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Consent or Die – The paradox of the idea of the consent of the governed

In True nature of the State on December 6, 2011 at 12:02 am

When the IRS takes by force your property that is the only choice you have.

Consent to the theft or die.

Take the IRS’s modus operandi.  First let’s talk about the origin of the IRS and the tax code. In 1913 in the progressive era, which I call the collectivist era, which incidentally we are still firmly entrenched in, the income tax was approved as the 16th amendment. Now the simple question is did you vote for that? I sure as hell didn’t. Consent clearly not given.

The counter argument states that since I stay in this country I consent to the Income Tax. That is insane. Because I choose to stay in the country that is termed consent. It’s like a woman who walks to her home on a street that a gang claims for their own and members of that gang rape her. Well if she hadn’t been on that street she wouldn’t have been raped. But that’s where she lives.That is a form of locational consent. That’s of course an absurd analogy but it does highlight the absurdity of the position that locational consent is somehow the same as conscious consent. The problem too with locational consent is that there is no land on Earth you can put your home that a “Gang of Government” has not laid claim to. So no matter where you lay your head a government is there to “rape” you, and you consent to it because you live there. But if you leave you’d be consenting to being raped by another Government Gang. That is a false choice. The only choice is how badly and often the raping occurs.

Okay so they’ve got my locational consent because I don’t want to or can’t currently afford to travel to some other government’s turf, I work because I desire to live. The Government wants their cut. So the Congress which in no way  representatives me passes a bill to set the tax code. First done in 1913 and subsequently done in just about every Congress since. This is the second way they say they have my consent. My representative voted to continue to steal my money. Except I’m not represented by anyone in the Government. They do not know me or my interests. If I contact them. They don’t care. So how can anyone claim Representative government which in the U.S. is 534 people for 330,000,000 be equal to consent? Even if they do listen to you or your representative wins they will still pass laws, and every law carries the paradigm, “Consent or Die”.

Okay so they’ve got your locational consent.  You’ve voted at least once in your life so you’ve given your consent to the “system”. That is a form of consent they claim. Why do you think they have the “Vote or die” campaign? The campaign is close to being correct. The State’s motto is actually “Consent or Die” .

Now the IRS is firmly entrenched and accepted by individuals in this country. The idea is that that’s the way it’s always been.  I must pay taxes because I live here and I’ve participated in the political system. Maybe my candidate wins or doesn’t but either way I will “Pay’ my fair share. The whole Render under Caesar bit is often cited along with the pay my fair share, by many well-meaning other wise hard-core dedicated freedom lovers. That line was meant as a rebuke to the Pharisees who were paid in Roman coins with the image of the Emperor on it. It is not an admonition to pay taxes at all. It’s a rebuke to those who worship at the altar of the State. Very anti-statist. remember who canonized the New Testament. EMPEROR OF ROME!!!

To see if you really have a choice in a matter look at the consequences if you choose the opposite of what you are currently doing. If the IRS comes to take your property and you withdraw your consent and you persist in that choice : THEY WILL KILL YOU. They come to take your property because 100 years ago people you’ve never met decided to pass an income tax on the 1% of the country and you live in this country and you don’t physically resist.

Now what if you’ve come to the conclusion that taxation is theft (which it is) and you refuse to pay your bill from the IRS. They will send nasty letters, then they will put a lien on your checking account.  What if you close out all your bank accounts? Then they will come and seize your property to settle the ‘bill”. If you continue to choose not to allow them to take your property, they will try to arrest you. If you decide to withdraw your consent to them taking you  into custody, which will make it easier for them to steal your property, then they will you force and THEY WILL KILL YOU!!!

All interactions between citizens and government is consent or die. That is a scary thought. If you defy their regulations and then refuse to pay the fines and then refuse to be taken into custody; THEY WIll KILL YOU!!!

There is no question to why individuals choose to consent or to die. Most human beings will choose slavery to death, servitude to imprisonment. That is what Government’s throughout history have taken advantage. It is a basic fundamental desire to live. A life even under the worst circumstances is still life. A noose that is only tightened down snuggly but still allows for strained breathing is still better than it tightened all the way.

If you decide to buck the system and withdrawal your consent either individually or part of a revolution then you’ve made a different choice. Your paradigm has shifted. You now are basing your choice upon Liberty or Death, instead of Consent or die. It’s a different way to view the world. I don’t know of anyone whose forced the hand of the State to martyr themselves because they’ve withdrawn their consent to a victim.

“All Evil requires the sanction of the victim.” Ayn Rand

But there is another choice. Cut the rope. Eliminate the concept of the State all together. Until that happens my goal is to loosen the noose as much as I can, take deep breaths and enjoy my life.  You can still pursue your definition of happiness but the choices we have are limited by this noose. I like to think about and work towards a world where we can breathe freely and not be in fear of being “raped” because of where we live.


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