Brad Miller

Why do I want to be Free – By Brad Miller

In True nature of the State on January 26, 2012 at 12:32 am

This is an open letter to all the politicians, pundits, socialists, communists, and all the other collectivists who want to use the force of government to tell me how to live.

My name is Brad Miller and I  want to be free. And as Ludgwig Von Mises wrote: “Freedom always means freedom from government”.

I want to be “free” to develop my own potential and discover what makes me unique as an individual. I want to be free to keep the fruits of my labor. I want to be free to live where and how I choose to as long as I don’t infringe on the ability of others to do the same.

Government is force. It can not be anything else. And when Government passes a law it limits my ability to develop my potential and discover my uniqueness.

The sheer amount of government intervention in my life is unbelievable. From the time I get up to the time I go to bed there are laws “governing” my behavior. And when I say “govern” I mean limit. Every law passed by Government limits my ability to choose how to live my life.

Freedom is simply the ability to choose. That is the simple definition of Freedom. The antithesis of Freedom is Government. The two concepts are antithetical to each other.

I know there are minarchists who advocate “limited government”. Which I get their argument. Government should be “legalized” force to protect life, liberty and property.

I myself want to eliminate all government and allow individuals to live in a world of voluntary contract devoid of the coercive force. Because  Government is an entity that can exist only through theft, murder, and subterfuge.

Government has nothing except what it steals from individuals. It is totally unproductive. It only consumes. I want to be from this Leviathan that destroys. Government destroys everything it touches. Government destroys individual choice.

One of the best descriptions of Government I’ve ever heard was given by a French Economist named Frederic Bastiat. He wrote a great essay called “Government”. In it he defines Government as:

“The Great Fiction in which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”

I don’t want to live at anyone else’s expense. Nor do I want to have others live at my expense. Why is this such a difficult concept for the collectivists to understand?

It amazes me that individuals can have such a disconnect between the oppressive police state and the welfare state. It amazes me that there can be those who have a disconnect between the massive Federal Debt and Social Security and Medicare payments. It amazes me that those who complain about the size of Government can’t understand that when they blindly support the massive Warfare State with its Trillion dollar budget they are advocating for the continued growth of the Federal Government. It amazes me that individuals who receive any kind of check from the Government divorces the “smooth hand” which bestows the “benefits” with the “rough hand” which it uses to take from others in order to have something to give.

I don’t want anything forcibly taken from someone else. The receipt of stolen property is still a crime in this country. I do not give my consent to have my income stolen to benefit others.

I want to be free so I can live the life I choose. Freedom is a concept that is based upon the belief that I own my own body, my mind and I have free will to choose how best to live that life. I am a sovereign individual. My Natural Rights are inalienable meaning they can not be separated from me. They can only be violated by force. And the mechanism of force in which they are violated on a daily basis is, Government.

The more taxes, the more regulations, the more of anything that the Government does the less I have the ability to choose how to live. And choice is the basic fundamental aspect of Free Will and without Free Will I am nothing more than a puppet acting according the Will of another.

That is why I want to be free.

Brad Miller


  1. I am a proponent of liberty. As long as I am not doing anything to harm anybody, I say the government should leave me alone. Freedom in the eyes of Progressive Socialist types seem to mean entitlement to things that do not belong to them.

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