson.”

Can the message of freedom reach those who are inundated from birth that they should defer and submit to the state? The answer is a definitive yes. The Freedom Philosophy is the most inclusive philosophy on the planet. It is as Leonard Read wrote simply “anything peaceful.” Every one, even those who listen to rap music, can embrace this ideology. And in fact can become interested in the ideas of Liberty because they listen to Rap music.

I am a big fan of quality music. Whether its rap, blues, rock, country or classical. Rap music is a very American form. It is in the same tradition as the blues and classic country. Like any other musical form there are the quality groups and there are the sub par ones. Most folks who aren’t familiar with quality rap music, think that it’s all thundering bass, abrasive lyrics, and cursing. What they unfortunately miss is the rich tradition of Rap expressing the ideas of Liberty, in particular the struggle of the individual against the state.

The future of the Freedom movement could very well rest upon a singular individual in the Rap community creating a Freedom Anthem that an entire generation could rally behind.

NWA, a gangster rap group who burst onto the scene in the 1980’s is one of the best examples of rappers who protested the encroachment of the state against the individual in the past. The focus of their songs was the brutality of the police against them, their family and friends.

And what was the reason why the police hassled these inner city young black men? It was mainly because of the drug war. Most people do not realize that the drug war as well as gun control were began to systematically oppress minorities in this country. Today these laws are still performing their intended task and also adversley affecting the majority as well.

Gun control in this country began in earnest in the South after Reconstruction to restrict black men from owning firearms. Because of this prohibition unfortunately thousands of black men in the South were lynched with the police at the very least turning a blind eye. The KKK the most notorious of the groups involved with lynching began as a gun control organization. They understood back then, like the Federal Government understands today, that it’s a lot harder to control and kill people if they can defend themselves.

The drug war, especially against marijuana, began because the drug was associated with black Jazz musicians. The fear of the establishment was that white youths would be drawn into this counter culture. So the war on black marijuana smokers began in earnest in the 1930’s. It was done to maintain the status quo.

Fast forward to the 1980’s when Crack Cocaine swept through America. Back then I heard rumors that the Government was selling crack in places like Compton. I dismissed those reports as ludicrous. At the time I still believed the U.S. Federal Government was a force for good. NWA and other rappers were adamant that the CIA was indeed flooding the inner ciites of America, especially in the L.A. area with crack cocaine. Leaked documents and firt hand accounts have now difinitively linked the Federal Govenment to traficking drugs in America.

Rappers were on the forefront of getting the word out about this horrible hypocrisy. The Federal Government was selling the drugs to fund wars waged by the CIA in South America and at the same time waging a “Drug War” in the inner cities and across the U.S., to stamp out the selling of these very same drugs. This dual growth of Government through the selling and combating the sales of drugs has led to an explosion in the growth of government. Like many government activities meant to oppress the minority, the machinery once built and swithed one is quickly turned against the majority.

That is why it is so important never to dismiss any Government oppression against individuals who may be different than you. This is because the state is truly color blind and it is always looking to increase its power at the expense of the individual. Like Ayn Rand wrote “the smallest minority in the world is the individual.”

I hope Big Boi expressing his support for liberty will spark others who have traditionally viewed the liberty movement as a tool of the establishment, to take another look at those looking to live more free. Today there are millions in the Freedom Movement working to expose the corruption of the State and limit its power so everyone, not just certain people in society can live free. There is not anyone alive who hasn’t run afoul of the state and those in the Rap community are no different.

More Individual Liberty is always better for everyone. Big Boi understands that. His announcement that he voted for Gary Johnson is a huge deal. I hope others in the Rap community and entertainment will come to discover that increased Individual Liberty for all is the best way to live.

Brad Miller
AdvocateofLiberty and huge fan of Outkast

Living Liberty: Joe Rogan

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“Liberty is for the Living. If you are not living, you have no need for Liberty.”

Liberty id choice. It is about making your own decisions about how you want to spend what limited time you have on this Earth. Liberty is the ability to choose your path free from the coercion of others.

How many of us who understand the truth about “Our Enemy, the State” are truly living?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Life and Liberty lately and the fact that too often those in the Liberty movement (I am guilty as well) harp on only the negative aspects of this world. But in order to be successful in spreading the ideas of Liberty we need to present the positive aspects of freedom. In particular I believe we should highlight those in this world who are already living lives of Liberty in spite of the overwhelming presence of Government in our lives today.

For those who love liberty and want to see a world filled with more Peace and freedom, we should in fact be living a life of liberty in all the areas we are currently capable of.

One person who is living a life of Liberty is Joe Rogan. If you are fan of the UFC you know him as the color commentator at all the Pay Per View Shows. Others may know him as the host of Fear Factor and still others may know him as a stand up comedian who was a regular on the T.V. show “News Radio”. On top of all that he has one of the most successful podcasts on the planet.

What makes Joe Rogan a man Living Liberty is that he lives the life he desires despite the creeping totalitarianism in this country. He takes full advantage of the choices he has in his life. He is a skeptic at heart and questions everything. He admits to taking psychotropic drugs and smokes marijuana on a regular basis. He also trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu and can talk at length about the nature of reality. He can clearly articulate the ridiculousness of the drug war and the growing oppressiveness of the police state.

He is an interesting guy who admits that earlier in his life he had a confidence problem. At one stage of his life he considered himself a total “piece of s**t”. It was after he became heavily involved in martial arts d his confidence began to grow. And a lot of Living Liberty is all about Confidence.

“Liberty belongs to the Bold” I hit upon that idea (I’m sure not original) after I read the “Creature From Jekyll Island.” The men who plotted to create the Federal Reserve System were bold, the men at the top of the heap are bold, and those who know the truth but still lie to keep power are bold. Even though their actions are evil they do what they do so they have more and better choices in their lives so they can live their perverted version of a life of liberty.

Liberty doesn’t exist for those who refuse to live. Live your life fully now and don’t wait till the Republicans have control of the Senate or Obama Care is repealed. Live now. People like Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Steve Rinella, Ted Nugent, Vince Vaughn and many others in this world who are choosing to live in the present are in their own unique way blazing a trail for others to live Lives of Liberty.

Liberty is choice. It is true as taxation grows, as regulation regiments more and more of your life, and the police have become more militarized and aggressive in enforcing the ever growing mountains of laws, the amount of choices we have and their quality of those choices have changed. It is our duty who are aware of this creeping totalitarianism to sound the alarm. But it does a disservice to ourselves to focus purely on the negative of life and forget about the choices that are in our power to make.

Joe Rogan is not a guy who is in the “liberty movement”. I’m not sure where he stands on a some of issues. I do know he’s for legalizing weed and some other drugs and I believe he’s for brining the troops home. But he might harbor progressive ideas about the state. I don’t know. What I do know about is that the man appears to be sincere and genuine in his respect for his fellow human. This is evidenced by how he shows deference and genuine respect for the fighters he interviews in the UFC Octagon after a fight. every time he gets in the Octagon (UFC) and interviews the fighters. 

He is also a capitalist and entrepreneur at heart. He’s developed a clothing line called “Higher Primate”. On his podcast he is a pitchman for such diverse products as the “fleshlight” and Onnit brand supplements which he co-owns. He produced out-of-pocket his most recent standup comedy album. He pursues what he loves. And that should be the message for those spreading the ideas of Liberty. Do what you Love as long as it doesn’t violate the natural rights of others.

Joe Rogan did an Interview with Alex Jones the other day. The two of them are good friends. I’m a big fan of Alex as well. If you haven’t checked out the interview I suggest you do. Something Rogan said in the interview with Alex Jones really stuck with me and I believe it is an integral concept for all of us who want to be more free. He said to Alex when they were talking about the nature of Reality, that the one thing he knows for sure about Reality in this Universe is that he feels good to make people laugh andmake people  smile. That’s why he does the stand up comedy.

When we talk to others about Liberty let us not forget this fundamental Law of Nature. It feels good to laugh and smile and to make others do the same. Don’t get so caught up in the misery that the State causes to forget to live your life fully by pursuing what you are interested in and being around people who inspire and support you. 

The most miserable in life don’t win. The famous quote “A life well lived is the best revenge”  is something for all of us to consider when we get caught up in the daily grind of the news cycle reporting about lying corrupt politicians, the endless wars and increasing political strife. Focusing solely on the Negative in life is detrimental to you and the one’s you love. If you want to advance Life, Love and Liberty in your life I suggest you start focusing on the choices you have the most power over. Those in life Living Lives of Liberty who are Happy, Successful and Knowledgable are the one’s best suited for advancing the cause of Liberty for all.

Thanks to Joe Rogan for Living his life of Liberty.

Brad Miller
Advocate of Living Liberty

Rand, Rush and the Religious Rigtht

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Thomas Jefferson ” I don’t care what my neighbor does as long as he doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg.” I wish Rush and Rand Paul believed the same thing.

Recently President Obama changed his mind on Gay Marriage. That’s not a big surprise since 1 out of six of his bundlers, those who raise huge amounts of cash for his campaign, are gay. Neither is it a big surprise that Rush Limbaugh and the Religious Right are still against Gay Marriage. What is surprising is that Rand Paul agrees not with those who want more liberty for folks but with those who want some people to have less. I had hoped that Rand Paul would carry the Torch of Liberty into the 2016 presidential race, but I don’t think so after his remarks he made last Friday.

Rand Paul has been an ardent supporter of Liberty in the Senate since being elected. Often times he has been the lone dissenting voice arguing against war in Syria and Iran and the expansion of the Federal Government at home. That is why it shocked me to hear what he said about Obama and the president’s stance on Gay Marriage. Rand Paul said that:

“Obama’s remarks could not get any gayer.”

That is a shocking statement coming from a man who is on record as being a champion of Individual Liberty. Now he did make that remark while speaking in front of the Faith and Freedom Foundation, a part of the Religious Right. So I’m not sure if this is what it takes to win an election in Kentucky, or since he said it in Ames, Iowa he is groundwork for a run for president in 2016. This maybe his ploy to garner votes in the future but it is the wrong way to advance the cause of Liberty today. Unfortunately this is the remark that will be remembered come 2016 and not all of this other statments concerning the 16 trillion-dollar deficit, the massive military industrial complex running rough shod over the world, and the growth of the government regulatory apparatus at home.

Rand Paul would have been a whole lot better off reading from his father’s book “Liberty Defined” at the Faith and Freedom talk. This would have been a better way to talk about gay marriage not as a moral issue but one of Individual Liberty. Ron Paul believes as Rand does that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But in “Liberty Defined” Ron Paul stresses that the reason that this is even a political issue is that it’s the Growth of the meddling government into the private lives of individuals that is the real problem. Whether you personally agree with the choice of who someone marries, it is still their  God-given natural right to choose.

Ron Paul asks the fundamental question in the chapter on Marriage in “Liberty Defined”:

“Why should the government give permission to two individuals who want to call themselves married?”

Even though Ron Paul is not in favor of Gay Marriage for himself, he understands that Liberty is indivisible. Everyone’s Natural Rights are Inalienable.

Ron goes on to argue that he believes gay marriage is actually a First Amendment issue.

“Though there may be a traditional dictionary definition of marriage, the First Amendment should include allowing people to use whatever definition they like as long as force and fraud are excluded.”

Ron Paul also in “Liberty Defined” believes that marriage should be a private contractual matter.

“In a free society…all voluntary and consensual agreements would be recognized. If disputes arose, the courts could be involved as in any other civil dispute.”

Marriage is a partnership between two people who voluntarily agree to share their life and their property. If a religious organization doesn’t approve of the union they should not be forced to perform the wedding. And if a person doesn’t agree with Gay Marriage they have no legal obligation to marry a member of the opposite Sex. There is no need to use the force of Government to prevent people from engaging in peaceful voluntary behavior.

Ron Paul goes on to equate government licensing of marriage to that of any other government licensing, which Rand Paul is usually opposed to.

“In economics, licensing is designed by the special interest groups to suppress competition. Licensing for social reasons reflects the intolerant person’s desire to mold other people’s behavior to their standard. Both depend on the use of illegitimate government force”.

While Rand Paul’s position on gay marriage was a surprise to me, Rush Limbaugh’s is not. He had a discussion with himself on his radio program about how the people in this country do not want Gay Marriage. He made a point to show that what Obama really said was that he was for gay marriage and that the states should decide the issue. Rush said that 32 states had decided that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed. Why I’m even brining up Rush’s name is that he went on in another segment to talk about how “Conservatism” was based upon Liberty. I’m sorry Rush you can’t advocate for the use of Government force to limit individual’s ability to choose how they live and call that “Liberty”. Conservatism actually agrees with the fundamental tenets of Collectivism in which the majority has the right to use government force to mold other people’s behavior. I’m sorry to tell Rush and Rand Paul that Liberty is not based upon the will of the Collective.

“Man has inalienable rights which cannot be taken away from him by any other man, nor by any number, group, or collective of men.” Ayn Rand “Textbook of Americanism”

A lot of Conservatives and members of the Religious Right do not believe that if they vote to prevent two individuals from entering into a voluntary contract of marriage they are expressing authoritarian collectivism. Conservatives, the Religious Right and Obama all believe that Government is not limited but it is “unlimited” according to the will of the masses. I’m not surprised at their agreement in the matter. But I am surprised that Rand Paul is on the opposite side of individual Liberty when it comes to Gay Marriage. Maybe he will come out and clarify his position like his father did in his book “Liberty Defined” and realize that it is about Individual Liberty and not religious belief.

During his speech in Ames, Iowa Rand Paul further disappointed those who love Liberty when he said “It did bother me though that he (Obama) used the justification for it (his reversal on Gay Marriage) in a biblical reference. “He said the biblical Golden Rule caused him to be for gay marriage. And I’m like what version of the Bible is he reading?”

For me the Bible’s basic tents are  to treat others the way you want to be treated, love yourself and love others, and be self-responsible. Gay marriage in no way violates these basic tenets. Just as Gay Marriage doesn’t violate the basic tenets of the Natural Right to Life, Liberty, Property and the pursuit of happiness of those who oppose it.  It is hard for me to understand how those who claim to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” could be against the right of two people to enter into the most meaningful of human contracts; marriage. When you deny a person or group of person’s their Natural Rights you are in essence dehumanizing them and unfortunately in the past when this has occured it has led to the commiting of horrible attrocities.

Gay folks have been persecuted for centuries if not for millenia. In fact so many gay people were burned alive in the Middle Ages they were called as a disparaging term, by the common word for kindling,; Faggots. During WWII thousands of gay men were killed in concentration camps and through the extermination through work programs. Himmler one of Hitler’s henchmen set up in 1936 “The Reich Central Headquarters for Combating Homosexuality and Abortions.” When you use the force of government to prevent people from getting married it is a form of violence and follows in the horrible tradition of persecuting people for who they love. And once people get used to thinking that someone is “less than” they are  or “sinful” in the eyes of their God its much easier for them to close that gas chamber door or work them to death in concentration camps.

What is encouraging though today is  that Gay People are a lot less likely to be persecuted physically for their biology. But the “us” vs “them” mentality of many Christians and Conservatives who view Gay People as immoral still allows them to justify preventing same sex marriage. Its so easy to forget that we are all just  individuals on this blue and green orb trying to live our lives the best way we know how.  The only real difference that matters between people is not their sexual orientation but  if they use force or fraud to limit the peaceful behavior of others.  Peace and love are always a better way than Hate and War and Freedom is always better than Slavery.

Rand Paul’s Remarks about Gay Marriage and the president hurt the cause of Liberty and not just for those who want to marry a member of the same-sex. When people hear a high-profile ,up until now, defender of Individual Liberty, say something that is totally anti-Liberty it makes all his other positions seem hypocritical or insincere. When politicians pander to the Religious Right or Conservatives who don’t like “people who are different”, it undermines everyone’s liberty. Either government is limited or it is not. Either you have the right to live your life as you see fit and marry who you choose or you do not. This goes the same for those who believe in any form of Collectivism as well, and that is why its a shame Rand Paul missed a great opportunity to further the cause of Liberty last Friday by simply expressing the views of people he admires; Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul and Ayn Rand.

“The Smallest Minority on Earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities” Ayn Rand

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and the philosophy of Live and let live.

Wanted: 100 Million Indivduals who want to be Free

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That is all that is needed to assure that Freedom, which always means freedom from Government returns to America. During the time before the Revolution in America only 33% of the population wanted to secede from England, 33% didn’t care, and the other 33% thought it was a bad idea.

What I am calling for ONE HUNDRED MILLION INDIVIDUALS who believe in their God-Given Natural Right to immediately stop voting for anyone who has in the past or plans to in the future use the force of Government to Violate anyone’s right to their Life, Liberty and Property.

Many may wonder how can 100 million people agree on anything? That’s the beauty of Freedom. You don’t have to agree on everything because when Government is out of your life you are the arbiter of what you should and should not do. Again individual volition and responsibility will dictate the behavior of individuals not the edicts from politicians or bureaucrats.

I believe we are entering into the second Enlightenment. How many people do you know understand the ideas of Freedom, of Government tyranny and the importance of Rational Thinking?

I like Leonard Read’s take on Liberty and it’s simply “anything peaceful“. He like Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises were Minarchists meaning they believed in a severely limited state that ony interfered into a person’s life after they initiated force against another.

Ayn Rand believed you could do anything except violate the Natural Rights of Others.

No man has a right to initiate the use of force against another.”

So those are the parameters of action for Free Men in a Free Society. You can do anything that is peaceful or stated differently you have no right to initiate force against another. That is as simple as it gets. We get all caught up in every minutia that doesn’t matter in life and forget to focus on the big ideas.

I believe that 100 million people in this country would agree to these two principles. I call in O.H.M.I. (one hundred million individuals.)

This is a peaceful revolution of 100 million individuals who believe in Liberty. That’s it. There is nothing more than that.
Think about the Libertarian Test. If you’ve not taken it I urge you to do so.

But I want something even simpler. Most people today don’t realize how important Freedom is to them and their families and what it means to lose that freedom.

The simple quiz would be two questions.

1. Do you believe you have the right to personally  steal someone elses’ property, dictate their peaceful behavior or take their life?

2. Do you believe you can use the force of Government to do so?

As Thomas Jefferson wrote about others “I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t break my leg or pick my pocket”.

Isn’t that what it all boils down to. Do you have the right to steal someone’s property and take their life, and do you believe someone else has the right to do the same to you.

I can see 100 million people getting behind this. All this is a rehashing of the Golden Rule which by the way is the basis of most religions.

These are the only questions that any political debate should be based upon. Because if a politician believes that he or government believes they can steal from you through taxation or kill you or limit your peaceful choices then he should never be voted for.

This will be the litmus test for all politicians going forward. I want to make up shirts and have people wear these to the political rallies and the town hall meetings. And there will be only two questions to ask the politicians who are in power or running for power,
“Do you have the right to steal someone’s property, limit their peaceful behavior or take their life? Do you believe you have the right to use the Government to do this?

For me Government by its existence steals from us, limits our choices and destroys innocent life. But my quest is to be as free as possible as soon as possible and the best way to do this is to reduce the size of the tumor before it can be excised. Its tentacles are so deep that if it were removed the damage would be so great that it would do more harm than good.

I believe that a Second Revolution is coming. I am advocating for a peaceful one.  It begins in the hearts and minds of each us. Our job is to educate as many people as we can and get them on board to becoming one of the O.H.M.I.

Freedom is a good thing. Government is the problem. Liberty is the Solution. When people are free miraculous things happen.

In the upcoming election only two men would say no to the second question and those two men are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. More than likely Ron Paul will not get the Nod as Republican nominee. But Gary Johnson will still be in the Race as he put it taking up the torch for Ron Paul.

The Ideas of LIberty are simple. They don’t require a huge police state to institute. In fact Liberty diminishes as Government grows.

I’m not a joiner. But I urge everyone to talk to their friends and family about the ideas of Natural Rights and Freedom. If we get only 100 million people on board we can turn the ship around. And the numbers for the world are only 2.3 billion people.

Once we get America back on Track we can start spreading the word everywhere and who knows in a single generation the world could be a completely different place. Can you imagine if there was as much innovation around the world as we have seen in America in the last two hundred years? I want that. That means billions of people are using their full creative powers to create products to satisfy the demands of consumers around the world. I want that. There is not a static pie that is divided up among everyone. There is an ever expanding pie if only government will allow individuals freedom to trade with one another without restrictions. That means repealing the legal tender laws, ending all tariffs, opening the borders, bringing all troops home from overseas and taking all regulations off individual peaceful transactions where both parties voluntarily trade with one another.

I have started visualizing such a world and it is amazing. To be able to wake up everyday and not think at all about Government, because every individual is responsible for “governing” themselves.”. To  wake up and get into my personal flying car (the explosion of innovation will be staggering) and travel anywhere in the world without a passport, to trade with anyone on Earth, to consume whatever I desire and to live exactly as I see fit. That is a world I dream about.  And it’s not too far away. It begins with the thoughts of one hundred million individuals who desire to be free which will hopeful turn into the thoughts of 2.3 billion individuals across the world who want to be free also.

Thoughts proceed from action. My thoughts from now on will be about bringing about this world by maintaining in my own mind the importance of Liberty and helping others to do the same. I can’t wait to live in a free world in which everyone on Earth experiences the freedom to develop their unique personalities and uncover their true potential.

Just think about the unused individual human potential just going to waste on Earth today. If everyone were free the explosion of creative energy of a planet of 7 billion people would be a sight to behold. I can’t wait.

All we need to get started is for one mind with one thought. I don’t believe I have the right to steal from someone else, to tell them how to live or take their life.
Then help them to see that Government doesn’t have the right to do that either and we’ve got ourselves the beginnings of the Next Revolution (peaceful of course). It has already begun. I know my thoughts are nothing like they were three years ago. I’ve gone from a war loving conservative to a peace-loving advocate of liberty. If I can do it others can too.

Remember you are an individual.  The Phrase “I AM” is the most powerful phrase in the history of Human Thought. And followed closely behind are “I CAN” and “I WILL”. I know ” I CAN”  help to bring about the next peaceful revolution and “I Will”. My Natural Rights are my responsibility to defend and so are yours.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, and Peaceful Revolution

Ron Paul’s Stance on Fiat Currency – End the FED and allow Competing Currencies

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It is an accepted fact to almost every human being on Earth that Government should provide the money of a nation. This notion has been so engrained into the brains of the masses that when anyone mentions that it should not be so he is vilified. That is because there are so many in this country and the world who have a vested interested to seeing the Federal Reserve’s printing presses continuing to print counterfiet dollars.

Ron Paul believes that privately issued currencis are a far superior product offered by the current tyrannical government monopoly enjoyed by the Federal Reserve.

Why should we leave such an important job of printing and maintaining the value of our money to the Feds? Government is the most inefficient immoral institution on Earth. Why do people so easily give up their God-given right to choose how  they want to voluntarily contract with others and  agree upon how to pay their debts? As long as both parties agree why should the Federal Government care what commodity is used to settle the debt obligation stated in a contract? Of course it’s none of their business, it’s no one’s business except the contracting parties.  Contract Law on the Books is more than sufficient to ensure payment is made according to the terms of the contract, that includes what currency is acceptable for payment by both parties.

Money is simply a medium of exchange. It is one half of every transaction we make. It is essential to an advanced economy that allows for specialization and the division of labor. An economy based upon barter could never do that. Money simplifies transactions. No one has to figure how many chickens it takes to buy a horse or how many X-boxes are needed to buy a Rolex. We don’t need price controls on our money, just like we don’t need price controls on anything else we buy.

Money is not sacrosanct and not the privilege of government. It is a tool, a commodity, just like beans or butter, or hammers. It should not be in the hands of the central planners who manipulate the value of your dollars in order to continue the profligate spending in Washington so they can continue to prop up the warfare/welfare state.

When the Federal Reserve prints trillions of new dollars and buys more of the Federal Debt to ensure the continuation of the Leviathan it destroys the current value of your dollar, raises prices and destroys your future earnings by obligating you and your children as taxpayers to repay the debt borrowed by the Federal Government. It also benefits the few while impoverishing the many. Inflation hits the economy at different times and prices rise out of proportion to wages and its the wage earners who suffer the most from it.

Ron Paul’s answer to this endless inflationary cycle is to simply to End The Fed. He does not advocate doing it overnight which I would love to see. Instead he has a much more nuanced approach. He simply wants to repeal the Legal Tender laws which force everyone in this Country to only accept Federal Reserve Notes as the only legal currency to settle debts and pay taxes. Once the Legal Tender laws are nullified private currencies will compete openly with the depreciating Federal Dollars. This will inevitably lead to the rejection of the “bad” government money and the acceptance of the “good” or “sound” private currencies.

There needs to be a free market for money just like there is for everything else you buy. Competition is the great innovator. There has not been any innovation in money since the Chinese began their inflationary schemes with the first fiat currency in the 9th century. The Federal Reserve is carrying on the tradition of all the great empires who have inflated their currencies because of out of control government spending and unfortunately this never ends well. It is not the barbarians from without that destroy the great empires it’s the barbarians within who plunder the pockets of the individual citizens by the purposeful debasement of the currency. What we need is innovation in the opposite direction. Instead of more ways to devalue a currency we need innovation to stabilize the value of currencies and even ways to increase its value over time.

Ron Paul believes correctly that sound money created on the open market can save us from the  deadly hyper inflation that will inevitably arrive due to the actions of the Fed. These privately issued currencies by entrepreneurs and capitalists will have a vested interest in maintaining and even increasing the value of their currencies or they will go out of business. The Federal Reserve by contrast has devalued the dollar by over 95% since it was created. If a private entity did this it would not be in business for long. Only because the Federal Reserve is backed by the legalized force of the Federal Government can it continue to counterfeit U.S. dollars and further destroy its value.

The Federal Reserve also manipulates the interest rates and thus further disrupts the capital markets. If you are a saver then you know that you are not earning anything on your money. This is the result of the Federal Reserve buying  the 30 yr and 10 yr Federal Government debt to help bring down borrowing costs. Which is not to benefit the mortgage seekers but the Federal Treasury. This kills the incentive to save and encourages people to spend which is part of their central plan.

The Federal Reserve is a collectivist entity. It is meant to keep inflation in check and keep full employment. They can’t do this. They try to manipulate the currency and interest rates to do this. But what are they really doing? They are purposefully trying to “influence” your actions by devaluing the dollars in your pocket. They think they know best and are trying to force you to act in a certain way. It is evil. The Federal Reserve needs to be ended. It has no place in a Free Society. Jefferson warned about a National Bank at the birth of this nation. He saw it as a threat to indivdiual liberty and his predictions have come true.

We don’t need a money “overseer”. Let the voluntary actions of individuals on the Free Market determine which money is used and the value of it.  Twelve Federal Reserve Presidents are not omnipotent. They have no super powers. They have no crystal ball. They have no right to devlue your dollar. They have no right to steal money from your pocket.

It’s time to end the Fed, end the out of control spending in Washington and return this country back to sound money. And only one candidate pledges to do this and his name is RON PAUL.

Ron Paul believes in Individual Liberty, Constitutionaly Limited Federal Government, End ing the Wars overseas, Ending the drug war at home and legalizing competing currencies to ensure inflation will be a thing for the history books.

Ron Paul’s Stance on the Drug War: END IT NOW

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Recreational drugs are not the boogie man destroying this country. Out of control government is. Would you rather have Federal Storm Troopers patroling your neighborhood or have a pothead as a neighbor? I know which one I’d choose. That is why I am supporting Ron Paul for President.

Ron Paul is consistent. He bases all of his beliefs on a basic bedrock of principles. These principles are unchanging because they are based upon NATURAL LAW.

Natural Law as it relates to individual states simply that each Individual Due to their existence has a GOD given right to their LIFE, LIBERTY, JUSTLY ACQUIRED PROPERTY, and to their PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Whether the issue is Foreign Interventionism, ending the Fed, returning the country to sound money, ending the militarized police state in America or ending the failed drug war, Ron Paul believes first and foremost in an individual’s ability to choose for themselves how best to live.

This is why for over twenty years Ron Paul has consistently voted no on all bills that would have raised your taxes or granted authority to the Federal Government not authorized by the COnstitution. Because the Constitution is a document based upon the Principles of Natural Law.

Ron Paul has consistently voted against the costly Drug War the Federal Government continues to wage even though it is a complete and utter failure.  It costs American Taxpayers over 39 billion dollars a year fighting this failed drug war. There are DEA agents all over the world. Can you imagine Chinese Drug Enforcement agents running stings inside of Texas to catch drug dealers? It wouldn’t happen. Why is it okay for the U.S. Federal Government to do so on our behalf? And still the drugs flow. Drug dealers get insanely rich and governments become corrupt as they seek favor to continue their trade.

This year alone 1.65 million people were arrested in this country on drug charges. How many lives are destroyed because of the incarcerations? How many correction officers could be doing more productive work in society? How many less jails would need to be built-in America? We are becoming a prison State and it’s because of the Failed Drug War.

Ron Paul had a crowd clapping moment in one of the early Republican Debates. The question about the drug war came up and the Federal Legalization of Drugs. He was asked if he thinks Heroin should be legalized. He had a great answer: He simply said do I or any of you need the Federal Government to tell you not to use Heroin? The crowd erupted in support.

That’s the point. We don’t need the Federal Government telling us what we can and can’t put into our bodies. Do you believe you own your body? Do you believe anyone has a right to tell you how to live as long as you are not violating the Natural RIghts of Others?

Ron Paul simply believes that the War on Drugs is a war on Individual Liberty. It is a war on choice. It is a war on personal responsiblity and the ability to live your life as you see fit. Now along with the legalization of Drugs Ron Paul also advocate the end of the Welfare State so as to not burden tax payers with people who choose to use and abuse drugs.

When people know they have to work in order to eat and live, they will do so. If they don’t private charities will help them along with churches. Right now the Shriners have 23 hospitals around the country with a budget of 700 million dollars a year which is all donations. Who says that private charity can’t take care of the sick and the indigent. It can and has in the past.

We don’t need bigger government, we dont’ need more police and DEA agents, we don’t need more predator drones flying over America. What we need is more liberty in America and that is exactly what a vote for Ron Paul in 2012 will mean for you and me.

If someone asks you about his stance on Drugs relate it back to the person’s ability to choose how to live. Remind them if someone murders, robs or steals, it doesn’t matter if they are under the influence of drugs are not. They are still violating another person’s Natural Rights and by the way, how many assaults, rapes, murders, and break in occur when people are drunk on alcohol?  It doesn’t matter the same crimes are committed.

I myself am more worried about the police checkpoints, the indefinite detention of Americans labeled as Terrorists, (remember the U.S. Justice Dept has a category of Terrorists called Narco-Terrorists), and the local SWAT team busting in my door because they don’t know how to read a search warrant and coming into my house unannounced and killing me. That later one happens more than you think.

Why do we need Militarized SWAT teams in every community? The one in my county is like a small army, with helicopters and armored vehicles.  They say it’s because of the drug dealers. (Incidentally the DOD claims it needs trillion dollar budget because of Terrorists – see the connection?) Why do the drug dealers have guns and resort to violence? It’s because they can’t go to the police or the court system to settle disputes. So the police create the environment that forces those outside the law to become more and more violent. Then they themselves escalate the violence to end the violence they create. It’s a vicious cycle. Just ask the  Mexican citizens living in the border towns.

The perfect example of this is prohibition in the 1920’s. How well did that work out? Don’t you think Mexico and the U.S. would be much safer if drugs were legalized? I know there are horror stories about mom’s and dad’s using drugs and bad things happening to kids. But that is going to happen anyway. Those are personal choices and not the fault of the drugs. Drugs are plants. That is plain and simple. If you don’t want to use them now you won’t when its legal. You still have to go to work and take care of your family.

Human nature can not be legislated.  The Federal Government when First instituted by the Constitution was meant mainly to deal with foreign nations and make “regular” commerce between the states. That’s it. The Typical tax rate for the colonists and early Americans was close to 1 or 2%. That’s it. The Federal Government was impotent because of its anemic power to tax.

Ron Paul believes in chaining back down the Federal Government once again to its Constitutional Limits. How awesome will it be again to live in the Freest Nation on Earth? How awesome will it be to not have to think about the Federal Government on a day-to-day basis? How awesome will it be to buy pot without having to worry about getting busted? I think pretty damn awesome. And if you do too then there is only one candidate that you can vote for in 2012 who will work tirelessly when he gets to the White House, just like he’s done for the last twenty years, to make that happen.

When you cast your vote for Ron Paul you are casting your vote for Individual Liberty, Prosperity and Peace.

Brad Miller

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy – A path to peace and prosperity

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I like to look at Vietnam as a prime example that justifies Ron Paul’s belief in non-intervetionism around the world. If you could go back in time to the end of the Vietnam war and then go visit it today could you possibly be able to justify the loss of life and money consumed in the conflagration of that horrible war?

Do you think that war was worth the 58,000+ Americans killed along with another 350,000 wounded?  Today in Vietnam they are moving towards a free market economy. There are still many hurdles to overcome, the communist one party rule still exists but private ownership is on the rise. Look at the trade between the U.S. and Vietnam and the tourists who visit every year  14,579,460,000 in goods so far this year have been bought by U.S. customers from Vietnamese businesses. Compare that to the half a trillion dollars some state that the war cost American Taxpayers to prosecute. But now any American can travel to the beautiful Vietnamese Country side without fear or restrictions.

Look how much has changed in 40 years? That is why its important to keep a historical perspective when the media and politicians try to gin up a new war. That is why you have principles. And the only candidate who has constitently stuck to his principles who is running for the President of the Untied States of America is Ron Paul.

The lesson learned from Vietnam is that  the U.S. should stay out of the business of other Nations. It would have saved 58,000 American lives, saved the maiming of 350,000 more and saved tens of thousands more the agonizing deaths due to the effects of the defoliant Agent Orange.

I point out Vietnam as an example of how sending troops to kill and die in wars around the world is not the answer, if you claim to want peace.  Right now the U.S. military is in at least five wars overseas. Iraq is still a war zone, Soldiers and Marines are still dying in Afghanistan, predator drones are assassinating individuals in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and now in Uganda along with special forces.  Isn’t funny how no politician except Ron Paul talks about peace. Before 1913 and even during the interwar period Americans default position was a desire for peace and not war. Look how far the nation has come. The militarization of America has to stop if Liberty is to be restored.

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is the total opposite of every other candidate running. His foreign policy like every position he holds is informed by the Constitution and the founding principles of this Nation. He believes that we should not intervene in the world offensively and instead focus on defending the homeland, which the Department of Defense is mandated to do.

But with an almost trillion-dollar budget the Department of Defense has no limits on what it wants to do. It sees enemies everywhere. Ron Paul takes a longer view of history when viewing the current events unfolding.For instance the current target for the Military War Machine is Iran. That country has a legitimate beef with the U.S. if you don’t believe me research the 1953 coup that the U.S. orchestrated and you’ll understand why they might not feel all warm and fuzzy about the States. How would we feel if another country knocked off a president and installed one of their choosing? That would not sit well.

Ron Paul believes that the United States should return back to the ideals of the founding of this nation and focus on trade instead of war. Look at China, Russia, Vietnma and the other countries the United States Trades with. War is clearly not the answer when the quest is to live in peace with other nations. People around the world just want to be able to live, love and improve their lot in life. War is an impediment to that, peace and trade enable it. Ron Paul Believes as Thomas Jeffeson wrote that the United States foregin policy should be:

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.”

And Frederic Bastiat the great French Economist once wrote that “where trade fails to flow across borders troops soon will”

Ron Paul predicted the ginned up war against Iran years ago. He doesn’t believe in appeasement or weakness. He believes that every individual has a right to self-defense and by extension every nation, which is a collection of individuals has a right to defend themselves. But the war machine in this country has to constantly be in motion or the Tax Payers become curisous as to why they must foot a trillon dollar bill every year for the gadgests, bullets, ships planes if they aren’t necessary.

So if you are tired of the endless wars overseas, there is only one candidate who will take a different approach to the United State’s foreign policy, you should vote for Ron Paul.
He will immediately end the wars overseas, begin dismantling the intrusive police state we currently live under, work to repeal the Patriot Act, stop the assassinations of Americans around the world  and the indefinite detention of Americans deemed as terrorists pushed by John McCain, while maintaining a strong military that is more than capable of defending the shores of this great nation.

Ron Paul asks why should the American Tax Payer be asked to pay for the defense of the countries of Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel and Egypt? Why should Americans pay to bomb people thousands of miles away who pose no threat to the U.S. then pay to rebuild what was blown up?

A flip side to Ron Paul’s non-intervention policy is that the United States should end all foreign aid immediately. Also he believes that the United States should immediately exit the U.N. If you believe in your individual right to your life, liberty and property than you should vote for Ron Paul because his Foreign Policy increases your ability to exercise your Natural Rights at home.

The Federal Debt is over 15 trillion and the other Republican Candidates are dying for another war. Ron Paul believes in truly limited government chained down to the U.S. Constitution, which means that endless wars are not lawful. He also believes that the U.S. Congress should vote to declare was unlike what occurred in Libya this year.

A lot of people forget that the military is a part of the Federal Government. It is not sacrosanct, it is not something that is off-limits, it is simply a department of the Federal Government. The men and women who sign up for it are unfortunately asked to do horrible things in far off places, and too many die and come home maimed because of those orders.

Foreign Policy affects domestic policy. The two can not be divorced. They are one in the same and should be based upon the same basic premise. Only Ron Paul bases his entire platform on the basic premise of Maximum Individual Liberty and Minimal Constitutionally Limited Government. If you want freedom at home than you must demand that the Federal Government follow a course of Peace with the other nations abroad.

If you belive in Individual Liberty,  low taxes, minimal regulation, limited Federal Government, and Peaceful relations with all Nations then you have only one Candidate you can vote for to be the Next President of the United States of America and that candidate is RON PAUL!!!