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TSA and the Holocaust -Dehumanization of individuals leads to mass murder

In True nature of the State on March 20, 2012 at 12:59 am

The word Holocaust has been used so often that it falls upon deaf ears nowadays. It occurred less than a century ago. yet most people on a daily basis don’t think about it. Worse yet as they ignore what occurred they fail to learn the horrible lessons from that dark chapter of human history.  People have more of an interest in the Titanic, Lindsey Lohan’s court troubles, Kardashian Wedding, or whose getting kicked off Dancing with the Stars.

Six million people being systematically slaughtered is not polite dinner conversation. It is not something that people can rationally process.It is not something one wants to dwell upon. But what is of vital interest to every human being on Earth is the question “how could it have happened? “How could individuals push other individuals into gas chambers seal the door and then gas them? How could they then dispose of the bodies by burning them like wood. Members of Unit 731 a secret Japanese bio-warfare outfit during WWII had a called the Chinese that they were experimenting on as “Marutas”meaning “logs”. They called them that because after they were done conducting all manner of heinous experiments on the Chinese prisoners they would burn them as “logs” in the fire. And the biggest question of all can it happen again?

The answer is that it has already happened since. In the last century 170 million individuals were slaughtered by governments that were based upon the ideology of Collectivism. That ideology states that the man has no rights. That his life and labor belong to the group and the group, the collective, the majority, the State can do with him what it pleases. And so it happened with the Soviets, and the Chinese, the Cambodians and most infamously by the Nazis.

I watched a documentary on NatGeo called “Nazis Scrapbook From Hell”. And in it is a book filled with the only pictures taken of the process from start to finish of the systematic death of men, women, and children at Auschwitz. Everything is documented on film from when the men, women and children were collected and put onto cattle cars to, to their processing and  internment at the concentration camp and even moments right up until they were sent into the gas chambers are captured. The aftermath is also documented. What looks like hundreds of naked bodies are laying outside on the ground with Nazis soldiers looking over them like it’s just another day at the office. They were preparing the bodies to be burned.

Out of all the photos none affected me as much as the photos of the children and the how their faces were full of fear and confusion.  I’m writing this post because I saw that same fear and confusion in the eyes of a child in a photo today. It was taken right here in America at an Airport.  And the confusion and fear was caused by a Guardian of the State.  The photo was of a three-year old boy  in a wheelchair going to Disneyland on vacation and being subjected to a pat down by a TSA agent.  In the photo the little boy is in tears and you can see on his face he can’t  understand what is going on. That same look was on the face of the children who went to Auschwitz. The line of the song “Gasman Cometh” comes to mind. “When power is threatened life is cheap”

The mom of the three-year old boy had a quote that literally almost brought tears to my eyes. She said that she wanted to go over and hold the little boys hand but the TSA wouldn’t let her and that she had to pretend everything was okay so he wouldn’t be more upset.

How awful is that? The State is power. And it is exercising that power more and more. “Silence is the doorway to consent”. If we are silent the power of the State will grow. And as it grows individual liberty dies. It dies because the State dehumanizes individuals. When the State invades your privacy, when it steals your income or controls your choices it is in effect telling you, that you are a non-human. That your free will has now been substituted by the will of others. And  those in power will decide how you live and by logical extension of that ideology they have to power to decide if you live at all.

I talk about the “State” a lot and I do believe that it is an evil organization. But it is as Etienne de La Boetie that the State has no hands or eyes. It is the individuals in the employ of the State that supply the hands, the eyes and the tongue to carry out the orders. The everyday bureaucrat, the police man and the soldier are the real perpetrators of the crimes. But these are not “monsters” or “psychopaths”. They are everyday men and women who view us as less than human or stated differently less than themselves. So if they have to kill, steal or imprison others who are less than themselves for the “greater good” at the same time enriching themselves, they gladly do it.

Most folks think that it is too much of a stretch to think that gassing men women and children at Auschwitz is comparable to a TSA agent patting down a three-year old and not letting his mother hold her child’s hand.   That TSA guy was just following orders. I disagree and ask a simple question how far will a TSA or other government employee go? Unfortunately across the world UAV drivers are killing hundreds of men, women and children with hellfire missiles fired from Predator drones. And the response to these atrocities is that “War is Hell”. What kind of answer is that? So the question must be asked How far will individuals employed by the State go? Where is the line?   The agents of the State are little by little losing their ability to empathize with “civilians”. When something separates your ability or desire to view another individual as a human being and you no longer can empathize with him than there are literally no limits to what man can do unto man.

There are two ways people learn, one is by direct experience and the other is by observing the experiences of others. I say to you that anyone who doesn’t already fear what the State can do should watch the documentary “Nazis Scrapbook From Hell”.

Those individuals killed at Auschwitz didn’t have time to prevent what was happening to them. But we can learn from those horrible deaths. The systematic murder of Six Million individuals didn’t start at Auschwitz. It began in the minds of ordinary Germans years earlier who bought into the idea that somehow they were “human” and those the State  deemed unfit to live were “non-humans”.  Ideas matter and the idea that individuals only have rights granted by the whim of the majority can happen anywhere and is happening today around the world. It is foolish to think that gas chambers can not be up and running again.

The lesson of the past is that  small acts of dehumanization lead to great acts of slaughter. That is the lesson. That is what the fear in the eyes of those children and the dead naked bodies are screaming to us from the past. To not learn those lessons by their experience may lead us to being photographed waiting our turn to enter the gas chamber in a new  “Scrapbook from Hell” documenting the modern version of “Auschwitz” in America.

I don’t like to dwell on the dark side of history. But unfortunately we must face the reality of where certain ideas lead. That is why I advocate for personal revolutions in which individuals believe that they and every other human on Earth is granted by God with Natural Right to their life, liberty and property.  All actions begin with thoughts and that is where the holocaust began. That is what led to the soldiers burning the bodies after they were gassed and that is what led to the fear in the little boys eyes while he was being accosted by the TSA agent. The majority of Americans are cool with the TSA patdowns of three year old little boys in wheelchairs just as most Germans were cool with the dehumanization of the Jewswhich led to the slaughter of six million individuals.

I am optimistic about the future. The internet is a powerful tool which is transporting the ideas of liberty and self-reliance to millions of individuals across the world. Don’t think for a second your thoughts and your actions don’t matter, because they do. Your thoughts and your actions help to keep the veil of darkness from completely falling over the minds of men. If your mind is illuminated those in the dark seeking the light will see it and will find you. Keep learning, keep improving yourself, keep following your passion and your purpose in life. That is the best course of action for keeping the ideas of individualism and liberty alive and keeping the gas chamber doors closed forever.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Learning lessons from the past




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