Brad Miller

Do Conservatives Secretly hope Obama Care will Stick?

In True nature of the State on July 20, 2012 at 2:48 am

Who were the Conservatives in the colonies during the Revolution? They were those loyal to the Crown. They were those who supported the status Quo because of the State privileges that they received. Today unfortunately Conservatives do the exact same thing.

The fight today isn’t between Conservatives who are interested in Individual Liberty  and Liberals who are interested in Socialism. Neither party are interested in more freedom for you. They are interested in Power and Money. The both revel in the sovereignty of the State and the subjugation of the individual. That is no different then the attitude that King George had in regards to his “Subjects” in the American Colonies before the Revolution.

The Revolution of 1776 was the opposite of Conservatism. It was a revolution of thought in which the individual was Sovereign and Government was the servant. Like Judge Nap used to say on Freedom Watch (which was cancelled by Roger Ailes a Conservative) “Does the government work for us or do we work for the government?” That is a fundamental question that the history of Conservatives in this country have gotten wrong.

The victories of the Collectivists in this Country are never Rolled back. The New Deal by FDR and the War on Poverty by Johnson which  are typically expounded by the Conservative intelligentsia as the reason why we are living in an increasingly Collectivist society have been cemented into American Society and added to. If you want more Freedom in this coutnry today your best bet you are told is to support Conservatives. Are they the party of Liberty like they claim?

Why is it that after 1960’s the Conservatives no longer desired to Rollback Social Security or the major programs of the New Deal? Why is it in less than fifty years from the expansion of Welfare under Johnson did Conservatives create Medicare Part D which added adding massively to the Deficit, Debt and collectivist Growth of the State?

If Conservates were truly the Party of Liberty why is it that even when the Paragon of Conservatism was in the White House, The Gipper,  the National Debt continued to grow?

Without Conservatives tacit and outright support of the Collectivist Programs there would be no Medicare, Social Security or Obama Care today. Like Murray Rothbard writes , Conservatives only pay lip service to the principles of Liberty and are only interested in the “Socialism they can control”. They are the “Loyalists” of today.

Obama Care today could easily be called fifty years from now “Conservative Care”. Because after the people get used to the hand outs and the false security of the smooth hand of government Conservatives will not in any way shape or form take it away. In fact they will do everything to keep it place like they do with Social Security and Medicare today. That is the definition of conserving.

Today the tepid outrage over Obama care is pathetic in the House and Senate. That is because everyone in Washington (with few exceptions) desires power. And the way they gain that power is through the power of taxation and inflation. The more Government that exists the more they can tax and the more they can inflate. Which benefits those who are close to the Levers of power while the rest of us suffer.

The whole idea that there is some ideological battle being waged in Washington between Conservatives and Liberals is ludicrous.

Why is it that no matter who is in office the Debt grows? Why is that when anyone is in Control of the Congress Government Grows? Why is it that overwhelming majority of Americans want to keep Social Security and Medicare? It’s because the Conservative core of America likes the Security of Government. That’s why they don’t support any cust to the  Trillion dollar imperialist War Budget. And in a telling poll a few years ago over sixty five percent of Tea Party folks in a poll said they wanted to cut the National Budget but not to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Maybe John Roberts is giving the American People, Conservative and Liberal alike what they want?

I think its ludicrous when I hear Rush or other Conservatives say they are trying to “Conserve” the American institutions and traditions that made this country great. The simple concept that made prosperity possible in this country is “Liberty” and the lack of Government to interfere with that Liberty.  It’s not the ordered Liberty that Conservatives crave. It’s the “Invisible Hand” or the “Market Anarchy” that for over a hundred years laid the foundation of Prosperity of this Society which is now unfortunately increasingly crumbling under our feet.

This crumbling Free Market Infrastructure  in America today is the true infrastructure crisis we face today.  The roads and bridges are  just a system of the true disease. (I believe that roads and everything else should be paid for by private means under private control.)

Conservatives help “conserve” and “concretize” the collectivist programs that the left pushes for. This is tyranny, plain and simple. Conservatives coat the current collectivism in terms of the Revolution but in fact are doing nothing more than supporting the State and destroying Individual Liberty and the prospects of a better life for most Americans.

Conservatives and Liberals are all part of the One Government Party. One pushes forward increasing the Power of the State. One flaps its gums about the “unconstitutionality” of that increase but never repeals any of the “evil socialist laws”. In fact once it becomes law the Conservatives fight to keep it because people like free stuff and don’t typically vote for people who take away their free stuff. Look at the Income Tax, The Federal Reserve System, Social Security, Obama Care and the 3.729 trillion dollar Federal Budget.

Conservatives are hypocrites if they say they want to repeal Obama Care and do not in the same breath say that Social Security and Medicare should go as well.

Let us not forget it was a Conservative administration in 1913 that ushered in the income tax.  And how many Conservatives seek to get rid of the Federal Reserve System? Both of these are anathema to the ideas REvolution of 1776 and Indivdidual Liberty. Without these two Collectivist lynch pins the Welfare State would not exist and the Perpetual War for Peace policy began under Teddy Roosevelt and furthered by every President since including Ronald Reagan could not exist.

Conservatives, conserve the status quo and allow those who have benefited from the system to continue to use the system for their benefit. They only time Conservatives battle with Liberals is when their cronies don’t get enough of the taxpayer pie.

Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama are no different. They both have ZERO intention of shrinking the debt. They both will sign off on Spending Increases. They both will increase the size and scope of Government and limit your freedom. At best Romney is a place holder for where we are today. At worst he will grow the government but only slightly slower than  Obama. Both believe as King Georgedid  back in 1776 that individuals are merely subjects.

The principles are what matter. Either you believe in Individualism where every individual has a God-given right to their life Liberty and Property or you don’t. Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama both Believe that you don’t have any inalienable rights and that the State administering the Collective will grants you the rights you have and can take them away at anytime.

Maybe John Roberts is right? He wrote that the individual mandate of Obama Care is a tax.  He sees that this is just an extension of the principle on which Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are based upon. Maybe his take is that if the people want this, then let them have it. Who is he to prevent the “ignorant masses” from destroying themselves? Or maybe he thinks that Conservatives when they get into office will be able to “manage” this huge new bureaucracy and be able to dole out even more tax payer dollars to their own cronies. Either way he was not basing his opinon on the Ideas of the Revolution. He was simply helping to conserve the principles of Collectivism.

Until there is a fundamental move from Conservatism back Principles of Individualism which the Revolution of 1776 were based upon this country will continue to slide down the road to serfdom. Conservatism is just a “governor” which only slows down the rate of speed at which we travel down the road to serfdom. Make no mistake their destination is the same as the Progressives, Liberals and Socialists, for you, which is more Government control over your lives and less Individual Liberty.

I hope that all Conservatives will drop the idea of “Conserving” the current mess and join with Libertarians, Radical Individualists and Anarcho-Capitalists who seek a Peaceful Revolution to overthrow the current status Quo.

I agree with Like Frank Chodorov who defined what kind of Revolution we need:

“And by “revolution” I mean the return to the people of that sovereignty which our tradition assumes them to have. I mean the return to them of the power which government confiscated by way of the Sixteenth Amendment”.

If Conservatives wanted to Conserve the ideals of the Revolution repealing the Sixteenth Amendment would be a good start. But let us not forget that its only Libertarians who are so bold as to propose that today. All the Conservatives want to do is “simplify the Tax Code”. Stated differently they want to “Conserve the Tax Code”.  Which means conserving the power of the State over the subjected individual.

“The independence of the people is in direct proportion to the amount of their wealth they can enjoy. We cannot restore traditional American freedom unless we limit the government’s power to tax.” Frank Chodorov

If you call yourself a Conservative and believe in the Principles of Liberty I urge you to drop that label and not support anyone based upon that label. Look at the fundamental principle behind what people are peddling. It’s always a matter of the individual vs. the State. That is the only ideological fight we have.

Brad Miller

Advocate of Liberty

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