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2. 3 Billion Revolutions: One Mind at a Time/One Thought at a TIme

In True nature of the State on February 21, 2012 at 8:35 pm

When 2.3 Billion individuals desire to be free the rest of the world will follow!!!

I’ve thought long and hard about why people don’t seem to want to be free. I don’t think its an intelligence problem. I don’t think its a lack of awareness of the Rise of the Totalitarian State. In fact I think a lot of people feel comforted by the increase of the size and power of Government. And the reason they do is the same reason they don’t currently desire to be free and that is they lack the Confidence in themselves to be self-responsible.

Either they don’t believe in their own capacity to take care of themeslves or their families or they don’t want to have to try. But I think its the first. There will always be indivdiuals in society who will not “try”. But like criminals they are alwasy a small segment of society and an entire National Landscape should not be altered because of a few patches of crab grass here and there.

My mission in life is to live as free as possible and help others do the same. To me its amazing anyone would want to live under a Collectivist regime since they always end in famine, firing squads and death camps. But that is not the best way to sell Freedom in my opinion. I’ve framed my argument for too long as an anti argument. Now I want to help those who currently don’t want to be free to develop the confidence and feel the power of what it means to be a Rational Individual with Inalienable Rights who is responsible for and capable of meeting not only his needs and achieving his dreams.

Internal Freedom will lead to External Freedom.

In order to live in a free world individuals need to 1. Know that freedom is an option and 2. Believe that they can survive and thrive in a Free Society.

What is needed is the Personal Confidence to take responsibity to meet one’s individual needs. That is what the whole freedom issue boils down to. Everything else revolves around that.

That is why I’m no longer calling for 100 million personal revolutions in America but for 2.3 billion personal revolutions to take place world-wide. I’m talking about 2.3 billion personal revolutions in which people have the confidence to live their lives as they desire. Once 33% of the world’s population believes this they will start creating external peaceful political revolutions because the freer men think the less government they want.

That is because once people learn what it means to be free  and live their lives as they see fit the only thing they will desire from government is to get out of their way.  Once individuals have eliminated the self-limiting internal shackles and are pursuing their definition of happiness they will naturally want to shed the external shackles of taxation and government regulations that impedes or makes more difficult the achieving of their dreams. My Dream is to see the entire population of Earth Free of all Government Coercion and that no peaceful activity of any individual will ever be regulated or taxed or  outlawed by any Government.

In order to live free of external  limits one must first be free from the limits internally that we impose on ourselves.  That is the idea behind the one mind one/one thought at a time tagline for the 2.3 Billion Revolution Movement. Because that is where everything begins.

The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom.  Emerson

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.  Thoreau

So as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Bible

The Core Concept or spark if you will for Personal Revolution is the belief that Your thoughts create your reality and that you and you alone are in charge of your thoughts. Everything else flows from there.

The Three KEy thoughts to have in order to live as a free man internally and then effect that change externally are:

1. I AM

2. I CAN


These three statements clarify who you are, what you want, instill a belief in yourself that you can reach your goals, and the determination to do so.

I AM: Simply Means you are you. This  means that you are a unique individual with needs and dreams. You and you alone are responsible for seeing those satisfied and fulfilled. You alone think, act and feel the experience of your life. This also means you have Inalienable Righ, Natural Right to your life, liberty and property you’ve earned. No one has a claim on your thoughts your actions or the product of your labor.

I CAN: Means that you are endowed by God with Reason. That you can achieve what you desire when you objectively view yourself and the world and rationally devise a plan to achieve your goals. This also means that you can do anything that you want as long as it does not violate the Inalienable Rights of others.

I WILL: This is almost a superpower. Everyone of us possesses it.  It means that once you have an overwhelming desire to achieve something nothing on this Earth will stop you from doing that. This is the essence of Confidence, of Self-Assuredness, of Determination, and of Perseverance.

These three statements are a foundation for Confidence that I believe can help anyone spark their Personal Revolutions and help them live their best life possible.

Say these three out loud to yourself and see if you don’t sit up a little straighter. They are powerful. The “I AM”  statement is maybe the most powerful thought man has ever possessed. Think about what that means to you and how you diminish that on a daily basis by not going after what you need and want.

I believe once a third of the world’s population is truly committed to living their life to the fullest, freest way possible, out of these personal revolutions there will be the outward revolutions that those who love Individual Liberty want to see.

Why would someone who depends on Government and doesn’t believe in themselves want to have government reduced? That is the question.

Freedom is good. But freedom is always freedom from Government not responsibility.

I am, I can and I will continue to do what I can to help spark the personal revolution in one individual at a time until a third of the world is living internally free. Then once that occurs they will no longer depend on the Government and instead insist that it be chained down to Defending their Natural Rights and doing no more.

I believe that on the whole man has an innate desire to be free. But in today’s world of public education and popular culture they have forgotten how to think and act as free men. That is what this movement is all about. Getting rid of all the junk, injurious thoughts in your head and replacing them initially with the simple Phrases “I AM, I CAN, and I WILL”.

This will help plant yourself firmly at the center of your Universe.  Your own needs and desires are your priority. I know that is against just about everything you’ve been taught but think about how your life has unfolded by “serving” others and displacing your own needs for others? Its gotten you exactly where you are today. But you have begun your personal revolution. You confidence is growing everyday from here on out. You are figuring out what you want and how to go and get it. And everyday you are taking small efficient actions to accomplish your goals.

Life is short. Don’t let others fill your head with their wants, needs, judgements, prejudices, and desires. Your mind is your sacred temple. Don’t let it be defiled by anything that doesn’t serve the meeting of your needs. Your mind is where you worship yourself. You should sing hymns to yourself. Create your own Personal Anthem and imagine Christina Aguilera singing it. Have a flag made up and fly it in your room with your initials on it or your logo you’ve come up with. I always find it amazing how much college and pro sports team merchandise people buy. Its insane. You are you own team. You should believe in you. You should be rooting for you as hard as you route for your college or pro team. I’ve been blown away by how people are so engrossed in sports teams and their personalities for guys and the “stars” of the reality shows for the girls. You should be the most interested in your OWN LIFE!!!

That is not selfish or self-centered. That is the only rationally way to live. The more you are meeting your own needs the more of the needs of others you can help meet. Stated differently do you want to be around someone who is enthusiastic about their life and passionate about achieving their goals or someone who complains about how everyone is against them and they can’t ever accomplish what they want.
Enthusiasm and Passion are contagious. The world is a better place when you are passionate and enthusiastic about your own life!!!

Our lives our EPIC. You are the hero of your journey. Your story is on the same scale as The Iliad and the Odyssey. You should associate yourself with quality people who also recognize the magnitude of this precious few moments on Earth.

And when it comes to Romantic Love. Don’t worry about the girl who doesnt’ like you. Move one. Improve yourself and the heroine of your story will make her appearance. You will love her for her virtues and values and she will do the same with you. She will be your soul’s counterpart. And you will share how ever long of the journey together. I’m not saying there is only one true love for everyone and it lasts forever. I don’t know. All I believe that if a girl doesn’t want to be with you , you have to focus on your life and meeting your needs which means finding a girl who does care about you, who does ask you questions about your life and what is important to you. And you will do the same with her. I know that’s off track a little but loving another person starts with loving yourself.

THat is what I want for everyone. Too often I’ve focused on the limiting factors that used to hold me back. No longer. The first step is to remove the limits of your own mind and you will soon the external limits will fall away. Now it may take days, weeks, years or even decades but if you have faith of a mustard see you can move mountains.

But if you are to move the world you must move yourself first. Start today rewiring how your brain thinks. Stop the hateful self talk. Stop the wasted purposeless actions that have filled most of your days.
Start by understanding that your thoughts are building blocks of your life. And remember to unlock the potential within you all you need is these three Key Phrases.


Get out there and do something amazingly awesome today. Start it. Don’t worry if your not qualified. You never will be to push beyond your limits and do what you’ve never done before. Reading about exciting lives or watchign reality tv to feel better about your own life isnt living.

Commit to yourself to live every moment not in Fear but in Faith. COmmit to yourself to for a week hit with a club any injurious thoughts that crop up in your head.

You are awesome. You matter. What you think and do matters. The universe needs you. The people on Earth need you. More importanly you need you. Remember God has entrusted you with you. Make the most of it. We only have this life, we only have this moment.  Commit to yourself that you will seek to feel good, strong and calm as much as possible. Commit to yourself that patience as well as fear will be your friend. Embrace the anxiety and live within it. That is how great things happnen. The more you are exposed to the danger of the unknown and live through it the less each time it will affect you.

I want to be free and in order to do that I need others to desire the same thing. What I need to do first is to think as a free man, to trust my own judgement, to follow my own desires and dreams, make plans and act upon them, and never stop going forward. The more everyone else does this the less government  will exist becasue everyone will be self responsible. Today most of Government is caused by individuals granting their liberty over to those who claim to be able to take care of their needs whether it be a job, education or health care. Government can shrink back down to the size of the post revolutionary period or even less. because Free Men don’t need much government becasue they govern themselves.

Once the government is shrunk its funding can be done voluntarily through a national lottery. I think that is an awesome idea. I will not be participating in that but a crap load of people will. Just think if the Lotto Jack Pots were in the 100 of Millions on a weekly basis? And it provides an outlet for people to protest what the Government was doing. If enough people stopped playing its funding would shrink and policies would change.  I think that is an elegant solution to the problem of the taxation as theft problem with all present government.

I am going to start today reaching out to others to find individuals who desire to be free with the Goal of Reaching 2.3 billion individuals in my life time.

Once people are focused on their own lives, meeting their own needs, following their own dreams, producing within their minds only healing supportive thoughts their actions will translate their internal vision into external reality.

Just think what a true free market would look like . When 7 billion individuals freely trade goods and services for mutual benefit there is no limit to the possibilites. Who would have thought a hundred years ago we would have internet and tablet computers. What if instead of one Steve Jobs per generation there were fifty of them? I believe that all progress on Earth including the last two hundred years of primarily American Innovation sill pale in comparison to the unleashed innovative power of 7 billion people free to pursue their rational self interest without Government Intervention. That period when it comes about will see individuals producing inventions that will make Star Trek look like horse and buggy days. The creative power of the human mind when free from internal and external limits is truly capable of anything.

I hope this will spark your personal revolution and get you motivated to unleash the potential that lies within you. Which by the way is unlimited because you can always learn more and accomplish more. You are unlimited if you first unlimit yourself. The outside world will conform to your internal vision. And when 2.3 billion envision a world that’s free what a wonderful place that will be.

Free Your mind and the rest will follow. ( Thanks to en vouge for that) 🙂
Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Personal Revolution

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