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Pain: a truly individual experience

In Liberty on March 18, 2014 at 5:27 pm

The politics of pain are close to my heart. I have suffered chronic and acute pain for the last 25 years. I’ve been treated like a junky for asking for pain medication, experienced the side effects of the opioids, and the pain and isolation due to not having them. I’ve disengage from life, I’ve been horrible to be around and generally miserable at times when I’m in pain.

Pain is a very subjective event. It has horrible psychological, behavioral and physical effects on the suffering individual. That is why collective political decrees are the worst possible way to help people who have chronic physical pain. Every individual has a god-given, natural right to seek relief from their pain without the government.

I’ve personally had a doctor get in trouble for prescribing pain medication to me by the DEA. How nuts is that? First of all, I shouldn’t need a permission slip from a government approved doctor to get a product that relieves my pain and secondly the government has no idea how much pain I was in at the time to tell the doctor or myself how much pain meds I should be allowed to have. ( I have no problem paying for expert advice but I am the final arbiter of what goes in my body and I take full responsibility for that.)

You are an individual. If you hurt, you are the one experiencing that pain. If you are hungry don’t you eat? Do you need a government approved food peddler to tell you how hungry you are, what will satisfy that hunger or how much of it you should eat to feel full? Of course not. Unfortunately I know a lot of politicians who would love to make you get a prescription for every meal you ate. They would love to make you take your food prescription to the local government approved restaurant where you could only eat the food prescribed. Then they would love to make you subject to random testing to determine if you were eating non-prescribed foods. This is not far off from the current environment for people in pain.

If I can regulate my hunger with eating and my thirst with drinking, why can’t I do the same with pain and products that alleviate pain?
I shouldn’t have to schedule an appointment when its convenient for the government approved drug dealer, pay a co-pay, hope he sympathizes with my plight, and then take the permission slip (aka prescription) to the pharmacy.

What if there were an inexpensive plant you could grow at home, that you can administer yourself, and alleviates pain better with fewer side effects? There is, it’s Marijuana. It has helped thousands of people with a myriad of ailments including chronic.

Marijuana can be grown inside or outside by just about anyone. We hear a of talk from buying local. Why not grow your own medicine in your backyard. That’s as local as you get. I look forward to the day when every individual is able to grow their own medicine and take their pain relief into their own hands.

Not only can everyone grow it at home they can grow the particular strain that helps them the most. There are hundreds of strains to choose from and almost an infinite variability for dosing with a wide variety of delivery methods. You can smoke cannabis, eat it in food, inhale vapors or take it in tinctures.

It’s also lot safer than opioids . Marijuana has a lower chance of addiction and no one has ever overdosed on it. While over 16,000 in 2010 died from opioid overdosing.

The goal of life is to feel as good as possible throughout the day. If you are in constant pain you isolate yourself from others, have a shorter temper, don’t try new things, miss work, and generally miss out on life.

We don’t need the governemt or it’s sanctioned officials in white coats doling out inferior, factory produced, dangerous, pharmacy dispensed, pain medication. Marijuana is a safe natural plant that is a far superior product. By ending marijuana prohibition we will also be ending the war on people with pain, because individuals will then be free to manage their pain without government interference and get back to business of enjoying life.

Brad Miller