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Collectivism kills Love

In True nature of the State on September 8, 2011 at 4:16 pm

If you do not live free, how can you be free to love?

None of us are immortal. Time is scarce. Resources are scarce. Scarcity is the reality of life.  The question we must all ask “is how are we to spend our limited time with limited resources? ”

I believe the best way to spend my time on Earth is to live free and spend as much time as I can with those that I  love.  Within a Free Market Society that acknowledges everyone’s right to defend their Life, Liberty and Property I believe I have the best shot at doing  this.

In a Collectivist Society, the Masses, more accurately those who speak for the masses determine who lives, how they live and by what means.  In such a world you do not own yourself or any property.  Your “I”, your identity, your will is sacrificed to the  will of the “WE”. In this world your choice of how to spend your time is  deterermined by the will of others. If you are not free to live as you see fit and keep the fruits of your labor how can you love yourself or anyone else?

In Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” she writes about that kind of  society. In the dystopian future of “Anthem”  the  very word “I” has been  outlawed and replaced by “We”.  The main character Equality 7-2521 and the others in Society think of themselves only as “We”.

In this  world it is  forbidden for men and women to even look at each other. The State forbids any contact between the genders except once a year during the Time of Mating. Then the Council of Eugenics decides which women mates with which man. They force the unsuspecting male and female together in the City Palace of Mating to procreate. All actions are devoid of any semblance of Love. The individuals are just cogs in the machine. The hero Equality 7-2521 discovering his individuality and defies “The Will of the Masses” by choosing to love Liberty 5-3000. And with this act he sins, the Sin of Preference.

You might think this sounds like an extreme future with no similarity to the world in which we live. But the reheoric today from politicians who espouse the duty of  individuals to sacrifice more and more of their life, liberty and property to the “greater good” is straight out of the Collectivist hand book.  It is the exact ideology of “Equality Through Force” that Ayn Rand explores in “Anthem”. The difference is not in substance, only in degree.  The Collectivist ideology at its core denies individual preference.  Every time the State power grows and substitutes the “will of the masses” for the choice of individuals it brings us one step closer to the dark dystopian future of “Anthem” where the very word “I” is outlawed.

Most people forget that the Eugenics movement was huge in America and that Eugenics departments were in vogue in many Universities. And it was the Nazis who adopted the ideas and  used the “science” of the west to carry out their particular brand of Collectivism. Do you think love flourished for those who the Nazis deemed unfit to live? Do you think Love floursihed in Paris under Nazis occupation or on the Eastern Front?  Do you think love flourished in the concentration camps? Did Love flourish in Germany as their  Collectivist Utopia crumbled around them?

(If you want to read a cautionary tale about the evils of the partnership between Science and the State read up on Eugenics, it’s frightening stuff.)

Even today this type of  State intervention into the love life of individuals continues. In Communist China they have a one child policy for 40% of the population. The State tells them how many children they can have!!! The planners in America hold up the Chinese model of  “State Capitalism” as the one that we should emulate. So it should surprise no one that the Collectivist policies of the U.S.  Federal Government help determine the amount of children couples have in America.

A lot of  Americans have up to 60% of their income stolen by the State. The affected parents now must choose between the love for their existing child and the hardships they would  all would have to endure if they brought another child into the world. The resources stolen by the State effectively limit the number of children these folks have. What is even worse the money stolen from them goes to support mothers who are “encouraged’ to have more children by the State, through the “theft/reward” system (AKA TAX CODE).   How does the principle of effecting the reproductive decision of millions through the Force of the State differ from  the ideology that produced the City Palace of Mating and the Board of Eugenics in Rand’s “Anthem”?

When speaking of Love most folks think of interpersonal love, one person caring for another. What does it mean to “care” for someone? Can you care for someone if you are dead? If you are bound by the will of another? If you have no property to “share” with your beloved? How can you love if you are determined by the Collective to be a detriment to the majority and “they” decide to revoke your permission to live? Tens of millions of people have had their permission to live slips revoked by Collectivist governments in the last 100 years. It’s work for the benefit of the collective or die.

If the Collectivists want to love mankind and work for the Collective’s benefit there is no one stopping them today. They are free to sacrifice themselves upon the Alter of the State.  But how many of these Collectivists have destroyed their concept of “I” and voluntarily given up all the fruits of their labor for the State to redistribute to others?  No one is stopping them. The Collecitivists never lead by example because they want to be the priests and priestess of the State who oversee the the sacrifices of others.

Ony Individuals think. Only Individuals act. Mises stated in his classic Socialism., that Only Indivdiduals think and Only Indivdiduals Act. I would like to add one more to that, “Only Individuals Love”.

The choice of who we love directs the way we dispose of our life and our property. The State claims it is doing “good work” with the money they steal from us. They tell us we should all love one another and they are administering our charity to others on our behalf. Why do I need to have someone else act as my “Charitable Administrator”? If I keep the fruits of my labor I can choose whom I share them with.  The Planners and Politicians gain all the accolades when they use the Force of the State to lavish their chosen one’s with the property of others. How often do you hear someone using a EBT Card turn around and thank the individuals labor he is living off? The receiver of the stolen property of others, the one using the EBT Card, thanks and then rewards the politicians who promise him more stolen loot by voting him back into office when election time rolls around.

No one has a claim to your heart or to your wallet. Both are your property. You are an individual who has the right to choose who you love and who you show love toward. If you want to work 100 hours a week, never get married and spend all your cash on yourself. That is your choice. That is a form of self-love and doesn’t violate anyone’s Natural Rights.  Then it holds true too, that  if someone wants to have ten kids and work to care for them that is their choice. In a Free Market Society individuals are free to pursue their happiness as they see fit and define how and who they love, as long as they don’t violate the right of others to do the same.

Ask yourself this this:

As Government Intervention into our lives, which is all based upon the Collectivist Creed “From Each according to his abilities to Each according to his needs” grows does it create an atmosphere that is more or  less conducive to love?

When someone picks your pocket on the street and steals your money that creates feelings that are the opposite of love. You feel resentment and hatred toward that person. The same principle applies when individuals vote to have the government steal money from you, that action creates the same feelings of animosity.

Frustration, Fear, Dehumanization, Death, and Envy,are the emotions generated when your individual will is supplanted by that of another. Love is a choice. It is not anyone elses’ but your own. Too often when we talk about Individual Liberty we fail to mention the greatest reason on Earth to be free, and that is be FREE To LOVE!!! Property, Liberty and Life are all prerequisites to loving. If you believe you have a Natural Right to Love the Person you choose then you must have the Natural Right to Defend your Life, Liberty and Property which are all prerequisites for expressing that love.

As Liberty dies so does our ability to Love.

If the Right to love whom ever we choose is an innate right then the right to our Life, Liberty and Property is as well, because without the later the Right to Love does not exist.

And that’s my take



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