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Hayek’s Road To Serfdom Cartoon Produced by GM in 1950

In True nature of the State on October 30, 2011 at 12:29 am

Anyone who is not sure where the country is headed should head the words of a man who witnesses similar events unfold seventy years ago. Frederich Hayek’s famous Road to Serfdom explains the dangers of Collectivism which he saw first hand with first the Rise of Nazism and then the Socialism of England.

The book is an awesome read. But if you do not have time to read his book. I encourage you to watch the five-minute cartoon which is a slide show of a cartoon booklet GM produced in 1950 for LOOK magazine. has it now and it will give you chills when you watch it. If you feel we are marching down the road to serfdom but aren’t sure how far we’ve travelled thus far, watch the cartoon and you will see we are closer than most people think.

The cartoon is broken up into 18 different chapters explaining how the State grows in power and individual liberty dies. There are simple pictures of cartoons with an explanation of the scene on the bottom of the page.

Chapter eight grabbed my attention. The title of the chapter: The gullible find agreement. Next is a picture of a Hitler or Mussolini type talking in front of a massive crowd. Under it the caption is “meanwhile the growing national confusion leads to protest meetings. Does this sound familiar? Is this what Occupy Wall Street is? I believe we need to be on the look out for a “Savior” “A strong man” to appear on the stage. It’s not going to be our current president. It will be someone who appears to be an outsider but who really isn’t.

Next caption: The least educated thrilled and convinced by the fiery oratory form a party. (who will be the fiery orator to stir the masses?)

Chapter 9: Confidence in Planners Fades (We are seeing more and more of that today)

The picture is of a meeting-house with one man from the crowd declaring “Let’s get a man who can get a plan to work” (Watch for this rhetoric)

Caption reads: The more the planners “improvise” the greater the disruption to normal business. Everyone suffers. People now feel rightly that planners can’t get things done.

Chapter 10: The strong man is given power
Picture of a group of planners in suits handing over a folder (representing the reigns of power) to the Hitler or Mussolini type “strong man”

Caption reads: In desperation the planners authorize the new party leader to hammer out a plan and force its obedience.

Later they will dispense with him..or so they think.

Chapter 11: The Party takes over the Country

Picture of a meeting with the strong man on stage and the crowd giving him the nazi salute.

Caption reads: By now confusion is so great that obedience to the new leader must be obtained at all costs.

Maybe you join the party yourself to aid national unity.

Chapter 12: A negative Aim welds party unity

The picture is of a man in a suit in the foreground with his head in his hands while a mob destroys and robs his store behind him.
Caption Reads: Early step of all dictators is to inflame the majority in common cause against some scape goat minority. (99% vs the 1% sound familiar? All that is happening has happened before.)

In Germany the negative aim was Anti-Semitism.

Chapter 13: No one opposes the leader’s plan

Picture of the Strong Man on stage with a soldier behind him and in front of him a group of people giving him the Nazi salute.

Caption Reads: It would be suicide (to oppose the leader’s plan); new secret police are ruthless. (is the police presence in America growing or shrinking? The federal police presence is at an all time high. Why do you think that is?)

Caption continues: Ability to force always becomes the No. 1 virtue in the planned state. Now all Freedom Is Gone.

Chapter 14: Your profession is planned

Picture of a man with his hat in his hand and with a tattered jacket stands in front of a desk manned by a “party member”in a military uniform. He tells the man behind the desk “but I’m not a carpenter I am a plumber”.

Caption Reads: The wider job choice promised by now defunct planners turn out to be a tragic farce. The planner never have delivered, never will be able to.  (OWS group is calling for jobs. They need to be careful what they wish for)

Chapter 15: Your wages are planned

Picture of an immense line of men lining up at the “paymaster” getting their pay. One man in the foreground looks bewildered at the money in his hand.

Caption Reads: Divisions of Wage scale must be arbitrary and rigid. Running a planned state from central headquarters is clumsy, unfair,  inefficient

Chapter 16: Your thinking is planned (If that doesn’t give you chills I don’t know what will!!!)

Picture of man being over powered by a loud-speaker spewing the latest news, on the wall behind him is a poster that says “The World Is Flat.” (2+2=5)

Caption Reads: In a dictatorship unintentionally created by the planners there is no room for difference of opinion. Posters, radio, press all tell you the same lies.

Chapter 17: Your Recreation is Planned

Picture of men performing calisthenics with a “party member” in military uniform breaking golf clubs in the foreground.

Caption Reads: It is no coincidence that sports and amusements have been carefully planned in all regimented nations. Once started planners can never stop.

Chapter 18: Your disciplining is planned

Picture of a man tied to a post slumped over in the foreground with a firing squad in the background.

Caption Reads: If you’re fired from your job, it’s apt to be by firing squad. (and capitalism is cruel system)

I encourage everyone to watch the cartoon and send it around. It is only a few minutes long and provides a starting view into our possible future. I can’t believe General Motors paid to have it produced. There are now using it a manual to make sure they are on the “right” side of the dictator when he rises to power.

How many times do we hear liberals pining for a “strong dictator” to “drag the stupid people” along  with their enlightened plans in order to build a better society. This cartoon of six minutes explains exactly what happens when they get their way. I like the fact that “plannig” begins during wartime and is demanded in peacetime too. This is an anti-war cartoon as well. Good stuff. Check it out. The cartoon is the WMV Video File.

Happiness can only be obtained when we are truly free. Love can not be centrally planned!!!

Brad Miller


Entertaining Enlightenment Tour

In True nature of the State on October 23, 2011 at 11:12 pm

An entertaining and enlightening look at life, love and liberty.

It would consist of a collection of Libertarian Actors, Comedians, and musicians touring around the country getting the word out about Liberty.

The problem as I see it today with the Liberty movement is it is all about gloom and doom. I get it. There is a lot of very, very bad things happening. But at the same time you can’t win by being anti-something. You have to be for something. That is how enthusiasm is built, being anti-something is how hate is grown.

My blog has dealt with a lot of negative stuff and I get angry like everyone else about Washington, Taxes, Regulations and the Federal Reserve. But staring today I’m going to focus on the positive side of Liberty and how best to spread the ideas of Liberty.

The way they suck us into the gloom and doom cycle is by getting folks to buy into the false collective statistics that distort the whole debate.

For me there is no other economy except my own and those of my friends and family. If everyone focused on their own economy and not the “collective GDP” which is totally made I believe we would be better off.

First they would lose all their power. No longer would they say we need to bail out the banks, (a small number of shareholders) to save the country. No, I’ll be fine. We don’t need to do that. Than the only one’s pushing for it would be a tiny fraction of the population those who held stock in the Banks or actually worked for them.

This to me would be a huge blow to the politicians. We have way more control over our lives then we’ve been led to believe. Taxes suck, regulations suck but there is tons of opportunity out there.

The Entertaining Enlightenment tour would be a humours fun 90 minute show that would highlight the joys of Liberty and the evils of Statism in a 90 minute show.

I don’t know how many like-minded actors, musicians, and comedians there are. If you know anyone who fits that bill, forward this blog link and get the word out. Who knows maybe we can change the world one laugh at a time.

I will from now on focus on what I can change in my life and that is me. I can pass that little bit of truth I’ve glimpsed to others and that is all. But I can do it in the most entertaining way possible. People are desperate for this stuff if it’s packaged in an easily digestible package. I bet you know twenty people for every one whose read anything by Murray Rothbard or Ron Paul.

Why not get our message about Liberty out so it gets in front of their eyes and ears? I believe the Entertaining Enlightenment Tour would do just that.

How awesome would it be to Have Ron Paul and Gary Johnson come on Stage and say a few words at the end of one of the shows? That would be cool.Anyway that’s what I’m thinking about tonight.

The question I’m dwelling on from now on is how best can I advocate for Liberty?

And That’s My Take

Brad Miller

False Choices the Government Gives the People

In Liberty, Taxes, True nature of the State on October 19, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Why is it that in only 100 years the Federal Government has become this monolithic creature which we the individuals in this country have no control over?

The Politicians and Pundits say we can’t cut Federal Government Spending to be in line with Revenue, we can’t bring the troops home because we wouldn’t be safe and we can’t lower taxes because we can’t cut spending and we can’t bring the troops home because that would make us less safe hurting the economy and thus decreasing revenue which would cause the budget deficit to grow larger which would mean that taxes will need to be raised.

This vicious cycle keeps us all in bondage. We are slaves and our fetters are taxes and regulation.  Our lives are continually being directed by the mind and the hands of other people whom we never see nor have any control over. This includes the Federal Reserve and the plummeting value of our money.

False Choice: We have to choose between slowly balancing the budget over a long period of time or  wait to do it in the distant future when times are better because doing it now would hurt the economy.

This premise is flawed on two accounts.

1. Government can’t create wealth it only destroys it. The people would be  be 15 trillion times better off if its spending ways are curbed or eliminated all togehter.

2. Government is a man-made institution not some force of nature that has to be “reigned in”. It is the result of conscious decisions made  by human beings. These decisions have consequences and we are suffering under them. Human thought and action creates and sustains Government. It can also limit and eventually eliminate it.

The budget can be balanced tomorrow if the people demanded it.

The reason that the budget won’t be  balanced tomorrow or eliminated all together (That’s what I would like to see.) is that too many people are net benefiters and the people who are net losers don’t realize it. The net benefiters are  parasites and don’t want their hosts, the tax producers, to realize that they are in fact siphoning off their life. Why would any of the tens of millions receiving tax payer money want to lessen their cut? It goes against human nature.

So on one hand the State anesthetizes the host, the productive in society, with propaganda and talk of patriotism . When the parasites grow too numerous per host and the hosts grow weaker they begin to  feel the pain of the parasite feeding. The words of the pundits, economists, and politicians  fail to fog their mind sufficiently and they begin to see clearly that they are the prey of parasites.

What does the State do when the hosts try to get rid of the parasites?  It uses the threat of force or actual force to make sure the host doesn’t find a way to stop the parasites from feeding.  This is a diabolical scheme that goes way beyond “money” or “regulation”. It deals with the only real capital on Earth and That is human life.

The State and its dependents live by consuming the life of others. I’ll explain this concept under taxation is Cannibalization. I believe Human Sacrifice is alive and well in America and around the world. It is partial human sacrifice mostly with taxation and regulation but at times the State does murder others in order to keep the rest in line.

The Tax Consumers are bankers, Federal Reserve, Foreign Nations, Defense Contractors, Non Profits, the U.N., Politicians and their families, Agriculture, Energy, and everyone who is a net tax profiteer from the system. No one talks about those who net a profit from the Federal Government’s handouts or from its regulations.  Why isn’t that “profiteering” attacked by the Occupy Wall Street Folks?

So all of these disparate Tax consumers prop up the current system. The politicians claim their hands are tied when the Tax Producers complain. They say “it’s not mathematically feasible to balance the budget overnight.”  As Penn Gillette would say that is”Bullshit”.

I don’t care about the numbers. If a thief  steals your debit card and pays for his living expenses out of your checking account then gives the rest of your money to the “needy” do you allow him to continue to do so?  Do you say oh I’ll wait till he begins stealing it from others before I tell him to stop or wait till there are no more “needy” people left in the world.

Need will always exist in this world. Every human being is born into this world naked and hungry. Its only by using reason to enlist the cooperation of nature does man find shelter, food, and life in this world.

Another False Choice: You must be Taxed more or you will be allowing  children to starve and kill old people because they can’t get medicine.

The only money the Fed’s have is that which they steal from us. Individuals are altruistic toward others in need. We don’t need an intermediary to steal from us and give to others. In a Free Market Society without Taxation there would be a lot more individuals who could and would take care of themselves eliminating the need for a lot of charity.

False Choice: Fair Tax, Flat Tax or Modification of Current Tax Code.

If you believe in Natural Rights than in my opinion you must consider taxation as Theft. It doesn’t matter what costume a thief is wearing or how many of your neighbors tell him its okay to steal from you. Nor does it matter where who he gives the money to after he steals it from you.  The act is still theft.

In my own mind I take the description of the act of taxation a step further. I believe that Taxation is Cannibalization. So how can I have a debate about the tax code when I believe taxation is consuming my life?

Here’s how I came to that conclusion. Think about it another way. Taxation steals your money, and what does money represent? Money equals time.  Okay if money is time than what is your time? Your time is simply your life. Taxation steals your life!!!

Taxation is cannibalization. It is when one individual feeds upon the life of another in order to sustain his life. If people began to view the tax consumers as life consumers, as cannibals than the discussion will now be grounded in reality.

So the False Choice that one politician gave us was through a famous line “It’s patriotic to pay your taxes.” He is asking you to voluntarily sacrifice your life for the life of others. But the false choice is the “voluntary” part. If the taxes were voluntary why would the IRS and Federal Agents kill you if you decided not to pay your taxes?

The scenario would go down like this. You decide that taxation is not only theft but it’s more akin to cannibalization. You decide that you will not “voluntarily” pay your so-called tax bill nor will you allow them to forcibly take your pound of flesh. The IRS does not like this to say the least so they embark on a process to forcibly collect your “voluntary tax”.

Their first step is to go to their buddies the banks and order them to steal the money out of your checking account and send it to them. But your too smart for that and you have already closed out all your bank accounts. Why do you think they want everybody to have a bank account?  Next they try to target your employer to garnish you wages. They know they’ve got companies over a barrel with regulations and their own corporate “voluntary tax” mess. But again you’ve out smarted them. For the last few years you’ve worked full-time on your farm and now your are self-sufficient. Anything you need you trade for.

The IRS now shows its true colors. Every action the State takes is backed up the barrel of a gun. They come to your farm and to steal your livestock; your two goats one cow and a chicken will be sold at auction to cover your  “voluntary tax bill”.

Wait a minute,  you’ve worked hard for years and expended your time and energy in order to work the land, grow the corn and tend to these animals. You’ve mixed your labor with the factors of nature in order to procure and then raise those animals. They represent your past, present and future, a portion of your life. The IRS only knows that you owe them “Money” so they will sell these creatures at auction to pay your “Voluntary Tax Bill”.

You believe in your God-given right to self-defense. So when the thieves in costumes (Federal Thugs) show up you to steal your property you decide to defend it. You warn them. That is more than they would do for your, but they ignore your warning and go straight for your barn. You present a shotgun as you would to scare off any other thief and are  summarily executed by heavily armed agents in combat gear. Your life is sacrificed to the god of the State and now all your property will be laid upon its altar.

The idea that Taxes are voluntary is wrong.

False choice: We can’t bring the troops home because we won’t be safe if we do.

How does stealing my life through taxation and giving it to Drug Dealers, Dictators and tribal chieftains around the world make me any safer? How does building vast Aircraft Carriers parked off the coast of other nations  and developing  micro drones used for assassination make me any safer?  How does sacrificing our young men and women on the altar of this false choice make me in any  safer?

The only people who won’t be safer if we pull the U.S. military  home are the corporations who use the military to protect their overseas assets. Without the guns of the Department of Defense many corporations couldn’t cozy up with dictators and Totalitarian States in order to enter markets closed to those who don’t have political connections.

I think the odds of my life, liberty and property are hell of a lot more likely to be violated by the American Federal Government than any other Government on Earth. So I will take my chances and have the troops come home.

And  I believe more and more of the soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines are waking up to the fact that what they are ordered to do has nothing to do with my safety or their families’ safety. It’s about the large corporations using politics and force to gain market share in Totalitarian and Corrupt Countries around the world.

This has played out over and over again through by the U.S. throughout its history. Read up on how Hawaii was illegally annexed and how the Doles benefited from that or how the Marines were used in Central America to secure land for them. Read up on how the U.S. military began intervening in the Middle East because of Standard Oil . The list goes on and on.

The false choice is that if we do not fund a huge military we will all be less safe. This is wrong. The Founders warned against standing armies for eventually they are turned on their own people. And even if they are not they will bleed the people dry.

Don’t buy into the False Choices that the Politicians, Economists, and Pundits give you. Think for yourself. Your Life, Liberty and your justly acquired Property are yours and no one else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you that you must sacrifice for the “greater good”. There is no “Economy”, or “Country” or “GDP” or “National Security”. These are all collectivist terms used to destroy the individual and further enslave you into their system. The economy you should worry about is your own and the economy of the people you choose to love, the only security that you are responsible for is your security and the security of the people you choose to love, the only collective that matters is the free associations that you choose to be a part of.

That’s My Take

Brad Miller


Occupy Wall Street Misses the mark

In True nature of the State on October 13, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Occupy Wall Street is a group of individuals of varying creeds protesting “Big Finance” and “the Rich”. Over-all I believe that most of these folks are collectivists at their heart. They have been brought up to believe that they are “owed” the fruits of other people’s labor. On a fundamental level they believe the Capitalist Free Market built upon Natural Rights is unjust.

But we have not had a Capitalist Free Market System built upon Natural Rights in this country since the Civil War. Cronie-Capitalism or corporatism or even the beginning stages of Fascism are more accurate terms to describe the system we have today.

So the ire of the Protestors should be toward the State not the Banks or the Rich. If there is a limited or no State then there is no Cronie-Capitalism, corporatism, or Fascism.

I do agree with the protesters who want to end the Federal Reserve.  But my question, which I don’t think anyone has asked them yet, ” is what do they tend to replace the Fed with?”

As an Advocate of liberty I also push for ending the Federal Reserve but I want to see it replaced with a Free Market for Money which would mean Interest Rates based on supply and demand and Competing Currencies. This would provide  sound money which is the foundation for a Free Market based on Natural Rights and Natural Law.

I understand their anger. I too am angry. But ‘ at “wall street”. Mises wrote in I think Socialism that it’s not the companies that make the arms that problem but the State that buys them. He actually went further and stated that it was the ideas held by the majority of the population that perpetuated a State which purchases and uses the arms from the armament companies.

I think that is analogous today. Charlie Gaspirino of Fox Business did an interview a few years ago and said that he has meant only one true free market guy on Wall Street. That shocked me at the time. But now I understand. Wall Street and the Occupy Wall Street share the same ideology, collectivism in different forms. They belive that the force of government should be used to take from some through taxation and give to others. The two sides are just arguing who is in control.

Mises in his book “Bureaucracy” wrote about such youth movements in European countries during the twenties and thirties. I think what he wrote then applies to today’s protest.

“The Youth Movement was an expression of the uneasiness that young people felt in face of the gloomy prospects that the general trend toward regimentation offered them.  But it was a counterfeit rebellion doomed to fail because it did not dare to fight seriously against the growing menace of government all around control and totalitarianism. ”
The current crop of protesters miss the mark and are focusing on the wrong villains in my opinion.

“The youth movement was an impotent and abortive revolt of youth against the menace of bureaucratization. It was doomed because it did not attack the seed of the evil, the trend toward socialization. It was in fact nothing but a confused expression of uneasiness, without any clear ideas and definite plans.”

 These protesters fail to understand the value of Private Property and the Free Market system. They don’t understand that their IPhone, Starbucks, Nike, and the internet would never been possible without Capitalism and the division of Labor and specialization that comes when individuals are free to dispose of their time and money as they see fit.

The Protestors should be protesting against taxes which the State which destroys wealth and limits the freedom of individuals who create the Iphones, premium coffee, and running shoes. The Protestors should protest the State which  steals from productive individuals, imposes burdens of regulations which are invisible walls that keep individuals from innovating and taking risk, and should encourage shrinking or eliminating the Federal Government all together. If this was done then there would be no Bail Outs, no Federal Reserve, no minimum wage, low or no taxes, and private property would be again viewed as a sacred right. Think about what health care and financial services would look like if the Government got their tentacles out of those industries? We would have the same amount of innovations we’ve seen in wireless phones, wireless broadband, and micro- brewery beers.

If they advocated for private property, Free markets,  maximum individual liberty, Peaceful Foreign Relations and Sound Money:  jobs would be abundant and  the economy of every individual would grow in proportion to how he served the demands of the consumer on the Free Market.

Mises wrote about the Free Market:

“The only thing that counts is the fact that under capitalism everybody is the architect of his own fortune.”

“Work well done and services well rendered are the only means to succeed.”

 I understand the protesters  frustration. The Federal Reserve has in partnership with the Federal Government destroyed the value of the dollar by 95% since 1913.  Minimum Wage laws discriminate against the young and unskilled. Regulations and New Mandates paralyze entrepreneurs who can not calculate the future cost of these new burdens and have decided in mass to not expand or go into a new venture which causes them not to hire new workers.. Regulations and Taxes are the problem. The State is the problem. The Wall Street Bailouts are the symptom.

I hope that the collectivists do not gain any more power than they have now by trying to destroy the last vestiges of the Free Market in America.  Over the course of the “century of the State” as Mussolini termed the 20th century 172 million people were killed by collectivist nations. That is not through war but internally, their own people.

Just in the Soviet Union 40-60 million were killed. At one point in the 1930’s they were shooting 12,000 people a day in order to “motivate” the proletariat to work.

One of Stalin’s underlings wrote him asking him how he was supposed to suppress religion in his area of responsibility. Stalin responded “Dear Idiot Comrade, Kill all Religious people and do so that people 150 miles away will tremble with fear.”

We must not focus on the monsters at the top of the Collectivist regimes. Stalin, Mao, Lenin, and Hitler were all products of the collectivist views held by the majority of the people. If Hitler came around 25 years earlier then he did, he would have been laughed at as a crack pot and be marginalized. We must help others see the dangers of collectivism and how it destroys the individual so crackpots don’t gain power.

We are suffering in this country today from the evils of collectivism. We don’t need more of it. The Protestors are flailing about in the dark guided by others who want to gain control of the Leviathan. I think this is a great time for the ideas of Liberty to be heard. We can agree on Ending the Fed and from that proceed to agreeing on a Peaceful Foreign policy with protestors and from there discuss the core ideas of Natural Law, which hopefully will lead to a discussion of Maximum Liberty and Free Markets.

Capitalism is an economic system which where  the means of  production are in private hands  and not the State. The protestors, Wall Street, the professors and pundits want Socialism. They want the State to control the means of production so they can use political instead of economic means to gain what they want.. We are seeing a similar path that the National Socialist Party of Germany, the Nazis did in Germany. The Nazis allowed the private companies to continue to exist but the State completely directed everything they did. It was a false impression of Private Ownership while the State controlled through Regulation everything the corporations did. With millions of regulations and theft on a massive scale through taxation the Federal Government and all local governments are directing the activities of private companies like never before in this country.

Socialism is the opposite of Capitalism and it has failed miserably everywhere its been tried. It’s as system that violates Natural Law and ends in murder, starvation and misery. If you Love life and Liberty you must advocate for Free Markets and the elimination of the State. That is what the Protestors should be calling for. The Capitalist System with Private Property, Free Markets, Sound Money, and Individual Liberty has created everything awesome we have today. The Collectivist State destroys, confiscates, and kills. Which system deserves to be protested against?

That’s My Take