Brad Miller

Equality of Outcome: The End of Civilization as we know it

In True nature of the State on February 16, 2012 at 1:08 am

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a collectivist movement. That is the ideology at its heart. It is not about individualism, Peace and Natural Rights.

At the heart of the message of Occupy Wall Street is a desire to use Government to redistribute the wealth of certain Individuals. That is what every “mass” movement is about. In 1848 in France the revolutionaries cried out “Blood or Bread”. I think we may well soon come to that point here in America. To some degree it already has.

But I can not blame the 1848 revolutionaries in France or the Occupy Wall Street people in America for wanting a change in the way the world works. But I think that the Occupy folks in America today are greatly mistaken as who is to blame for the seeming “inequality” in the world.

Isn’t that what all this boils down to is “Inequality”? Anytime you hear the phrase “economic justice”, guaranteed jobs for all, “a living wage” what the speakers are really advocating is a leveling out of income from one person to another.

And the ultimate goal for many socialists as Lenin wrote is for “communism”. That is the total elimination of all material inequality for everyone on Earth. Think about that. Lenin wanted to have the  center of World Communism head quartered in Moscow, Russia. Today I believe Washington D.C. wants to be the center of a World Wide Government where the trend is toward  a “leveling” incomes from the “wealthy “to the “poor”. They fail to realize that individuals not groups of people own property and the only way to forcibly take this property is by force, and that is defined as “THEFT”.

If that weren’t so why would there be a World Bank and an International Monetary Fund? Why would there be a  push from the U.N. for a world-wide minimum tax?

Bastiat during the 1848 Revolution in France was appalled by the Socialists and wrote ” Now is it the most unfortunate who gain in this struggle? Certainly not, but rather the most influential and calculating..”

That is still true today. The most staunch advocates of “equality” are the one’s who seek to take advantage of this “leveling” out process by being the administrators.

I love the quote by Al Sharpton when he said everyone should have the same thing in their houses. Someone should ask him for an inventory of his home. He by the way is worth a reported $5 million dollars. I don’t like to call out individuals but those who seek to redistribute what others have should first redistribute what they own.

Those who advocate for Collectivism always fail to lead by example. How many celebrities who embrace Che Guevara try to start a commune on their L.A. compounds? How many politicians who become millionaires because of their time in Congress turn around and house the homeless in their homes?

This argument also applies equally to those who are part of the Pro-life campaign. It’s so easy to talk its much harder to do. Those who are Pro-Life who want to use the force of government to stop abortions should privately build up a network of adoption clinics, provide free healthcare to women, house single moms in their homes, buy diapers and formula and commit financially to the children they want to save. To me that is a more compelling argument than yelling at some sacred young lady going to a clinic.

An example is the best argument. I got off track there. But what I’m talking about with the whole idea of equality violates human nature. If it didn’t 170 million more people and their relatives would be walking this Earth right now. That is because this “equality” experiment better known as “Communism” was tried by many countries in the 20th century. They had to murder their own citizens to try to make it work. Guess what it didn’t even after 170 million people were purposefully murdered.

Some could argue Marx is responsible for more deaths than any other human being who ever lived. His ideas on Socialism and Communism led to the murder of almost 200 million people. How could anyone read any writing that is even remotely related to this collectivist ideology  when every time it was instituted its led to poverty, starvation and mass murder?

I know it’s a way overused quote but this is how the Collectivists Think “One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic”. STALIN

We can’t forget what these people said because the rhetoric coming from the Occupy Wall Street folks, the AFL-CIO, and even from our White House share ideological roots with Stalin and Marx. We can not ignore when people talk of “equality” because they are not talking about “equality” before the law. They are talking about equality of material wealth. This is sometimes “Equality of Outcome”. That is COMMUNISM people.

As Bastiat wrote under such a system which was being instituted in France in 1848 ” Everyone will direct his effort toward contributing little to and taking much from the common fund of sacrifice”.

This is the impulse that destoys civilization. Look at the cars produced in the 1950’s in America vs. the cars made in Russia? Does anyone talk of the classic Russian equivalent of the 1957 Chevy? No it doesn’t exist. In Russia they produced arguably the worst car ever made that had wooden doors!!!

So on one hand this idea of “equality’ appeals to one side of human nature that is the desire to do the least amount of work for the most gain, and  on the other hand violates another portion of human nature which innately believes that the product of an individual’s labor is his own.

Humans are unique individuals.That is what makes each of us awesome. When “equality” is enforced at the barrel of a gun, individuality is greatly reduced, and you become an interchangable cog in the “collective”. That is precisely what the Collectivist Central Planners want because indivdiuality is hard to plan for.  That is why are public school system is based upon the Bizmarck German Model of the late 1800’s which was designed specifically to produce “citizen cogs” to work in the industrial revolution factories.

Equality always requires the leveling down of society. Material wealth is not created by redistributive mandates. It is only moved around and most of the time its stolen from the most productive and given to the least productive.

I know our current deal in America is messed up. With the Federal Reserve and the Large Bankimng Cartel the manipulation of the money supply transfers huge amounts of wealth from the majority of individuals to a small few. This is not because banks are evil, (fractional reserve banking is by the way) but because the GOVERNMENT enforces at the barrel of a gun the legal tender laws which forces every one of us to accept FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

Government is the problem not big business, not lobbyists, not  even banks. That is because none of them have an army, none of them have the ability to arrest, detain, and execute people. They only take advantage of the Government that exists and don’t you think the 16 trillion-dollar national debt has something to do with that? Don’t you think the trillion dollar defense department budget has something to do with that.

Again I’m off track. Anyway, Equality is impossible because we are all different. That is why some folks become neurosurgeon and some like to dig fossils. The myriad of products and service we enjoy is not because the force of Government was used to make everyone equal. No it is precisely because incentives exist in a Free Market that people will spend their lives working to produce products and services that other people value and will pay them for. The better they serve their fellow-man the more income they will acquire. This is why inequality is the necessary ingredient for Civilization to exist. Without it nothing new would ever be invented.

Now the only way this is skewed is by the above process of using the force of Government to intervene in the Free Market. Another way of putting it is that when ever the Government acts it acts to limit one person’s ability choose how to live their life in order to benefit another individual .

As Bastiat wrote “Government is the great fiction in which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else”.
We don’t have IPADS because of “equality”. We don’t have the millions of products on the shelves of the thousands of stores because of equality. We don’t have the internet because of Equality.

It’s funny how the Collectivists praise diversity but push for Equality. It is an oxymoron. The only reason they trumpet diversity is so they can lump people into “groups” and get those disparate groups to vote in a government that will use the force of government to redistribute the accumulated wealth of others.

When I hear anyone talk of “Economic Justice”, “Income Equality”, “Right to a Job” I think about Stalin and Lenin. They said the exact same things back in their day. And the image that crops up in my mind comes from a story told about during a great purge in the Ukraine by Stalin. He was purposefully starving millions of people because they were “uncooperative”. The bread basket of Russia produced an abundance of wheat but instead of using it to feed the people of the Ukraine Stalin exported it to prove to the world the effectiveness of Communism. This led people to do unthinkable things.

The story goes that starvation was so bad wives would swap children with their neighbors because they could not bear to eat their own children!  Cannibalism of children was the outcome of the “equality” experiment in Communist Russia. This image should be the image to stop in the tracks any further push of collectivism in this country. We are not there yet but we are further along that road than most people think.
The only Equality that an individual requires is that Equality of Universal Justice of Natural Rights. Everyone has a God-given Natural Right to their Life, Liberty, and Property. The whole idea of Equality violates the idea of Private Property.

Those who advocate for Progressive Income Tax are redistributionists and their collectivist ideology is from the same ideological tree as Stalin, Mao and Marx. That is the danger we face today. These words have meaning because they are being fed to the young who are embracing them in their hearts and heads and who will vote for politicians who are all to happy to redistribute the wealth of others so they can stay in power and feather their own nests.

Equality of Outcome is the opposite of individualism and should be shunned by everyone who desires to be free. Who decides whats equal? Who is the one who administers the seizure of assets and who hands them out? And what if others around the world have less than you do? Should the U.N. force you to give what you have to level your income out with a Cambodian Farmer? That is the logical end to their ideology. It is truly absurd and dangerous. The whole process of “fairness” and “equality” is based upon force.

It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle.

Embrace your differences that is what makes you unique. Civilization is not moved forward by those who imitate the past and refuse to change the future. Like Emerson wrote “Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide”.

Equality is imitation to a certain degree and civilization will die if the innovators are once again stifled by the brutal hand of government. Collectivism kills innovation. Collectivism  kills choice. Collectivism destroys civilization. Collectivism ultimately kills people.

Freedom is a good thing. Inequality is awesome. I don’t want to be like anyone else. All I want is to get what others are willing to trade me for.

Government is force. Using Government to force individuals to have equal material wealth is an exercise of that force. It is dangerous and leads to horrible things like people being stuffed into cattle cars, citizens spying on citizens, gas chambers and the deaths of millions. Remember Government is the problem. Liberty is the solution.

Words Matter. Research for yourself the origin of the Collectivist Ideology and your blood run cold. The words coming out of our politician’s mouths could be coming out of Marx, Mao or Lenin. That is scary. I believe if it weren’t for the gun ownership in America we would be closer to the desired “equality” of the Collectivist Planners by now.

Lenin “One man with a gun can control a hundred men”.
Stalin” Ideas are more dangerous than guns, we would not let our enemies have guns why should we let them have ideas.”

Life is not fair. But the Natural Laws of the Universe are. We all have a mind to use in order to  discern them and then enlist their aide to accomplish what we desire in this world.

Brad Miller


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