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National Lottery – End the IRS and fund the Federal Government Voluntarily

In True nature of the State on March 17, 2012 at 1:05 am

I believe that all taxation is theft because it is not a voluntary transaction. If you go by a Wal-Mart and don’t go in do they send armed guards to steal money from you? Do they then use that money to buy products for other people with your money and then tell you how you indirectly benefit from the theft?

I say not. The free market is by definition is the voluntary exchange between individuals or groups of individuals for mutual benefit within an enviroment that is absent of coercion. Government on the other hand is coercion incarnate and it wields its most power,besides invading and killing thousands overseas, by taxing every productive citizen.

Taxation is theft. Government is force. My goal is to eliminate both the theft and the force that allows that theft to occur. But until “men are angels” most people believe we need at least a night-watchman State. For me I am okay with that as because it is a step closer to the elimination of all Government activities including the police and military which can be provided by  private corporations dependent on customers who voluntarily choose to purchase their services. Until that day occurs I would be thrilled to live in a country which enjoyed such a feeble and poor federal government as was first fielded in America after the ratification of the Constitution. Personally I think a return to the Articles of Confederation is a better start but its a much easier for most Americans to grasp the second Constitution then the first. Both were flawed and I think we can do better. But those are the best examples in the History of Humankind of men asserted that they have God-given rights and that they wrote in their founding charters limitaions not on individuals but on Government.

If a truly “minarchist” State was demanded and instituted by the people then the question about how to fund that limited State would naturally need to be addressed. In fact you need to drastically reduce the size of government say by 85 – 90% before ever talking about the Tax Code. I am all for Abolishing the IRS but if it is abolished before the size and scope of the Federal Government is reduced those benefiting from the Trillions of the Federal Budget will demand that the Guardians of the State extract the tribute from the productive to feed their parasitic life. So as long as there are individuals who believe that they are “entitled to the labor of others” ending the IRS will accomplish nothing. A new bureaucracy would be created to continue the theft in the name of the politicians and those who suckle at the Federal teat.  The Fair Tax is not the solution. I used to think it was. My brother pointed out to me that spending is the issue and not the method of extracting taxes from the productive. Taxes are the symptom of the problem of individuals not being self responsible. And that mind-set of entitlement to the product of another person’s labor has to be eliminated. That is by the way what I am working towards with my 2.3 Billion personal Revolutions program.

Until no one wants to use the force of government to steal from others all talk of reforming the tax code is a waste of time. Now once the spending is drastically reduced we can get to talk about how to fund the Federal Government .I came across the idea of the Lottery when I was reading Rand’s small book, really a collection of Essays  titled “The Virtue of Selfishness”. Which if you haven’t read it you should, and in it she talked about some people at the time of her writing advocating for the funding of the Federal Government by a National Lottery System. I thought at the time that is brilliant. She wasn’t sold on it. But I am.

The National Lottery system to fund the Federal Government would be Voluntary and secondly since I would never buy a Federal Lottery Ticket I would never ever spend my life supporting something that is fundamentally against my Philosophical code. That to me would be awesome.

What is interesting about this concept that it takes advantage of an innate human desire which is to get the most for the least. This human compulsion is the basis for all economic activity. The problem is when it is  coupled with the ignoring of the Natural Rights of others it is the reason why Collectivism exists in the first place. But once the Natural Rights endowed to each of us by our Creator are no longer violated by Government and instead protected by it, funding for this limited government could be sufficiently done with the Lottery system.

In Georgia in 2010 individuals purchased more than 50 Billion dollars worth of lottery tickets!!! And according to Bloomberg it has the lowest odds of any legal form of gambling. Of which 63 cents of which was won back by the individuals. $843 Million Dollars was spent on Education.

If the Federal Government was held down to the Minarchist State of just protecting life and property without violating your Natural Rights it could be funded by a National Lottery. If the Federal Government was only 10% of its current girth that would be a budget of 320 billion dollars.

I say why not open it up to the world. The Federal Government currently lets anyone around the world by Treasury Bills, why not open it up to every individual on Earth to buy Federal Lottery Tickets? And this system of a lottery would as a prerequisite require the elimination of the ability of the Treasury to borrow money as well.

Why doesn’t the Federal Government ask for donations like charities? Like this mess with Kony in Uganda and the endless wars overseas. Why not have people who advocate for these wars out of Humanitarian Concerns put up their own money to fight these wars and better yet go over there and kill the people they believe should be killed.

Just imagine a super limited government with a Budget of only $300 billion and how few favors it could bestow. The campaigns of politicians would immediately change. No longer would anyone want to spend one Billion dollars to be president or millions to be a Congressman. The juice would not be worth the squeeze. That is what I advocate for. And when all those trillions which are being stolen by the Federal Government are back in the hands of the productive individuals who earned that money unbelievable amounts of innovation and leaps in efficiency will occur.

People who advocate for Liberty believe that this is too far-fetched. For me I believe in living in the Ideal. To have the highest quality thought of who I want to be and what world I want to live in.

“Great men never accepted circumstances as they are. If they had they wouldn’t have become great men.”
” To Hell with Circumstances I create Opportunities.”

And that is what I am focused on doing is creating opportunities to live as free as I can now, help others desire to be free and present the best alternatives I know to the tyranny of Collectivism. The good thing about any creation of man is that it can be undone by other men. And Government is nothing more than a creation of man. It all begins with thoughts of individuals and the belief that everyone can change their own life and from that unimaginably awesome changes will occur. I believe that the greatest amount of Liberty ever to be experienced by man has not occured in the past but will be enjoyed by those in future.

The Truth can not win out if it is not believed. The Truth can not win out if it is not spoken. The Truth can not win out if it is not lived.

Brad Miller


  1. Why not have a national sales tax or replace the current tax code with nothing?

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  2. Unfortunately we live in an age in which Statism is the dominant religion. I’m for exploring all ideas that increase the atmosphere of individual liberty. A lottery is a voluntary act. Taxation is not. Have u started a blog? I’d enjoy reading your ideas on replacing the Federal Tax code.


  3. Brad Miller, I have not started a blog of my own. Also, if you want the truth about the income tax and the Federal Reserve, watch Aaron Russo’s documentary America: Freedom to Fascism. There is no law that requires individuals to pay personal income tax.


    • I highly recommend you do. A freer society begins with persuasion. The more people adding their voice to the chorus of liberty the better. Thanks for the recommendation. As far as there being no law for paying the income tax u may want to ask Wesley Snipes how arguing for that turned out. Laws are beliefs. The only way to secure liberty is not with parchments with laws written in ink but with cryptography. Mathematical laws can not be broken by man. Crypto currencies, distributed internet, and encryption are all ways to become more free today without being a target for the Federal Leviathan to make an example of you for questioning one of the core tenets of The National Religion of Statism, which is the redistributive income tax.


  4. Brad Miller, all we have to do is ask to see the law.


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