Brad Miller

Ronda Rousey, Freedom and the UFC

In True nature of the State on February 24, 2013 at 10:59 pm

On Saturday Feb 23rd Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Cormouche to retain the UFC women’s bantam weight title. It was an awesome fight. Ronda and Liz went at it. Rousey was in trouble in the middle of the first round when Liz almost submitted her with a standing rear naked face crank.

But Rousey toughed it out, slid Liz off her back and gained top position on the ground. From there Rousey battled Liz on the ground and submitted her with a vicious arm bar, with only twenty seconds left in the first round. A great performance by both fighters who happen to be women. This was the first women’s mma fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

What I love about MMA and in particular the UFC is that it is a total meritocracy which celebrates excellence. If you love freedom than you should love the UFC and in particular Ronda Rousey. She is the reason why women are now fighting in the UFC. Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship, said in the past that he was dead set against women in his organization. But that all changed when he saw Rousey.

She has submitted all her opponents by arm bar in the first round. She is legit and that is why she made it to the UFC. No government intervention was needed for women to make it to the top promotion in MMA. What was needed was a woman of excellence, an individual who was a great fighter. No title nine intervention, no quotas or any other rules imposed on the UFC were needed for Dana White to make the call for Rousey and Liz to fight.

All that was needed for Dana to change his mind was Rousey’s ability to draw pay-per-view buys. And in order to do that she had to be first and foremost a talented fighter. It also doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful. The free Market and the profit motive brought women to the UFC. Excellence coupled with the profit motive are the best defense against discrimination.

Rousey is going to be a huge star. She is very marketable and she did what very few people do in this world and that is deliver. But she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to showcase her talent in front of millions of people if it weren’t for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The UFC has propelled Mixed Martial Arts into the main stream. It is a success story of the free market. The Ferttia brothers who own many different businesses, including a gaming company, bought the struggling UFC promotion at the prompting of their friend Dana White in 2000. Over the years Dana White the president and face of the organization along with, Bruce Buffer the ring announcer, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg the long time ring side commentators, and Joe Silva the fight maker have grown the UFC into the top MMA promotion in the world. It attracts the top MMA fighters and because of that the organization is estimated to be worth well over a billion dollars.

No government intervention was needed for this to occur. The UFC is watched voluntarily by millions of fans every month on pay-per-view and last year they inked a deal with FOX Sports to expand its audience even more. It is a non-union and a non-collective bargaining organization unlike MLB and the NFL. The UFC doesn’t use taxpayer money to help build stadiums. They have had fights all over the world including events in England, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, China and Japan. It is an organization without borders just like a True Free Market is meant to be.

Freedom brings the best out of people. It allows individuals to be the best they are capable of being through competion against others. Through competition everyone gets better. I don’t understand the collectivists and statists disdain for competion. It is only through competion that growth occurs.

Even though the UFC is the top dog in MMA there are tons of smaller promotions across the country. If they UFC didn’t sign Ronda Rousey, one of the other promotions would have. That competion played a big role in Dana White’s decision to sign Rousey.

Ronda Rousey’s rise to super stardom occurred because of her freedom to pursue the life she desires. For someone to say she shouldn’t be fighting is ridiculous. (I used to be one of them but now see the error of my ways.) Freedom is necessary for this type of individuation to occur. With Freedom everyone can pursue their definition of happiness. And I’m glad that Rousey’s idea of happiness is getting into the Octagon and putting on one hell of a show.

Brad Miller

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