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The Case Against Santa Claus

In Liberty, True nature of the State on December 17, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Who in their right mind could possibly find fault with the myth of Santa Claus?

I believe Santa Claus is Evil. In fact I blame Santa Claus for the mess we are in today. The idea of a jolly fat man delivering gifts to the good children of the world lays the neural foundation  in which the totalitarian government/banking elite use to control the masses today.  The idea of Santa Claus retards a child’s ability to grasp a rational world, separates the child from parent through lies, and makes the child’s mind ready-made to accept other myth’s concerning religion and government. It is the pattern by which all those in authority use to control the lives of individuals.

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices” Voltaire

Lets breakdown the whole Santa Claus Deal.

1. Children pray to a strange fat man who lives in the North Pole for presents to appear on Christmas Eve.

2. This omnipotent being watches every child on Earth throughout the year.

3. Then Santa Claus passes arbitrary judgement of the child’s behavior, which lands the child on the naughty or nice list, which in turn determines if presents will magically arrive under the tree.

4. Then in one night Santa Travels around the world in a sleigh being pulled by flying reindeer full of toys manufactured by elves around the world. He then does hundreds of millions of b & e’s and leaves presents. While in each house he eats the offering of milk and cookies.

This is insane. Kid’s believe anything you tell them. Why fill their head with this destructive lie?

I was in Wal-Mart in the toy section the other day when I heard a two-year old exclaim “Mommy I want that”. The mother’s reply was that the child should ask Santa for it.  The parent then explains that she must be “good” so that she can receive the toy she desires. Not only is the parent advocating for the child to pray to a god for gifts, she is also teaching the child the pattern of submission to authority that prepares her to submit to the Banking/Government/Big Business cartel in adulthood.

It also conditions children in later years to give up any thought of privacy. Children go from Santa spying on them to God watching everything they do, to Government doing the same thing.  Today we see the result of this. Red Light Cameras, Spy satellites and drones threaten to  constantly monitor every inch of the surface of the Earth, and not many people seem to care. Every email you send  is being logged and stored by the NSA, again no one cares. A new 2 billion dollar data center is being built-in Utah to house this data. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That is a fact. The only reason they collect this is so they can determine who needs to be on the naughty or nice list.

And you don’t want to be on the Government’s Naughty list. That’s called the President’s kill list. And you will die if you are on it.

No only does  the Santa Claus myth condition children to be submissive to authority, foster the belief that they are entitled to the production of others, and accept 24/7 surveillance by an omnipotent power, it also destroys or retards a child’s ability to see the world in a rational manner. I believe that is the greatest crime against humanity and every parent perpetrates it.  If you can’t accurately see how life works how can you possibly be successful in life?

“Man has to discover how to tell what is true or false and how to correct his own errors; he has to discover how to validate his concepts, his conclusions, his knowledge, he has to discover the rules of thought, the laws of logic, to direct his thinking. Nature gives him no automatic guarantee of the efficacy of his mental effort.”  Ayn Rand.

Why do we want to keep kid’s from understanding how the world works?

The answer is simple. It’s all about control. The parents gain submission from the children, the retailers gain submission with the parents, and the bankers benefit from every dollar borrowed to sustain this massive myth. And politician’s gain power by acting as Santa Claus to adults.

Let me ask you this: Why do all the malls have men dressed up as Santa? Is it to benefit you kid? Or is it to keep the mass of men and women producing the new cogs for the machine of the Political/Banker machine? Is it to maintain their innocence or to groom children to become adults who embrace ignorance? Is it to demonstrate the goodwill of a god or produce individuals who are comfortable with being spied on 24/7? Is it to get children to “behave” or is it to create adults who willingly submit to their omnipotent god which as they become older becomes government?

The whole holiday deal is set up to control the population. It is meant to syphon your dollars out of your pocket, it’s meant to instill submissive traits that last throughout your lifetime,  it’s a conditioning event that create neural pathways which the ruling elite use to steer your thoughts. That is why Santa Claus is EVIL and should be stopped.

Let’s celebrate ourselves, our loved ones this  year. Let’s celebrate our  ability to mix our labor with the factors of nature to create anything our imagination’s  can conjure. Let’s celebrate your individual and family accomplishments. Let’s celebrate the knowledge that we’ve gained, the loved we gave and received this year. Let’s celebrate the fact that the sun still rises. That’s what the Romans did with the Holiday Saturnalia,. That’s the holiday the early church leaders replaced with Jesus’ birthday. It  had some crazy elements but also some with real value. The reason we have lights on Christmas trees dates from this Roman Holiday. Candles were lit to symbolize the quest for truth and knowledge. I hope that more and more parents will teach their children to do that this holiday season.

The lies from authority don’t stop at childhood. They perpetuate on. We are told that Government can protect us. That’s a lie. We are told the Federal Reserve is here to keep unemployment low and prices stable. That is a lie. The Federal Reserve system is a money creating machine meant to syphon the wealth of the world from the masses into the hands of a very few. We are told the military is around the world protecting us. That is a lie. The men and women dying and  killing around the world in your name are doing so to protect the banking interests and the other beneficiaries of the Central Banking System around the world.

All these lies are predicated on a public not being able to see the world rationally. And that all begins with the so-called innocent lie of Santa Claus. If we want to be Free we must bring into the light all the lies. I want to know. That’s it. I want to know the truth. Children are desperate to know how the world works when they are small. They are little need machines that are totally dependent on the their parents. The whole goal of childhood is to become independent of them. Not teaching children at an early age how much labor and life goes into the purchase of Christmas Gifts marked “From Santa” keeps them from understanding how the world truly works.

The Santa Claus Lie is a pattern that other people in power use to keep the majority of people in chains. Like Thomas Jefferson wrote “The knowledgable will always rule the ignorant” As individuals our job is to not be subjected by our own ignorance. Ending the Santa Claus Lie will go a long way in raising a new generation who will critically look at the Lies from the Banking-Government-Big Business Cabal.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and stopping Santa Claus