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Daniel Chong – DEA Victim

In True nature of the State on July 30, 2013 at 11:49 pm

Daniel Chong recently won a 4.1 million dollar judgement against the Justice Department for wrongful and cruel imprisonment by the DEA.

The 23-year-old engineering student was arrested during a drug raid in 2012. The Agents told him that he would not be charged and released shortly. That was a lie. He was locked in a small cell and no one checked on him for FOUR DAYS. No food. No water.

He had to drink his own urine and by the third day had accepted that he would die. Daniel Chong’s horrifying imprisonment is indicative of how the DEA operates and is another reason why it should be disbanded.

Did the DEA agents who locked him up and forgot about him go to prison? No. Did those agents get fired? No. All the DEA did was APOLOGIZE. This is a clear example of how government agents, men in costumes (uniforms), play by different rules than individuals in society do.

The individual DEA agents weren’t held responsible for their actions and instead the tax payers pay the price. Those criminal DEA Agents escaped imprisonment while the American Justice System is locking up millions of individuals for non-violent drug offenses.

The United States has the largest prison population in the world. And a huge proportion of those people in prisons are sent there by the DEA and other anti-drug police units. Daniel Chong’s arrest and imprisonment should have never happened. If the Drug War ended tomorrow that would prevent these type of horrible abuses of power from occuring in the future.

If we own our selves and own our bodies then we have a God-given right to ingest what ever we choose to. This is a natural right that can not be taken from us.

Thomas Szasz’s video on entitled “The Right To Do Drugs” brings up an interesting point. His basic premise is that all drugs in this country are illegal. None of us can get drugs without a prescription, which is nothing more than a “government permission slip.” That is insane if you think of it in that way.
Watch the Video – its worth the twenty minutes.

We are all victims of the Government when it comes to drugs. We are all trapped in the prison cell of the Drug Laws that limit our God-given right to ingest whatever we choose to on a daily basis. Why should a politician or a DEA agent determine what kind of chemicals or plant extracts you or I ingest? That is the question that should be asked. It’s not about preventing a junky from shooting up heroin. It’s about your natural right of self ownership.

Drug Prohibition costs trillions and it ruins people’s lives. Everyone of the individuals who have been imprisoned on drug charges are like Danial Chong; they have been wrongly imprisoned. He is only one of the millions and millions of people who have been locked up because of the drug war. Can we put a price on Daniel Chong’s four day horrific imprisonment? The Justice Department did and gave him 4.1 million dollars for his trouble. Can we put a price on the human misery that has been caused by the imprisonment of the million of individuals who’ve been arrested for drugs during the so-called drug war?

Daniel Chong should receive a cash settlement for his kidnappping but Taxpayers shouldn’t pay it. That chunk of change should come out of the DEA agents’ pockets who locked him up and almost killed him.

We should all be outraged and demand that justice be served for this traumatized young man and for all of us who have been terrorized by the tyrannical enfrocement of the Drug War in America.

Brad Miller
AdvocateofLiberty and Freeing all the Individuals in Prison for Drug Charges