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Entertaining Enlightenment Tour

In True nature of the State on October 23, 2011 at 11:12 pm

An entertaining and enlightening look at life, love and liberty.

It would consist of a collection of Libertarian Actors, Comedians, and musicians touring around the country getting the word out about Liberty.

The problem as I see it today with the Liberty movement is it is all about gloom and doom. I get it. There is a lot of very, very bad things happening. But at the same time you can’t win by being anti-something. You have to be for something. That is how enthusiasm is built, being anti-something is how hate is grown.

My blog has dealt with a lot of negative stuff and I get angry like everyone else about Washington, Taxes, Regulations and the Federal Reserve. But staring today I’m going to focus on the positive side of Liberty and how best to spread the ideas of Liberty.

The way they suck us into the gloom and doom cycle is by getting folks to buy into the false collective statistics that distort the whole debate.

For me there is no other economy except my own and those of my friends and family. If everyone focused on their own economy and not the “collective GDP” which is totally made I believe we would be better off.

First they would lose all their power. No longer would they say we need to bail out the banks, (a small number of shareholders) to save the country. No, I’ll be fine. We don’t need to do that. Than the only one’s pushing for it would be a tiny fraction of the population those who held stock in the Banks or actually worked for them.

This to me would be a huge blow to the politicians. We have way more control over our lives then we’ve been led to believe. Taxes suck, regulations suck but there is tons of opportunity out there.

The Entertaining Enlightenment tour would be a humours fun 90 minute show that would highlight the joys of Liberty and the evils of Statism in a 90 minute show.

I don’t know how many like-minded actors, musicians, and comedians there are. If you know anyone who fits that bill, forward this blog link and get the word out. Who knows maybe we can change the world one laugh at a time.

I will from now on focus on what I can change in my life and that is me. I can pass that little bit of truth I’ve glimpsed to others and that is all. But I can do it in the most entertaining way possible. People are desperate for this stuff if it’s packaged in an easily digestible package. I bet you know twenty people for every one whose read anything by Murray Rothbard or Ron Paul.

Why not get our message about Liberty out so it gets in front of their eyes and ears? I believe the Entertaining Enlightenment Tour would do just that.

How awesome would it be to Have Ron Paul and Gary Johnson come on Stage and say a few words at the end of one of the shows? That would be cool.Anyway that’s what I’m thinking about tonight.

The question I’m dwelling on from now on is how best can I advocate for Liberty?

And That’s My Take

Brad Miller

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