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Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy – A path to peace and prosperity

In Advocates of Liberty, Liberty on December 21, 2011 at 12:49 am

I like to look at Vietnam as a prime example that justifies Ron Paul’s belief in non-intervetionism around the world. If you could go back in time to the end of the Vietnam war and then go visit it today could you possibly be able to justify the loss of life and money consumed in the conflagration of that horrible war?

Do you think that war was worth the 58,000+ Americans killed along with another 350,000 wounded?  Today in Vietnam they are moving towards a free market economy. There are still many hurdles to overcome, the communist one party rule still exists but private ownership is on the rise. Look at the trade between the U.S. and Vietnam and the tourists who visit every year  14,579,460,000 in goods so far this year have been bought by U.S. customers from Vietnamese businesses. Compare that to the half a trillion dollars some state that the war cost American Taxpayers to prosecute. But now any American can travel to the beautiful Vietnamese Country side without fear or restrictions.

Look how much has changed in 40 years? That is why its important to keep a historical perspective when the media and politicians try to gin up a new war. That is why you have principles. And the only candidate who has constitently stuck to his principles who is running for the President of the Untied States of America is Ron Paul.

The lesson learned from Vietnam is that  the U.S. should stay out of the business of other Nations. It would have saved 58,000 American lives, saved the maiming of 350,000 more and saved tens of thousands more the agonizing deaths due to the effects of the defoliant Agent Orange.

I point out Vietnam as an example of how sending troops to kill and die in wars around the world is not the answer, if you claim to want peace.  Right now the U.S. military is in at least five wars overseas. Iraq is still a war zone, Soldiers and Marines are still dying in Afghanistan, predator drones are assassinating individuals in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and now in Uganda along with special forces.  Isn’t funny how no politician except Ron Paul talks about peace. Before 1913 and even during the interwar period Americans default position was a desire for peace and not war. Look how far the nation has come. The militarization of America has to stop if Liberty is to be restored.

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is the total opposite of every other candidate running. His foreign policy like every position he holds is informed by the Constitution and the founding principles of this Nation. He believes that we should not intervene in the world offensively and instead focus on defending the homeland, which the Department of Defense is mandated to do.

But with an almost trillion-dollar budget the Department of Defense has no limits on what it wants to do. It sees enemies everywhere. Ron Paul takes a longer view of history when viewing the current events unfolding.For instance the current target for the Military War Machine is Iran. That country has a legitimate beef with the U.S. if you don’t believe me research the 1953 coup that the U.S. orchestrated and you’ll understand why they might not feel all warm and fuzzy about the States. How would we feel if another country knocked off a president and installed one of their choosing? That would not sit well.

Ron Paul believes that the United States should return back to the ideals of the founding of this nation and focus on trade instead of war. Look at China, Russia, Vietnma and the other countries the United States Trades with. War is clearly not the answer when the quest is to live in peace with other nations. People around the world just want to be able to live, love and improve their lot in life. War is an impediment to that, peace and trade enable it. Ron Paul Believes as Thomas Jeffeson wrote that the United States foregin policy should be:

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.”

And Frederic Bastiat the great French Economist once wrote that “where trade fails to flow across borders troops soon will”

Ron Paul predicted the ginned up war against Iran years ago. He doesn’t believe in appeasement or weakness. He believes that every individual has a right to self-defense and by extension every nation, which is a collection of individuals has a right to defend themselves. But the war machine in this country has to constantly be in motion or the Tax Payers become curisous as to why they must foot a trillon dollar bill every year for the gadgests, bullets, ships planes if they aren’t necessary.

So if you are tired of the endless wars overseas, there is only one candidate who will take a different approach to the United State’s foreign policy, you should vote for Ron Paul.
He will immediately end the wars overseas, begin dismantling the intrusive police state we currently live under, work to repeal the Patriot Act, stop the assassinations of Americans around the world  and the indefinite detention of Americans deemed as terrorists pushed by John McCain, while maintaining a strong military that is more than capable of defending the shores of this great nation.

Ron Paul asks why should the American Tax Payer be asked to pay for the defense of the countries of Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel and Egypt? Why should Americans pay to bomb people thousands of miles away who pose no threat to the U.S. then pay to rebuild what was blown up?

A flip side to Ron Paul’s non-intervention policy is that the United States should end all foreign aid immediately. Also he believes that the United States should immediately exit the U.N. If you believe in your individual right to your life, liberty and property than you should vote for Ron Paul because his Foreign Policy increases your ability to exercise your Natural Rights at home.

The Federal Debt is over 15 trillion and the other Republican Candidates are dying for another war. Ron Paul believes in truly limited government chained down to the U.S. Constitution, which means that endless wars are not lawful. He also believes that the U.S. Congress should vote to declare was unlike what occurred in Libya this year.

A lot of people forget that the military is a part of the Federal Government. It is not sacrosanct, it is not something that is off-limits, it is simply a department of the Federal Government. The men and women who sign up for it are unfortunately asked to do horrible things in far off places, and too many die and come home maimed because of those orders.

Foreign Policy affects domestic policy. The two can not be divorced. They are one in the same and should be based upon the same basic premise. Only Ron Paul bases his entire platform on the basic premise of Maximum Individual Liberty and Minimal Constitutionally Limited Government. If you want freedom at home than you must demand that the Federal Government follow a course of Peace with the other nations abroad.

If you belive in Individual Liberty,  low taxes, minimal regulation, limited Federal Government, and Peaceful relations with all Nations then you have only one Candidate you can vote for to be the Next President of the United States of America and that candidate is RON PAUL!!!


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