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Johnson, Paul, Napolitano Administration

In True nature of the State on June 13, 2012 at 5:49 pm

Gary Johnson Will be our next President of the United States of America.

That is what I and everyone else who wants to be more free is hoping for this coming November.

There is no question as to what candidate a person who believes in Individual Liberty can vote for this coming election. The other two choices for President, Obama or Romney are clearly not for more Freedom.

Think about what a Gary Johnson administration would look like. His Vice President will be Jim Gray former California Superior Court Judge and an advocate of ending the Drug War, Ron “End the Fed” Paul as Secretary of the Treasury and Judge “Liberty above all” Napolitano as the Attorney General. (Now the last two are of course not official yet but I have high hopes that is what will occur.)

When Gary Johnson takes office there will not just be a Libertarian in the White House. The entire Cabinet will be turned over. No longer will Eric “Justice for only Some”Holder be Attorney General, no longer will Timothy “Goldman-Sachs” Geithner be Treasury Secretary, and  no longer will Kathleen “Socialized Medicine” Sibelius will be head of the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a tremendous selling point for anyone who believes in living in a more Free Society under Less Government. The Day Gary Johnson takes office is the day Government actually begins to shrink. That is because a lot of Regulatory Law is created by the vast Executive Bureaucracy. And until a Johnson Administration can prompt Congress to pass laws to dismantle the Welfare-Warfare State there is a lot that he can do just with his Cabinet appointments.

If Judge Andrew Napolitano became the next Attorney General we would have a supreme advocate of Liberty in the Cabinet.  His appointment by Johnson to head the Justice Department would mean that the killing of American Citizens abroad and the spying on them at home with Military Drones would end.  He would work with Vice President Jim Gray to spearhead ending the destructive Federal Drug Prohibition. Judge Nap, now Attorney General Nap would work to end the unconstitutional wiretaps that have grown exponentially since the passing of the Patriot Act. There has not been a more vocal voice out there against the indefinite detention clause of the NDAA and Attorney General Nap would do everything in his power to prevent that from ever being implemented.  Just as he is now a Champion of Individual Liberty based upon Natural Rights, he would continue to do so as the Head of the United States Department of Justice.

I don’t know about you but I have a freedom boner just thinking of that.

Now lets move on to the Secretary of the Treasury. Under the last two presidents, Geithner and Paulson’s  advice and actions have destroyed the “economy” of this country in order to Bail out the large Banks here and abroad. Along with the Federal Reserve and a compliant Congress,  the Treasury Department has facilitated the 16 trillion-dollar debt which is enslaving this and future generations.  When Dr. Ron Paul is name Secretary of Treasury he would be a constant voice for Limiting Government, putting the brakes on all new spending, and demanding no BAILOUTS for anyone!!! He is not a puppet of Goldman Sachs and the other big banking firms.

Dr. Ron Paul has been a champion of Hard Money, Ending the Fed and keeping alive the Austrian Economic School alive for the past thirty years. This is contrary to all the mainstream Wall Street types who have filled the Treasury Department and advocated for big government and more centralized planning.  Ron Paul has singlehandedly made the Federal Reserve a mainstream issue. He has raised awareness of the Nefarious activities of the Central Bank and how its destructive monetary policies have caused the great Recession and how its infationary policies continue to transfer wealth from the 99% up to the 1%.

Ron Paul has advocated ending the Fed by making competing currencies once again legal in this country.  He ran on repealing the Legal Tender Laws and I believe he would be pushing President Gary Johnson to pursue the same course. This has ground shaking implications. Gold and silver will become “real money” again overnight. This will destroy the Federal Reserves monopoly on money creation and return back Monetary Freedom back to the people from the clutches of the sovereign Central Bank-Big Government Cabal.

With your person and privacy secure with Attorney General Nap and the value of your Money secure with Dr. Paul; the Gary Johnson Administration would immediately change the relationship between the governed and the government in this country. No longer would we be working for the Government the Government would be working for us. (Paraphrasing Nap).  There is a lot to be said for wanting to have Republics win the Senate in the next election cycle. But until that happens a Libertarian President with a Libertarian Cabinet would be the largest step toward human freedom the World has ever seen since the Colonists first rebelled against England.

This is the second Revolution. When Gary Johnson is sworn in as our 45th President of the United States of America it will be to say once again that Free Men have the God-given right to their Life, Liberty and Property  and that  government is constituted only to protect those rights and no government has the rigth to violate them.  Even though he is taking the reigns of the Leviathan he intends to immediately put it on a diet. He  will seek ways to blunt its teeth and dull its claws by cutting government spending by 40% on day one and pushing for the Fair Tax. ( See my Post The only Fair Tax is no Tax)  He will work to stop the insane regulations of the Federal Bureaucracy and reduce the Executive Branch down to levels unprecedented since the beginning of the last century.

Gary Johnson is the only candidate  who is carrying the mantle of Individual Liberty and Limited Government into this Presidential Election. If you have supported Ron Paul in the past I urge you to immediately throw your support behind Gary Johnson. He can win. Ross Perot won almost 20% of the votes in 1992 and people thought he was nuts. People now like then are desperate for a third option and but unlike then, we have a third party candidate who can actually win. Gary Johnson is not insane and certainly not a Ross Perot type candidate. He is a pragmatic Libertarian with Executive Leadership Experience in both the public and private sector. In New Mexico, a 2 to 1 Democratic State, he was elected Governor TWICE. Gary Johnson Left New Mexico with a State budget surplus, less state government, and left office with a high approval rating.

When Gary Johnson moves into the White House the tentacles of the Federal Government will be begin moving out of your life. And isn’t that what everyone who wants to live more free wants?  A lot of folks are waiting to see if Ron Paul will endorse Gary Johnson and if he does Johnson, will easily win over 33% of the vote. Ron Paul consistently polls in the high teens and there are many disaffected Republicans and Democrats who will flock to his simple, clear and honest message of Freedom, Prosperity and Peace. I hope that Ron Paul does support Gary Johnson. If he does not that will be a huge blow for the Freedom Movement.

If Ron Paul is debating about who to endorse I will ask him a simple question. Does he truly believe the following passage from his book “Liberty Defined”?

He wrote in the forward: “Liberty means to exercise human rights in any manner a person chooses as long as it does not interfere with the exercise of the rights of others. This means above all else, keeping government out of our lives.”

I say to the man who wrote those words how can you not support the only candidate who echoes your core beliefs?

If Ron Paul comes out to support Mitt Romney he will be betraying his fundamental principles. His son Rand Paul has already done so. My hope is that  Ron Paul will seize this momentous opportunity to endorse  a legitimate third party Candidate who can win the Presidency. Ron Paul has an awesome chance to become part of the first Libertarian Administration since Thomas Jefferson’s first term. Hopefully when Johsnon is elected he will invite Dr. Paul to join the Cabinet as Secretary of the Treasury; where he can complete his mission to end the Fed’s monopoly over the American people’s money.  I am excited about this possibility. I remember the dark days of  2008 when Obama was sworn in. We all have witnessed so much awfulness since his inauguration. The Growth of the State has been going on for decades and has accelerated greatly under Obama. We do not need Obama-lite (ROmney) to get into office, secure the status quo and oversea an 8% growth of government and turn around and claim that he is for “limited government.”  Gary Johnson is the only candidate that will turn back the tide of Statism and help usher in the  “Second Republic of The United States of America”.

Right now a lot of Conservatives and even Libertarians like Neil Boortz and my Dad think that Gary Johnson has no shot at becoming President. They tell me and others that a vote for Gary Johnson is actually a vote for Obama. I say to them that we cannot allow our fear of another Obama term keep us from voting for Liberty which only Gary Johnson champions.  I say to those who are “afraid”  where is the fighting spirit of Americans gone? I say to them who fear voting their conscience where is the “gumption” of the first Pilgrims who fled oppression to search for a  land where they would have Freedom of Conscience.? Are there any men left in America who like the early colonists are willing to throw off the shackles of tyranny because they simply want to keep the fruits of their labor and not toil for the “King”? Today we are the pilgrims , today we are the colonists, who long for freedom. In order to gain that we must be willing to sacrifice our easy “safety and security” and step out onto the “Boat of Freedom” by voting for what we know is right, even if that means sailing into the unknown.

Many we know today are like those in the time of colonization who are paralyzed by fear, stuck in vacilatoin on the docks of Portsmouth England. They are debating whether or not to take the journey toward Freedom across the uncertainty of the Atlantic Ocean or remain at home with the certainty of tyranny. Today we have before us the uncertainty of the Presidential Election. It is stormy and unpredictable. Nothing is promised to us. Our only hope is to step off shore and follow what we know to be right. And to follow that Beacon of Freedom which is being carried today by Gary Johnson, who when elected will work to liberate America from the clutches of Statism, to make it once again the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

Take the leap of Faith. Take up the cause of Liberty. Cast your vote for Gary Johnson. It doesn’t matter what Ron Paul does. Gary Johnson is still the greatest hope that any of us have to Live more Free. When you feel doubt about his prospects and people are shouting at you that  it can never happen; just remember what it will be like to have Judge “Natural Rights” Nap as the Attorney General and Dr. “End the Fed” Paul as Secretary of Treasury. Imagine what A Libertarian Cabinet will look life with its members brought in from places like  Reason Magazine, The Cato Institute, and The Mises Institute . To me that warms my heart to think about the defenders of liberty defending our liberty within the walls of the State.

I still advocate for a stateless society. But until that day occurs I look forward to November 6th when Gary Johnson becomes our 45th president. My goal is to live as free as possible and to live under the least amount of government possible. Gary Johnson is the only candidate running for the presidency who will when elected into office immediately begin “limiting”  and thus lifting the burden of the Federal Government off of our backs.

A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Peace abroad and Freedom and Prosperity at home.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Gary Johnson for President

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