Brad Miller

One Party: The Government Party

In True nature of the State on February 8, 2012 at 8:36 pm

If anyone doesn’t think this whole political system is rigged should look at who the nominee will be for the Republic ticket. This man is supposed to represent the opposite of who is  currently in the White House. He must be someone who believes in limited government and individual liberty. He must be as far away from a socialist as one can be, right? WRONG.

Mitt Romney believes in collectivist ideas just as the president does and has in fact set the table for the most sweeping liberty destroying legislation ever passed in the good ol’ USofA.

How in the world can the “opposition” party the party which currently doesn’t hold the White House run a candidate who supporst the crowing achievment of the sitting president. Not only does Mitt Romney support an indivdual mandate while in office as governor he signed into law the prototype for Obama care.

This is insane. Our choice is between the guy who implemented the single payer mandate to the nation and the other guy is the one who ran the prototype in Massachusetts. I am not shocked that the system is rigged any more. If you research how Alexander Hamilton encouraged the Federal government to assume state debt to centralize power, there is no way anyone can be surprised at the mess we are in today.

What does surprise me is that the American people keep lapping up the lies from the politicians. There is no difference in the parties. There is only a difference in degree.

Right now the wars in Afghanistan, the tough talk against Iran is set up to pacify the Conservatives and the Left gets Obama care, Soak the rich and redistribute the wealth.

All the while those in power prosper while the American people suffer with higher prices due to inflation and regulation.

Mitt Romney and Obama believe that Government has the right to interfere with any part of your life. They do not believe in the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (The pursuit of happiness clause was originally the right to your property. But even under the current wording happiness means, happenstance in the lexicon of the revolution. Which means that each person has a God-given right to pursue their own direction without the interference of the Government and to reap whatever risk and reward of their actions)

The healthcare system of Romney and Obama violates your basic fundamental Natural Rights. If someone controls your healthcare they control your life, if they control your healthcare they destroy your liberty, which is simply your ability to choose, and they destroy your ability to pursue your definition of happiness because they destroy your ability to reap the risk and reward of your individual behavior.

Romney should be booed off stage at every single Republican Primary but everyone is so scared that he is the only “electable one”. What does that even mean? Electable. Does it mean he is the best liar? Does it mean he is able to soften the collectivist rhetoric with terms of Liberty and Freedom better than the other candidates? Does it mean he is attractive enough so women will vote for him? Does it mean he is able to pretend the best he is not a part of the Government Party?

Liberty is destroyed more and more at every election. Even though the SOPA bill was delayed a new version will slip through probably even worse than the current version. The totalitarian state continues to grow. Mitt Romney will not stop it. He will not reverse the growth of government and he will not repeal Obama Care. His take is that he will issue an executive order so States can opt out if they choose. And I’m sure if they do they will lose a huge chunk of Federal Funds.

That is the problem today. There are no States. There are only divisions of the Federal GOvernment. This is what Jefferson warned about but did not do enough to protect. This is what Alexander Hamilton wanted and he has won.
Why does Liberty slip away so easily? Why do people not want to be free?

Live Free or Die is just a phrase people say. We are dying every one of us because of the growth of government. Every time a law is passed it limits our ability to express ourselves. In doing so this limits who we are and thus destroys the potential life we would have lived. Make no mistake we have a One Party system, THE GOVERNMENT PARTY.

I still support Ron Paul as the best candidate trumpeting liberty. But even the stalwart of Liberty has been tainted by the system. He has been in congress maybe too long. There is talk of Paul’s campaign colluding with Romney. If this is true it is very disappointing. I would want Ron Paul to shout down Romney from the hilltops and treat him not as a friend but as an enemy.

I have a feeling that Romney will win the White House but the Senate will stay in control by the Democrats so everything that has been put in place will remain. The whole system is so f’d that it needs to be rebooted. Collectivism is like a virus that has effected every level of government. It is because the very idea of Government is a collectivist notion and limited government is a pipe dream. On the other hand maybe Anarcho-Capitalism is too.

I don’t watch the debates. There is no reason to. All politicians lie. They continue to lie after they are elected. Government is based upon lies, stealing and murder. There is no mistaking it.

I am not advocating anything except that people stop to think about the big picture. Where is the uproar over Obama Care now as the myriad of its pieces are being silently erected across the country? Where is the outcry to repeal it? It doesn’t exist. Do you find that curious? Has Mitt Romeny ever apologized for giving the Feds the blueprint for Obama Care?

The whole system from the Federal Reserve controlling your money, to Health and Human Services controlling your healthcare is about the elites controlling us. They are whittling down our choices in life. Why do you think that is? Do you think it benefits us or those that hold the reigns of power? I am appalled at this world. I am appalled at the apathy of Americans. I am appalled at the lies we are fed. I am appalled at the ONE PARTY RULE.

By the way Soviet Union which was termed the “Evil Empire” also had ONE PARTY RULE. Do you really have a choice come election day?

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