Brad Miller

Are you FED up? If so Vote for Ron Paul

In Advocates of Liberty on December 8, 2011 at 1:43 am

Are you Fed up? Are you Fed up with the taxes, the government spending, and the liberty destroying regulations coming out of Washington? Are you fed up with the Endless wars around the world and the failed drug war at home? Are you fed up with The Federal Reserve’s destruction of the dollars by their printing trillions of new dollars? If you are then the one man who has the best chance to reverse this course if elected to become our 45th president is, Dr. Ron Paul.

Most folks have heard of Ron but do not clearly understand what the implications would be if he became our president. These same folks buy into the chatter on the news and talk radio that paint Ron Paul’s ideology as Isolationist and anarchistic. This is far from the truth. Ron Paul believes simply in chaining down the Federal Government to its enumerated powers clearly specified by the U.S. Constitution; which consequently is still the law of the land.

Ron Paul’s faith in the Constitution is firmly grounded in the Natural Rights tradition that inspired the founding fathers. Paul believes that every human being on Earth by his mere existence as a human being, has a God-given right to his life, his liberty, and to his justly acquired property. He knows first hand fighting in Congress all these years against the descrtucition of our libierties, that the Leviathan,  the Federal Government is the greatest threat to your liberty and to mine. While in Congress Ron voted against hundreds of bills that would have raised taxes or given authority to the Federal Government that exceed its Lawful Constitutional Mandate. Ron Paul correctly believes that as Government Grows individual liberty recedes.

How many here today are Fed up with the Internal Revenue Service? That’s a stupid question.  Everyone here would like to see that engine of theft finally ended. How many here today are Fed up with the Federal Reserve’s inflationary schemes that cause increased prices and punish savers by artificially lowering interest rates? Which consequently, they only do in order to enable the Federal Government to continue its borrowing binge. I don’t even to That is why Ron Paul states without hesitation that his mission is to End the Fed and End the IRS. Let those words sink in a minute and think about that will mean to you. That means more money in your pocket, which more importantly would be sound money.

But in order to do that the out of control spending must be addressed and Ron Paul pledges to veto any unbalanced budget that is sent to him.

Most Americans are fed up with the ever-increasing intrusions by the Feds in the name of safety into their privacy whether it’s in their homes, on their computers or at their place of business. Most Americans are fed up with being groped and their naked bodies revealed to strangers when they want to fly. Most Americans are fed up being treated like a terrorist every time they want to travel. Most Americans are fed up with the failed drug war and the violence that prohibition inevitably creates. Most Americans are fed up with the militarization of the police force. Most Americans are fed up with the no knock warrants and the subsequent killing of innocent individuals by the police who are simply defending their property, when the police serve the warrants at the wrong address. Most Americans are fed up with having to constantly fight for their God-given right to defend themselves against politicians who are always scheming to ban certain firearms, make them harder and more expensive to acquire and eventually eliminate private ownership all together. That is why Ron Paul wants to privatize the TSA, end the Drug War, end all unconstitutional spying by the Federal government on citizens and ensure that your God-given right, stated in the  second amendment  will not be violated.

Most Americans are fed up with the crony capitalism that has grown because of the massive increase in the size and power of the Federal Government.  Most Americans are fed up with the politicians granting private companies the privilege to privatize their gains while socializing their losses on the backs of the taxpayers. Most Americans are fed up with the entrepreneurial crushing regulations coming out of the EPA, FDA, Dept of Energy and the HHS. Most Americans are fed up with the pompous politicians and the baneful bureaucrats who want to institute a Planned Economy in America. Where where are regulated to mere automotons acting not upon our own Free WIll but by the  pernicious prescriptions from politicians that claim to know best. Ron Paul understands that the bureaucracy in Washington and their endless regulations are strangling the ability of individuals to voluntarily exchange goods and services, which is what the economy really boils down to.

Most Americans are fed up with the massive U.S. presence overseas and the trillions of dollars wasted abroad. Most Americans are Fed up with the endless wars that the Feds are prosecuting in at least five countries. Most Americans are fed up with seeing young men killed on battlefields thousands of miles away in a war with no clear enemy and a less clear definition of victory. Most Americans are fed up with seeing young folks who volunteered to serve their country return home from war with missing arms and legs, massive terrible burns and debilitating head injuries. Most Americans are fed up their tax dollars being used to buy bombs, that when dropped on foreign battlefields, inevitably kill innocent men women and children. How would any of us like it if China started dropping bombs on American citizens or placing bases in Montana? That is  exactly what the Federal government does everyday around the world. In addition most Americans are fed up with U.S. citizens being targeted for assassination around the world after being placed on a kill/capture list by secretive opaque intelligence committees. Ron Paul understands this and believes in a strong defense but not the bloated Dept. of Defense budget which prosecutes the endless foreign interventions. That is why Ron Paul pledges to end the wars overseas immediately and bring home all of our soldiers as quickly as possible, while maintaining a strong defense at home.

If you are like most Americans and are fed up with the way the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve destroy your individual liberty on a daily basis then there is a man who would put an immediate stop to the unchecked power of the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. That man is Ron Paul. I urge everyone to do your research on the other candidates. Then compare their record  to the record of Ron Paul. Compare their actions and the ideas that inform those actions to Ron Paul’s  unflagging committment to fighting for your Natural Right to your life, your liberty and your property. If you vote for  Ron Paul, you are voting for the elimination of the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the reduction of the Federal Government back down to its lawful Constitutional Mandate.

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