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Predator Drones over Peoria? Say it ain’t so.

In True nature of the State on December 13, 2011 at 1:00 am

The Predator Drones are hunting new prey. And its U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil!!!

Well the Predator Drones are not over Peoria yet, as far as I know. But it has just been discovered  that the U.S. customs and border patrol have taken it upon themselves to run surveillance missions to help local law enforcement in North Dakota. Now let that soak in. Military hardware that flies two miles above the Earth is being used to “spy” on U.S. citizens.

I told some folks this today and they simply shrugged their shoulders and said they would be bored if they looked at what I was doing. I was blown away. ITs not about what you are doing. The point is that we in this Country have lost the desire to privacy. We have taken it to heart that the government not only owns the land upon which we live, they own the airwaves, they own the internet and they own us.

“Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy”. Ayn Rand.

A recent Supreme Court Decision determined that you have no “expectation of location privacy”. That is insane. The government can track your every move without even a warrant. The government can know where you are at all times. This is an extension of the Red Light cameras at traffic stops, cameras on the streets of every major city and traffic cameras along the highways.  The first question to ask is why would they want to do this?  Why do they want to keep such a close eye upon their citizenry? Is it to keep us safe? Is it to make our lives better? I

The answer is simply  the STATE wants to control and manage every aspect of our lives. The same people who believe that the flying Predator of  Drones over U.S. is a good thing are the same people who believe that Stalin was a terrible person but that Communism is still a good idea.

The Same People who want the Predator Drones flying over all our heads in the name of safety and order, are the same who believe in a planned economy, in regulating the hell out of everything an individual does. They believe in the Socialist Mantra: “If you can measure it you can manage it.” Or stated differently; if you can gather intel on the citizenry from two miles above you can plan their lives in great detail.

How better to manage a population then by flying unstoppable Predator Drones to first spy on them, to see what they are up to then to eventually control the population by arming these drones, so the State can kill at will any citizen they deem “undesirable”.

Remember all these platforms which start as purely surveillance are always, always, eventually armed. Look at the history of military aviation and the evolution of Unmanned Ariel vehicles overseas. They’ve been armed and used overseas now they will be armed and used here at home.

Where is the hippie left resisting the War machine being unloosed on the citizenry at home? Where are the conservatives who claim to desire  freedom but embrace every State initiative to limit it? Where are the Liberals who claim to want less war and more peace?

I see the world rapidly brining to fruition Orwell’s prediction that “if you want a vision of the future of humanity, imagine a boot stamping on a human face.”

That boot my friends will not need to be worn by a policeman or even a soldier.  If these drones continue to fly over head the boots upon our necks will be two miles above our heads but instead of a boot it  will be a hellfire missile traveling at 1.3 times the speed of sound coming down upon you.

Who doesn’t think that the Predator Drones in the United States will be soon armed? Who doesn’t think that in the next 12 months or so that the Predator Drones will be used to “thwart” a terrorist attack on U.S. soil and thus give the Feds carte blanche to keep flying armed Predators in the skies of America? Even though most of the recent thwarted terrorists plots on U.S. soil were actually manufactured by the Feds themselves.

It almost seems surreal to see the conspiracy theories come true. I feel like I’m Mel Gibson’s Character in the movie “Conspiracy Theory:”  What if there are riots in America on a scope and scale never seen before? What if those riots are met not with riot police but with one, two, five, or more Predator Drones launching Hell Fire Missles into the crowds to take out the leaders?

Just recently the Senate, thankfully voted down a measure to allow the kill/capture of any U.S. citizen around the world including on U.S. soil who were deemed a “terrorist” . This would be the elimination of all the protections of the Constitution that U.S. citizens have enjoyed for the last two plus centuries and would have lead to permanent detention or even summary execution of alleged citizens deemed “terrorists”. But to me once an idea like this is floated it is a matter of time before it becomes law. Just the mere fact that we have Predator Drones flying over U.S. soil aiding law enforcement and the Senate almost in one foul swoop destroying what’s left of our COnstitutional rights makes me think that this issue of summary execution of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil will occur.

What’s worse is how the Predator Drones  came into existence in the first place  and why the Custom and Border Patrol Agents have them in their arsenal. They have them because of the destruction of individual liberty in this country and the Fed’s endless appetite for war overseas. If there was no prohibition on Drugs we would not need the Predators at the border, if we did not have a welfare state and crushing taxes, then no one would care who came to the country searching for work.  If the Feds stopped the government intervention overseas we wouldn’t have needed to be developing these Predator Drones.

The Destruction of a person’s expectation of Privacy doesn’t disappear over night.  But if I had to point to a singular event in the recent memory as the point where people totally gave up there desire for privacy was the deployment and acceptance of the TSA scanners. These “porn scanners” violate an individual’s most sacred right to personal privacy, the privacy of their own bodies. If individuals think the government has a right to look under one’s clothes why shouldnt they have a right to look at your house, your car, you person from 2 miles in the sky. Does anyone else feel like the Predator Drones flying above U.S. soil feels like a modern version of the Sword of Damocles?

Liberty is simple. Coercion is not. When government acts to “govern” the peaceful non-violent activity of individuals it begins an unending process which ultimately leads to death camps and assassinations. We are seeing the seeds planted today. Just a few months ago an American citizen was murdered by a Predator Drone overseas. No trial, no presentation of evidence, nothing. Now if it can happen overseas why can’t it happen here?

At least with the police you are dealing with a human being standing in front of you even though they often don’t act like one. But with the Predator Drones you have someone in a trailer maybe hundreds or even thousands of miles away looking at computer screens. There is no empathy there is no emotion. It is pure emotional detachment. This is the same type of emotional detachment, implemented  in the U.S. with technology instead of propaganda in WWII Germany, that the Nazis employed to get normal hard-working, God-fearing men to push millions of Jews into Cattle Cars, house them in Death Camps, and kill millions of men, women, and children by shooting them, staving them and gassing them with Zyklon B.

Where is the fury? Where is the outrage? Where is the American Spirit of Individualism which once spoke so loudly that we don’t need a babysitter we don’t need a nanny, We are each individuals and are thus self responsible. We are each Individuals and we will each figure out how best to live our own lives. We are each individuals and as such do not want, and don’t need the oppressive Militarized Police State destroying what Liberties we still enjoy today.

America, I am worried. I am worried that not enough American Citizens care. That the consent of the majority or rather the apathy of the majority will allow this to continue. Just think about sitting at an intersection and because of something you’ve written on your blog you’ve been “targeted”. Now you won’t even know when the hellfire missile hits your car. These missiles are 100 hundred pounds with a 20 lb explosive charge meant to destroy 60 ton main battle tanks. In an instance without any warning you are vaporized. Not by a terrorist, not by Iranian Nukes, not by a Chinese bomb, but by your own Federal Government whose tax dollars they stole from you which in part paid for the Predator Drone, the Drone Pilot’s training and salary and the missile that just took  your life.

This is not science fiction or the realm of conspiracy theories any longer. The dots are connecting and I am afraid they are the same dots that led the East Germans, the Soviets, the Cambodians and the Nazis to build the fearful Tyrannical Engines of Terror that took hundreds of millions of lives in the 20th century.

That is why I urge everyone to vote for Ron Paul. He is not going to tolerate this kind of Military cooperation with the local police departments. Hope dies last is an old Russian saying and it seems that the worse things get the more the solutions for these problems emerge. I know that most Americans are Fed up with the Feds and are hungry for hope. That is why I believe that more and more Americans will turn out on Nov. 8th 2012 and Vote for Ron Paul.
Brad Miller


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