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If Human Nature is Evil; How can we ever be Free?

In Liberty, True nature of the State on February 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm

Should individuals be free to interact with others as they see fit or should all human interactions be regulated and governed?

That is the question that every law passed answers. It’s ironic that most people view themselves as peaceful but they view everyone else as evil. Every law from Banking Regulations to Free Medical Care aims at the fundamental question: Are humans fundamentally evil? If left free would individuals violate or respect the Natural Rights of Others? Stated differently if you know that no one is watching do you try to steal from your neighbor? Do you try to kill that old lady for her pocket book?

I belive this is one aspect of the freedom argument that most people skirt around. Most people believe that Human Nature is fundamentally evil. They believe that humans will violate the Natural Rights of others to meet their own needs every chance they get. This is the reason why Government has no limits to its scope. Once that premise is accepted there is no end to the kinds of transactions that governments will be called upon to regulate.

Look at the TSA scanners and patdowns. Those searches assume that every individual who is boarding a plane is planning to murder all the passengers on board. Every regulation of business assumes that individuals within those companies are seeking to steal and defraud those who purchase their products and services.

If Humans have to be “regulated” in order for a peaceful society to exist then everyone should be advocating for a Total State. Because we are not safe from anyone including ourselves. That is exactly the attitude that is gaining wider and wider acceptance everyday.

The Total State adherents believe that no man on Earth (except themselves and their ilk) will  behave peacefully toward their fellow-man. Conservatives and Liberals both hold this fundamental truth. Liberals believe that the “Greedy” will destroy the weak and the Conservatives believe the “infidels” will either blow up the faithful or the “infidels” will rebel against God and thus bring down God’s wrath upon the faithful as well as the “infidels”. Either way individuals will not and fundamentally can not coexist in a peaceful society, and its only with the omnipresent gaze and the iron hand of government can humans live in close proximity with each other.

But this assumption is acutally is disproven throughout history. It is always those who sought power to rule over others who have killed, pillaged and destroyed thoughtout the history of government on Earth. Who conscripts the armies of the world? Who directs the battleships? Who confiscates tribute, which today is called taxes. Who lies and obfuscates in order to remain in power? It is predominantly those who seek and hold public office.

I don’t believe that humans are fundamentally evil. Because I don’t believe I am. Do you believe that you are? Do you believe your family is fundamentally evil? Do you believe your friends are? Do you believe that your co-workers are? Do you believe that they are at their heart murderers, thieves and liars?

If you answered yes to these questions then you need to have the Government, which is Legalized Force, to intervene, surveil and govern all interactions between yourself and yourself, between yourself and your family, between yourself and your friends, and between yourself and your co-workers and between yourself and your customers. (I define customers as anyone who purchases your product or service. For most of us that is our boss.) That is the only logical conclusion to the idea that we are all evil and must be watched so that we do not hurt ourselves or anyone else we come into contact with.

Ayn Rand believed that there was actually no conflict between the competing interests of Rational Men. She belived that rational men only gain what they can earn.  That concept even applies to love, because two men can never have the same love from a woman. Who ever a woman chooses to love, the other man could never have what she is giving to the other man. That is the essence of the absence of competition.

Rational individuals will only get what someone else is willing to give them in return for their product or service. If a customer wants to buy from a “competitor” the only recourse for a rational man is to improve his product, sell it at a cheaper price or look for other customers. A rational man never uses force to extract involuntarily something that he wants from another individual. A rational man only trades for what he wants.

I believe the whole idea of the evilness of man comes down the static concept of the World. That is a belief that there are limited resources and man being an animal will compete to get as much as he can, no matter who he has to kill, steal from or deceive to do it. This is a very pessimisitce and limited view of life. If there is truly a static “Pie” of all things and everyone must fight to get their “share” then I can see where some folks would think everyone would use force instead of trading to sustain and increase their life.

But look at the material wealth and abundance of food created in the last 200 years beacause of the energies of the Free People of America and to a lesser extent Europe. Could anyone have imagined the “pie” that exists today existing in 1812 or even 1912 or even in 1976? No. The idea of a static world or a static economy is insane. Life is change.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” Heraclitus

Most Collectivists hold as the definition of individualism as the  strong exploiting the weak. This could not be farther from the truth. It is a simplistic Collectivist view of the world. The main question besides the fact that peaeful trade improves everyone’s life withing a society is the question “Who defines who is strong and who is weak?” And more importantly who is going to be the one’s to “correct” the behavior of the strong, how will they have the resources to do so and until everyone is “equalized” won’t there always be those who will have more wealth than others? So the end game of all the Collectivist has to be Communism in which everyone is “equalized”.

And when these Collectivists get into power aren’t they now the “Strong” in Society? I would define anyone who has at their disposal a Trillion Dollar Military as the “Strong”. And if humans are fundamentally evil , then the more power they acquire the more evil they are.  Then wouldn’t it hold true that those who hold the “reigns of power” of Government are the most evil, because they are the most powerful in Society? You can see the absurdity of the Central Planners argument.

Frederic Bastiat lived during the time of increasing Socialism as we do today. In his time as now men were competing to come up new ways to “organize society”. He was an ardent opponent to all State planning. He would be well at home in the Liberty Movement of today.

For me Bastiat was a progenitor of the Anarcho-Capitalist movement even though his writings are overwhemingly in favor of a laissez-faire minarchist state.

“Even in the absence of all law, society would resist such acts (murder, theft, fraud), and consequently such resistance is a general law of humanity”.

He believed that Government should be only constituted to defend life, liberty and justly earned property. But his writings on the “harmonious nature of man” lays actually the foundation for the elimination of any Government.

What keeps you from violating the Natural Rights of others? Is it the fear of Hell or Jail? Or is the fact that you know that if you violate the Natural Rights of others you can not prosper in the long run? Is it because you know that eventually the truth will be found out and no one will want to interact with you because of your previous actions?

If you look at most world religions at their basic core is the Golden Rule. Most people practice that on a daily basis. And they wouldn’t if it did not help promote  peaceful relations with other individuals. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or stated differently don’t do anything to someone else you don’t want them to do to you.

I personally like the second version because it is a more “negative” view of action. It simply means I don’t want to be killed, stolen from or lied to. So I do not do that to others. We can only control our own actions. We can not control the actions of others ( Unless you are a Government Official).

Society is nothing more than the collection of individuals. Like Marcus Aurelius wrote “I am a Rational and Social Animal.”
Humans seek to interact socially with other individuals for many reasons. Ayn Rand wrote that the human animal is unique in the fact we can benefit from the passing down of knowledge from others and improve our lives trading with other humans.

A society is a mechanism in which individuals can learn from and trade with other human beings. . How long can any society exist if members are allowed to kill at will, steal whatever they like or deceive those who seek to trade with them? I tell you not very long. This is a fundamental economic Law. It doesn’t matter if gangs are running rampant in a small town killing, extorhting and stealing property or if its on a completely systematic way when a Government is based upon Collectivist principles. Eventually production is reduced and the standard of living for everyone including those who hold the reigns of power or the head of the maurading gang deterirorate because Collectivism destroys, it never creates.

But if humans are evil then there isn’t an instance of human interaction (including the transaction of love) in which the Government should not be involved in. If you are fundamentally evil and the only thing holding you back from murdering and stealing from your fellow-man is the threat of death or imprisonment then we need an unlimited Government to regulate and govern every human interaction.

That is what all Collectivism trends towards. What is ironic is that the mechanism of Government through which the Planners use in an attempt t0 extinguish Human evil is in itself an implement of murder, theft and deception. Its like trying to put out a match with a flame thrower.

When you go buy Zaxby’s and they serve you your food, do you think that the people fying up your chicken fingers  want you to die of Salmonella? Of course not. They want you to enjoy your delicious chicken fingers and then come back and buy from them again.  And if you get sick there and its traced back to them they will go out of business because others will stop buying their chicken fingers.

That is a simple example of Rational Self-Interest and that is the basis for all peaceful human interactions. Iits not the government but a person’s own Rational Self Intersest which impels each of us to try to improve and increase our own life which in turn compels us to trade peacefully with others.

I’m not saying there aren’t criminals in this world. But they are small in comparison to the criminals who currently populate the Government. Has any other criminal in the world stolen  trillion dollars, killed 100’s of millions of people or lie to millions of people everyday? Has anyone criminal orgainzation printed up trillions of counterfeit hundred dollar bills? No. Only the State can get away with that bull mess.

Government is the problem and Liberty is the Solution.

In reality its the thoughts in the minds of individuals who believe that individuals are evil and that huge intrusive destructive government is necessary which is the real problem. Only when the minds of men change will there be an external peaceful political revolution, one in which Government is chained down once again to its role of protecting your Natural Right to your life, liberty and earned property.

But as I’ve written in previous posts its only when a third of the population wants to be free, believes they can live peaceably with other individuals in society and have the courage to be self-responsible will the Collectivist ideas fall out of favor along with government based upon those ideas. Everything man made was first fashioned in the minds of men.
I belive that only when individuals are free to trade with other individuals will the most peaceful society possible  exist. I’m not talking about a Utopia. I’m talking about a world in which individuals are free to pursue their own uniqueness and uncover their potential. And the only way to do that is to freely and peacebly trade with their fellow-man.

I don’t believe humans are fundamentally evil. Every human being has to live. The best way to live is in peace. The freer individuals are the more peaceful they are. That is a fact. I want to live in the freest and most peaceful world I can. That is why I’m working to reach 2.3 billion people to spark their personal mental revolution that will lead eventually to an external peaceful political revolution.

Freedom is a good thing. And like Mises wrote “Freedom always means freedom from Government”. Not freedom from the responsibility of peaceably interacting with ourselves and our fellow man.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, Peace and Loving Life

2. 3 Billion Revolutions: One Mind at a Time/One Thought at a TIme

In True nature of the State on February 21, 2012 at 8:35 pm

When 2.3 Billion individuals desire to be free the rest of the world will follow!!!

I’ve thought long and hard about why people don’t seem to want to be free. I don’t think its an intelligence problem. I don’t think its a lack of awareness of the Rise of the Totalitarian State. In fact I think a lot of people feel comforted by the increase of the size and power of Government. And the reason they do is the same reason they don’t currently desire to be free and that is they lack the Confidence in themselves to be self-responsible.

Either they don’t believe in their own capacity to take care of themeslves or their families or they don’t want to have to try. But I think its the first. There will always be indivdiuals in society who will not “try”. But like criminals they are alwasy a small segment of society and an entire National Landscape should not be altered because of a few patches of crab grass here and there.

My mission in life is to live as free as possible and help others do the same. To me its amazing anyone would want to live under a Collectivist regime since they always end in famine, firing squads and death camps. But that is not the best way to sell Freedom in my opinion. I’ve framed my argument for too long as an anti argument. Now I want to help those who currently don’t want to be free to develop the confidence and feel the power of what it means to be a Rational Individual with Inalienable Rights who is responsible for and capable of meeting not only his needs and achieving his dreams.

Internal Freedom will lead to External Freedom.

In order to live in a free world individuals need to 1. Know that freedom is an option and 2. Believe that they can survive and thrive in a Free Society.

What is needed is the Personal Confidence to take responsibity to meet one’s individual needs. That is what the whole freedom issue boils down to. Everything else revolves around that.

That is why I’m no longer calling for 100 million personal revolutions in America but for 2.3 billion personal revolutions to take place world-wide. I’m talking about 2.3 billion personal revolutions in which people have the confidence to live their lives as they desire. Once 33% of the world’s population believes this they will start creating external peaceful political revolutions because the freer men think the less government they want.

That is because once people learn what it means to be free  and live their lives as they see fit the only thing they will desire from government is to get out of their way.  Once individuals have eliminated the self-limiting internal shackles and are pursuing their definition of happiness they will naturally want to shed the external shackles of taxation and government regulations that impedes or makes more difficult the achieving of their dreams. My Dream is to see the entire population of Earth Free of all Government Coercion and that no peaceful activity of any individual will ever be regulated or taxed or  outlawed by any Government.

In order to live free of external  limits one must first be free from the limits internally that we impose on ourselves.  That is the idea behind the one mind one/one thought at a time tagline for the 2.3 Billion Revolution Movement. Because that is where everything begins.

The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom.  Emerson

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.  Thoreau

So as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Bible

The Core Concept or spark if you will for Personal Revolution is the belief that Your thoughts create your reality and that you and you alone are in charge of your thoughts. Everything else flows from there.

The Three KEy thoughts to have in order to live as a free man internally and then effect that change externally are:

1. I AM

2. I CAN


These three statements clarify who you are, what you want, instill a belief in yourself that you can reach your goals, and the determination to do so.

I AM: Simply Means you are you. This  means that you are a unique individual with needs and dreams. You and you alone are responsible for seeing those satisfied and fulfilled. You alone think, act and feel the experience of your life. This also means you have Inalienable Righ, Natural Right to your life, liberty and property you’ve earned. No one has a claim on your thoughts your actions or the product of your labor.

I CAN: Means that you are endowed by God with Reason. That you can achieve what you desire when you objectively view yourself and the world and rationally devise a plan to achieve your goals. This also means that you can do anything that you want as long as it does not violate the Inalienable Rights of others.

I WILL: This is almost a superpower. Everyone of us possesses it.  It means that once you have an overwhelming desire to achieve something nothing on this Earth will stop you from doing that. This is the essence of Confidence, of Self-Assuredness, of Determination, and of Perseverance.

These three statements are a foundation for Confidence that I believe can help anyone spark their Personal Revolutions and help them live their best life possible.

Say these three out loud to yourself and see if you don’t sit up a little straighter. They are powerful. The “I AM”  statement is maybe the most powerful thought man has ever possessed. Think about what that means to you and how you diminish that on a daily basis by not going after what you need and want.

I believe once a third of the world’s population is truly committed to living their life to the fullest, freest way possible, out of these personal revolutions there will be the outward revolutions that those who love Individual Liberty want to see.

Why would someone who depends on Government and doesn’t believe in themselves want to have government reduced? That is the question.

Freedom is good. But freedom is always freedom from Government not responsibility.

I am, I can and I will continue to do what I can to help spark the personal revolution in one individual at a time until a third of the world is living internally free. Then once that occurs they will no longer depend on the Government and instead insist that it be chained down to Defending their Natural Rights and doing no more.

I believe that on the whole man has an innate desire to be free. But in today’s world of public education and popular culture they have forgotten how to think and act as free men. That is what this movement is all about. Getting rid of all the junk, injurious thoughts in your head and replacing them initially with the simple Phrases “I AM, I CAN, and I WILL”.

This will help plant yourself firmly at the center of your Universe.  Your own needs and desires are your priority. I know that is against just about everything you’ve been taught but think about how your life has unfolded by “serving” others and displacing your own needs for others? Its gotten you exactly where you are today. But you have begun your personal revolution. You confidence is growing everyday from here on out. You are figuring out what you want and how to go and get it. And everyday you are taking small efficient actions to accomplish your goals.

Life is short. Don’t let others fill your head with their wants, needs, judgements, prejudices, and desires. Your mind is your sacred temple. Don’t let it be defiled by anything that doesn’t serve the meeting of your needs. Your mind is where you worship yourself. You should sing hymns to yourself. Create your own Personal Anthem and imagine Christina Aguilera singing it. Have a flag made up and fly it in your room with your initials on it or your logo you’ve come up with. I always find it amazing how much college and pro sports team merchandise people buy. Its insane. You are you own team. You should believe in you. You should be rooting for you as hard as you route for your college or pro team. I’ve been blown away by how people are so engrossed in sports teams and their personalities for guys and the “stars” of the reality shows for the girls. You should be the most interested in your OWN LIFE!!!

That is not selfish or self-centered. That is the only rationally way to live. The more you are meeting your own needs the more of the needs of others you can help meet. Stated differently do you want to be around someone who is enthusiastic about their life and passionate about achieving their goals or someone who complains about how everyone is against them and they can’t ever accomplish what they want.
Enthusiasm and Passion are contagious. The world is a better place when you are passionate and enthusiastic about your own life!!!

Our lives our EPIC. You are the hero of your journey. Your story is on the same scale as The Iliad and the Odyssey. You should associate yourself with quality people who also recognize the magnitude of this precious few moments on Earth.

And when it comes to Romantic Love. Don’t worry about the girl who doesnt’ like you. Move one. Improve yourself and the heroine of your story will make her appearance. You will love her for her virtues and values and she will do the same with you. She will be your soul’s counterpart. And you will share how ever long of the journey together. I’m not saying there is only one true love for everyone and it lasts forever. I don’t know. All I believe that if a girl doesn’t want to be with you , you have to focus on your life and meeting your needs which means finding a girl who does care about you, who does ask you questions about your life and what is important to you. And you will do the same with her. I know that’s off track a little but loving another person starts with loving yourself.

THat is what I want for everyone. Too often I’ve focused on the limiting factors that used to hold me back. No longer. The first step is to remove the limits of your own mind and you will soon the external limits will fall away. Now it may take days, weeks, years or even decades but if you have faith of a mustard see you can move mountains.

But if you are to move the world you must move yourself first. Start today rewiring how your brain thinks. Stop the hateful self talk. Stop the wasted purposeless actions that have filled most of your days.
Start by understanding that your thoughts are building blocks of your life. And remember to unlock the potential within you all you need is these three Key Phrases.


Get out there and do something amazingly awesome today. Start it. Don’t worry if your not qualified. You never will be to push beyond your limits and do what you’ve never done before. Reading about exciting lives or watchign reality tv to feel better about your own life isnt living.

Commit to yourself to live every moment not in Fear but in Faith. COmmit to yourself to for a week hit with a club any injurious thoughts that crop up in your head.

You are awesome. You matter. What you think and do matters. The universe needs you. The people on Earth need you. More importanly you need you. Remember God has entrusted you with you. Make the most of it. We only have this life, we only have this moment.  Commit to yourself that you will seek to feel good, strong and calm as much as possible. Commit to yourself that patience as well as fear will be your friend. Embrace the anxiety and live within it. That is how great things happnen. The more you are exposed to the danger of the unknown and live through it the less each time it will affect you.

I want to be free and in order to do that I need others to desire the same thing. What I need to do first is to think as a free man, to trust my own judgement, to follow my own desires and dreams, make plans and act upon them, and never stop going forward. The more everyone else does this the less government  will exist becasue everyone will be self responsible. Today most of Government is caused by individuals granting their liberty over to those who claim to be able to take care of their needs whether it be a job, education or health care. Government can shrink back down to the size of the post revolutionary period or even less. because Free Men don’t need much government becasue they govern themselves.

Once the government is shrunk its funding can be done voluntarily through a national lottery. I think that is an awesome idea. I will not be participating in that but a crap load of people will. Just think if the Lotto Jack Pots were in the 100 of Millions on a weekly basis? And it provides an outlet for people to protest what the Government was doing. If enough people stopped playing its funding would shrink and policies would change.  I think that is an elegant solution to the problem of the taxation as theft problem with all present government.

I am going to start today reaching out to others to find individuals who desire to be free with the Goal of Reaching 2.3 billion individuals in my life time.

Once people are focused on their own lives, meeting their own needs, following their own dreams, producing within their minds only healing supportive thoughts their actions will translate their internal vision into external reality.

Just think what a true free market would look like . When 7 billion individuals freely trade goods and services for mutual benefit there is no limit to the possibilites. Who would have thought a hundred years ago we would have internet and tablet computers. What if instead of one Steve Jobs per generation there were fifty of them? I believe that all progress on Earth including the last two hundred years of primarily American Innovation sill pale in comparison to the unleashed innovative power of 7 billion people free to pursue their rational self interest without Government Intervention. That period when it comes about will see individuals producing inventions that will make Star Trek look like horse and buggy days. The creative power of the human mind when free from internal and external limits is truly capable of anything.

I hope this will spark your personal revolution and get you motivated to unleash the potential that lies within you. Which by the way is unlimited because you can always learn more and accomplish more. You are unlimited if you first unlimit yourself. The outside world will conform to your internal vision. And when 2.3 billion envision a world that’s free what a wonderful place that will be.

Free Your mind and the rest will follow. ( Thanks to en vouge for that) 🙂
Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Personal Revolution

Natural Rights and Rick Santorum

In True nature of the State on February 20, 2012 at 8:25 pm

Today Rick Santorum is leading in the polls for the Republican Nominee for President. I’ve actually heard from several people that they support Santorum. Whenever I hear that this is what I say to those folks.

Rick Santorum is a big government guy who doesn’t believe in the Natural Rights of the Individual. Stated differently he doesn’t believe in Individualism. He has several quotes where he denigrates Libertarians the “rugged individualism”. Like most Conservatives he wants to bomb people overseas and limit freedoms at home. Instead of working to chain down the Federal Government to the confines of the Constitution he wants to use the expanding powers created by preceding Congresses and Presidents to implement his “vision” for America.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want anyone’s vision for myself. That is because America is made up of individuals. Santorum doesn’t see that. He sees a “nation” of people who should behave in the way he sees fit. To that I say no thank you.

Natural Rights is another way to say that every individual on Earth has an inalienable right to their Life, Liberty, Property and Pursuit of Happiness.

Here’s a real gem from Rick Santorum that I think summarizes what he believes about Individual Liberty:

One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about  before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country…. Many of the  Christian faith have said, well, that’s okay, contraception is okay. It’s not  okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how  things are supposed to be”

Now who is to determine what is supposed to be? This is the same man who said this about individuals who choose to marry another individual of the same-sex (I hate the term gay/middle class/heterosexual…etc):

“Every society in the history of man has upheld the institution of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. Why? Because society is based on one thing: that society is based on the future of the society. And that’s what? Children. Monogamous relationships. ”

Society is made up of individuals. Only ten percent of the population is gay. So his assertion if gay people marry somehow there would not be enough people to continue society? That is insane. But the core of the issue is that he believes that if you force people to behave in a certain way according to how he reads the Bible somehow God will “bless the Nation” and all those who use the force of government to keep two people who love each other from marryinig will be especially blessed.

That to me is the definition of Collectivism. You are forcibly making those who disagree with you to behave in a certain way so that you benefit from their action or non action. First of all the whole idea that “God Blesses” or “Damns” a nation is crazy. A nation is a collection of individuals in a geographic area. Society doesn’t act, doesn’t believe, doesn’t “uphold”. Only individualis think act and are responsible for their actions.

Here’s another one:
“Isn’t that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage? “
With the 16 trillion-dollar debt, the five wars overseas, the drug war, the destruction of individual liberty at home, the  big government big business cartel that strangling the free market he’s talking about how wrong it is for two dudes or two chicks to marry? That is again insane.
He is a collectivist in the worse sense. He cloaks his brand of collectivism a thin veneer of Freedom  to make it go down easier for Conservatives.
Here’s his take on Individual Liberty:
“The idea is that the state doesn’t have rights to limit individuals’ wants and passions. I disagree with that. I think we absolutely have rights because there are consequences to letting people live out whatever wants or passions they desire. ”

Rick is clearly has not had his Personal Revolution yet. I’m hoping he will join the 100 million individuals who want to be free. soon. But until that happens I’ll continue to point out his irrational statements.

 This statement is a total denial of an individual’s right to choose how to live his life as he sees fit. Now maybe Santorum is saying that everyone has a right to act as they see fit as long as they don’t violate the Natural Rights of others. But we know that’s not true from his previous quotes about gay marriage.
Now on Iran I’m sure he has a sane approach right. One that will help to bring about peace. Wrong.

” he would tell Iranian leaders that either they open up those facilities, begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors — or the U.S. would attack them.

He doesn’t believe in Individual Rights at home or abroad. Have you looked recently how many U.S. military bases surrounded Iran? It is crazy. I wish Santorum would spend his time telling everyone how the interventionims around the world has helped to cause the problems we have but there is only one candidate who talks that way, I bet you can guess.

Now think for a second what would the State of Texas be doing if China had bases in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Lousiana, and Arkansas and ordered them to give up or stop developing a weapon that they themselves have pointed at Texas? Wouldnt Texas be doing everything they could to defend itself?

I know there are some crazy folks in Iran but they are in government. I would rather put my faith in the decency of ordinary individuals in any country than trust a politician to kill anyone anywhere in the world because their government threatened ours. Unless someone is attacking the shores of the United States of America I don’t believe we should kill individuals in other countries. That’s what I believe. Maybe I’m naive but I’d rather be naive then a murderer.
Because the case could be made that my tax money is going to pay for those bombs that blew up kids in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lybia and I don’t do anything to stop it. So in an extended way you could say I have the blood of the innocents on my hands. That is a scary thought when you take it to its logical conclusion which Rick Santorum I can guarantee you has never done.

By the way which  is the only country that has ever used a Nuclear Bomb? That’s right ; the United States of America, twice. The rhetoric from Russia during the cold war was no less inflammatory than that coming from some folks in Iran, is today and they had thousands of Nukes.

Look this argument could be made against every nation who has ever uttered a bad word about the Federal Government. Every nation has an army and even if they had one gun with one bullet than the logic would hold that we should go in and attack them immediately.

People around the world don’t hate us because of our “freedom”. We don’t have that much left anyway. They hate the U.S. Federal Government becasue of the five wars across the world, the 900 military bases, the rampant devaluing of the U.S. dollar and the arrogance to tell everyone around the world how to live. That is why there is animosity towards the U.S.
Stalin had a quote ” We don’t let our enemies have ideas and they are more powerful than guns, why would we let them have guns”.

I understand that nukes could kill a lot of people. But who has killed the most in the last ten years? It could be argued the wars started  by the United States in the last ten years have killed more people than the Iranians, Chinese or the Russians combined.

If Rick Santorum gets the nod for the GOP it is a vote against your Natural Rights. It is a vote against individualism, it is a vote against Peace, its a vote against the Free Market to America.

There is only one GOP hopeful you could vote for that understands your inalienable right to your life, liberty and property and that’s Ron Paul. Every other candidate including Santorum does not believe that you or anyone else on Earth has a right to live your life as you see fit. They believe that the State is the supreme arbiter of what you can and can’t do.
Who else but Ron Paul ever talks about Natural Rights? The Conservatives don’t because they (for the most part) believe your rights come from those who hold the reigns of power and and not from God and their only hope is to be the one’s holding the reigns.

By the way why do you think they use the phrase “reigns of power”? What do you think those reigns are attached to?


Brad Miller


Wanted: 100 Million Indivduals who want to be Free

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That is all that is needed to assure that Freedom, which always means freedom from Government returns to America. During the time before the Revolution in America only 33% of the population wanted to secede from England, 33% didn’t care, and the other 33% thought it was a bad idea.

What I am calling for ONE HUNDRED MILLION INDIVIDUALS who believe in their God-Given Natural Right to immediately stop voting for anyone who has in the past or plans to in the future use the force of Government to Violate anyone’s right to their Life, Liberty and Property.

Many may wonder how can 100 million people agree on anything? That’s the beauty of Freedom. You don’t have to agree on everything because when Government is out of your life you are the arbiter of what you should and should not do. Again individual volition and responsibility will dictate the behavior of individuals not the edicts from politicians or bureaucrats.

I believe we are entering into the second Enlightenment. How many people do you know understand the ideas of Freedom, of Government tyranny and the importance of Rational Thinking?

I like Leonard Read’s take on Liberty and it’s simply “anything peaceful“. He like Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises were Minarchists meaning they believed in a severely limited state that ony interfered into a person’s life after they initiated force against another.

Ayn Rand believed you could do anything except violate the Natural Rights of Others.

No man has a right to initiate the use of force against another.”

So those are the parameters of action for Free Men in a Free Society. You can do anything that is peaceful or stated differently you have no right to initiate force against another. That is as simple as it gets. We get all caught up in every minutia that doesn’t matter in life and forget to focus on the big ideas.

I believe that 100 million people in this country would agree to these two principles. I call in O.H.M.I. (one hundred million individuals.)

This is a peaceful revolution of 100 million individuals who believe in Liberty. That’s it. There is nothing more than that.
Think about the Libertarian Test. If you’ve not taken it I urge you to do so.

But I want something even simpler. Most people today don’t realize how important Freedom is to them and their families and what it means to lose that freedom.

The simple quiz would be two questions.

1. Do you believe you have the right to personally  steal someone elses’ property, dictate their peaceful behavior or take their life?

2. Do you believe you can use the force of Government to do so?

As Thomas Jefferson wrote about others “I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t break my leg or pick my pocket”.

Isn’t that what it all boils down to. Do you have the right to steal someone’s property and take their life, and do you believe someone else has the right to do the same to you.

I can see 100 million people getting behind this. All this is a rehashing of the Golden Rule which by the way is the basis of most religions.

These are the only questions that any political debate should be based upon. Because if a politician believes that he or government believes they can steal from you through taxation or kill you or limit your peaceful choices then he should never be voted for.

This will be the litmus test for all politicians going forward. I want to make up shirts and have people wear these to the political rallies and the town hall meetings. And there will be only two questions to ask the politicians who are in power or running for power,
“Do you have the right to steal someone’s property, limit their peaceful behavior or take their life? Do you believe you have the right to use the Government to do this?

For me Government by its existence steals from us, limits our choices and destroys innocent life. But my quest is to be as free as possible as soon as possible and the best way to do this is to reduce the size of the tumor before it can be excised. Its tentacles are so deep that if it were removed the damage would be so great that it would do more harm than good.

I believe that a Second Revolution is coming. I am advocating for a peaceful one.  It begins in the hearts and minds of each us. Our job is to educate as many people as we can and get them on board to becoming one of the O.H.M.I.

Freedom is a good thing. Government is the problem. Liberty is the Solution. When people are free miraculous things happen.

In the upcoming election only two men would say no to the second question and those two men are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. More than likely Ron Paul will not get the Nod as Republican nominee. But Gary Johnson will still be in the Race as he put it taking up the torch for Ron Paul.

The Ideas of LIberty are simple. They don’t require a huge police state to institute. In fact Liberty diminishes as Government grows.

I’m not a joiner. But I urge everyone to talk to their friends and family about the ideas of Natural Rights and Freedom. If we get only 100 million people on board we can turn the ship around. And the numbers for the world are only 2.3 billion people.

Once we get America back on Track we can start spreading the word everywhere and who knows in a single generation the world could be a completely different place. Can you imagine if there was as much innovation around the world as we have seen in America in the last two hundred years? I want that. That means billions of people are using their full creative powers to create products to satisfy the demands of consumers around the world. I want that. There is not a static pie that is divided up among everyone. There is an ever expanding pie if only government will allow individuals freedom to trade with one another without restrictions. That means repealing the legal tender laws, ending all tariffs, opening the borders, bringing all troops home from overseas and taking all regulations off individual peaceful transactions where both parties voluntarily trade with one another.

I have started visualizing such a world and it is amazing. To be able to wake up everyday and not think at all about Government, because every individual is responsible for “governing” themselves.”. To  wake up and get into my personal flying car (the explosion of innovation will be staggering) and travel anywhere in the world without a passport, to trade with anyone on Earth, to consume whatever I desire and to live exactly as I see fit. That is a world I dream about.  And it’s not too far away. It begins with the thoughts of one hundred million individuals who desire to be free which will hopeful turn into the thoughts of 2.3 billion individuals across the world who want to be free also.

Thoughts proceed from action. My thoughts from now on will be about bringing about this world by maintaining in my own mind the importance of Liberty and helping others to do the same. I can’t wait to live in a free world in which everyone on Earth experiences the freedom to develop their unique personalities and uncover their true potential.

Just think about the unused individual human potential just going to waste on Earth today. If everyone were free the explosion of creative energy of a planet of 7 billion people would be a sight to behold. I can’t wait.

All we need to get started is for one mind with one thought. I don’t believe I have the right to steal from someone else, to tell them how to live or take their life.
Then help them to see that Government doesn’t have the right to do that either and we’ve got ourselves the beginnings of the Next Revolution (peaceful of course). It has already begun. I know my thoughts are nothing like they were three years ago. I’ve gone from a war loving conservative to a peace-loving advocate of liberty. If I can do it others can too.

Remember you are an individual.  The Phrase “I AM” is the most powerful phrase in the history of Human Thought. And followed closely behind are “I CAN” and “I WILL”. I know ” I CAN”  help to bring about the next peaceful revolution and “I Will”. My Natural Rights are my responsibility to defend and so are yours.

Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty, and Peaceful Revolution

Out of Control Police State: Do you feel any safer?

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Today in America we are accosted by agents of the Government on a daily basis. There isn’t an aspect of your life that isn’t governed or policed. Now more than ever peaceful activities of individuals are being regulated by bureaucrats at all levels of Government.

People seem to forget that at one time there were almost no police in America and most people forget that the FBI didn’t even exist until the prohibition era. Government creates its own market. If alcohol was never outlawed the gangsters would have never risen to power, the FBI would not have come into being and the IRS which was used to bring in a bunch of the racketeers, would not have the power it has today.

Government produces one product and that is force. It uses this force to limit the activities of everyone who lives within its sphere of power. It incidentally resembles the Mafia in every respect. Maybe that’s why it targets it so much.

With the prohibition of Gambling, PRostitution and Drugs the government creates criminals and thus demands larger and larger police forces to combat these “evil doers”. That is how the police state grew in the past. The mafia and tax cheats were the biggest offenders. But in the last two decades the explosion of the police state can be attributed to two things 1. Drug Prohibition and 2. Terrorism.

Drug Prohibition could go away tomorrow and that would save the lives of tens of thousands of people across central and south america and around the world, as well as empty more than fifty percent of the prisoners serving jail time in the U.S. This Policing of the use of drugs has led not only to the killings of innocent individuals but was the first step in the militarization of the Police. SWAT teams have been developed to deal with drug dealers who are merely fulfilling a demand by customers. Think about that. I don’t even like the term drug dealer. Think about how the State manipulates the language. What is a pharmacist? A drug dealer, except with a permission slip from the government to dispense only “certified” government approved drugs to individuals. So a street drug dealer should really be called a street pharmacist or black market pharmacist or even a freedom pharmacist.

But nothing has led to the expansion of the Police State in America more than the overblown threat of terrorism. Did you know 90% of the foiled attempted terrorists plots are those that have been arranged by the FBI? That is crazy. They entrap these impressionable kids and give them fake bombs and even plan out the fake attacks, befriend these people and then arrest them. I don’t think the Government should be allowed to lie. All this undercover operations and drug entrapment is wrong.

Terrorism is a byproduct of U.S. Government action. If we had not had huge military bases in Saudi Arabia  9/11 may have never happened. The planners of the attacks site specifically the presences of U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia as the main reason for the attack. Why do you think the Pentagon and World Trade Towers were hit? They didn’t go after schools or shopping malls or the Superbowl.

Now the police are monitoring every phone call, all social media, all texts and any other form of communication. What are they searching for? They are searching for anyone who threatens their power. I heard one NSA guy say that the Government is not interested in listening to your phone calls about your last date or what you had for dinner. But they can do it!!! That’s the point. The shouldnt be listening to anyone’s phone conversations. If we weren’t going around the world killing untold number of brothers, husbands, and fathers, not to mention the thousands of women and children the Federal Government wouldn’t have to be so paranoid.

You may think that this applies only to the Federal Level  and not to the State and local levels. . In fact the more the Federal Police State grows and the more the military and intelligence complex grows the more the local and State police grow as well. The funding for a lot of what the local and State police get is from the Federal Level. They use this to direct the activities of the different departments, make them a subsidiary to the Homeland Security, Department of Defense, the DEA, and ATF.

Now more than ever police departments have armored cars, high-tech surveillance gear, and military style weapons. Have you seen a SWAT team officer lately? He looks like he belongs in Afghanistan and not on the streets of Atlanta. But this goes along with how the politician’s view America today. Senator McCain spoke out in defense of the ability of the Federal Government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens caught on U.S. soil who are deemed a “terrorist” without trial because America is now a battlefield!!! How scary is that?
The last time America was a battlefield it was during the Civil War or more accurately the War of Succession by the Southern States and how did Abraham Lincoln handle this? By suspending habeas corpus, instituting Martial Law and having Military Tribunals for “Terrorists” and “enemy combatants”. Is this the future we have in store for us?

The Federal Police are out of hand, privacy no longer exists, they can write their own search warrants, and deem anyone they want a terrorist and have the authority to make that person disappear. And they are increasingly colluding with the Local and State law enforcement. Do yourself a favor and Google fusion centers and see exactly what I mean.

In the news on a regular basis the “cooperation” of the Federalis and local cops is being documented. Why is L.A. deploying a military style command center to watch over the city? Why is FEMA and Department of Health and Human services buying up huge warehouses whose locations are secret? Why has the military conducted joint operations in L.A. with the local police? I don’t know I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the Government fears the people there is freedom.” Thomas Jefferson

The local police are no better. Why do you think there are so many cameras along the highways now? In some places it’s every third of a mile? What about all the guard rails going up? What about all the metered on-ramps? And also the countdown signs at cross walks. These people think we are either morons and terrorists. And what about the speed traps, the entrapment for prostitution and buying drugs?

If there were no prohibition on Gambling, Drugs and prostitution the police would take a drastic cut. They are in the business of self-preservation just like the generals and defense contractors are.  War is the health of the State. The War against Drugs, Prostitution and Gambling is the health of local law enforcement agencies.

I want to be free and left alone. I want to be able to put into my body what I choose to. I want to be able to pay a woman for sex if I choose to. I want to have the choice to gamble with whomever I choose to. I’m not saying I’d do any of these things but it would be my choice. The consequences of my actions will still rest squarely on my shoulders so if I get hooked on heroin and lose my job that’s my fault. If I contract venereal disease from a Lady of the Night that’s my fault (but that is highly unlikely if we look at legal prostitution in Nevada), and if I lose all my money gambling I will be broke. I don’t need a police officer to tell me that.

“An Anarchist is anyone who doesn’t need a police officer to tell him what to do.”

I know there are bad people in this world. But has there ever been a document written or a revolution fought against an individual? Stated differently only Government has throughout the course of history slaughtered millions, enslaved millions, stolen trillions and laid waste to much of the world at one time or another. Individuals acting on their own without the structure and bureaucracy of the Nation State can never threaten the life, liberty and property like Government does. And why was the second amendment added to the Constitution? Its primary purpose was that individuals would always be able to overthrow a tyrannical government if it; instead of Defending the Natural Rights of its CItizens violated them.

That was the founder’s thinking. My thinking is that no government is necessary. Individuals acting according to their self-interest and trading voluntarily with others can create a peaceful society in which no collective force of government is necessary. But until that happens I hope that the Police State will be reigned in.

If it’s not the senseless deaths of thousands will continue here and around the world. Two quick stories that illustrate how out of control the police are here and abroad.

A fifty year old man holding his grandson was shot and killed by SWAT officer recently. The man’s crime? He had kicked a neighbors trash can earlier in the day. That sounds like a raving mad man who needs to be put down right? Anyway it turns out he fits the profile of a “Sovereign Citizen” Which the FBI recently alerted Local Law Enforcement as a movement dangerous to police. Needless to say that this must be a huge crisis for the FBI to alert the whole country to right? Wrong. There were less than thirty incidents with so-called Sovereign Citizens in the last three years. One of them did end in the shooting of a Local Cop. But why isn’t there an alert to all individuals to warn us of the dangerous and deadly nature of SWAT OFFICERS? By the way the granddad was not armed and was putting the child down when he was shot in the head.

That’s on the local level. Now let’s take this idea of the Police State that’s out of control onto the International Stage. I coud cite the death toll on the Mexican border but that’s been reported and not many people care. The response to that has been typical, more funds for more police and more military style hardware for local law enforcement. No the story I want to tell you is happening right now in Afghanistan and it’s because of the “War on Drugs”.

If you think that the War on Drugs should not be ended on the grounds of individual liberty, or the out of control expense or the crime created by the prohibition it creates, then this story might help sway you.

Poppy farmers in Afghanistan grow somewhere between 75-90% of the poppy in the world. Now most people don’t realize that most of these farms are small plots of land tended by individual farmers and their families. And these small farmers borrow the money from the drug dealers to finance the buying of the land and the growing of the poppy. Then when harvest time comes, the drug dealers come along and collect what’s due them out of the harvest and give the farmer his remuneration for his work. Unfortunately the War on Drugs in the U.S. and the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan has led to the destruction of many of these small farmers’ fields.

I’m sure the drug dealers who leant the money to these farmers will understand its the U.S. government’s fault because their military provides security for the Afghan Police to destroy their crops right?  Wrong. The Drug Dealers take the children of the farmers to settle the debt. I’ll repeat that. They take the Children, little kids boys and girls as payment for the debts if the poppy fields have been destroyed. This is an epidemic in Afghanistan. Families have to choose which child they are to give up. The kids are put to work for the drug dealers and sexually abused. When I saw the story on PBS I had tears in my eyes. One little girl whose 12 watched the drug dealers take her sister and they told her family they would be back for her. Now her family is having to go from town to town to stay ahead of them. With tears in her eyes she said ” if they come for me, I will kill myself. What other choice do I have?”

This little girl feels like she doesn’t have a choice but Americans do. We can vote for a  President who will end the Federal War on Drugs, and bring the troops home immediatley. The only two candidates who pledge to do this are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

When Politicians make laws that destroy individual liberty and the police enforce these laws ,lives of peaceful people are destroyed. That is why it’s so important to remember Liberty is indivisible. And whether liberty is destroyed by the prohibition of drugs in America or the occupation of foreign lands, these actions directly destroy individual lives far more than any terrorist or drug use could ever do.

By the way no one has been fired from the Government or gone to jail because of the failure of their duties to protect the life and property of the American people.

Do you believe there is a terrorist around every corner? Do you believe you can’t trust your neighbor? Do you believe as a lot of politicians believe that citizens should be disarmed?” If so keep voting the same way. Keep trusting what the Government tells you. Believe that the police are here to serve and protect and that the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and the War on Individual Liberty are good and help keep us all safe.

Do you feel safer with the trillion-dollar military budget? Do you feel safer that poppy farmers in Afghanistan have to give up their children to settle debts because of the U.S. policy of destroying poppy fields? Do you feel safer that SWAT teams look like Special Operations Operators, have Armored cars and are increasingly assisted by the Feds with Drone Surveillance? Do you feel safer knowing that there will be a projected 30,00 drones in the skies of America in the next 3 years? Do you feel safer that the jails are full of people whose only crime is the consumption of a substance? Do you feel safer that cops target you for speeding but don’t go after those who steal your check book and pass bad checks all over town? Do you feel safer that the line between the military and local police has been erased? Do you feel safer that America is now considered a battlefield?

And if America is a battlefield then its just a matter of time before the collateral damage begins piling up. I believe it’s already started. This is a long post becasue the Police State violates your natural rights of privacy, life, liberty and property on a daily basis. You desrved to be free from any intrustion into your life. You should have Zero dealings with anyone from the Government on a daily basis unless you violate the Natural Rights of others. Unforntunatley we do not yet live in such a world. All we need is 33% of the population to want to be free. That is 100 million Americas who understand the concept of Natural Rights and want to live under a system in Which the govenrment only exists to combat force and fraud.

This is the minarchist view and its a stepping stone toward a stateless society. I believe that there are enough of us right now to make this happen. Our job is to help one person to see the light and vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. I can see a Free America Again and it can happen faster than you think. 100 million is very doable. The rest of the population will come along just as they did during the American Revolution. Which today I advocate for a purely peaceful second Revolution. The Revolution must take place within the hearts and minds of our friends and families first. I feel like its closer than we think.


Brad Miller

AdvocateofLiberty and Peace

Praying and Voting: Abdication of Responsibility or path to Prosperity?

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Is voting and prayer the opposite of personal responsiblity? Do both actions seek to obtain through force of things that are not obtained through voluntary exchange? Is the supplication to God and Government anathema to the Free Market, Natural Rights and Individual Liberty?

I ask this because I want to get to the heart of why other people seem not to want to be free. There seems to be an almost universal notion that voting and prayer are primary ways of improving your lot in life. Is this type of thinking the reason I am not Free? Does this belief in the reception of things not “earned” the reason why so many people do not consciously pursue a course that would in fact better their lives. And in doing so negate the need for larger and larger State control of resources.

Voting on its surface is taught in the government-owned schools as everyone’s duty. There are campaigns by famous rappers “Vote or die”. WTF? What are we voting for? Does it really matter how we vote? The only reason people vote today is to 1. Get something for nothing or 2. Force others to act in a certain way in order to curry favor with God who will “bless” the Nation and indirectly “bless” those advocating for forced behavior modification.

There is no place in the voting scheme for those who want less government and more freedom. I want nothing from others except what I earn on the open free market through voluntary exchange. For me to gain what I desire I must improve my skills and offer a product or service that someone wants to purchase. If I am not satisfied with the enumeration it is my duty to myself to use rational thought to either abandon my current line of production, make the product cheaper in order to sell to more folks or improve it so it garners more from the buyer.

Voting is a fraud. They want us to feel like we are a part of the machine. They want us to feel like we did our part and our side will win next time. The dirty little secret is that there is only one side, only one Party: THE GOVERNMENT PARTY. And all Voting does is to exemplify Bastiat’s definition of Government which is: ” Government is the great fiction in which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else.”

And voting is the process by which this appropriation takes place. Franz Oppenheimer wrote that there are only tw0 ways in the world to get things; either through political means or economic means. Government is the political means and the free market is the economic means. Voting is used to secure things by political means which always means by force and coercion. On the free market individuals voluntarily exchange something they value less for what they value more

The argument can be made that when you pray for something is asking God to use force to obtain it for you.  If you look at it logically within the frame-work of the free market and a knowable universe, if you pray for something you did not earn through economic means that only leaves the political means, the coercive forceful way for the attainment of what you desire. Prayer is the supplication to God. It is the act of asking for something from God. And in this thought experiment God is the “force” in which to take from one to give to another.

Some have written that the concept of God most of us grew up with is based  upon on a tyrannical concept much like the Government based upon: Submit or die. In other words hell is used as a means to “force” people to think and behave in a certain just as Government uses the threat of physical death if you don’t Submit to their Earthly edicts.

Now I can see the point in praying if the prayer is like the one Mother Teresa Prayed: “I Pray not to be successful but to be faithful”. If it is about self-improvement prayer can be a means to instill those thought patterns upon the self conscious and thus effect future behavior. That is taking the personal responsible angle. Pray to be better but know that it is still your responsibility to think and to act. You can not escape this and you can’t blame others for your failings.

This maybe at the heart of the type of thinking that makes people feel like they can Vote or Pray their way to making others behave as they wish. I believe that these individuals actually blame others for their failings and seek a more powerful force than themselves to extract retribution on those who have caused their current situation. Whether its the Rich who oppress them or the homos who marry and in doing so call down the wrath of God on all the citizens of America. (Which of course I believe is insane)

Now I blame government for a lot of ills, especially the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the State Dept, the Military etc. But nothing they do allows me to abdicate my responsibility for my thoughts and my actions. I alone must experience the resulting joy or suffering caused by my actions. Praying and Voting can not change that. (The State is still the biggest obstacle to every indivdiual who wants to have more choice in how they live their life, and in doing so the State does limit a person’s ability to act – To Govern always means to LIMIT!!!)

I believe that there is a lot more to thought than we have yet to uncover and I believe that the entire Universe is connected. So there maybe something to “praying” in which your thoughts and desires are transmitted and even transmuted into matter. I don’t know. All I know is that Thought is the most powerful force on Earth and maybe in the Universe. Human thought is incredible if you think about it. (Which when I think of thoughts examining thoughts it makes my head hurt) Everything you do is because of the thoughts that you have. Every action has its birth in your thoughts. Who you are is because of your thoughts.

“As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.”

Now having said that there is nothing produced on Earth for Human consumption without Human Behavior which as Mises wrote is always “purposeful”. Rational action to substitute a less satisfactory state for a more satisfactory state is the purpose of Human Action. Which the value of what constitutes a more or less satisfactory state is an individual judgement and one of the reasons why collectivism is always doomed to fail.

Now with each purposeful action there are consequences and every individual must bear those. Every individual enters into every transaction (every action) expecting to gain a psychic profit, which is another way of saying that they believe, which is the only thing that matters, they expect with each action to substitute a less satisfactory state for a more satisfactory state.

When a lot of folks pray and vote they are attempting to forego the consequences of their previous actions and gain psychic profit without exchanging anything in return. Their thoughts are on obtaining without the means to acquire. The Preachers and Politicians are all too happy to provide the means and it is simple and painless to do requiring almost no effort the part of the voter and the parishioner.

So is that why people don’t want to be free? Is is because no one wants to  take full responsibility for their actions?
Emerson was not a big fan of praying for personal gain. His take was that action was the best prayer. He gave an example of a farmer weeding his garden as an example of effective prayer in his awesome essay Self-Responsibility. I would recommend everyone reading when they are feeling down. You can’t get something for nothing.

Have most of us forgotten this? Have most of us decided to abdicate our responsibility for suffering the consequences of our actions and in doing so given up the right to enjoy the successes of our actions as well?

Ayn Rand would have framed this debate as being between rational thought vs. irrational thought. The popular notion of voting and prayer are both irrational forms of thinking because they allow individuals to believe they have escaped the Universal Law of cause and effect. Which of course is impossible.

I want to be more free. But in order to do that I need others to want to be free. I don’t want to coerce anyone to want to be free that would be a negation of the concept itself. And I don’t want God to alter the physical laws of the Universe to deliver a Bugati into my driveway out of thin air or make a women I have feelings for love me. . These are mere fantasies. This type of prayer degrades a my ability to rationally view myself and  the world. And this limits myability to improve my lot in  life . This is why a lot of folks who don’t believe this turn to Voting and Praying. They are promised by Preachers and Politicians that they can escape the Law of Cause and Effect and get something for nothing.

I want everyone to be free and successful. I believe the best way for that to occur is when man acts rationally, doesn’t seek to make supplications to God or Government to appropriate goods or services without a mutually benefical exchange. (Which all voluntary transactions are.)

By the way only 33% of the colonists wanted to secede from Great Britain, 33% didn’t and 33% didn’t care. Today in America that means we would need 100 million people to want to be free.

A lot of folks want to be free but are fearful of it. They hear they should be self responsible but don’t understand the concept. They hear they should be able to take care of themselves but they don’t know how.

My next post will be all about the link between Confidence, Competence and Freedom. Every thought we have pushes the world towards more or less freedom. From this day On I am being optimistic about the cause of freedom and start organizing 100 million Americans who want to be free. But it all starts with me and the thoughts running around the 7.8 lbs lump of grey matter in my skull. And so it does with you.

You can not prosper in the long run without pursuing your rational self-interest. And you can only do this by using your God-given gift of Reason and that is the only true path to prosperity.

Brad Miller


Equality of Outcome: The End of Civilization as we know it

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is a collectivist movement. That is the ideology at its heart. It is not about individualism, Peace and Natural Rights.

At the heart of the message of Occupy Wall Street is a desire to use Government to redistribute the wealth of certain Individuals. That is what every “mass” movement is about. In 1848 in France the revolutionaries cried out “Blood or Bread”. I think we may well soon come to that point here in America. To some degree it already has.

But I can not blame the 1848 revolutionaries in France or the Occupy Wall Street people in America for wanting a change in the way the world works. But I think that the Occupy folks in America today are greatly mistaken as who is to blame for the seeming “inequality” in the world.

Isn’t that what all this boils down to is “Inequality”? Anytime you hear the phrase “economic justice”, guaranteed jobs for all, “a living wage” what the speakers are really advocating is a leveling out of income from one person to another.

And the ultimate goal for many socialists as Lenin wrote is for “communism”. That is the total elimination of all material inequality for everyone on Earth. Think about that. Lenin wanted to have the  center of World Communism head quartered in Moscow, Russia. Today I believe Washington D.C. wants to be the center of a World Wide Government where the trend is toward  a “leveling” incomes from the “wealthy “to the “poor”. They fail to realize that individuals not groups of people own property and the only way to forcibly take this property is by force, and that is defined as “THEFT”.

If that weren’t so why would there be a World Bank and an International Monetary Fund? Why would there be a  push from the U.N. for a world-wide minimum tax?

Bastiat during the 1848 Revolution in France was appalled by the Socialists and wrote ” Now is it the most unfortunate who gain in this struggle? Certainly not, but rather the most influential and calculating..”

That is still true today. The most staunch advocates of “equality” are the one’s who seek to take advantage of this “leveling” out process by being the administrators.

I love the quote by Al Sharpton when he said everyone should have the same thing in their houses. Someone should ask him for an inventory of his home. He by the way is worth a reported $5 million dollars. I don’t like to call out individuals but those who seek to redistribute what others have should first redistribute what they own.

Those who advocate for Collectivism always fail to lead by example. How many celebrities who embrace Che Guevara try to start a commune on their L.A. compounds? How many politicians who become millionaires because of their time in Congress turn around and house the homeless in their homes?

This argument also applies equally to those who are part of the Pro-life campaign. It’s so easy to talk its much harder to do. Those who are Pro-Life who want to use the force of government to stop abortions should privately build up a network of adoption clinics, provide free healthcare to women, house single moms in their homes, buy diapers and formula and commit financially to the children they want to save. To me that is a more compelling argument than yelling at some sacred young lady going to a clinic.

An example is the best argument. I got off track there. But what I’m talking about with the whole idea of equality violates human nature. If it didn’t 170 million more people and their relatives would be walking this Earth right now. That is because this “equality” experiment better known as “Communism” was tried by many countries in the 20th century. They had to murder their own citizens to try to make it work. Guess what it didn’t even after 170 million people were purposefully murdered.

Some could argue Marx is responsible for more deaths than any other human being who ever lived. His ideas on Socialism and Communism led to the murder of almost 200 million people. How could anyone read any writing that is even remotely related to this collectivist ideology  when every time it was instituted its led to poverty, starvation and mass murder?

I know it’s a way overused quote but this is how the Collectivists Think “One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic”. STALIN

We can’t forget what these people said because the rhetoric coming from the Occupy Wall Street folks, the AFL-CIO, and even from our White House share ideological roots with Stalin and Marx. We can not ignore when people talk of “equality” because they are not talking about “equality” before the law. They are talking about equality of material wealth. This is sometimes “Equality of Outcome”. That is COMMUNISM people.

As Bastiat wrote under such a system which was being instituted in France in 1848 ” Everyone will direct his effort toward contributing little to and taking much from the common fund of sacrifice”.

This is the impulse that destoys civilization. Look at the cars produced in the 1950’s in America vs. the cars made in Russia? Does anyone talk of the classic Russian equivalent of the 1957 Chevy? No it doesn’t exist. In Russia they produced arguably the worst car ever made that had wooden doors!!!

So on one hand this idea of “equality’ appeals to one side of human nature that is the desire to do the least amount of work for the most gain, and  on the other hand violates another portion of human nature which innately believes that the product of an individual’s labor is his own.

Humans are unique individuals.That is what makes each of us awesome. When “equality” is enforced at the barrel of a gun, individuality is greatly reduced, and you become an interchangable cog in the “collective”. That is precisely what the Collectivist Central Planners want because indivdiuality is hard to plan for.  That is why are public school system is based upon the Bizmarck German Model of the late 1800’s which was designed specifically to produce “citizen cogs” to work in the industrial revolution factories.

Equality always requires the leveling down of society. Material wealth is not created by redistributive mandates. It is only moved around and most of the time its stolen from the most productive and given to the least productive.

I know our current deal in America is messed up. With the Federal Reserve and the Large Bankimng Cartel the manipulation of the money supply transfers huge amounts of wealth from the majority of individuals to a small few. This is not because banks are evil, (fractional reserve banking is by the way) but because the GOVERNMENT enforces at the barrel of a gun the legal tender laws which forces every one of us to accept FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

Government is the problem not big business, not lobbyists, not  even banks. That is because none of them have an army, none of them have the ability to arrest, detain, and execute people. They only take advantage of the Government that exists and don’t you think the 16 trillion-dollar national debt has something to do with that? Don’t you think the trillion dollar defense department budget has something to do with that.

Again I’m off track. Anyway, Equality is impossible because we are all different. That is why some folks become neurosurgeon and some like to dig fossils. The myriad of products and service we enjoy is not because the force of Government was used to make everyone equal. No it is precisely because incentives exist in a Free Market that people will spend their lives working to produce products and services that other people value and will pay them for. The better they serve their fellow-man the more income they will acquire. This is why inequality is the necessary ingredient for Civilization to exist. Without it nothing new would ever be invented.

Now the only way this is skewed is by the above process of using the force of Government to intervene in the Free Market. Another way of putting it is that when ever the Government acts it acts to limit one person’s ability choose how to live their life in order to benefit another individual .

As Bastiat wrote “Government is the great fiction in which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else”.
We don’t have IPADS because of “equality”. We don’t have the millions of products on the shelves of the thousands of stores because of equality. We don’t have the internet because of Equality.

It’s funny how the Collectivists praise diversity but push for Equality. It is an oxymoron. The only reason they trumpet diversity is so they can lump people into “groups” and get those disparate groups to vote in a government that will use the force of government to redistribute the accumulated wealth of others.

When I hear anyone talk of “Economic Justice”, “Income Equality”, “Right to a Job” I think about Stalin and Lenin. They said the exact same things back in their day. And the image that crops up in my mind comes from a story told about during a great purge in the Ukraine by Stalin. He was purposefully starving millions of people because they were “uncooperative”. The bread basket of Russia produced an abundance of wheat but instead of using it to feed the people of the Ukraine Stalin exported it to prove to the world the effectiveness of Communism. This led people to do unthinkable things.

The story goes that starvation was so bad wives would swap children with their neighbors because they could not bear to eat their own children!  Cannibalism of children was the outcome of the “equality” experiment in Communist Russia. This image should be the image to stop in the tracks any further push of collectivism in this country. We are not there yet but we are further along that road than most people think.
The only Equality that an individual requires is that Equality of Universal Justice of Natural Rights. Everyone has a God-given Natural Right to their Life, Liberty, and Property. The whole idea of Equality violates the idea of Private Property.

Those who advocate for Progressive Income Tax are redistributionists and their collectivist ideology is from the same ideological tree as Stalin, Mao and Marx. That is the danger we face today. These words have meaning because they are being fed to the young who are embracing them in their hearts and heads and who will vote for politicians who are all to happy to redistribute the wealth of others so they can stay in power and feather their own nests.

Equality of Outcome is the opposite of individualism and should be shunned by everyone who desires to be free. Who decides whats equal? Who is the one who administers the seizure of assets and who hands them out? And what if others around the world have less than you do? Should the U.N. force you to give what you have to level your income out with a Cambodian Farmer? That is the logical end to their ideology. It is truly absurd and dangerous. The whole process of “fairness” and “equality” is based upon force.

It is the greatest inequality to try to make unequal things equal. Aristotle.

Embrace your differences that is what makes you unique. Civilization is not moved forward by those who imitate the past and refuse to change the future. Like Emerson wrote “Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide”.

Equality is imitation to a certain degree and civilization will die if the innovators are once again stifled by the brutal hand of government. Collectivism kills innovation. Collectivism  kills choice. Collectivism destroys civilization. Collectivism ultimately kills people.

Freedom is a good thing. Inequality is awesome. I don’t want to be like anyone else. All I want is to get what others are willing to trade me for.

Government is force. Using Government to force individuals to have equal material wealth is an exercise of that force. It is dangerous and leads to horrible things like people being stuffed into cattle cars, citizens spying on citizens, gas chambers and the deaths of millions. Remember Government is the problem. Liberty is the solution.

Words Matter. Research for yourself the origin of the Collectivist Ideology and your blood run cold. The words coming out of our politician’s mouths could be coming out of Marx, Mao or Lenin. That is scary. I believe if it weren’t for the gun ownership in America we would be closer to the desired “equality” of the Collectivist Planners by now.

Lenin “One man with a gun can control a hundred men”.
Stalin” Ideas are more dangerous than guns, we would not let our enemies have guns why should we let them have ideas.”

Life is not fair. But the Natural Laws of the Universe are. We all have a mind to use in order to  discern them and then enlist their aide to accomplish what we desire in this world.

Brad Miller


Conservatives are being played by Administration-Catholic Contraception Flak

In True nature of the State on February 10, 2012 at 12:02 am

Does anyone think the leaking of the Catholic Church contraception healthcare loophole closure is not coordinated to split the Republican opposition?

I have no hard facts on this but think about it for a second. How would this help the administration? Why would they want to give a bump to Santorum?

I believe they are doing it to siphon money away from Romney. I know Romney is Obama-lite but the Obama acolytes in the White House would still like to continue to live in the court of Washington so they put out this red meat for the religious Conservatives to gin up support for Santorum.

Or was this all  done to divert our attention away from the bigger picture. Or is it just a play to  weaken the Catholic Church which by the way has never been and still is not about freedom, by forcing them to submit to the secular authority?

I don’t know. But Government is evil so whether this is unintended or intended consequences the result is the same; Less Freedom, More Government.

I don’t think the Catholic Church will back down. The Catholic Church relies on force to compel submission just like the Government does. It uses the threat of spiritual death to compel submission while the Government uses the threat of physical death to gain submission.

This all rests not on religious freedom, but upon the overarching concept of individual freedom. That is the only kind of freedom. Religion is thought, speech originates with thought, economic freedom rests on freedom of thought. Personal freedom to think and act as one chooses is the only freedom, whether it means I defend myself with an Abrams tank (if I can afford it) or worship as a Druid and dance naked in a corn field around some granite slabs. It’s about freedom from Government so I can live my life and do as I please as Long as I don’t infringe upon the rights of others to do the same.
Or like Rand said I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t initiate force against another.

Freedom is not divisible. At least with the Catholic Church which for most of its existence used the force of government to compel submission is now more or less a voluntary institution.

But  let us not canonize the Catholic Church as a beacon of individual freedom who all of a sudden has figured out the Government is trying to tell people how to live.

Where has the Catholic Church been about what the Government does with the stolen parishioner tax money? Where was the outrage when that tax money was used to buy bombs and bullets which killed thousands of women and children around the world. Where was the outrage when the Governmet began openly assasinating people and detaining them without trial?  I hate selective outrage. Just because this hits them in their money maker  the Catholic Church is up in arms.

Taxes are theft. The Church can’t come out against it because people might just see how tithing and taxation are a lot alike. Both support huge unproductive bureaucracies and come with a stiff penalty if they aren’t paid.

I don’t care what people believe. Like Thomas Jefferson wrote “as long as they don’t pick my pocket or break my leg ” people can do what they want.

The individual right to choose how to live is the ultimate freedom and encompasses everything from Religion to Economics. They are the same. So when anyone complains about a specific violation of Natural Rights that infringes on their power base let us be careful and not give into the small narrow debate the elites like to trap us in. If we are constantly focused on the minutia of an isolated instance of Government destruction of liberty, this allows them free rein to print trillions of dollars out of thin air, bail out their friends on Wall Street, destroy community banking in America, destroy innovation with regulations, kill anyone anywhere in the world, declare the U.S. a battlefield and give the president the ability to detain without trial anyone he deems a terrorist.

So let the outrage on this be tempered. The bigger issue is individual Freedom and the evil of Government not the evil of Contraception.

I may be hard on the Catholic church but I hate the hierarchy and the smugness and the arrogance of anyone which tells anyone how to live, especially when the priests don’t deal with any of the mess of emotions normal people do.

I feel the same way about monks. I think it’s a cop-out to live cloistered. The real test of “faith” of oneself or of ones world view is in by interacting with other people in the world.

I don’t want to tell anyone how to live. I don’t want anyone to believe anything I write . All I hope to do is to get folks to think and find out for themselves what is the truth.

Government of any kind is the problem whether it’s clothed in Secular or Religious traditions. It always seeks power to control the individual. Live your life. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself.

I like to live by the golden rule. I don’t always. But that is my standard.

What is the Government’s standard it lives by? Steal and kill and lie all you can for if you don’t someone else will and then they will have the power. Isn’t odd that when the Devil tempted Jesus he offered him the “Kingdoms” of the world. He offered him control of the governments of the world. He didn’t say the world but the “kingdoms” of the world. Jesus refused to take the reigns of Government to control people. That is a powerful statement especially in regards to the context when that was written. The Roman Empire was expanding across the known world. Like the U.S. today.

How amazing is that? How many politicians if given that opportunity would not jump to take over the “kingdoms” of the world? I know they are all positioning themselves to do it. Religion and Government have been in league for millenia. Only when The U.S. got started did it become separated and it was always the Government and Church in league that was the problem. By the way if you missed it I believe Government is evil. Anyway back to the Catholic Contraception Conundrum.

I don’t think it was by accident that this was made newsworthy when it happened. The  Santorum campaign is unorganized it lacks funding and a nationwide presence. Obama and his minions are trying to give him a push so money is funneled into his campaign and away from Romeny.There are not unlimited funds every dollar the Republican losers spend is one less dollar Romney will have in his Campaign war Chest.

I don’t know. Maybe there is just so much Collectivist bull…t in the Health Care bill we are going to see more and more of this coming out. But it’s not just about Obama Care its about the very nature of Government. I think we should reject the very notion that we need any type of Government just as Jesus rejected the offer by the Devil.
Brad Miller


One Party: The Government Party

In True nature of the State on February 8, 2012 at 8:36 pm

If anyone doesn’t think this whole political system is rigged should look at who the nominee will be for the Republic ticket. This man is supposed to represent the opposite of who is  currently in the White House. He must be someone who believes in limited government and individual liberty. He must be as far away from a socialist as one can be, right? WRONG.

Mitt Romney believes in collectivist ideas just as the president does and has in fact set the table for the most sweeping liberty destroying legislation ever passed in the good ol’ USofA.

How in the world can the “opposition” party the party which currently doesn’t hold the White House run a candidate who supporst the crowing achievment of the sitting president. Not only does Mitt Romney support an indivdual mandate while in office as governor he signed into law the prototype for Obama care.

This is insane. Our choice is between the guy who implemented the single payer mandate to the nation and the other guy is the one who ran the prototype in Massachusetts. I am not shocked that the system is rigged any more. If you research how Alexander Hamilton encouraged the Federal government to assume state debt to centralize power, there is no way anyone can be surprised at the mess we are in today.

What does surprise me is that the American people keep lapping up the lies from the politicians. There is no difference in the parties. There is only a difference in degree.

Right now the wars in Afghanistan, the tough talk against Iran is set up to pacify the Conservatives and the Left gets Obama care, Soak the rich and redistribute the wealth.

All the while those in power prosper while the American people suffer with higher prices due to inflation and regulation.

Mitt Romney and Obama believe that Government has the right to interfere with any part of your life. They do not believe in the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (The pursuit of happiness clause was originally the right to your property. But even under the current wording happiness means, happenstance in the lexicon of the revolution. Which means that each person has a God-given right to pursue their own direction without the interference of the Government and to reap whatever risk and reward of their actions)

The healthcare system of Romney and Obama violates your basic fundamental Natural Rights. If someone controls your healthcare they control your life, if they control your healthcare they destroy your liberty, which is simply your ability to choose, and they destroy your ability to pursue your definition of happiness because they destroy your ability to reap the risk and reward of your individual behavior.

Romney should be booed off stage at every single Republican Primary but everyone is so scared that he is the only “electable one”. What does that even mean? Electable. Does it mean he is the best liar? Does it mean he is able to soften the collectivist rhetoric with terms of Liberty and Freedom better than the other candidates? Does it mean he is attractive enough so women will vote for him? Does it mean he is able to pretend the best he is not a part of the Government Party?

Liberty is destroyed more and more at every election. Even though the SOPA bill was delayed a new version will slip through probably even worse than the current version. The totalitarian state continues to grow. Mitt Romney will not stop it. He will not reverse the growth of government and he will not repeal Obama Care. His take is that he will issue an executive order so States can opt out if they choose. And I’m sure if they do they will lose a huge chunk of Federal Funds.

That is the problem today. There are no States. There are only divisions of the Federal GOvernment. This is what Jefferson warned about but did not do enough to protect. This is what Alexander Hamilton wanted and he has won.
Why does Liberty slip away so easily? Why do people not want to be free?

Live Free or Die is just a phrase people say. We are dying every one of us because of the growth of government. Every time a law is passed it limits our ability to express ourselves. In doing so this limits who we are and thus destroys the potential life we would have lived. Make no mistake we have a One Party system, THE GOVERNMENT PARTY.

I still support Ron Paul as the best candidate trumpeting liberty. But even the stalwart of Liberty has been tainted by the system. He has been in congress maybe too long. There is talk of Paul’s campaign colluding with Romney. If this is true it is very disappointing. I would want Ron Paul to shout down Romney from the hilltops and treat him not as a friend but as an enemy.

I have a feeling that Romney will win the White House but the Senate will stay in control by the Democrats so everything that has been put in place will remain. The whole system is so f’d that it needs to be rebooted. Collectivism is like a virus that has effected every level of government. It is because the very idea of Government is a collectivist notion and limited government is a pipe dream. On the other hand maybe Anarcho-Capitalism is too.

I don’t watch the debates. There is no reason to. All politicians lie. They continue to lie after they are elected. Government is based upon lies, stealing and murder. There is no mistaking it.

I am not advocating anything except that people stop to think about the big picture. Where is the uproar over Obama Care now as the myriad of its pieces are being silently erected across the country? Where is the outcry to repeal it? It doesn’t exist. Do you find that curious? Has Mitt Romeny ever apologized for giving the Feds the blueprint for Obama Care?

The whole system from the Federal Reserve controlling your money, to Health and Human Services controlling your healthcare is about the elites controlling us. They are whittling down our choices in life. Why do you think that is? Do you think it benefits us or those that hold the reigns of power? I am appalled at this world. I am appalled at the apathy of Americans. I am appalled at the lies we are fed. I am appalled at the ONE PARTY RULE.

By the way Soviet Union which was termed the “Evil Empire” also had ONE PARTY RULE. Do you really have a choice come election day?