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Individual Holiday Calendar -Rejecting the idea of Federal Holidays

In True nature of the State on November 19, 2011 at 2:58 am

If you celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas on the days assigned by the Federal Government you have been brainwashed by the State. Celebration of these mandated State holidays leads to loss of individualism, ability to think for oneself and ultimatley to war.

“The only evil in the world is not to think.” Ayn Rand

If you don’t develop your own system of thought you will be the slave to another man’s. If you accept without critically examining why and for what reason the Federal Government assigns the masses days of celebration you are acquiescing to someone elses’ system of thought.

It is the crazy time of year when the herd is being directed to celebrate State sanctioned Holidays. This is not done to strengthen the family or even celebrate it. The Holidays are used to manipulate the population and give a respite to the powers that be so they can go about their business. And what is their business? It is to kill, steal and decieve.

The collective celebration of holidays is anathema to the individual. It denies choice. It replaces individual thought for group think.

Holidays originally sprang from individuals, families and clans celebrating small events that they led to their continued survival. A successful hunting trip, the birth of the first son, a remembrance of when they entered a new fertile land etc. were reasons to celebrate year after year. These times set aside to celebrate with family strengthened familial bonds and are just as important to the modern humans as it was with our cave man brethren.

But the powers that be soon found that by formalizing these holidays it gave them great power over those they subjugated. It develops a sense of “we”. And once that’s established its easy to use the “we” vs. “them” argument to kill others who don’t celebrate the same holidays or share same beliefs. So holidays actually lead to war.

Holidays cement the “we” and reinforces the submissiveness of the individual to the overlords who know so much they even know when you should get together with your family and what you should celebrate. It is a subtle way of inserting group think into something that should be voluntary individual expressions of love and gratitude.

Federal Holiday holidays cement collectivism. One example has to do with banking.  Your money is not your money. They let you have some access to it. But on Holidays its greatly restricted plus you can’t get to safe deposit box. It is a further repudiation of your Natural Right to justly acquired Property. These subtle ways they violate our rights adds up until they take everything. Federal Holidays give them another excuse to get you used to not have access to your property. 401ks and IRAs are an extension of this and wouldn’t exist if individuals didn’t accept the fact that they couldn’t have 24 hr/365 access to their property inside of banks.  The Banking system  like Federal Holidays are meant to serve the overlords not individuals.

The Federal Holidays in America are meant to shape and direct individual activity. It is the same case with the 5 day work week and the 8 hr work day. Think about how much of our lives are controlled by the decisions of past politicians. It is insane.  I am advocating  that each individual consider taking a fresh look at what we consider “normal” and not accept anything just because the majority does or because you once did.

If a small body of men can get a nation to celebrate Thanksgiving on a given day they can get them to pack cattle cars with undesirables and send them to  the gas chambers. In both cases ideas originated in a few minds directed the actions of millions.

“The only evil is not to think”

If we don’t question these “small” things how will anyone question the big issues . Who will question the politicians when they order  us to pour a canister of Zyklon B inside a small dark room filled with naked women and children? Thoughts matter. They are the basis for all your actions. Whose ideas do you want to direct your actions? Those in the State who are liars, thieves and murderers or your own?

A simple example of this is the Fact Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.. Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th.  Why do we so readily accept this? It’s like in 1984 when Winston finally acquiesced and truly believed that 2 + 2=5.

If you celebrate  December 25th as  Christ’s birthday  you have been successfully brain washed. To begin with the reason for Christmas on Dec. 25th is to replace a pagan holiday that was celebrated on that date when the Christianization of Europe was taking place. It was meant as a way of brainwashing folks back then and it continues to this day.

If the majority refuses to question the State’s wisdom on the small matters then they will accept the State’s assertion that there are no individual rights, that the collective will is all that matters, and tha wet all should sacrifice ourselves upon the altar of the State.

If you believe Christ is your Lord and Savior then why do you need to have one day to celebrate it and why the fuck do you need the State who is the enemy of the individual and the opposite of Love, tell you when to celebrate it?

Think about the chaos that would ensue to the central planners and their cronies on Wall Street if millions of Americans celebrated Christmas on their own schedule? If there were no black friday or no 4th quarter push to drag retailers out of the red. I’m not saying it would change the world but it would be a way to exercise your God-given right to choose how to live your life.

Is the rejection of the Federal Holiday schedule the best path to living Free? It is a start. When you celebrate your life and your family and friends lives instead of mandated collectivist endorsed themes and ideas pushed by the State, that is a form of freedom.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving or Valentines day. But you should examine exactly why and what you are “celebrating”. That’s all. Question everything. Find the truth for yourself. If you were God, wouldn’t you want folks coming to you voluntarily after searching out the truth than accepting someone else’s second-hand truth?

.I think we’ve been lied to about everything. That is where you have to start in life and find the truth for yourself. Reject the herd mentality. Think for yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness first of all. Take a calendar and mark one day each month and celebrate something you’ve accomplished or something that you love about yourself.

For me January 18th is special because it is the day I completed my first Marathon at Callaway Gardens in 2009. I had almost died seven months earlier. I started training a couple of weeks after getting out of the hospital when I could barley walk around my pool. Seven months later I traveled by my own power 26.2 miles. To me that is something to celebrate. It helped me to understand the mind-body connection and understand that my locus of control is internal.

That is just one example. Birthdays should be a huge deal. Yours and your loved ones. Those are the real holidays. In the past I haven’t made a big enough deal about them.  The older I get and the more I understand who I am the more this stuff is important. Your world is the most important world. You should spend your energy upon it. People ask all the time what can I do to change the world?

I say a good first step is to celebrate your life, your accomplishments, the things you love about yourself and do the same for the most important people in your life. .

This is a form of thanksgiving that would permeate the year and we wouldn’t need to have one day assigned to us by our “benevolent” overlords to be grateful.

Resist group think. You are not a member of the heard. Life is to be lived. Love yourself. Celebrate life and love. Make concrete the things you’ve accomplished by setting aside a day, or even five minutes a day to have mini-holidays to acknowledge what you’ve done.
Celebrate the journey, the small accomplishments and make holidays out of the big ones. If you want to exercise your Liberty inside of the police  state make a personal Calendar of Holidays.  Even if you don’t act on it. It is a fun exercise of individual will.

Cross out the Federal Holidays. If you want to celebrate them move them to a different day. I think this is a great start to moving outside the control of the State. Any time you reject their paradigm you are creating a freer world.

1. Celebrate Life. Birthdays-Near Death experiences/Great Loves/ Break Ups

Celebrate the birtdays of  those who in the course of your life helped you become the person you are today, living or dead.

2. Celebrate your Accomplishments Yearly;  change them up as new accomplishments come around.

Celebrating everyday some accomplishment might not be a bad idea.

3. Celebrate the things that you love most about yourself. What characteristic of yourself are you most proud of?

4. Celebrate the things that you love most about your loved ones. One day could be a day to celebrate how your mom makes the best sloppy joes in the world!!! Bake special bread, give her a little gift, visit her and ask her to make those sloppy joes, make her a card, get balloons the whole deal. Celebrate Sloppy Joe Day!!

That’s just a suggestion. Let those around you know how important they are to you; and be specific.  Little things are important they are what fill our days and make our lives.

5. Celebrate and be grateful for the world  and the forces of nature. Why not celebrate the birth of the Universe? Celebrate Creation day and the physical laws that govern it. For it’s only by discovering the forces of Nature and gaining their cooperation can we sustain and increase our life.

6. Celebrate the Free Market and Natural Rights. Everything we have is the result of individuals pursing their self interests and voluntarily exchanging goods to satisfy their desires. Its only when Natural Rights are respected by the overlords can this exist. Currently our overlords are increasingly violating our Natural Rights and shrinking the Free Market. By celebrating a Free Market day or Natural Rights day we keep alive the ideas that create wealth and happiness.

These are just examples. You pick and choose what you want to celebrate. All I stress is that you choose. Don’t let bureaucrats or politicians, or society  convince you to celebrate anything you haven’t fully vetted. Because if we dig behind the thin veneer of turkeys and pilgrims, Christmas trees and caroling we find the State’s agenda; which is what its always been and always will be; that of controlling the individual and destroying  his freedom.

If we set out to create a list of holidays based upon our uniqueness it forces us to clarify who anw what  is important to us and why. It is one step toward living a more free life and doing what you want when you want because you decide to do it. I urge everyone to feast and  gather with family,   but only do so because you choose the reason for the celebration.