Brad Miller

Are you Pro-Peace or Pro-War?

In True nature of the State on April 19, 2012 at 12:16 am


This is a question not only every politician should have to answer but also every American should ask themselves. 

Most Americans would answer that question by saying that in their daily lives they are Pro-Peace and as a corollary they would agree that Force should only be used to defend a person’s life or Property. Why is it then when these same Americans whose daily lives are built upon Peaceful interactions with their fellow human beings vote for politicians who are anything but  Pro-Peace,  and committed to being Pro-War?

Everyone around the world is just trying to live the best they can. That includes those folks in this country who not only advocate for Collectivism but also advocate for war. In this country the citizens who advocate for war overseas and “Obamacare” at home really believe that this is the best way to better their own lives and the lives of their families.

To subsist to better one’s condition to bring up a family are not affairs of time, or place, or taste, or opinion, or choice, they are the daily constant and unavoidable concerns of all men at all times and in all countries” Frederic Bastiat

There are only two ways to gain what you desire in this world, that is from free and voluntary exchange or by appropriating it from others force. Those who are Pro-Peace believe in their own lives and for others around the world believe in free trade, those who are Pro-War believe in forcibly taking what another has produced by force or as Bastiat called it “spoliation” or “plunder”.

Man can gain by production or by theft. If he produces and voluntarily exchanges with others that is an act of Peace, when he waits for someone else to produce and then steals that production from him, that is an acts of war.  Collectivism is an ideology based upon the plunder of the production of others, whether it is at home or abroad. I would say 99% of the world live their daily lives in Peace with the individuals they come in contract with on a regular basis. Why should the interaction between groups of individuals called “nations” be anything different?

Think about the billions of peaceful transactions that occur on a daily basis. Think about all the products and services that are produced and purchased by others everyday without the threat of force or fraud. The great majority of people on Earth want to trade squarely with people. The Golden Rule is not some supernatural law. It is grounded in simple Human Physics. If an individual wants to thrive in a society the best way to do that is to live “honestly” with the other folks he comes into contact with. Other wise he would lose the trust of his neighbors, his reputation would suffer and no one would want to trade with him.

But unfortunately the politicians in this world are anything but honest. They lie, steal, cheat and murder on a regular basis.  No other entity on Earth except Government can get away with constantly violating the Natural Rights of individuals.  The question is why do the majority of people accept this unacceptable behavior? It is because the majority of people in this country receive some form of redistributive benefit from government. Couple this redistribution of wealth with the lies of the politicians and war profiteers about the imaginary enemies abroad you begin to see why there is a war at home between citizens who are the taxpayers and the tax consumers and why the United States Federal Government has cart blanche to go to war without restrictions abroad.

If we take Lysander’s Spooner’s definition of War; than anyone who uses force to exact the fruits of the labor of another individual is at war with that individual. That is exactly what the ideology of Collectivism is based upon, the forcible redistribution of wealth from some to benefit others. And it’s always done by force. Whether that redistribution of wealth done at a barrel of a gun is done on U.S. soil or in the Middle East.

Social Security and Medicare are in essence declarations of war. These programs were sold to the American people shrouded in lies like most of the wars the politicians and war profiteers have dragged this country into.  Americans were told back in the 1930’s that Social Security was needed badly to help out a few Seniors. It was sold as an “old age insurance” that would only help a few. Now the program encompasses every working individual, its been proven to be a Ponzi Scheme and worst of all  you can’t opt out of it. The full force of the Federal Government is used to keep everyone chained to the system.  Current workers are forced to support current retirees.

This is an act of war. It is spoliation. It is the plundering of one generation by another. What is even more insidious is that more and more is being borrowed by the Federal Government which is stealing yet more from the as yet unborn generations. The National Debt is a war on the FUTURE prosperity, peace and freedom of Americans yet unborn. What is the sad truth is that people will continue to vote for these collectivist, promising something for nothing, war mongering politicians right up to the point when the Feds come into their homes and put them in physical chains.

In a poll I think it was done last year, Teaparty members  were asked about National Debt and what should be done with the out of control spending in Washington. They all of course said they wanted to cut Federal Spending but surprisingly 65% didn’t want their entitlements – or what could be termed spoils of war cut. That is the hook that gets people to continue to vote for Pro-War politicians and keeps the battle between groups of individuals brewing at home.

And it is because of this domestic war waged in which  citizen  is pitted against citizen, that politicians who support and gin up war overseas are continued to be elected year after year. Political campaigns have even stooped so low as to send out flyers to Seniors saying that if they voted for the other candidate they would lose their social security. So no matter what plans this politican had for wars overseas it mattered not, as long as he didn’t cut seniors social security he would have their support. The same thing is done to garner votes for any program in which the government violently extracts wealth from some and delivers to the pockets of others.

This is another reason why all the talk about the Federal Government rests upon the consent of the governed is ridiculous.  So many people gain their sustenance from the Federal Teat, that they will support any Pro-War candidate even if they themselves are Pro-Peace, as long as the politician doesn’t end their “Entitlement” or reduce their “piece of the plundered pie”.  .That is why most people are going to voting for two candidates this November who are indistinguishable in their foreign policy and both will keep the entitlement programs as they currently stand.

(Now there are two Politicians running for President who do have a very different take on Foreign Policy and I would call both of them Pro-Peace, they are former Governor Gary Johnson running on the Libertarian ticket and Ron Paul who is seeking the Republican Nomination.)

Currently Mitt Romney and President Obama who are the two men Americans will be voting for to fill the White House are both Pro-War and Collectivists. They believe in redistribution of wealth at home and using the threat of violence and the use of physical violence against the government and the people of other nations who do not submit to their “plans”.  They both believe that the United States Federal Government’s Department of “Peace”, I mean the Department of “War”, I mean to say the Department of Defense has the responsibility for “protecting American interests” overseas and defending our security abroad, and making the world safe for Democracy.” Which in reality means putting into place politicians in governments around the world who will comply with their collectivist schemes which benefits the few at the expense of the many.

This is also the same rhetoric used to gin up support for WWI almost a hundred years ago. But this war like most wars by the United States of America so that a few would profit while every else paid the price. The true reason why the United States went to war in Europe in 1917 was to ensure that the billions of dollars that the French and English owed to American Bankers, Arms Manufacturers and other War Profiteers was paid back. Those in power knew that if the Germans won they were not going to settle the Allies debts with American interests. So when you hear Mitt Romney or our current president speak of defending American interests around the world think about the interest that were defended by the dough boys who were sent to the meat grinder of trench warfare in Europe so politicians and those who profit from war didn’t take a loss.

Check out Smedley Butler’s excellent pamphlet of “War is a Racket” to read his account of who profits and pays for war.

Mitt Romney advocates for an “American Century” in which he tells us “It is only  American power—conceived in the broadest terms—that can provide the foundation for an international system that ensures the security and prosperity of the United States and our friends and allies”  That is classic Collectivist Thinking. For those who love Liberty and Peace the only “international system” that can ensure our security and prosperity is FREE TRADE. That is because as Bastiat wrote “Where goods fail to cross borders, troops soon will”.

It is only through the “Spontaneous Order” of the Market where free people are free to exchange with one another regardless of their geographical location will usher in not an “American Century” but the “Century of Individual Liberty and Prosperity”. A century in which for the next hundred years everyone no matter where they live on Earth lives in Peace and is secure in keeping what he produces so that he can freely trade with other s to increase and sustain his life. This is the best chance for the 7 billion people on Earth to have the best chance at not living the “American Dream” but living their own individual dream and pursuing their own definition of happiness.

The system Mitt Romney proposes to defend and the one our current president defends with the  blood and stolen tax dollars of individuals in the United States, is in fact a system that would not and could not exist without the Trillion dollar military budget used to force others around the world to comply Central Plans from Washington D.C. This international System he speaks of is the International Banking system, the multi-national corporations who go into the third world and use the United States Military to enter markets that would other wise be too hostile for them or too risky to allow them to invest in those nations and reap the huge profits, and this is all done with the aid of the military-security-intelligence industrial complex that is currently funded at over a TRILLION DOLLARS per year. And of all these groups lobby incessantly to ensure tax payer dollars are funneled either directly to them or redirected in ways that ensures the current “International System” continues so they continue to profit at the expense of the many.

Both the current president and Mitt Romney fail to heed Admiral Mullen’s testimony he gave before Congress in 2009 when he spoke about the greatest threat to the people of the United States of America. He did not say it was the destabilization of the “international system”, or terrorists or a nuclear Iran, or an undpredicatable North Korea or a belligerent Russia or China. He told Congress that the greatest threat to the Security of the United States of America is the National Debt which currently stands at a mind-blowing 15.7 trillion dollars.

Check out this link to Zerohedge to get an idea of what a trillion dollars of hundred-dollar bills looks like:

And don’t forget that those trillions of dollars has ended up in someone’s pocket.

Those who profit from war will always use whatever means possible to exaggerate and create enemies around the world. In an article on Huffington Post written right after Bin Laden was “killed” the experts quoted in the article urged the American people not to support cuts to the intelligence budget. One of the experts was a  former Pentagon official who guess what was then working for a defense contractor who “sells products and services to the  intelligence community, and the other expert was a former politician looking to gin up support for a re-election bid. Both of them wanted to ensure that the taxpayers weren’t so naive as to think intelligence spending could be cut and that great threats against the U.S. citizenry still exists. Everyone acts with self-interest in mind but the problem arises when they use the force of Government to extract what they desire from their hands who have peacefully produced it. This article is the perfect illustration of  how the “profiteers” of war collude with politicians to keep the taxpayer dollars flowing their way.

The article is also an indictment of the media in which they fuel the terrorist and war hysteria so they can sell their product. Newspapers, politicians and other War-Profiteers benefit from a frightened populace and that is another reason why no matter who is in the White House wars of aggression continue overseas.

President Obama the current resident in the White House is just as enamored with war as his challenger Mitt Romney. He like Romney supports even tougher sanctions on Iran and both pledge to keep Iran from getting a Nuclear Weapon. Make no mistake about it Sanctions are an act of war. And because of the seriousness of these actions by our politicians it would seem that your chances of being killed by an Iranian Nuke today must be very high. But in reality the odds of you being killed by a Iranian Nuke today is ZERO!!! They don’t have one and it looks like they won’t for years. And even if they did do you think anyone in the Iranian Government is crazy enough to detonate a Nuclear Bomb inside of another country? They are fully aware of the hell that would be unleashed if they used a nuclear device. Iran would no longer be inhabitable after the retaliatory nuclear strike from the United States War Department. This view is backed up by A former Israeli Mossad official recently came out and said that the leadership of Iran was “rational”. So let’s not vote for folks who have their finger on the trigger when it comes to Iran. They are simply not an imminent threat. This goes for North Korea as well.

For me Iran’s and North Korea’s military capabilities are summed up best by the scene in Iron Man II, when Tony Stark is testifying before a Senate Subcommittee. Heading the hearing is  Gary Shandling who plays the arrogant pompous power mad senator perfectly. Gary Shandling’s character wants to take the Iron Man Suit because he fears the technology is being developed by North Korea and Iran. Tony refutes the Senators claims by taking over a display monitor. He hacks into it and shows camera footage of the Iranian and North Korean tests of their versions of the Iron Man suit. The attempts by the weapons researchers of the “Axis of Evil”  are laughable, ineffective, and years away from being a threat to anyone except  those who are performing the tests.  The failed North Korean rocket launch recently is a perfect example of this.

With our current president’s lust for war you would think his “anti-war” constituents would be up in arms with the wars he is waging overseas. But they are silent  because they and the current president both belong to the left side of the Governmental War party. As long as he continues to increase the emollients to the masses he can go to war overseas against whom ever he wants to. He sells these “overseas contingencies” and the assassination of individuals overseas as a means of spreading  “democracy”, or making it safe to deliver “humanitarian aid”. He has taken the U.S. to war against the Libyan government, against rebels in Uganda, funded the insurgency in Syria, killed hundreds of civilians in drone strikes inside of Pakistan and has escalated the unending United States war on drugs in Central and South America. And yet the “anti-war” folks are silent.

Where is Code Pink and the other so-called “Anti-War” groups?  They were just anti-Bush, or anti-Republican or stated differently, they just wanted their Pro-War President in Office. That is one reason why I don’t like the moniker “Anti-War”. It brings to mind those groups who are only against specific wars and not Pro-Peace. Another reason I don’t like the label of being “anti-war” is that it argues the issue on the Collectivists  and War Mongers terms and not upon the side of Liberty and Peace Instead of having them debate why they are not “Pro-Peace” many who love liberty instead debate from the side of being “Anti-War”.

Ninety-nine point nine percent of the population on Earth want to live free and peacefully. It is only when Politicians and War Profiteers get together and use propaganda and fear coupled with government giveaways are they able to gin up support or induce apathy in the American people so wars of aggression continue overseas. The more Collectivism is embraced at home the more “sedated” the American people will become to the true cost of war overseas.

The Freedom Philosophy or Individualism, or the idea of individual Liberty is all based upon Peaceful principles. As Leonard Read wrote that the Freedom Philosophy can be summed up as simply “Anything Peaceful.” Ayn Rand’s definition of a man’s sphere of action in society is that he was free to do what he likes but that he doesn’t have  a right to initiate force against another human being. That is simple. Lysander Spooner wrote that a man need only do three things to live at peace with his neighbor and that is  “Deal with others honestly, hurt no one and give each person their due (he was referring to fulfilling voluntary contracts). He called this the basis of Natural Justice. When Governments wage wars overseas they lie, they kill and maim, and they violate they seize property of those overseas and at home to benefit the few at the expense of the many..

Our job who Love Liberty is to counter the War-Mongering propaganda which we are all  inundated with today with the Pro-Peace Message and not the Anti-War message. I am Pro-Peace. That is my position. I want to live in Peace. I want to see the most people on Earth living Peacefully with one another. Wars in Iraq. Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Uganda and God only knows where else the Guardians of the State are shedding blood, are ginned up by politicians and war profiteers who are not Pro-Peace but Pro-War.

Let us not forget that there was no armament industry in the United States until after WWII. And it wasn’t a standing army, or massive military-intelligence complex that won WWII. It was the factories of the private sector which went from making cars and washing machines to making tanks and machine guns that won the war. It was the wealth created by the Free Market under peaceful conditions that allowed for the “ploughshares” to be turned into “swords

War is terrible. That can not be said enough. But what is almost never spoken of is the blessings of Peace. What happen to “Blessed be the Peace Makers”? Peace is when individuals do not initiate force against another individual. It’s that simple

Being Pro-Peace doesn’t mean Anti-Defense. On the contrary if you are Pro-Peace you are Pro-Self Defense. If you believe that God has endowed you with certain inalienable rights, then you also believe that you have the right to defend your life, liberty and property from those who violently violate those rights. Self defense is a God-given right. The second Amendment doesn’t grant us the right to bear arms. It is an admonition to the United States Federal Government that they shall make no laws infringing upon that right.

Today those in Power continue to label those who desire peace as “ignorant” or “callous” by the left and “unpatriotic” and “naive” by the right. It’s funny how the two parties claim to be so different when in reality they both justify the increase of the State’s power because they and their friends benefit from its growth.

As Murray Rothbard wrote “power is acquired to accumulate wealth”. That should not be forgotten. I am Pro-Peace because I am truly amazed at what individuals can accomplish when they are free to pursue their definition of happiness. Man can either trade or steal to sustain his life. If you are Pro-Peace you want to be voluntarily trade with others to improve and increase your life and you want everyone else free in the world to do the same. A system of peaceful trade doesn’t require a trillion-dollar budget to “enforce”. It occurs spontaneously when people are secure in their property and are free to trade with others of their choosing.  Your life is not improved by the Politicians and War Profiteers wage wars against people around the world or at home.  In fact you are less safe, you are less prosperous and you are less free  when State goes to War.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Peace

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