Brad Miller

My Journey from Conservative to Advocate of Liberty

One day I tried to define conservatism and I quickly realized that the ideology did not make any locigal. It seemed like those who were conservative had no problem with utilizing the State to force others to make choices contrary to their will. This to me didn’t seem like an ideology that was consistent with our Natrual Rights of Life, Liberty and Property. So I began searching for a system of thought that did.

After reading the writings of folks like Frederic Bastiat, Thomas Jefferson, Leonard Read, Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Isabella Paterson, Rose Lane Wilder, Frank Chodorov, Albert Jay Nock, Henry Hazlitt, Ron Paul and others; I realized I was always an advocate of liberty but I just didn’t understand how to articualte it.

I am simply an Advocate of Liberty and what I advocate for is simply the abiltiy of each individual to disopose of their person and property without interference. It is about choosing to live your life as you see fit as long as it doesnt interfere with the right of others to do so. This is the essence of the “Freedom Philosohpy”.

Leonard Read liked to say that the Freedom Philosopy could be summed up as simply as  “Anything Peaceful”.  And with that I agree.

I believe no individual has the right to force another individual to live contrary to what he thinks is right. Each of us has our own value scale and our own valuations determine our actions. If someone wants to persuade me to act a certain way that is fine. I don’t have to listen them if disagree with them. The problem arises when that person a “Humanitarian with a gulliotine” as Isabella Patterson called them, uses the State to force me to act involuntarily.

That is the opposite of Liberty. I advocate for a Free Market Society where there is no State and each individual is sovereign. Only voluntary transactions are allowed. All force, threat of force or fraud would be dealt with by private defense agencies. This and all other services currently  deleivered by the State could be done better by individuals and groups of individuals selling their services on the Free Market.

I know that the elimination of the State is a long shot. Unless your willing to move 200 miles off the coast and lay anchor. (Which I plan on doing in the future and declare my new found country “FREEDOMLAND”) Then those who are an Advocate of Liberty should be educating themselves and others about the positive side of Liberty. The American Revolution permitted a huge explosion of Human creativtiy becasuse it allowed individuals to pursue their own intersts with the least amount of State  interference as seen by anyone in the history of the world. The less Government there is the more Individual Liberty we have, it’s that simple.

There are two choices for what kind of world you want to live in: A FREE MARKET SOCIETY OR TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY .

There is no where on Earth where man is truly free and there is no place on Earth where man is totally unfree. But every nation is closer on the scale to one side than the other. It’s always a simple choice between more Individual Liberty or more State Coercion.

I choose Freedom. I hope after you read my blog you will too.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you can take away at least one idea that furthers your understanding of Liberty. If that happens I’ve succeeded in becoming a successful Advocate of Liberty.

I wish everyone more Peace, Love, Life and Liberty in their life.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Living Life

  1. This is an interesting post. One area that is confusing to me is jumping from being a conservative to being an advocate of liberty. Conservatives and liberals claim to be advocates of liberty, just having differing ideas. True advocates of liberty would be the libertarians.


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