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Ron Paul’s Stance on Fiat Currency – End the FED and allow Competing Currencies

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It is an accepted fact to almost every human being on Earth that Government should provide the money of a nation. This notion has been so engrained into the brains of the masses that when anyone mentions that it should not be so he is vilified. That is because there are so many in this country and the world who have a vested interested to seeing the Federal Reserve’s printing presses continuing to print counterfiet dollars.

Ron Paul believes that privately issued currencis are a far superior product offered by the current tyrannical government monopoly enjoyed by the Federal Reserve.

Why should we leave such an important job of printing and maintaining the value of our money to the Feds? Government is the most inefficient immoral institution on Earth. Why do people so easily give up their God-given right to choose how  they want to voluntarily contract with others and  agree upon how to pay their debts? As long as both parties agree why should the Federal Government care what commodity is used to settle the debt obligation stated in a contract? Of course it’s none of their business, it’s no one’s business except the contracting parties.  Contract Law on the Books is more than sufficient to ensure payment is made according to the terms of the contract, that includes what currency is acceptable for payment by both parties.

Money is simply a medium of exchange. It is one half of every transaction we make. It is essential to an advanced economy that allows for specialization and the division of labor. An economy based upon barter could never do that. Money simplifies transactions. No one has to figure how many chickens it takes to buy a horse or how many X-boxes are needed to buy a Rolex. We don’t need price controls on our money, just like we don’t need price controls on anything else we buy.

Money is not sacrosanct and not the privilege of government. It is a tool, a commodity, just like beans or butter, or hammers. It should not be in the hands of the central planners who manipulate the value of your dollars in order to continue the profligate spending in Washington so they can continue to prop up the warfare/welfare state.

When the Federal Reserve prints trillions of new dollars and buys more of the Federal Debt to ensure the continuation of the Leviathan it destroys the current value of your dollar, raises prices and destroys your future earnings by obligating you and your children as taxpayers to repay the debt borrowed by the Federal Government. It also benefits the few while impoverishing the many. Inflation hits the economy at different times and prices rise out of proportion to wages and its the wage earners who suffer the most from it.

Ron Paul’s answer to this endless inflationary cycle is to simply to End The Fed. He does not advocate doing it overnight which I would love to see. Instead he has a much more nuanced approach. He simply wants to repeal the Legal Tender laws which force everyone in this Country to only accept Federal Reserve Notes as the only legal currency to settle debts and pay taxes. Once the Legal Tender laws are nullified private currencies will compete openly with the depreciating Federal Dollars. This will inevitably lead to the rejection of the “bad” government money and the acceptance of the “good” or “sound” private currencies.

There needs to be a free market for money just like there is for everything else you buy. Competition is the great innovator. There has not been any innovation in money since the Chinese began their inflationary schemes with the first fiat currency in the 9th century. The Federal Reserve is carrying on the tradition of all the great empires who have inflated their currencies because of out of control government spending and unfortunately this never ends well. It is not the barbarians from without that destroy the great empires it’s the barbarians within who plunder the pockets of the individual citizens by the purposeful debasement of the currency. What we need is innovation in the opposite direction. Instead of more ways to devalue a currency we need innovation to stabilize the value of currencies and even ways to increase its value over time.

Ron Paul believes correctly that sound money created on the open market can save us from the  deadly hyper inflation that will inevitably arrive due to the actions of the Fed. These privately issued currencies by entrepreneurs and capitalists will have a vested interest in maintaining and even increasing the value of their currencies or they will go out of business. The Federal Reserve by contrast has devalued the dollar by over 95% since it was created. If a private entity did this it would not be in business for long. Only because the Federal Reserve is backed by the legalized force of the Federal Government can it continue to counterfeit U.S. dollars and further destroy its value.

The Federal Reserve also manipulates the interest rates and thus further disrupts the capital markets. If you are a saver then you know that you are not earning anything on your money. This is the result of the Federal Reserve buying  the 30 yr and 10 yr Federal Government debt to help bring down borrowing costs. Which is not to benefit the mortgage seekers but the Federal Treasury. This kills the incentive to save and encourages people to spend which is part of their central plan.

The Federal Reserve is a collectivist entity. It is meant to keep inflation in check and keep full employment. They can’t do this. They try to manipulate the currency and interest rates to do this. But what are they really doing? They are purposefully trying to “influence” your actions by devaluing the dollars in your pocket. They think they know best and are trying to force you to act in a certain way. It is evil. The Federal Reserve needs to be ended. It has no place in a Free Society. Jefferson warned about a National Bank at the birth of this nation. He saw it as a threat to indivdiual liberty and his predictions have come true.

We don’t need a money “overseer”. Let the voluntary actions of individuals on the Free Market determine which money is used and the value of it.  Twelve Federal Reserve Presidents are not omnipotent. They have no super powers. They have no crystal ball. They have no right to devlue your dollar. They have no right to steal money from your pocket.

It’s time to end the Fed, end the out of control spending in Washington and return this country back to sound money. And only one candidate pledges to do this and his name is RON PAUL.

Ron Paul believes in Individual Liberty, Constitutionaly Limited Federal Government, End ing the Wars overseas, Ending the drug war at home and legalizing competing currencies to ensure inflation will be a thing for the history books.

Ron Paul’s Stance on the Drug War: END IT NOW

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Recreational drugs are not the boogie man destroying this country. Out of control government is. Would you rather have Federal Storm Troopers patroling your neighborhood or have a pothead as a neighbor? I know which one I’d choose. That is why I am supporting Ron Paul for President.

Ron Paul is consistent. He bases all of his beliefs on a basic bedrock of principles. These principles are unchanging because they are based upon NATURAL LAW.

Natural Law as it relates to individual states simply that each Individual Due to their existence has a GOD given right to their LIFE, LIBERTY, JUSTLY ACQUIRED PROPERTY, and to their PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Whether the issue is Foreign Interventionism, ending the Fed, returning the country to sound money, ending the militarized police state in America or ending the failed drug war, Ron Paul believes first and foremost in an individual’s ability to choose for themselves how best to live.

This is why for over twenty years Ron Paul has consistently voted no on all bills that would have raised your taxes or granted authority to the Federal Government not authorized by the COnstitution. Because the Constitution is a document based upon the Principles of Natural Law.

Ron Paul has consistently voted against the costly Drug War the Federal Government continues to wage even though it is a complete and utter failure.  It costs American Taxpayers over 39 billion dollars a year fighting this failed drug war. There are DEA agents all over the world. Can you imagine Chinese Drug Enforcement agents running stings inside of Texas to catch drug dealers? It wouldn’t happen. Why is it okay for the U.S. Federal Government to do so on our behalf? And still the drugs flow. Drug dealers get insanely rich and governments become corrupt as they seek favor to continue their trade.

This year alone 1.65 million people were arrested in this country on drug charges. How many lives are destroyed because of the incarcerations? How many correction officers could be doing more productive work in society? How many less jails would need to be built-in America? We are becoming a prison State and it’s because of the Failed Drug War.

Ron Paul had a crowd clapping moment in one of the early Republican Debates. The question about the drug war came up and the Federal Legalization of Drugs. He was asked if he thinks Heroin should be legalized. He had a great answer: He simply said do I or any of you need the Federal Government to tell you not to use Heroin? The crowd erupted in support.

That’s the point. We don’t need the Federal Government telling us what we can and can’t put into our bodies. Do you believe you own your body? Do you believe anyone has a right to tell you how to live as long as you are not violating the Natural RIghts of Others?

Ron Paul simply believes that the War on Drugs is a war on Individual Liberty. It is a war on choice. It is a war on personal responsiblity and the ability to live your life as you see fit. Now along with the legalization of Drugs Ron Paul also advocate the end of the Welfare State so as to not burden tax payers with people who choose to use and abuse drugs.

When people know they have to work in order to eat and live, they will do so. If they don’t private charities will help them along with churches. Right now the Shriners have 23 hospitals around the country with a budget of 700 million dollars a year which is all donations. Who says that private charity can’t take care of the sick and the indigent. It can and has in the past.

We don’t need bigger government, we dont’ need more police and DEA agents, we don’t need more predator drones flying over America. What we need is more liberty in America and that is exactly what a vote for Ron Paul in 2012 will mean for you and me.

If someone asks you about his stance on Drugs relate it back to the person’s ability to choose how to live. Remind them if someone murders, robs or steals, it doesn’t matter if they are under the influence of drugs are not. They are still violating another person’s Natural Rights and by the way, how many assaults, rapes, murders, and break in occur when people are drunk on alcohol?  It doesn’t matter the same crimes are committed.

I myself am more worried about the police checkpoints, the indefinite detention of Americans labeled as Terrorists, (remember the U.S. Justice Dept has a category of Terrorists called Narco-Terrorists), and the local SWAT team busting in my door because they don’t know how to read a search warrant and coming into my house unannounced and killing me. That later one happens more than you think.

Why do we need Militarized SWAT teams in every community? The one in my county is like a small army, with helicopters and armored vehicles.  They say it’s because of the drug dealers. (Incidentally the DOD claims it needs trillion dollar budget because of Terrorists – see the connection?) Why do the drug dealers have guns and resort to violence? It’s because they can’t go to the police or the court system to settle disputes. So the police create the environment that forces those outside the law to become more and more violent. Then they themselves escalate the violence to end the violence they create. It’s a vicious cycle. Just ask the  Mexican citizens living in the border towns.

The perfect example of this is prohibition in the 1920’s. How well did that work out? Don’t you think Mexico and the U.S. would be much safer if drugs were legalized? I know there are horror stories about mom’s and dad’s using drugs and bad things happening to kids. But that is going to happen anyway. Those are personal choices and not the fault of the drugs. Drugs are plants. That is plain and simple. If you don’t want to use them now you won’t when its legal. You still have to go to work and take care of your family.

Human nature can not be legislated.  The Federal Government when First instituted by the Constitution was meant mainly to deal with foreign nations and make “regular” commerce between the states. That’s it. The Typical tax rate for the colonists and early Americans was close to 1 or 2%. That’s it. The Federal Government was impotent because of its anemic power to tax.

Ron Paul believes in chaining back down the Federal Government once again to its Constitutional Limits. How awesome will it be again to live in the Freest Nation on Earth? How awesome will it be to not have to think about the Federal Government on a day-to-day basis? How awesome will it be to buy pot without having to worry about getting busted? I think pretty damn awesome. And if you do too then there is only one candidate that you can vote for in 2012 who will work tirelessly when he gets to the White House, just like he’s done for the last twenty years, to make that happen.

When you cast your vote for Ron Paul you are casting your vote for Individual Liberty, Prosperity and Peace.

Brad Miller

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy – A path to peace and prosperity

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I like to look at Vietnam as a prime example that justifies Ron Paul’s belief in non-intervetionism around the world. If you could go back in time to the end of the Vietnam war and then go visit it today could you possibly be able to justify the loss of life and money consumed in the conflagration of that horrible war?

Do you think that war was worth the 58,000+ Americans killed along with another 350,000 wounded?  Today in Vietnam they are moving towards a free market economy. There are still many hurdles to overcome, the communist one party rule still exists but private ownership is on the rise. Look at the trade between the U.S. and Vietnam and the tourists who visit every year  14,579,460,000 in goods so far this year have been bought by U.S. customers from Vietnamese businesses. Compare that to the half a trillion dollars some state that the war cost American Taxpayers to prosecute. But now any American can travel to the beautiful Vietnamese Country side without fear or restrictions.

Look how much has changed in 40 years? That is why its important to keep a historical perspective when the media and politicians try to gin up a new war. That is why you have principles. And the only candidate who has constitently stuck to his principles who is running for the President of the Untied States of America is Ron Paul.

The lesson learned from Vietnam is that  the U.S. should stay out of the business of other Nations. It would have saved 58,000 American lives, saved the maiming of 350,000 more and saved tens of thousands more the agonizing deaths due to the effects of the defoliant Agent Orange.

I point out Vietnam as an example of how sending troops to kill and die in wars around the world is not the answer, if you claim to want peace.  Right now the U.S. military is in at least five wars overseas. Iraq is still a war zone, Soldiers and Marines are still dying in Afghanistan, predator drones are assassinating individuals in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and now in Uganda along with special forces.  Isn’t funny how no politician except Ron Paul talks about peace. Before 1913 and even during the interwar period Americans default position was a desire for peace and not war. Look how far the nation has come. The militarization of America has to stop if Liberty is to be restored.

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy is the total opposite of every other candidate running. His foreign policy like every position he holds is informed by the Constitution and the founding principles of this Nation. He believes that we should not intervene in the world offensively and instead focus on defending the homeland, which the Department of Defense is mandated to do.

But with an almost trillion-dollar budget the Department of Defense has no limits on what it wants to do. It sees enemies everywhere. Ron Paul takes a longer view of history when viewing the current events unfolding.For instance the current target for the Military War Machine is Iran. That country has a legitimate beef with the U.S. if you don’t believe me research the 1953 coup that the U.S. orchestrated and you’ll understand why they might not feel all warm and fuzzy about the States. How would we feel if another country knocked off a president and installed one of their choosing? That would not sit well.

Ron Paul believes that the United States should return back to the ideals of the founding of this nation and focus on trade instead of war. Look at China, Russia, Vietnma and the other countries the United States Trades with. War is clearly not the answer when the quest is to live in peace with other nations. People around the world just want to be able to live, love and improve their lot in life. War is an impediment to that, peace and trade enable it. Ron Paul Believes as Thomas Jeffeson wrote that the United States foregin policy should be:

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.”

And Frederic Bastiat the great French Economist once wrote that “where trade fails to flow across borders troops soon will”

Ron Paul predicted the ginned up war against Iran years ago. He doesn’t believe in appeasement or weakness. He believes that every individual has a right to self-defense and by extension every nation, which is a collection of individuals has a right to defend themselves. But the war machine in this country has to constantly be in motion or the Tax Payers become curisous as to why they must foot a trillon dollar bill every year for the gadgests, bullets, ships planes if they aren’t necessary.

So if you are tired of the endless wars overseas, there is only one candidate who will take a different approach to the United State’s foreign policy, you should vote for Ron Paul.
He will immediately end the wars overseas, begin dismantling the intrusive police state we currently live under, work to repeal the Patriot Act, stop the assassinations of Americans around the world  and the indefinite detention of Americans deemed as terrorists pushed by John McCain, while maintaining a strong military that is more than capable of defending the shores of this great nation.

Ron Paul asks why should the American Tax Payer be asked to pay for the defense of the countries of Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel and Egypt? Why should Americans pay to bomb people thousands of miles away who pose no threat to the U.S. then pay to rebuild what was blown up?

A flip side to Ron Paul’s non-intervention policy is that the United States should end all foreign aid immediately. Also he believes that the United States should immediately exit the U.N. If you believe in your individual right to your life, liberty and property than you should vote for Ron Paul because his Foreign Policy increases your ability to exercise your Natural Rights at home.

The Federal Debt is over 15 trillion and the other Republican Candidates are dying for another war. Ron Paul believes in truly limited government chained down to the U.S. Constitution, which means that endless wars are not lawful. He also believes that the U.S. Congress should vote to declare was unlike what occurred in Libya this year.

A lot of people forget that the military is a part of the Federal Government. It is not sacrosanct, it is not something that is off-limits, it is simply a department of the Federal Government. The men and women who sign up for it are unfortunately asked to do horrible things in far off places, and too many die and come home maimed because of those orders.

Foreign Policy affects domestic policy. The two can not be divorced. They are one in the same and should be based upon the same basic premise. Only Ron Paul bases his entire platform on the basic premise of Maximum Individual Liberty and Minimal Constitutionally Limited Government. If you want freedom at home than you must demand that the Federal Government follow a course of Peace with the other nations abroad.

If you belive in Individual Liberty,  low taxes, minimal regulation, limited Federal Government, and Peaceful relations with all Nations then you have only one Candidate you can vote for to be the Next President of the United States of America and that candidate is RON PAUL!!!


Predator Drones over Peoria? Say it ain’t so.

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The Predator Drones are hunting new prey. And its U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil!!!

Well the Predator Drones are not over Peoria yet, as far as I know. But it has just been discovered  that the U.S. customs and border patrol have taken it upon themselves to run surveillance missions to help local law enforcement in North Dakota. Now let that soak in. Military hardware that flies two miles above the Earth is being used to “spy” on U.S. citizens.

I told some folks this today and they simply shrugged their shoulders and said they would be bored if they looked at what I was doing. I was blown away. ITs not about what you are doing. The point is that we in this Country have lost the desire to privacy. We have taken it to heart that the government not only owns the land upon which we live, they own the airwaves, they own the internet and they own us.

“Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy”. Ayn Rand.

A recent Supreme Court Decision determined that you have no “expectation of location privacy”. That is insane. The government can track your every move without even a warrant. The government can know where you are at all times. This is an extension of the Red Light cameras at traffic stops, cameras on the streets of every major city and traffic cameras along the highways.  The first question to ask is why would they want to do this?  Why do they want to keep such a close eye upon their citizenry? Is it to keep us safe? Is it to make our lives better? I

The answer is simply  the STATE wants to control and manage every aspect of our lives. The same people who believe that the flying Predator of  Drones over U.S. is a good thing are the same people who believe that Stalin was a terrible person but that Communism is still a good idea.

The Same People who want the Predator Drones flying over all our heads in the name of safety and order, are the same who believe in a planned economy, in regulating the hell out of everything an individual does. They believe in the Socialist Mantra: “If you can measure it you can manage it.” Or stated differently; if you can gather intel on the citizenry from two miles above you can plan their lives in great detail.

How better to manage a population then by flying unstoppable Predator Drones to first spy on them, to see what they are up to then to eventually control the population by arming these drones, so the State can kill at will any citizen they deem “undesirable”.

Remember all these platforms which start as purely surveillance are always, always, eventually armed. Look at the history of military aviation and the evolution of Unmanned Ariel vehicles overseas. They’ve been armed and used overseas now they will be armed and used here at home.

Where is the hippie left resisting the War machine being unloosed on the citizenry at home? Where are the conservatives who claim to desire  freedom but embrace every State initiative to limit it? Where are the Liberals who claim to want less war and more peace?

I see the world rapidly brining to fruition Orwell’s prediction that “if you want a vision of the future of humanity, imagine a boot stamping on a human face.”

That boot my friends will not need to be worn by a policeman or even a soldier.  If these drones continue to fly over head the boots upon our necks will be two miles above our heads but instead of a boot it  will be a hellfire missile traveling at 1.3 times the speed of sound coming down upon you.

Who doesn’t think that the Predator Drones in the United States will be soon armed? Who doesn’t think that in the next 12 months or so that the Predator Drones will be used to “thwart” a terrorist attack on U.S. soil and thus give the Feds carte blanche to keep flying armed Predators in the skies of America? Even though most of the recent thwarted terrorists plots on U.S. soil were actually manufactured by the Feds themselves.

It almost seems surreal to see the conspiracy theories come true. I feel like I’m Mel Gibson’s Character in the movie “Conspiracy Theory:”  What if there are riots in America on a scope and scale never seen before? What if those riots are met not with riot police but with one, two, five, or more Predator Drones launching Hell Fire Missles into the crowds to take out the leaders?

Just recently the Senate, thankfully voted down a measure to allow the kill/capture of any U.S. citizen around the world including on U.S. soil who were deemed a “terrorist” . This would be the elimination of all the protections of the Constitution that U.S. citizens have enjoyed for the last two plus centuries and would have lead to permanent detention or even summary execution of alleged citizens deemed “terrorists”. But to me once an idea like this is floated it is a matter of time before it becomes law. Just the mere fact that we have Predator Drones flying over U.S. soil aiding law enforcement and the Senate almost in one foul swoop destroying what’s left of our COnstitutional rights makes me think that this issue of summary execution of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil will occur.

What’s worse is how the Predator Drones  came into existence in the first place  and why the Custom and Border Patrol Agents have them in their arsenal. They have them because of the destruction of individual liberty in this country and the Fed’s endless appetite for war overseas. If there was no prohibition on Drugs we would not need the Predators at the border, if we did not have a welfare state and crushing taxes, then no one would care who came to the country searching for work.  If the Feds stopped the government intervention overseas we wouldn’t have needed to be developing these Predator Drones.

The Destruction of a person’s expectation of Privacy doesn’t disappear over night.  But if I had to point to a singular event in the recent memory as the point where people totally gave up there desire for privacy was the deployment and acceptance of the TSA scanners. These “porn scanners” violate an individual’s most sacred right to personal privacy, the privacy of their own bodies. If individuals think the government has a right to look under one’s clothes why shouldnt they have a right to look at your house, your car, you person from 2 miles in the sky. Does anyone else feel like the Predator Drones flying above U.S. soil feels like a modern version of the Sword of Damocles?

Liberty is simple. Coercion is not. When government acts to “govern” the peaceful non-violent activity of individuals it begins an unending process which ultimately leads to death camps and assassinations. We are seeing the seeds planted today. Just a few months ago an American citizen was murdered by a Predator Drone overseas. No trial, no presentation of evidence, nothing. Now if it can happen overseas why can’t it happen here?

At least with the police you are dealing with a human being standing in front of you even though they often don’t act like one. But with the Predator Drones you have someone in a trailer maybe hundreds or even thousands of miles away looking at computer screens. There is no empathy there is no emotion. It is pure emotional detachment. This is the same type of emotional detachment, implemented  in the U.S. with technology instead of propaganda in WWII Germany, that the Nazis employed to get normal hard-working, God-fearing men to push millions of Jews into Cattle Cars, house them in Death Camps, and kill millions of men, women, and children by shooting them, staving them and gassing them with Zyklon B.

Where is the fury? Where is the outrage? Where is the American Spirit of Individualism which once spoke so loudly that we don’t need a babysitter we don’t need a nanny, We are each individuals and are thus self responsible. We are each Individuals and we will each figure out how best to live our own lives. We are each individuals and as such do not want, and don’t need the oppressive Militarized Police State destroying what Liberties we still enjoy today.

America, I am worried. I am worried that not enough American Citizens care. That the consent of the majority or rather the apathy of the majority will allow this to continue. Just think about sitting at an intersection and because of something you’ve written on your blog you’ve been “targeted”. Now you won’t even know when the hellfire missile hits your car. These missiles are 100 hundred pounds with a 20 lb explosive charge meant to destroy 60 ton main battle tanks. In an instance without any warning you are vaporized. Not by a terrorist, not by Iranian Nukes, not by a Chinese bomb, but by your own Federal Government whose tax dollars they stole from you which in part paid for the Predator Drone, the Drone Pilot’s training and salary and the missile that just took  your life.

This is not science fiction or the realm of conspiracy theories any longer. The dots are connecting and I am afraid they are the same dots that led the East Germans, the Soviets, the Cambodians and the Nazis to build the fearful Tyrannical Engines of Terror that took hundreds of millions of lives in the 20th century.

That is why I urge everyone to vote for Ron Paul. He is not going to tolerate this kind of Military cooperation with the local police departments. Hope dies last is an old Russian saying and it seems that the worse things get the more the solutions for these problems emerge. I know that most Americans are Fed up with the Feds and are hungry for hope. That is why I believe that more and more Americans will turn out on Nov. 8th 2012 and Vote for Ron Paul.
Brad Miller


The Universe is Fair: Quit Complaining

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The Universe is fair. That is a bold statement that most people would argue against. But I am not talking about the subjective Universe. The universe in which the individual perceives their place within it. That is a product of the human mind and is an an act of Free Will. I use to not think the Universe was fair. At twelve I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and from that point on my life was pretty much hell for twenty years. Surgery, pain, and hospital stays and an overall disgustingness was my reality. But still as I look back the Universe was playing fair as it only can do with me. Now I feel a lot better and my life is much better. The Universe is still playing fair only my perspective has changed.

When I say that the Universe is playing fair or is fair to all human beings, specifically I’m referring to the Laws of the physical world. These are the forces, the design or the mechanics of how all matter and energy relates to other matter and energy. These immutable (as far as we know) forces of Nature are consistent and aren’t “targeted” or “withheld” from anyone.

For anyone to gain the cooperation of these forces all they have to do is observe and act upon what is discoverable, or take advantage of the discoveries of others. Will, reason, and persistence are the human natural forces that are required to unlock and gain the cooperation of the Natural Forces of the Universe.

Man must use his reason, to fulfill his desire but only if he persists in the physical world to do so.  To do this he must first gain the cooperation of the two factors of Nature he is given to gain the cooperation of first. That is his own mind and his own body. The more successful a man masters these individual forces the more he is able to ultimately go forth into the world and utilize the forces of nature in the external world to satisfy his desires.

The Universe is the same to all. The physical laws do not discriminate, they have no agenda, and they are purposeless. Purpose dwells only in the mind of man. His reason, combined with his persistent desire, which Harry Hazlitt described the Will as, moves the physical world according to the laws of that physical world by combining his mental and physical energy to satisfy his desire.

That is the key to unlocking the ability of man to live within a knowable Universe. Think about when man first learned to make fire on a consistent basis. The chemical properties of wood didn’t change. Oxygen didn’t suddenly become flammable. Even before wood was wood the atomic properties of the elements that make up wood when first created in the big bang or by crystals or by the Hand of God started billions of years earlier. From there the immutable laws of the Universe acted upon those elements until they ended up  being aggregated in the wood man used to make fire. The same goes for the flint used to consistently make the spark to make fire. What changed was the mind of man and how he directed his energies into the world.

So the chemical and physical properties that were necessary to make fire always existed to man. But it took his desire to be warm, his belief he could better his situation by the application of his mental and physical energy combined by harnessing the forces of nature in order to improve his lot in life. Every desire man has can be equally satisfied by utilizing the forces of Nature.

As man searches for more ways to “make fire” to improve his lot in life more and more of these Laws of Nature are discovered and the more desires can be satisfied. But it can only occur when man is free. the more man is free to desire, to believe he can satisfy that desire, and  he isnt’ stop by physical force, i.e. the government from stopping him from acting in novel ways the more we all benefit from the discoveries made by these Universal Law pioneers.

It has only been in the last two hundred years that man mostly in America but some in England and to a lesser degree in Western Europe man has been free from Governemnt Tyranny long enough to observe the forces of Nature and seek to gain their cooperation to satisfy man’s desires. We are still more free today than 99.99% of the people who ever lived on Earth. The universe still plays fair with everyone. We all have our fate in our hands more than we imagine. What the Universe demands of us is nothing. It could care less if we live or die. It is simply a clockwork running down. Man’s response to the Universe is the key. Man must use his reason to utilize this clockwork to feed, clothe and protect himself.

The Universe is like a Home Depot. It is full of everything you need to accomplish what you want. But in order to build the life you want,  you must first know what  you want, learn how to combine your energy both mental and physical with the products there and “create” what you need to survive and thrive. The Universe has its Laws on display for us. They are all around us and just as man struggled to stay warm for thousands of years before one man decided that this was unacceptable and began seeking a way to consistently make fire and not wait for the clockwork of the Universe to “provide” him it, we can do the same in our own lives.

This purposeful action is what each of us need to live within the Knowable Universe. Everything in the Universe is Knowable. The comforting fact is that we know so little about the Universe and the laws that govern it. I love the contradictions and paradoxes that occur when physicists try to reconcile the Newtonian physics, Einstein’s theories, and the new discoveries in quantum Physics. I love that fact that man knows so little. How awesome can the next 200 years be if we regain our liberties lost over the last hundred  years? And the same amount of progress in utilizing the Forces of Nature occurs. The unimaginalbe of man’s mind today is the every day tomorrow if man is free to explore and gain the cooperation of the forces of Nature.

As human beings whether your genes mess up your colon and liver which results in 30+ surgeries and seemingly endless hospital stays or you’re a perfectly healthy individual, we are all subject to and able to gain the cooperation of every force of Nature in the Universe. And within the Free Market we can exchange our goods and services to others who make the discoveries and leverage these discoveries to make goods and services that we can obtain to satisfy our desires.

Like it says in Matthew 5:45 ” that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”.

So quit your complaining master your mind and your body and go forth into the world and boldly satisfy your desires by doing what the man who first claimed fire as his own and gain the cooperation of the forces of nature to improve your lot in life.

Are you FED up? If so Vote for Ron Paul

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Are you Fed up? Are you Fed up with the taxes, the government spending, and the liberty destroying regulations coming out of Washington? Are you fed up with the Endless wars around the world and the failed drug war at home? Are you fed up with The Federal Reserve’s destruction of the dollars by their printing trillions of new dollars? If you are then the one man who has the best chance to reverse this course if elected to become our 45th president is, Dr. Ron Paul.

Most folks have heard of Ron but do not clearly understand what the implications would be if he became our president. These same folks buy into the chatter on the news and talk radio that paint Ron Paul’s ideology as Isolationist and anarchistic. This is far from the truth. Ron Paul believes simply in chaining down the Federal Government to its enumerated powers clearly specified by the U.S. Constitution; which consequently is still the law of the land.

Ron Paul’s faith in the Constitution is firmly grounded in the Natural Rights tradition that inspired the founding fathers. Paul believes that every human being on Earth by his mere existence as a human being, has a God-given right to his life, his liberty, and to his justly acquired property. He knows first hand fighting in Congress all these years against the descrtucition of our libierties, that the Leviathan,  the Federal Government is the greatest threat to your liberty and to mine. While in Congress Ron voted against hundreds of bills that would have raised taxes or given authority to the Federal Government that exceed its Lawful Constitutional Mandate. Ron Paul correctly believes that as Government Grows individual liberty recedes.

How many here today are Fed up with the Internal Revenue Service? That’s a stupid question.  Everyone here would like to see that engine of theft finally ended. How many here today are Fed up with the Federal Reserve’s inflationary schemes that cause increased prices and punish savers by artificially lowering interest rates? Which consequently, they only do in order to enable the Federal Government to continue its borrowing binge. I don’t even to That is why Ron Paul states without hesitation that his mission is to End the Fed and End the IRS. Let those words sink in a minute and think about that will mean to you. That means more money in your pocket, which more importantly would be sound money.

But in order to do that the out of control spending must be addressed and Ron Paul pledges to veto any unbalanced budget that is sent to him.

Most Americans are fed up with the ever-increasing intrusions by the Feds in the name of safety into their privacy whether it’s in their homes, on their computers or at their place of business. Most Americans are fed up with being groped and their naked bodies revealed to strangers when they want to fly. Most Americans are fed up being treated like a terrorist every time they want to travel. Most Americans are fed up with the failed drug war and the violence that prohibition inevitably creates. Most Americans are fed up with the militarization of the police force. Most Americans are fed up with the no knock warrants and the subsequent killing of innocent individuals by the police who are simply defending their property, when the police serve the warrants at the wrong address. Most Americans are fed up with having to constantly fight for their God-given right to defend themselves against politicians who are always scheming to ban certain firearms, make them harder and more expensive to acquire and eventually eliminate private ownership all together. That is why Ron Paul wants to privatize the TSA, end the Drug War, end all unconstitutional spying by the Federal government on citizens and ensure that your God-given right, stated in the  second amendment  will not be violated.

Most Americans are fed up with the crony capitalism that has grown because of the massive increase in the size and power of the Federal Government.  Most Americans are fed up with the politicians granting private companies the privilege to privatize their gains while socializing their losses on the backs of the taxpayers. Most Americans are fed up with the entrepreneurial crushing regulations coming out of the EPA, FDA, Dept of Energy and the HHS. Most Americans are fed up with the pompous politicians and the baneful bureaucrats who want to institute a Planned Economy in America. Where where are regulated to mere automotons acting not upon our own Free WIll but by the  pernicious prescriptions from politicians that claim to know best. Ron Paul understands that the bureaucracy in Washington and their endless regulations are strangling the ability of individuals to voluntarily exchange goods and services, which is what the economy really boils down to.

Most Americans are fed up with the massive U.S. presence overseas and the trillions of dollars wasted abroad. Most Americans are Fed up with the endless wars that the Feds are prosecuting in at least five countries. Most Americans are fed up with seeing young men killed on battlefields thousands of miles away in a war with no clear enemy and a less clear definition of victory. Most Americans are fed up with seeing young folks who volunteered to serve their country return home from war with missing arms and legs, massive terrible burns and debilitating head injuries. Most Americans are fed up their tax dollars being used to buy bombs, that when dropped on foreign battlefields, inevitably kill innocent men women and children. How would any of us like it if China started dropping bombs on American citizens or placing bases in Montana? That is  exactly what the Federal government does everyday around the world. In addition most Americans are fed up with U.S. citizens being targeted for assassination around the world after being placed on a kill/capture list by secretive opaque intelligence committees. Ron Paul understands this and believes in a strong defense but not the bloated Dept. of Defense budget which prosecutes the endless foreign interventions. That is why Ron Paul pledges to end the wars overseas immediately and bring home all of our soldiers as quickly as possible, while maintaining a strong defense at home.

If you are like most Americans and are fed up with the way the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve destroy your individual liberty on a daily basis then there is a man who would put an immediate stop to the unchecked power of the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. That man is Ron Paul. I urge everyone to do your research on the other candidates. Then compare their record  to the record of Ron Paul. Compare their actions and the ideas that inform those actions to Ron Paul’s  unflagging committment to fighting for your Natural Right to your life, your liberty and your property. If you vote for  Ron Paul, you are voting for the elimination of the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the reduction of the Federal Government back down to its lawful Constitutional Mandate.

Fear of Individuality leads to Collectivism

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The fear of being dependent on oneself to survive and thrive in this world leads a lot of folks to turn to the ever welcoming arms of the collectivists. They promise an end to the fear of want and more importantly the fear of making decisions for oneself and living with those consequences.

Rand believed that people embraced collectivism because they were convinced that altruism or sacrificing oneself for others was moral. Stated differently, the individuals who bought into the collectivist creed believe that individuals should live for others not themselves.

But why do they believe this? I propose that it is because they allow fear to destroy their ability to think, decide and act. upon there own judgement. They want to rely on others because they’ve loss their faith in themselves and fear rules their lives. We are all born into the world naked and hungry. There is nothing promised by the world to us. We must work to live or someone else must work to sustain us. Mises wrote about the disutility of labor. But I believe that the disutility of labor isn’t a factor when individuals trust themselves and understand that work and expenditure of their life will lead to an improvement of that life. That is also a paradox of Collectivism. People clamor for it because they feel what they are no capable of making the correct decisions to live a happy life. Their goals are going unfullfilled.  But soon they find under Collectivist micro mangaement of their lives that no matter how hard they work it doesn’t matter. So they are in the same boat or even worse than before becasuse at least before they had a chance to change their behavior but now they are locked in the static world of the Collective.

Individualism is simply and ideology that states you are a whole separate entity from anyone else. Only you can think act and decide how best to live for yourself. Its a scary thing. IWe all would love to have someone tell us the future and tell us which actions will be successful and which will fail. which line of work is best for us. But no one knows that. If you believe in Inidividualism you must beleive that you will figure it out. You must believe that you can overcome your fear of the unknown or at least make friends with your fear and improve your lot in life. The Collectivist with their projetctions and five year plans act like they know the future. It is very comforting to those who have not habitually overcoem their fears.

We’ve been raised in a prison school system, told that paying taxes are patriotic and the world is full of terrorists ready to kill all of us at any time. Why wouldn’t individuals taught by government propagandists (teachers) believe that individual choice and preference is wrong and that an individual should allow others, meaning the government to make their choices for them?

How can anyone blame an individual who has accepted the idea that he needs to pay his fair share, or otherwise he’s a “bad American” understand that the dollars that the government steals from him limit his ability to express his individuality, and severely limit his choices in life?

How can you blame an individual who is told constantly by the Feds that terrorists are everywhere and are going to kill us all if they don’t wage more wars and destroy his liberty at home. They are just doing this to protect him. Right?

Fear is a motivator that can lead a rational human being to give into the collectivist creed without knowing it. They are taught the only way to assuage this fear is to sacrifice themselves to the collective and everything will be okay. There will be no more fear becasue the Ruling Elite are omnipotent and omnipresent.  But the reality is that the taxes they take are never enough to take care of everyone’s needs, scarcity still exists, and they never end the wars because they are manufactured and perpetrtaed by the government.  If individuals took responsibility for their own fears and desires there would be no collectivist preacher or politician who could sway them.

What would be their argument to a man who is driven, determined, passionate, responsible, honest and hard-working? A man who pursues his definition of happiness and doesn’t violate the rights of others in the process. They would tell him that his sacrifice is needed to help the one’s who can’t help themselves. His fear of being ostracised by his peers could lead him to the sacrifical altar of the State. This is prevelant among industrialists and capitalists in this country. So even men who don’t have any other need give into fear of being seen as an uncaring man by others. This fear is a powerful tool.

We rail against the political machine. We rail against collectivism. The only way to stop individuals from trending toward collectivism because of fear is to masater fear. Fear will always be with every human being on Earth. Fear arises from scarciy. Collectivism claims to end the Natural Law of Scarcity that’s why folks jump on board. But only when individualists pursue their lives and passions according to their philosophy of Liberty will those who claim to offer a utopia free of fear will be seen as hucksters really selling a world consumed by fear.

Dont’ let fear move you to place wher your  fate is the hands of others.

Consent or Die – The paradox of the idea of the consent of the governed

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When the IRS takes by force your property that is the only choice you have.

Consent to the theft or die.

Take the IRS’s modus operandi.  First let’s talk about the origin of the IRS and the tax code. In 1913 in the progressive era, which I call the collectivist era, which incidentally we are still firmly entrenched in, the income tax was approved as the 16th amendment. Now the simple question is did you vote for that? I sure as hell didn’t. Consent clearly not given.

The counter argument states that since I stay in this country I consent to the Income Tax. That is insane. Because I choose to stay in the country that is termed consent. It’s like a woman who walks to her home on a street that a gang claims for their own and members of that gang rape her. Well if she hadn’t been on that street she wouldn’t have been raped. But that’s where she lives.That is a form of locational consent. That’s of course an absurd analogy but it does highlight the absurdity of the position that locational consent is somehow the same as conscious consent. The problem too with locational consent is that there is no land on Earth you can put your home that a “Gang of Government” has not laid claim to. So no matter where you lay your head a government is there to “rape” you, and you consent to it because you live there. But if you leave you’d be consenting to being raped by another Government Gang. That is a false choice. The only choice is how badly and often the raping occurs.

Okay so they’ve got my locational consent because I don’t want to or can’t currently afford to travel to some other government’s turf, I work because I desire to live. The Government wants their cut. So the Congress which in no way  representatives me passes a bill to set the tax code. First done in 1913 and subsequently done in just about every Congress since. This is the second way they say they have my consent. My representative voted to continue to steal my money. Except I’m not represented by anyone in the Government. They do not know me or my interests. If I contact them. They don’t care. So how can anyone claim Representative government which in the U.S. is 534 people for 330,000,000 be equal to consent? Even if they do listen to you or your representative wins they will still pass laws, and every law carries the paradigm, “Consent or Die”.

Okay so they’ve got your locational consent.  You’ve voted at least once in your life so you’ve given your consent to the “system”. That is a form of consent they claim. Why do you think they have the “Vote or die” campaign? The campaign is close to being correct. The State’s motto is actually “Consent or Die” .

Now the IRS is firmly entrenched and accepted by individuals in this country. The idea is that that’s the way it’s always been.  I must pay taxes because I live here and I’ve participated in the political system. Maybe my candidate wins or doesn’t but either way I will “Pay’ my fair share. The whole Render under Caesar bit is often cited along with the pay my fair share, by many well-meaning other wise hard-core dedicated freedom lovers. That line was meant as a rebuke to the Pharisees who were paid in Roman coins with the image of the Emperor on it. It is not an admonition to pay taxes at all. It’s a rebuke to those who worship at the altar of the State. Very anti-statist. remember who canonized the New Testament. EMPEROR OF ROME!!!

To see if you really have a choice in a matter look at the consequences if you choose the opposite of what you are currently doing. If the IRS comes to take your property and you withdraw your consent and you persist in that choice : THEY WILL KILL YOU. They come to take your property because 100 years ago people you’ve never met decided to pass an income tax on the 1% of the country and you live in this country and you don’t physically resist.

Now what if you’ve come to the conclusion that taxation is theft (which it is) and you refuse to pay your bill from the IRS. They will send nasty letters, then they will put a lien on your checking account.  What if you close out all your bank accounts? Then they will come and seize your property to settle the ‘bill”. If you continue to choose not to allow them to take your property, they will try to arrest you. If you decide to withdraw your consent to them taking you  into custody, which will make it easier for them to steal your property, then they will you force and THEY WILL KILL YOU!!!

All interactions between citizens and government is consent or die. That is a scary thought. If you defy their regulations and then refuse to pay the fines and then refuse to be taken into custody; THEY WIll KILL YOU!!!

There is no question to why individuals choose to consent or to die. Most human beings will choose slavery to death, servitude to imprisonment. That is what Government’s throughout history have taken advantage. It is a basic fundamental desire to live. A life even under the worst circumstances is still life. A noose that is only tightened down snuggly but still allows for strained breathing is still better than it tightened all the way.

If you decide to buck the system and withdrawal your consent either individually or part of a revolution then you’ve made a different choice. Your paradigm has shifted. You now are basing your choice upon Liberty or Death, instead of Consent or die. It’s a different way to view the world. I don’t know of anyone whose forced the hand of the State to martyr themselves because they’ve withdrawn their consent to a victim.

“All Evil requires the sanction of the victim.” Ayn Rand

But there is another choice. Cut the rope. Eliminate the concept of the State all together. Until that happens my goal is to loosen the noose as much as I can, take deep breaths and enjoy my life.  You can still pursue your definition of happiness but the choices we have are limited by this noose. I like to think about and work towards a world where we can breathe freely and not be in fear of being “raped” because of where we live.