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Globalists’ tentacles taking hold of Henry County GA

In True nature of the State on September 13, 2016 at 10:04 pm

Matt McCord a well respected man has withdrawn from the District Attorney Race in Henry County Georgia. He is quitting the race because George Soros has given $100,000 t0 his opponent and he didn’t want to put his family through a “Soros Election”. If he continued in the race he fears that his family will be exposed to the defamation and mud slinging that is typical of an election that Soros is involved with.

This campaign to prevent a native Henry County Judge from running for DA would never have happened or at least it would have been hotly contested if the local power base of Henry County had not been destroyed by the banking crisis of 2008. The 2008 bailout money was passed out to those banks that were politically connected to people in Washington DC and those on Wall Street. Unfortunatley The First State Bank was not. The First State Bank was owned by individuals in Henry County and served the community for over 65 years. I used to work for The First State Bank and lived through the absolute horror of them being shut down by the Georgia Banking Authority, listening to the heartbreaking story of the elderly losing hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of The First State Bank stock and then watching Hamilton State Bank systematically destroy what made it a wonderful community bank and a pillar of the community.

During the financial criss The First State Bank was denied TARP money while Hamilton State Bank received it. If The First State Bank had received the TARP funds or was left alone it would have made it through those troubled times. It was paying its bills. But Hamilton State Bank received over two hundred million dollars from venture capital firms. These investors wanted to steal the assets of The First State Bank for almost nothing and they were able to because of TARP and because of the corrupt way the FDIC determined which bank failed and which bank continued to exist. The Financial Crisis and the TARP bailouts were used to destroy community banking in Henry County GA and increase the power that people on Wall Street and Washington DC could exert right down into the cities of Stockbridge, McDonough and Locust Grove.

On Hamilton State Bank’s website  they boast in 2011 how they raised 213 million dollars from Tailwind Capital and from Angelo, Gordon and Company. These two firms were started and are populated by people who were part of the system that helped create the financial crisis to begin with. One of the Partners of Tailwind Capital is Frank V. Sica who worked for George Soros for twenty years and up until 2006 was the President of Soros Private Funds Management. Other founders worked for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Lehman Brothers. Not organizations typically concerned about the impact their actions have on the citizens of Henry County Georgia.  Hamilton State Bank has also completed similar transactions in Douglas County and Bartow county by taking over financial institutions that have been cornerstones of those communities for decades. 

Hamilton State Bank also lists who they installed on their board as of 2011. Instead of local veterinarians, builders, and other local business men who sat on the board of The First State Bank they installed on their board of directors a former head of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, a former senior advisor to the United States Treasury, a former Executive Vice President and a former Managing Director of JP Morgan, and a former Goldman Sachs executive. These elitists, wall street fat cats, venture capitalists, and former treasury officials used the power of government to destroy millions of shareholder wealth when the Georgia Department of banking shut down The First State Bank and pocketed millions in profits when the FDIC ate the majority of the bad debt.

I owned shares in The First State Bank and my investment was destroyed over night along with the millions and millions that the local community had invested into this county stalwart. I hate the TARP program. I think it was unconstitutional. But giving to one bank and not another is also criminal. And then having the politically connected benefit even further by acquiring all of the assets and only 20% of the bad loans is a further tragedy and its how you destroy the local power base of a community with a thinest veneer of legality. In reality it was nothing more than theft.

George Soros and his ilk look at us as mere pawns. They see only how they can rearrange us, to separate us, to set us against each other, and to cage us in order to benefit themselves and they use money and politic power to do so. They are connected to the highest levels of government and aren’t afraid to use it. His son recently went to dinner with Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP running mate. On his son’s Instagram feed he wrote “I love this man”. How many of us could have dinner with the prospective VP? Do you think they were talking about how to ensure individuals are more free? I guarantee they weren’t. And George Soros is also on the Council on Foreign Relations which is a shadowy invite only group that advises the U.S. government on foreign policy.

George Soros is targeting “transitioning communities” where minorities are in his words not being fairly represented in government. Anyone who believes his rhetoric is ridiculous. I do believe that there is a problem with policing but it has to do with the drug war, the militarization of police, the horrible inner city schools and the progressive ideology that has created these “hoods” in every major city in the country. None of these issues are being brought up. And those who think that George Soros cares about anyone or that they’ll be better off when his puppet is in power is fooling themselves. Progressives use race rhetoric to build their power base in order to fill their pockets. Eugenics, the minimum wage, drug prohibition, and planned parenthood were all designed to increase the political power of the elites at the expense of the black communities.

The Progressives have been in charge of the major cities across the country for decades. Chicago in 2016 has had more homicides than NY and LA combined. That city is run by a progressive mayor.  Detroit is a wasteland. And I don’t know of too many people who feel comfortable walking at night in Atlanta.  The war on drugs and other progressive policies have helped to land 4.7% of the black male population in prison. The welfare state hasn’t helped either and has been instrumental in the destruction of the black nuclear family. In 1965 25% of black children were born to single moms. Now the number is up over 72%. The public schools systems are a disaster as well. Look at Clayton County. They lost their accreditation a few years ago and no one on the school board was a Libertarian or Conservative.

I want everyone to be free. I want everyone to pursue their definition of happiness as long as it doesn’t violate someone else’s rights. I own myself as does everyone else. George Soros doesn’t believe that. He believes that his billions give him the right to reshape society, tell people what to do  and create a a larger dependent class that looks to politicians who dole out taxpayer money  and in turn give sweetheart deals to their Wall Street friends.  They promise to “reach out to the community” and “improve access” and “share equity” and all this does is create conflict and tension between black, hispanic and white communities. We are all individuals and its those who seek to control us who want to separate us into race, into blue collar or white collar, into city or country, into hunters and non-hunters, in the haves and the have nots. They use this conflict to impoverish us all while enriching themselves , and at the same time limiting everyone’s freedom except their own. This modern form of Progressivism is just a form of socialism mixed with crony-capitalism. And like Winston Churchill said:

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

The Globalist Cabal has reached its tentacles into the backyard of Henry County in a big way. They’ve done this in the past through Taxation, Zoning, and environmental laws but these have been done quietly and done over time. We’ve slowly come to accept that government at all levels wants to control our lives. But those in power are now blatant in their attempt to use intimidation and money to buy the District Attorney’s office in Henry County. I truly couldn’t believe this when my brother first told me. Soros is doing this so he can install someone who doesn’t know the county, doesn’t live in the county and is beholden to him progressive Billionaire and his agenda.  This couldn’t have happened or at least there would have been a chance to oppose it if the wealth that was invested in The First State Bank hadn’t been erased.

The bigger issues are of course fractional reserve banking, the Federal Reserve System, the size and scope of government, wars overseas, the welfare state, and the war on drugs which all creates enormous harm for individuals and communities, regardless of color.  Those are the issues that need to be spoken about because they increase the power of the state and people like George Soros spends billions in order to control that power. The closing and the theft of The First State bank and the intimidation and robbery of the District Attorney’s office in Henry County show why ideas truly matter. Progressivism, statism, and crony capitalism creates an atmosphere where these things can happen in Henry County Georgia. Its time to wake up to what is really going on.  My dad always said that  if you want to know what’s going on then you need to “follow the money“. And if we follow the money for these two huge events that will impact Henry County residents for decades to come, it leads directly  to George Soros and his Wall Street Fat Cat Cronies who spout empty promises of Progressiveness while reaping huge profits as crony capitalist.

This needs to be documented and talked about. I am thankful for the AJC article who first broke the story on Friday of last week of Soros’ involvement.

Brad Miller