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No Reservations vs. Cocaine Wars: Dominican Republic

In True nature of the State on November 1, 2012 at 12:57 am

Do you want more Freedom or more Tyranny in your Life?

That is the question which smacked me in the face when I was switching between two channels on Monday Night. I was enjoying Tony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel and in between commercials, I was switching between that and Nat Geo, which was showing “Cocaine Wars”. Both shows were filmed in the Dominican Republic, which the locals refer to as the D.R.

The more I watched the two shows the more I began to think about how when Individuals freely exchange with each other, both parties win, but when Government is involved in a transaction only the Government wins. Tony Bourdain is the greatest Ambassador the United States has ever had. The DEA is not. They use force to steal, arrest and kill people all over the world. That is the concept behind “Cocaine Wars”. Now If you haven’t watched “No Reservations” before it is a simple concept as well, except without the killing and the stealing. Tony, a former chef goes around the world, meets interesting people and samples the food their countries have to offer.  It is a celebration of life, where individuals are producing in order for others to consume, all voluntarily I might add.  They are not doing this because of altruism for others but because of their own rational self-interest.  There is a huge difference between what happens when the DEA shows up at your establishment vs. what occurs when the “No Reservation” crew shows up at your place.

The Dominican Republic looks like a great place to relax and enjoy the sun and local delicacies.  Tony sampled pork skin fried in lard, fried salami (a D.R. breakfast staple),  and the D.R.’s national dish “sancocho” which all look tasty. He met great people who were glad to show him the best places to drink, the best beaches and share a drink with him. His show is a celebration of life and freedom.  What Nat Geo was showing in contrast was the total opposite.

On Monday Night at 10:00pm the Nat Geo Channel was showing the program “Cocaine Wars”.  On this particular episode several DEA agents were followed arresting individuals and confiscating property on the streets and beaches of  the Dominican Republic. I knew the DEA were in a lot of countries but it struck me as unbelievable to see an American DEA agent leading a bust on a suspected money-launderer who ran a clothing shop that in a foreign country. But there it was on Prime Time t.v.. The DEA unfortunately  has a presence in over 50 countries and so this is happening all over the world.

In this episode of Cocaine Wars, a money-launderer was busted who owned a clothing store. The actual crime of money laundering is no crime at all. If it weren’t for the confiscatory tax code and the war on plants and processed plant extracts , this crime would not exist.  That being said, the DEA searched the clothing store and the adjacent factory and found a cash hoard. Next the DEA and the D.R. counterparts confiscated the cell phones of all the store employees,  took the cash and the owner back to the DEA Dominican Republic HQ. There they began counting their haul. It was a disgusting dichotomy, the DEA agents counting the stack of cash on the table like little kids counting their Halloween candy, while the store owner sat next to them in a metal folding chair, dejected, handcuffed, and contemplating how she was going to endure the next ten years in a Dominican prison. The total take of the DEA was over $500,000 in cash. They could barely contain themselves.

Then came news that the supplier who was laundering money with the clothing store owner was going  to send a boat to drop a load of cocaine at a nearby beach. Other DEA agents geared up and  with local cops and soldiers went to make a bust on the beach. They caught two fat Venezuelans from the drug delivery boat and a ton of cocaine. The DEA agents rallied around the bails of cocaine. They were like a pack of hyenas surrounding a fresh zebra kill. Yipping and high fives all around. Meanwhile the two guys from the boat had lost their shoes and tried unsuccessfully to escape by walking on the ragged coral. So they sat their handcuffed, tired and thirsty with bleeding feet while the “looters” celebrated and boasted about how they always get the “bad guys”.

The DEA and Tony Bourdain had two totally different impacts in the Dominican Republic. One spread oppression and looted. While the other voluntarily exchanged with others to the betterment of everyone involved. The DEA used helicopters to track the boat to the beach bust.  Tony Bourdain took a helicopter to a remote beach and ate grilled lobster.  The DEA shut down a local clothing store where they actually manufactured the clothing on site and put who knows how many people out of work.  Tony ate delicious food and gave millions of t.v. viewers a virtual trip to the D.R.  Everyone benefits with the “No Reservations Show”, Tony benefits, I as a viewer benefit, the purveyors in the show benefit, Travel Channel benefits and those who buy ads during his show benefit.  This is the Free Market. Now the question must be asked “Who benefits from all the money and drugs confiscated by the DEA and who benefits from their Billion dollar budget? I’ll give you a hint it’s not you and me.

Freedom of exchange is the most successful and peaceful way to live. Governments have expended billions trying to destroy this right and the people (at least a majority of them )clamor for them to do it . Why do so many people want to give Government more power, when it always uses this power to oppress the very people who grant it that power? It’s because as Albert Jay Nock wrote in his 1935 book “Our Enemy the State”…

Americans are now… “conditioned to the new increments of State power, and they tend to take the process of continuous accumulation as quite in order. All the State’s institutional voices unite in confirming this tendency, they unite in exhibiting the progressive conversion of social power into State power as something not only quite in order, but even as wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

Conservatives as well as Liberals love the Drug War. Nixon Signed into law the Controlled Substance Act in 1970, Reagan and Bush Sr. expanded the Drug War. And if you think Obama has gone easy on drugs because he smoked marijuana and did a little blow in college,. think again.  If you don’t believe me look at the DEA’s website to see that business for the Drug Enforcement Agency is booming and that is always bad news for us.

After you get done with that and you have a horrible taste in your mouth, go to Travel Channel’s site and check out Tony’s visit to the Dominican Republic for a true taste of Freedom. .

I believe that we need more “No  Reservation” shows and less “Cocaine Wars”. Just think if the drug war was over and there would be no shows like this to aggrandize the agents of the State. Billions of tax payer money could return back to the productive sector and who knows what awesome travel/food shows would emerge. I advocate for More Freedom and Less Tyranny. And the best way to ensure that plant procurement prosecutions ends in this country is to vote into office people like Gary Johnson and other Freedom minded individuals who pledge to return Plant and Plant Products Freedom back to you.

You own your life and your production. You own your body. What you put in your body is your business.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Voluntary Exchange