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Freedom is a lot like Broccoli…

In True nature of the State on May 4, 2012 at 1:13 am

Have you ever wondered why other people don’t  have the same burning desire within that you have to want to be FREE? I know I have. Its because : FREEDOM IS A LOT LIKE BROCCOLI. (Not just because George W Bush hated them both )

Broccoli is awesome and so is Freedom. Broccoli contains all kinds of great stuff including iron, potassium, magnesium, tons of vitamin C and cancer fighting compounds. Freedom is also great for people. In the last two hundred years or so, more people have enjoyed more wealth and health than all the other people who have ever lived , and its all because of Freedom.

But unfortunately most people will today choose to eat junk food, like doughnuts over eating broccoli; and will vote for Collectivism instead of Freedom.

Why do seemingly rational human beings who know broccoli is good for them choose to eat junk food like doughnuts? The reason why seemingly rational individuals choose junk food is the same reason human beings voluntarily choose to live under ever-increasing amounts of Collectivism.

It all has to do with Time Preference. Every human being on Earth factors in Time Preference when they make a decision, whether its voting for a Collectivist Candidate versus a Freedom Candidate or eating a stalk of broccoli over a box of doughnuts. Time Preference dictates that humans instinctively favor the immediate satisfaction of a need in the now versus the satisfaction of a need in the future.

This is why we succumb to grabbing the sugary or salty treat instead of a bag of broccoli. I’ve never heard of anyone standing in line for their “Broccoli” on a Friday morning or making sure meetings are stocked with stalks of broccoli. But maybe folks should. The immediate satisfaction of consuming a doughnut and its 200-300 calories of sugar, flour and fat, satisfies a part of the brain that is concerned with keeping a human being alive in the moment. This often overrides the person’s knowledge that in the long-term broccoli even though lower in calories now, will have huge health benefits for the entire body in the future. When doughnuts are chosen short-term “pleasure” is favored over the long-term health of the individual.

After years of giving into temptation in the moment people will eventually have to reap what they have sown. They will eventually suffer from increased incidents of diabetes, obesity, impaired neurological function, and other nasty health effects related to consistently consuming fried sugary treats. These health effects greatly reduce the quality and quantity of that person’s life. It is interesting to note that the increase in the rate of both Diabetes and Obesity in this country has corresponded to the public’s increasing support for Collectivist Laws at all levels of Government.

Collectivism is the doughnut of Political Ideology.

It is exactly like junk food. Collectivism is tasty at first and is all about the immediate satisfaction of needs without regard to the long-term effects of how those needs are being met. When redistribution of wealth occurs the majority of people at first are thrilled. This “Socialist High” is short-lived because the people soon become aware of the long-term effects of their choices. They are much less happy with what accompanies these Collectivist Laws, and that is always taxation, regulation and inflation, that are necessary to make them “work”. These side effects of the Consumption of Collectivist ideology in the long run impair everyone’s ability to live a healthier and happier life.

But not everyone succumbs to eating the sugary fried balls or Collectivists’ false dreams of Utopia. More and more people are choosing to eat more wisely and demand their Freedom because they realize that their long-term happiness depends on it.

Eating broccoli today means you have a better chance at a better life in the future. You are sacrificing the short-term pleasure of consuming junk food, like doughnuts now, because you value the knowledge that the stuff in broccoli is the best stuff for your body and brain. When you eat badly you are actually “redistributing” the positive effects of the good foods you’ve eaten in the past and consuming these good “effects” in the present because of your bad food choices. This prevents the “healthy capital” from being accumulating over time which is now not available to promote and produce a better tomorrow. Collectivism does the same thing, when politicians redistribute accumulated wealth of the past in order to satisfy the immediate needs in the now,  they destroy the future benefits this accumulated capital would have produced.

When this occurs everyone is impoverished, just as every cell in your body suffers when you eat poorly.

In this country today with the epidemic of consumer debt, public debt, obesity and diabetes, these side effects of Time Preference of the Now, demonstrably shows that most people in this country lack the ability or have never learned how to delay or defer gratification. And it is this ability to delay or defer gratification which is the key to being able to live and thrive in an environment of Freedom. It is essential to be able to defer consumption in the now in order to save up for the future. That is how all capital is accumulated, and that is the secret to “capitalism”.

I don’t think things are hopeless though. Most people do have the capacity to value the long-term over the short-term if they develop their “will power”. People are all the time adjusting their diets learning to defer gratification. If people can do this with food, there is no reason why they can’t apply the same mental processes to political philosophy. Instead of choosing the sugary seemingly easier path of Collectivism, they will choose what appears on the surface to be the harder route of Freedom because in the end it is ultimately the more satisfying choice.

Freedom in the long run, like broccoli, has amazingly positive effects. In order to delay gratification people simply have to embrace these long-term benefits over the short-term “high” of eating doughnuts and reaping the short-lived hollow benefits produced from Collectivist Laws. Both Freedom and eating well help individuals develop their true potential. Collectivism and eating poorly enslave an individual’s mind and body and limit who they can become.

Some people believe that if people are freer they will in fact eat more Doughnuts instead of more broccoli. Experiments and Experience has proven this theory wrong. It has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that over the last 200 years the freer individuals are in a society the more they are self-responsible and thus are better able to see the long-term effects of their choices and weigh those against any short-term “hollow” pleasures. Overall instead of becoming more hedonistic in and environment of Freedom people tend to become more responsible, because there is no one to separate them from the long-term consequences of their choices. It was even shown with an experiment with Rats, that if given freedom to eat “good” food or bad “food” the rats would eventually self-regulate their diets and consume more and more of the good food. They seem to be able to naturally defer gratification of the pleasure of eating badly now in order to reap the health benefits of the good food for the future..

Today we are suffering more and more under the strain of Collectivism in this country. People are eschewing the ancient wisdom of Christianity, Stoicism, and Buddhism by satisfying the wants of today with no regard to the effects those actions will have on their future. Living in the moment is awesome. But in order to live in the moment you must be alive. Freedom and Broccoli are the best ways to live and to thrive. Collectivism and eating poorly on the other hand decreases the quality and quantity of your life. Let’s not forget that over the last century Collectivist Governments have murdered 170 million of their own citizens and those who suffer from type II Diabetes die 30% quicker than those who’ve avoided the disease by choosing to eat more wisely.

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