Brad Miller

Ron Paul’s Stance on the Drug War: END IT NOW

In Advocates of Liberty, Liberty on December 23, 2011 at 1:04 am

Recreational drugs are not the boogie man destroying this country. Out of control government is. Would you rather have Federal Storm Troopers patroling your neighborhood or have a pothead as a neighbor? I know which one I’d choose. That is why I am supporting Ron Paul for President.

Ron Paul is consistent. He bases all of his beliefs on a basic bedrock of principles. These principles are unchanging because they are based upon NATURAL LAW.

Natural Law as it relates to individual states simply that each Individual Due to their existence has a GOD given right to their LIFE, LIBERTY, JUSTLY ACQUIRED PROPERTY, and to their PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Whether the issue is Foreign Interventionism, ending the Fed, returning the country to sound money, ending the militarized police state in America or ending the failed drug war, Ron Paul believes first and foremost in an individual’s ability to choose for themselves how best to live.

This is why for over twenty years Ron Paul has consistently voted no on all bills that would have raised your taxes or granted authority to the Federal Government not authorized by the COnstitution. Because the Constitution is a document based upon the Principles of Natural Law.

Ron Paul has consistently voted against the costly Drug War the Federal Government continues to wage even though it is a complete and utter failure.  It costs American Taxpayers over 39 billion dollars a year fighting this failed drug war. There are DEA agents all over the world. Can you imagine Chinese Drug Enforcement agents running stings inside of Texas to catch drug dealers? It wouldn’t happen. Why is it okay for the U.S. Federal Government to do so on our behalf? And still the drugs flow. Drug dealers get insanely rich and governments become corrupt as they seek favor to continue their trade.

This year alone 1.65 million people were arrested in this country on drug charges. How many lives are destroyed because of the incarcerations? How many correction officers could be doing more productive work in society? How many less jails would need to be built-in America? We are becoming a prison State and it’s because of the Failed Drug War.

Ron Paul had a crowd clapping moment in one of the early Republican Debates. The question about the drug war came up and the Federal Legalization of Drugs. He was asked if he thinks Heroin should be legalized. He had a great answer: He simply said do I or any of you need the Federal Government to tell you not to use Heroin? The crowd erupted in support.

That’s the point. We don’t need the Federal Government telling us what we can and can’t put into our bodies. Do you believe you own your body? Do you believe anyone has a right to tell you how to live as long as you are not violating the Natural RIghts of Others?

Ron Paul simply believes that the War on Drugs is a war on Individual Liberty. It is a war on choice. It is a war on personal responsiblity and the ability to live your life as you see fit. Now along with the legalization of Drugs Ron Paul also advocate the end of the Welfare State so as to not burden tax payers with people who choose to use and abuse drugs.

When people know they have to work in order to eat and live, they will do so. If they don’t private charities will help them along with churches. Right now the Shriners have 23 hospitals around the country with a budget of 700 million dollars a year which is all donations. Who says that private charity can’t take care of the sick and the indigent. It can and has in the past.

We don’t need bigger government, we dont’ need more police and DEA agents, we don’t need more predator drones flying over America. What we need is more liberty in America and that is exactly what a vote for Ron Paul in 2012 will mean for you and me.

If someone asks you about his stance on Drugs relate it back to the person’s ability to choose how to live. Remind them if someone murders, robs or steals, it doesn’t matter if they are under the influence of drugs are not. They are still violating another person’s Natural Rights and by the way, how many assaults, rapes, murders, and break in occur when people are drunk on alcohol?  It doesn’t matter the same crimes are committed.

I myself am more worried about the police checkpoints, the indefinite detention of Americans labeled as Terrorists, (remember the U.S. Justice Dept has a category of Terrorists called Narco-Terrorists), and the local SWAT team busting in my door because they don’t know how to read a search warrant and coming into my house unannounced and killing me. That later one happens more than you think.

Why do we need Militarized SWAT teams in every community? The one in my county is like a small army, with helicopters and armored vehicles.  They say it’s because of the drug dealers. (Incidentally the DOD claims it needs trillion dollar budget because of Terrorists – see the connection?) Why do the drug dealers have guns and resort to violence? It’s because they can’t go to the police or the court system to settle disputes. So the police create the environment that forces those outside the law to become more and more violent. Then they themselves escalate the violence to end the violence they create. It’s a vicious cycle. Just ask the  Mexican citizens living in the border towns.

The perfect example of this is prohibition in the 1920’s. How well did that work out? Don’t you think Mexico and the U.S. would be much safer if drugs were legalized? I know there are horror stories about mom’s and dad’s using drugs and bad things happening to kids. But that is going to happen anyway. Those are personal choices and not the fault of the drugs. Drugs are plants. That is plain and simple. If you don’t want to use them now you won’t when its legal. You still have to go to work and take care of your family.

Human nature can not be legislated.  The Federal Government when First instituted by the Constitution was meant mainly to deal with foreign nations and make “regular” commerce between the states. That’s it. The Typical tax rate for the colonists and early Americans was close to 1 or 2%. That’s it. The Federal Government was impotent because of its anemic power to tax.

Ron Paul believes in chaining back down the Federal Government once again to its Constitutional Limits. How awesome will it be again to live in the Freest Nation on Earth? How awesome will it be to not have to think about the Federal Government on a day-to-day basis? How awesome will it be to buy pot without having to worry about getting busted? I think pretty damn awesome. And if you do too then there is only one candidate that you can vote for in 2012 who will work tirelessly when he gets to the White House, just like he’s done for the last twenty years, to make that happen.

When you cast your vote for Ron Paul you are casting your vote for Individual Liberty, Prosperity and Peace.

Brad Miller

  1. The drug war is as absurd as the war on poverty.


  2. Brad Miller, as long as the welfare state is in existence, on those grounds, legalizing drugs won’t go very far as a talking point. Personally, I find drug use distasteful. However, what someone puts into their body, unless you have a pregnant woman whose drug use would harm the baby, is not really anybody’s business. The war on drugs is a war on personal freedom.


    • I do agree the War on Drugs is a War on Freedom. Drugs are simply tools. It’s a miracle that humans have receptors in their bodies that respond to compounds found in nature that can relieve physical and emotional suffering. Individuals have an innate natural right to consume what they choose to ingest. Welfare and the State will not go away by force. Only through persuasion, education and offering parallel competing systems can we show the Statist Faithful that there is a better alternative. It’s our job for those who desire to live in a freer world to improve our ability to persuade, to educate ourselves first and find creative ways to share that knowledge with others and finally to create alternative systems which will naturally outcompete the state.


  3. Brad Miller, I see it as hypocritical for politicians in the U.S. to admit to using drugs and getting a pass and wanting to punish other people who do the same. Either abolish all drug laws or hold everyone to the same standard regarding drug use. Legalizing them all would be better from a tax standpoint.

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