Brad Miller

The Universe is Fair: Quit Complaining

In Advocates of Liberty on December 9, 2011 at 11:51 pm

The Universe is fair. That is a bold statement that most people would argue against. But I am not talking about the subjective Universe. The universe in which the individual perceives their place within it. That is a product of the human mind and is an an act of Free Will. I use to not think the Universe was fair. At twelve I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and from that point on my life was pretty much hell for twenty years. Surgery, pain, and hospital stays and an overall disgustingness was my reality. But still as I look back the Universe was playing fair as it only can do with me. Now I feel a lot better and my life is much better. The Universe is still playing fair only my perspective has changed.

When I say that the Universe is playing fair or is fair to all human beings, specifically I’m referring to the Laws of the physical world. These are the forces, the design or the mechanics of how all matter and energy relates to other matter and energy. These immutable (as far as we know) forces of Nature are consistent and aren’t “targeted” or “withheld” from anyone.

For anyone to gain the cooperation of these forces all they have to do is observe and act upon what is discoverable, or take advantage of the discoveries of others. Will, reason, and persistence are the human natural forces that are required to unlock and gain the cooperation of the Natural Forces of the Universe.

Man must use his reason, to fulfill his desire but only if he persists in the physical world to do so.  To do this he must first gain the cooperation of the two factors of Nature he is given to gain the cooperation of first. That is his own mind and his own body. The more successful a man masters these individual forces the more he is able to ultimately go forth into the world and utilize the forces of nature in the external world to satisfy his desires.

The Universe is the same to all. The physical laws do not discriminate, they have no agenda, and they are purposeless. Purpose dwells only in the mind of man. His reason, combined with his persistent desire, which Harry Hazlitt described the Will as, moves the physical world according to the laws of that physical world by combining his mental and physical energy to satisfy his desire.

That is the key to unlocking the ability of man to live within a knowable Universe. Think about when man first learned to make fire on a consistent basis. The chemical properties of wood didn’t change. Oxygen didn’t suddenly become flammable. Even before wood was wood the atomic properties of the elements that make up wood when first created in the big bang or by crystals or by the Hand of God started billions of years earlier. From there the immutable laws of the Universe acted upon those elements until they ended up  being aggregated in the wood man used to make fire. The same goes for the flint used to consistently make the spark to make fire. What changed was the mind of man and how he directed his energies into the world.

So the chemical and physical properties that were necessary to make fire always existed to man. But it took his desire to be warm, his belief he could better his situation by the application of his mental and physical energy combined by harnessing the forces of nature in order to improve his lot in life. Every desire man has can be equally satisfied by utilizing the forces of Nature.

As man searches for more ways to “make fire” to improve his lot in life more and more of these Laws of Nature are discovered and the more desires can be satisfied. But it can only occur when man is free. the more man is free to desire, to believe he can satisfy that desire, and  he isnt’ stop by physical force, i.e. the government from stopping him from acting in novel ways the more we all benefit from the discoveries made by these Universal Law pioneers.

It has only been in the last two hundred years that man mostly in America but some in England and to a lesser degree in Western Europe man has been free from Governemnt Tyranny long enough to observe the forces of Nature and seek to gain their cooperation to satisfy man’s desires. We are still more free today than 99.99% of the people who ever lived on Earth. The universe still plays fair with everyone. We all have our fate in our hands more than we imagine. What the Universe demands of us is nothing. It could care less if we live or die. It is simply a clockwork running down. Man’s response to the Universe is the key. Man must use his reason to utilize this clockwork to feed, clothe and protect himself.

The Universe is like a Home Depot. It is full of everything you need to accomplish what you want. But in order to build the life you want,  you must first know what  you want, learn how to combine your energy both mental and physical with the products there and “create” what you need to survive and thrive. The Universe has its Laws on display for us. They are all around us and just as man struggled to stay warm for thousands of years before one man decided that this was unacceptable and began seeking a way to consistently make fire and not wait for the clockwork of the Universe to “provide” him it, we can do the same in our own lives.

This purposeful action is what each of us need to live within the Knowable Universe. Everything in the Universe is Knowable. The comforting fact is that we know so little about the Universe and the laws that govern it. I love the contradictions and paradoxes that occur when physicists try to reconcile the Newtonian physics, Einstein’s theories, and the new discoveries in quantum Physics. I love that fact that man knows so little. How awesome can the next 200 years be if we regain our liberties lost over the last hundred  years? And the same amount of progress in utilizing the Forces of Nature occurs. The unimaginalbe of man’s mind today is the every day tomorrow if man is free to explore and gain the cooperation of the forces of Nature.

As human beings whether your genes mess up your colon and liver which results in 30+ surgeries and seemingly endless hospital stays or you’re a perfectly healthy individual, we are all subject to and able to gain the cooperation of every force of Nature in the Universe. And within the Free Market we can exchange our goods and services to others who make the discoveries and leverage these discoveries to make goods and services that we can obtain to satisfy our desires.

Like it says in Matthew 5:45 ” that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”.

So quit your complaining master your mind and your body and go forth into the world and boldly satisfy your desires by doing what the man who first claimed fire as his own and gain the cooperation of the forces of nature to improve your lot in life.

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