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What if D.C. had been destoryed by the earthquake?

In True nature of the State on August 24, 2011 at 2:26 pm

Would life come to a screeching halt if D.C. no longer existed?

A 5.9 earthquake hit near Washington D.C. yesterday. If you had watched any news coverage you would think that the world was coming to an end. There were pictures of people scrambling to get out of various government buildings. This made me think  “What would life had been like today if Washington D.C. had been swallowed up by a giant crack in the Earth?”

Would life in this country grind to a halt? Would the economy come to a screeching halt if there were  no one to regulate how make or spend our money? Would businesses destroy run amok and destroy the environment? Would terrorists take the opportunity to kill us all? Or would your life and my life continue on as it had before? I believe it would with a couple of exceptions: We would no longer have to labor to feed the Leviathan and or worry how it would strike us down if we angered it.  The Leviathan is no longer strangling your neck

Now when I talk about the disappearance of the Federal Government I don’t mean the disappearance of the people who work for the State (except maybe the politicians). I’m talking about  the machinery of the Federal Government and its huge bureaucracy including the IRS and all the other alphabet soup agencies.

If the Federal Government had disappeared yesterday life would continue on today. Most individuals would not miss it one bit. For those worried about anarchy breaking  loose, the governors, legislatures, and judiciary of each state along with the county and city levels of government would continue to operate. Those who advocate for a stateless society of course would continue to question the very necessity of these local governments as well, but at least the great Leviathan would be off our back.

The biggest relief felt by most if the Federal Government sank into the abyss would be the elimination of the IRS. You would no longer have your income stolen through withholding for the income tax and payroll tax. This would affect individuals as well as  businesses. Social Security and the other Entitlements would end over night. The old and disabled would not be thrown out onto the streets. Private Charities and churches would provide relief just as they did before the great Welfare State was created. The economy would improve overnight as individuals and businesses free of the tentacles of the IRS would once again feel confident to invest, save, and earn without the Feds getting in the way.

If Federal Government no longer existed that would also include the elimination of the Defense Department, the NSA, the CIA, the DEA, and BATF. For starters the wars would end immediately overseas because what governor would want to tax his citizens to fund a war thousands of miles away? I don’t think they would. The idea of  actual defense would replace the war hysteria we now live under. A militia system would develop and if any state’s borders were attacked citizens would respond to defend their property and their lives.

If the Federal Government disappeared over night the DEA would no longer be terrorizing Central and South America in an undeclared war. Individuals in each state would choose to legalize drugs or not. I believe most would in order to tax them. This  is going to happen eventually and I believe without the Federal Menace of the DEA there would be a lot more states that would do that now.

If the Federal Government disappeared under the Earth’s crust the ATF would not be selling guns to drug cartels who would more than likely disappear when the prohibition on drugs is lifted. Without the DEA the individual states would more likely end the prohibition on drugs all together and that would almost eliminate the drug cartels overnight.

This is just the beginning. Think about if the EPA no longer existed and all their industry killing regulations disappeared overnight? No longer would farmers in California be put out of work for some tiny little fish. Industry could expand to meet consumer need without fear of arbitrary regulations based upon pseudo-science.

 The FDA would no longer exist and that would free up more drugs to be released upon the market. And it would not act like some kind of shield for drug companies to release bad drugs. The SEC and Sarbanes Oxley would disappear and small companies could once again go public without spending millions of dollars in regulation.

But our problem is really not the Federal Government  or the politicians who pass the laws or the bureaucracy that writes and enforces the regulations resultant from those laws. The Federal Government is just a reflection of the basic premise held by most Americans today. That premise is that it is okay to violate the Natural Rights of others and to have others violate the Natural Rights of themelves. So even if by some act of God the entire Federal Leviathan was swallowed up by a great fissure caused by the earthquake yesterday the ideas that built D.C. would still exist today. These ideas of entitlement and plunder would build the same or similar structure of the State as we see today. 

If we truly want to be free we must first understand that we are each endowed by our Creator with Natural Rights that are inseparable from us, the right to Life, Liberty and Property. Until the majority of Americans believe in the basic premise of  natural Rights we will continue to have our rights violated by politicians at every level of Government and it makes no difference if they are  in Washington D.C. or in your state’s capitol or at the county commissioner’s office. (If you’ve ever been to a county commissioners meeting you understand that problem is government no matter what level it is on.  )

Our enemy is the State as Albert Jay Nock wrote, but more accurately our enemy is the idea that propagate, support, and enlarge the State. If Washington D.C. was gone today I am afraid that in all fifty states the politicians there would be clamoring to fill that power vacuum and the majority of citizens dependent on the Entitlements and redistribution of wealth would be happy to oblige. The majority of citizens would still view their state and local governments as proxy thieves and demand that the State provide other people’s property for them to live off of.

Even if D.C. disappeared the ideas that built that cess pool of thievery and corruption would continue to find expression elsewhere. As long as individuals believe that they can not govern themselves and are unwilling to take on the responsibility that comes with their Natural Rights to Life, Liberty and Property we will alway have the State oppressing us no matter what form it takes.

And that’s my take,



Overall I believe

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