Brad Miller

Fear of Individuality leads to Collectivism

In True nature of the State on December 7, 2011 at 1:26 am

The fear of being dependent on oneself to survive and thrive in this world leads a lot of folks to turn to the ever welcoming arms of the collectivists. They promise an end to the fear of want and more importantly the fear of making decisions for oneself and living with those consequences.

Rand believed that people embraced collectivism because they were convinced that altruism or sacrificing oneself for others was moral. Stated differently, the individuals who bought into the collectivist creed believe that individuals should live for others not themselves.

But why do they believe this? I propose that it is because they allow fear to destroy their ability to think, decide and act. upon there own judgement. They want to rely on others because they’ve loss their faith in themselves and fear rules their lives. We are all born into the world naked and hungry. There is nothing promised by the world to us. We must work to live or someone else must work to sustain us. Mises wrote about the disutility of labor. But I believe that the disutility of labor isn’t a factor when individuals trust themselves and understand that work and expenditure of their life will lead to an improvement of that life. That is also a paradox of Collectivism. People clamor for it because they feel what they are no capable of making the correct decisions to live a happy life. Their goals are going unfullfilled.  But soon they find under Collectivist micro mangaement of their lives that no matter how hard they work it doesn’t matter. So they are in the same boat or even worse than before becasuse at least before they had a chance to change their behavior but now they are locked in the static world of the Collective.

Individualism is simply and ideology that states you are a whole separate entity from anyone else. Only you can think act and decide how best to live for yourself. Its a scary thing. IWe all would love to have someone tell us the future and tell us which actions will be successful and which will fail. which line of work is best for us. But no one knows that. If you believe in Inidividualism you must beleive that you will figure it out. You must believe that you can overcome your fear of the unknown or at least make friends with your fear and improve your lot in life. The Collectivist with their projetctions and five year plans act like they know the future. It is very comforting to those who have not habitually overcoem their fears.

We’ve been raised in a prison school system, told that paying taxes are patriotic and the world is full of terrorists ready to kill all of us at any time. Why wouldn’t individuals taught by government propagandists (teachers) believe that individual choice and preference is wrong and that an individual should allow others, meaning the government to make their choices for them?

How can anyone blame an individual who has accepted the idea that he needs to pay his fair share, or otherwise he’s a “bad American” understand that the dollars that the government steals from him limit his ability to express his individuality, and severely limit his choices in life?

How can you blame an individual who is told constantly by the Feds that terrorists are everywhere and are going to kill us all if they don’t wage more wars and destroy his liberty at home. They are just doing this to protect him. Right?

Fear is a motivator that can lead a rational human being to give into the collectivist creed without knowing it. They are taught the only way to assuage this fear is to sacrifice themselves to the collective and everything will be okay. There will be no more fear becasue the Ruling Elite are omnipotent and omnipresent.  But the reality is that the taxes they take are never enough to take care of everyone’s needs, scarcity still exists, and they never end the wars because they are manufactured and perpetrtaed by the government.  If individuals took responsibility for their own fears and desires there would be no collectivist preacher or politician who could sway them.

What would be their argument to a man who is driven, determined, passionate, responsible, honest and hard-working? A man who pursues his definition of happiness and doesn’t violate the rights of others in the process. They would tell him that his sacrifice is needed to help the one’s who can’t help themselves. His fear of being ostracised by his peers could lead him to the sacrifical altar of the State. This is prevelant among industrialists and capitalists in this country. So even men who don’t have any other need give into fear of being seen as an uncaring man by others. This fear is a powerful tool.

We rail against the political machine. We rail against collectivism. The only way to stop individuals from trending toward collectivism because of fear is to masater fear. Fear will always be with every human being on Earth. Fear arises from scarciy. Collectivism claims to end the Natural Law of Scarcity that’s why folks jump on board. But only when individualists pursue their lives and passions according to their philosophy of Liberty will those who claim to offer a utopia free of fear will be seen as hucksters really selling a world consumed by fear.

Dont’ let fear move you to place wher your  fate is the hands of others.

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