Brad Miller

Wanted: 100 Million Indivduals who want to be Free

In Advocates of Liberty, True nature of the State on February 18, 2012 at 10:10 pm

That is all that is needed to assure that Freedom, which always means freedom from Government returns to America. During the time before the Revolution in America only 33% of the population wanted to secede from England, 33% didn’t care, and the other 33% thought it was a bad idea.

What I am calling for ONE HUNDRED MILLION INDIVIDUALS who believe in their God-Given Natural Right to immediately stop voting for anyone who has in the past or plans to in the future use the force of Government to Violate anyone’s right to their Life, Liberty and Property.

Many may wonder how can 100 million people agree on anything? That’s the beauty of Freedom. You don’t have to agree on everything because when Government is out of your life you are the arbiter of what you should and should not do. Again individual volition and responsibility will dictate the behavior of individuals not the edicts from politicians or bureaucrats.

I believe we are entering into the second Enlightenment. How many people do you know understand the ideas of Freedom, of Government tyranny and the importance of Rational Thinking?

I like Leonard Read’s take on Liberty and it’s simply “anything peaceful“. He like Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises were Minarchists meaning they believed in a severely limited state that ony interfered into a person’s life after they initiated force against another.

Ayn Rand believed you could do anything except violate the Natural Rights of Others.

No man has a right to initiate the use of force against another.”

So those are the parameters of action for Free Men in a Free Society. You can do anything that is peaceful or stated differently you have no right to initiate force against another. That is as simple as it gets. We get all caught up in every minutia that doesn’t matter in life and forget to focus on the big ideas.

I believe that 100 million people in this country would agree to these two principles. I call in O.H.M.I. (one hundred million individuals.)

This is a peaceful revolution of 100 million individuals who believe in Liberty. That’s it. There is nothing more than that.
Think about the Libertarian Test. If you’ve not taken it I urge you to do so.

But I want something even simpler. Most people today don’t realize how important Freedom is to them and their families and what it means to lose that freedom.

The simple quiz would be two questions.

1. Do you believe you have the right to personally  steal someone elses’ property, dictate their peaceful behavior or take their life?

2. Do you believe you can use the force of Government to do so?

As Thomas Jefferson wrote about others “I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t break my leg or pick my pocket”.

Isn’t that what it all boils down to. Do you have the right to steal someone’s property and take their life, and do you believe someone else has the right to do the same to you.

I can see 100 million people getting behind this. All this is a rehashing of the Golden Rule which by the way is the basis of most religions.

These are the only questions that any political debate should be based upon. Because if a politician believes that he or government believes they can steal from you through taxation or kill you or limit your peaceful choices then he should never be voted for.

This will be the litmus test for all politicians going forward. I want to make up shirts and have people wear these to the political rallies and the town hall meetings. And there will be only two questions to ask the politicians who are in power or running for power,
“Do you have the right to steal someone’s property, limit their peaceful behavior or take their life? Do you believe you have the right to use the Government to do this?

For me Government by its existence steals from us, limits our choices and destroys innocent life. But my quest is to be as free as possible as soon as possible and the best way to do this is to reduce the size of the tumor before it can be excised. Its tentacles are so deep that if it were removed the damage would be so great that it would do more harm than good.

I believe that a Second Revolution is coming. I am advocating for a peaceful one.  It begins in the hearts and minds of each us. Our job is to educate as many people as we can and get them on board to becoming one of the O.H.M.I.

Freedom is a good thing. Government is the problem. Liberty is the Solution. When people are free miraculous things happen.

In the upcoming election only two men would say no to the second question and those two men are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. More than likely Ron Paul will not get the Nod as Republican nominee. But Gary Johnson will still be in the Race as he put it taking up the torch for Ron Paul.

The Ideas of LIberty are simple. They don’t require a huge police state to institute. In fact Liberty diminishes as Government grows.

I’m not a joiner. But I urge everyone to talk to their friends and family about the ideas of Natural Rights and Freedom. If we get only 100 million people on board we can turn the ship around. And the numbers for the world are only 2.3 billion people.

Once we get America back on Track we can start spreading the word everywhere and who knows in a single generation the world could be a completely different place. Can you imagine if there was as much innovation around the world as we have seen in America in the last two hundred years? I want that. That means billions of people are using their full creative powers to create products to satisfy the demands of consumers around the world. I want that. There is not a static pie that is divided up among everyone. There is an ever expanding pie if only government will allow individuals freedom to trade with one another without restrictions. That means repealing the legal tender laws, ending all tariffs, opening the borders, bringing all troops home from overseas and taking all regulations off individual peaceful transactions where both parties voluntarily trade with one another.

I have started visualizing such a world and it is amazing. To be able to wake up everyday and not think at all about Government, because every individual is responsible for “governing” themselves.”. To  wake up and get into my personal flying car (the explosion of innovation will be staggering) and travel anywhere in the world without a passport, to trade with anyone on Earth, to consume whatever I desire and to live exactly as I see fit. That is a world I dream about.  And it’s not too far away. It begins with the thoughts of one hundred million individuals who desire to be free which will hopeful turn into the thoughts of 2.3 billion individuals across the world who want to be free also.

Thoughts proceed from action. My thoughts from now on will be about bringing about this world by maintaining in my own mind the importance of Liberty and helping others to do the same. I can’t wait to live in a free world in which everyone on Earth experiences the freedom to develop their unique personalities and uncover their true potential.

Just think about the unused individual human potential just going to waste on Earth today. If everyone were free the explosion of creative energy of a planet of 7 billion people would be a sight to behold. I can’t wait.

All we need to get started is for one mind with one thought. I don’t believe I have the right to steal from someone else, to tell them how to live or take their life.
Then help them to see that Government doesn’t have the right to do that either and we’ve got ourselves the beginnings of the Next Revolution (peaceful of course). It has already begun. I know my thoughts are nothing like they were three years ago. I’ve gone from a war loving conservative to a peace-loving advocate of liberty. If I can do it others can too.

Remember you are an individual.  The Phrase “I AM” is the most powerful phrase in the history of Human Thought. And followed closely behind are “I CAN” and “I WILL”. I know ” I CAN”  help to bring about the next peaceful revolution and “I Will”. My Natural Rights are my responsibility to defend and so are yours.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, and Peaceful Revolution

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