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Why do I want to be Free – By Brad Miller

In True nature of the State on January 26, 2012 at 12:32 am

This is an open letter to all the politicians, pundits, socialists, communists, and all the other collectivists who want to use the force of government to tell me how to live.

My name is Brad Miller and I  want to be free. And as Ludgwig Von Mises wrote: “Freedom always means freedom from government”.

I want to be “free” to develop my own potential and discover what makes me unique as an individual. I want to be free to keep the fruits of my labor. I want to be free to live where and how I choose to as long as I don’t infringe on the ability of others to do the same.

Government is force. It can not be anything else. And when Government passes a law it limits my ability to develop my potential and discover my uniqueness.

The sheer amount of government intervention in my life is unbelievable. From the time I get up to the time I go to bed there are laws “governing” my behavior. And when I say “govern” I mean limit. Every law passed by Government limits my ability to choose how to live my life.

Freedom is simply the ability to choose. That is the simple definition of Freedom. The antithesis of Freedom is Government. The two concepts are antithetical to each other.

I know there are minarchists who advocate “limited government”. Which I get their argument. Government should be “legalized” force to protect life, liberty and property.

I myself want to eliminate all government and allow individuals to live in a world of voluntary contract devoid of the coercive force. Because  Government is an entity that can exist only through theft, murder, and subterfuge.

Government has nothing except what it steals from individuals. It is totally unproductive. It only consumes. I want to be from this Leviathan that destroys. Government destroys everything it touches. Government destroys individual choice.

One of the best descriptions of Government I’ve ever heard was given by a French Economist named Frederic Bastiat. He wrote a great essay called “Government”. In it he defines Government as:

“The Great Fiction in which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”

I don’t want to live at anyone else’s expense. Nor do I want to have others live at my expense. Why is this such a difficult concept for the collectivists to understand?

It amazes me that individuals can have such a disconnect between the oppressive police state and the welfare state. It amazes me that there can be those who have a disconnect between the massive Federal Debt and Social Security and Medicare payments. It amazes me that those who complain about the size of Government can’t understand that when they blindly support the massive Warfare State with its Trillion dollar budget they are advocating for the continued growth of the Federal Government. It amazes me that individuals who receive any kind of check from the Government divorces the “smooth hand” which bestows the “benefits” with the “rough hand” which it uses to take from others in order to have something to give.

I don’t want anything forcibly taken from someone else. The receipt of stolen property is still a crime in this country. I do not give my consent to have my income stolen to benefit others.

I want to be free so I can live the life I choose. Freedom is a concept that is based upon the belief that I own my own body, my mind and I have free will to choose how best to live that life. I am a sovereign individual. My Natural Rights are inalienable meaning they can not be separated from me. They can only be violated by force. And the mechanism of force in which they are violated on a daily basis is, Government.

The more taxes, the more regulations, the more of anything that the Government does the less I have the ability to choose how to live. And choice is the basic fundamental aspect of Free Will and without Free Will I am nothing more than a puppet acting according the Will of another.

That is why I want to be free.

Brad Miller


Morality Central Planners: Rick Santorum is one of them. Ron Paul is not.

In True nature of the State on January 5, 2012 at 11:52 pm

The greatest example of the difference between Libertinism and Libertarianism is Ron Paul. He lives his life according to “conservative” principles but the big difference between him and others running for president, especially Rick Santorum, is that Ron Paul doesn’t believe that the force of government should be used to dictate how a person lives.

Libertinism is the practice of living a lifestyle of behaviors that characterized by self-indulgence or lack of restraint.

Libertarianism is as Leonard Read put it “anything peaceful”. Stated differently everyone has a God-given (Rick Santorum would like that) or Natural Right to their life, liberty, and their justly acquired property. And you can act in any manner you choose as long as it doesn’t violate the Natural Rights of others.

The difference between the two philosophies has to do with self-responsibility. Libertinism was a philosophy of the wealthy, usually the Nobility which stole the wealth of the citizens to fund their debacherous life. It was built upon force. A lot like the Politicians in this country live.

Libertarianism is a philosophy based upon voluntarism. You can live the life you want but you reap the consequences. No bailouts are to be expected with Libertarianism because each individual is responsible for their actions. So even if someone models themselves as Libertine and they spend money earned on the Free Market, they are free to live as they please as long as their actions are consensual with other individuals.

Rick Santorum is a Morality Central Planner. He believes that individualism is the greatest sin on Earth. He doesn’t believe that individuals have a right to live they way they choose. If you believe you can tell someone who they can’t marry then the logical conclusion of that train of thought is that you can determine who you can marry. That should scare the crap out of any American.

If you believe you can tell someone how to behave in the bedroom, then you believe you have the right to tell them how to live in their living room, kitchen, bathroom and at their job. If you belive that the force of government should be used to implement your idea of Utopia there is no end to the “good” that you will seek to do. Isabel Patterson called them “Humanitarians with Guillotines”. And that is where this kind of thinking in the course of human history has ended up producing, millions and millions of corpses of individuals who stood in the way of the Morality Central Planners.

If you resist you die. That is the fundamental relationship between those who disagree with the edicts coming out of Washington. Think about that for a second. If you are a dude and want to marry another dude, Rick Santorum would use the Power of the Federal Government to prevent you from doing that. And the force of government means forcing individuals to act in a certain way at the barrel of a gun.

Ron Paul in his personal life believes in traditional marriage, but that’s for him. He doesn’t believe that abortion is a good idea but doesn’t believe that the Federal Government has any authority to regulate individual behavior. That is the key difference between Ron Paul and all the other major candidates.

Ron Paul and the founding father’s knew you can not and should not regulate morality. Within a Free Market economy without the back stop of Government and the absence of Bailouts the behaviors and virtues needed to succeed will be determined by the Free Market. Stated differently certain behaviors will produce success and others will not. Those who demonstrate the successful behaviors will prosper and those who do not will not.

The traditional values of hard work, saving, being honest, having integrity are not in my opinion necessarily religious concepts but rather Market driven behaviors that gives individuals the best possible chance at success when voluntarily exchanging with other individuals for mutual benefit.

These same virtues that are necessary for “trade” also produce an environment of “peace”. Rick Santorum doesn’t believe in Free Trade, Individualism, or Peace. He believes that he is on a Mission from God to institute his “Vision of America and to Promote Family, Faith, and Freedom”.

Ron Paul believes that we are all individuals who are self-responsible. Rick Santorum and the other candidates do not. Ron Paul views the Government is the Problem not the solution.

Not only is it antithetical to individualism to use the power of force to regulate individual’s peaceful behavior, the mechanism, The Federal Government, which the Morality Central Planners want to use to enforce their version is the opposite of every “Moral Code” ever set down by man.

The basic tenets of just about every Moral Code has three things in common; Don’t kill, Don’t steal and don’t Life. Most Americans would agree with that. Then why in the world would they put their faith in Politicians to use the Force of the Federal Government to Legislate Morality?

All Governments that have ever existed have lived upon three  anti-life “virtues”: Lying, Stealing and Killing. Those are not necessarily the virtues I would ascribe to an “Omnipotent” entity who knows what’s best for me and my family. So when people talk about “traditional” values or using the Federal Government to “Promote Faith and Family” remember that the Federal Government of the United States of America is the largest thief in the world, spends hundreds of millions of dollars on lies and propaganda each year and is going around the world killing and maiming people at will.

That is not my idea of “Moral”.

Ron Paul  wants to limit the Federal Government back down to the Constitution. He wants to limit the interference that the Federal Government can perpetrate  in the lives of individuals in this country and around the world.

Rick Santorum and the others want to expand the power of the Federal Government to limit your choices of how you live your life. He wants to use the Lying, Stealing, Killing Leviathan to do that. Libertarianism or Radical Individualism relies on peaceful persuasion to sell the ideas of Liberty. But Rick Santorum and the others candidates want to use force to get others to accept their ideas. This is what caused the deaths of 170 million people in the last century when these individuals resisted the ideas of the collectivist countries they lived in.

Moral Regulation is very insidious. If a man thinks he can tell me how to live he can tell me when I should die. It doesn’t matter if he claims to “value life”. Because he doesn’t. A man is alive because he can think for himself and be able to choose how to live best according to his values. Rick Santorum will not be our next president. But the push he is getting is dangerous because the front-runners, not including Ron Paul will trend his way in order to get Santorum voters.

When Rick Santorum talks about using the Federal Government to promote Faith and Family, he is also talking about increasing your taxes. He’ll do that by having the Federal Reserve Print money out of thin air causing inflation, (a stealth tax that destroys the dollars in your pocket), or by borrowing from foreign countries, which will necessitate raising taxes in the future, or by raising them now.

It boils down to do you believe that you own yourself. Do you believe that others should tell you how to live. Do you believe that the Federal Government which is a lying, stealing, killing machine should tell you who to love and how to love.

I am an individual. I don’t need anyone telling me how to live. When people hear LIbertarian, they think Libertinism, or anything goes mentality. I think it speaks more to the person who thinks that than to the reality of living in a Libertarian Society. I heard a quote that the “nicer the guy, the darker the sexual secrets”.
Maybe that is why a lot of these “Christian Conservatives” are scared to live in a free society because they are scared that they won’t be able to control themselves. I don’t know, all I know is I want to be free and the only way to do that is help other people see that Liberty is the only way that individuals can express their uniqueness and uncover develop their potential.

What worries me too is that people like Rick Santorum feel like they have a lock on the truth. That is scary. He believes he is on a holy crusade to return America back to Faith and Family. The first thing anyone who claimed that as their mission should eliminate 90% of the Federal Government over night. That would be the best way to accomplish what he claims to want to do. If you reduce taxes by 90%, if you get rid of all regulations and get government out of people’s lives then people can get back to the business of living instead of serving the Federal Government. This gives each of us the best chance at glimpsing our small piece of the “truth” in our own lives.

Ron Paul doesn’t believe in any type of Central Planning. He believes the Central Planning of the Federal Reserve should end, he believes the Central Planning of Education should end,  and He definitely believes that the Federal Government has no Authority to be the Morality Central Planning force in America.

Brad Miller



I’m Not Zombie Feed – The Anti-Collectivist Creed

In Taxes, True nature of the State on January 3, 2012 at 11:51 pm

“I’m Not Zombie Feed” is my new slogan that sums up how I feel. 

It’s a protest slogan against the constant chatter from the collectivists for me and others to sacrifice more and more of my life for the benefit of them and others. It is a way of clearly and succinctly telling the world that my life is my own. I will not go quietly into the dark, while the “majority”  decides how much of my life I can keep.

Every man’s life is his own. He is the only one who is responsible for the choices he makes. No one Earth has a claim to his life, his liberty or his justly acquired property. This is the philosophy of Individualism. Every individual is an end to himself and not a cog in a machine or part of the “masses”.

Collectivism is the opposite to Individualism. It posits that an individual only exists to serve others. It’s basic tenet is that Society can only exist if everyone sacrifices their will, their property, their life,  for everyone else. Those who advocate Collectivism coincidentally are the one’s who are the “priests” of the State and receive these “life” sacrifices. While they seem to forget to adhere to the idea of “sacrificing themselves”, because they have so much important work to do in order to facilitate the slaughter and sacrifice of others to feed the helpless masses.

Do you believe that your life is your own? Do you believe anyone has a prior lien against your labor because of their need? Do you believe just because enough of your neighbors get together to form a majority you should be forced to give up your home, your bank account, and your life simply because they “vote” for you to do that?

Today we are asked to sacrifice more and more of ourselves to others. Unfortunately the majority of Americans, who I like to call the Apathetic Americans, are no better than Zombies.

If you do not think for yourself and you consume the life of another then you are a Zombie.

A man is only alive if he consciously chooses how to live and does so by not “cannibalizing” the life of another. Today in America we are asked to have our hat in hand and Sacrifice 50% or more of our life to the State who reallocates that life to others because of their political influence or because they are part of a “voting block”. This is all done by force. But on the same hand it is done with the consent of the Majority.

I call everyone who is tired of being “fed” to the “Zombies” to start replying when anyone asks you to “pay your fair share” or tell you that “paying taxes is your patriotic duty” or when they try to explain taxation with the bullshit “social contract theory”  that “I”M NOT ZOMBIE FEED. MY LIFE IS MY OWN. I LIVE FOR NO ONE EXCEPT MYSELF”.

That is what I’m saying now. I’m making up and selling wrist bands and t-shirts that say this. I want to see a revolution of rational self-interest in America. I want to replace the Apathy and Entitlement thought processes that goes through most American’s heads with  the old-school Pioneer way of thinking of  that “I can Handle anything that happens” and that “I will live my life as I choose”.

The Slogan “I’m Not Zombie Feed” is a summation of what I believe. I believe taxation is cannibalization. Your expenditure of energy used to produce a product or service that another person voluntarily purchases is siphoned off or “chewed” off by the IRS (THE HALL OF SACRIFICE) and “fed” to others (ZOMBIES). Of course the cannibals who rip off your flesh take their cut and then  pass the scraps out to the “Zombies” whom they rely upon for popular consent, to continue acting as the Priests of the State.

This is a primal event. That is why so many people are up in arms about taxation because they feel that their life is being stolen from them. But when those who feel that their lives are being stolen attempt to defend themselves they fail to get to down the basic premise of the theft of their life energy and instead debate on the collectivist’s turf and in turn get sucked into a debate about policy, politics or even worse “economics”. It  all boils down to the simple question: “Do you believe you own yourself?”

That is what all the debates about taxation and regulation should come down to. Make the Collectivist who is asking for more and more of your life or more accurately demanding it at the barrel of a gun, to admit that they think you don’t own your life or that you only own the portion of life that the State allows you to keep.

If you do belive that your own your self then you are “NOT ZOMBIE FEED”. If you don’t believe that you own your body then you don’t believe others do either. So this sets up a perpetual conflict of every citizen against every other citizen in a Collectivist Socieyt. If no one has a right to their own lives then possession of a person belongs to the largest “gang” who will fight to be fed the life of others and prevent their members from being fed to someone else. That is the destructive nature of any collectivist system. Each individual, each group, each department tries to get enough power, through numbers to cannibalize the others before they themselves are devoured. It is a state of war. Individualism which is slammed as “selfish” and “destructive” is the only humane way to live. Otherwise individuals are alive only at the whim of the majority. And history is full of examples of the majority turning on “individualists” and labeling them enemy of the “People” because they were profiteers, capitalist, or worse selfish. Those throughout History who screamed in their own way that they weren’t Zombie Feed were summarily killed by the Collectivist States.

In the Last century the collectivist nations deemed about 170 million of their own citizens threats to the collectivist ideology and murdered them by starvation, shooting, hanging, boiling in oil, drowning and every other way you can imagine a human being can kill another human. Why is this not brought up in every conversation about the difference between individualism and Collectivism?

These ideas have consequences. The more you allow your life to be fed to the Zombies the more the Zombies will grow. Once they are sufficient in number they will consume everyone who is not a Zombie first and then they will consume their current caretakers and then turn on each other.

The Slogan “I’m Not Zombie Feed” is not supposed to be funny or ironic. It is a statement of fact. I am not a sacrificial animal to be slaughtered and offered to the living undead. I am a man in full. The more people you can help educate about the importance of individuality and self-responsibility the less Zombies there will be and the less government necessary to offer the sacrifice of the living to the walking undead.

The Zombies today are not helpless . Zombies come in all shapes, sizes, socio-economic levels of society, what they share in common is that they believe government should steal the life of others in order to feed it to them. When they stop believing the government propaganda they too can be brought “back to life”. Once they start using their NeoCortex in rational thinking and refuse to feed upon the life of others they too will be able to say not only they themselves are not  Zombies; but they themselves will be able to say proudly to the world of Collectivists that they are “Not Zombie Feed“.

I’m tired of being told that my life is not my own. I’m tired of being told that I have to prove I’m not a criminal in order to travel. I’m tired of being told that I don’t own the product of my labor and I don’t have a choice in what I put in my body or how I spend my life. I’m tired of having 50% of my life cleaved off and fed to others. Our job who believes this too is to provide the Zombie inoculation to those who are content with the status quo.  And that Anti-dote to Zombism is the Truth.  The Truth about Liberty and Individualism. That is the only weapon that can turn the tide against the swarming Undead.

The school system in America is designed to produce Zombies by the millions. The America education system was adopted from the German model whose only purpose was to educate citizens to become obedient cogs and competent enough to operate the machinery of the industrial revolution. That’s it. The citizens were never meant to think rationally, or how to innovate, or to appreciate the Liberty that made this country the most prosperous of any Nation in the history of the world.

The State has no interest in self-reliant, self thinkers. They want conformity. They want dependence. They want to be on top and then feed the different groups to each other. The House of Representatives is not a factory of law like some like to refer to it but it is an abattoir, a slaughterhouse of humans. It is where a majority decide how much life should be cut off of some individuals to be fed to satisfy the desires of others. They say that you shouldn’t watch how bills are made because it looks like making sausage. That is appropriate but it’s also an insult to butchers. Because at least the butcher kills the poor animal before carving him up. But the Legislators (human butchers) cut pieces off of live human beings to be fed to sustain the life of others. It is cruel. It is literally killing people by a thousand cuts.

Is your life your own? Do you want your life energy stolen and fed to others? Of course not. The more of your life energy that you are left to keep the better your life will be. You are the captain of your fate. You decide what’s best for you. You live to satisfy your desires. That is your purpose of your life. Your mind, your body, your labor, your production, your words, your thoughts are yours, and no one has a claim on them. You are a minority of one. No majority on Earth can take away your God-given Right to your life, Liberty, and property.

So when you hear a politician talks about a bill or law that cuts off a piece of your life to feed to others just think in your mind or scream it at the top of your Lungs “I’M NOT ZOMBIE FEED”!!!