Brad Miller

Health Care Mandate: Constitutional or Criminal?

In True nature of the State on August 15, 2011 at 3:28 pm

The Healthcare Mandate is the equivalent of the government putting a gun to your head in order  to “persuade” you to buy health care insurance. This type of “persuasion” is the bread and butter of the State and is a criminal act. If you don’t take the hint and buy health insuracne they will fine you, if you don’t pay the fine they will come after your assets, if you resist this “unlawful” seizure of your assets they will shoot you.

The debate should not be whether the Health Care Mandate  or any other law  is  Constitutional or Unconstitutional. First and foremost all new laws should be scrutinized to see if they violate Natural Law, the law of the Creator. This Natural Law dictates that by our very humanity every individual has a right to Life, Liberty and Property. We do not abdicate these rights unless we have violated the rights of others, which would be defined as a criminal act.

The Constitution is a mechanism built to secure these rights. It was meant as a bulwark against tyranny. Those who have relied upon the Constitution to stop the State from violating their individual Natural Rights have been consistently disappointed. It is not the Constitution’s fault but the fault of the majority of  individuals who have forgotten, ignored, or just don’t believe in the truth of Natural Rights.

The Constitution has for the last 100 years been  interpreted as a license by the State to infringe at will against the rights of individuals. This interpretation of the Constitution has led to the Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Dept of Transportation, Dept. of Energy, the FDA, EPA and Homeland Security. Reliance on the current interpretation of the Constitution  will always lead to less freedom and more Government intervention.

These violations of our Natural Rights by government intervention even though judged Constitutional are criminal acts. I define a criminal act  as any act violating a person’s Natural Right to Life, Liberty and Property.

In a decision reached on 8-12-2011 the 11th circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the  Health Care Mandate in the Health Care affordability Act is Unconstitutional.

The two judges who deemed the mandate portion of  the act unlawful stated that  Congress could not force individuals to “enter into contracts with private insurance companies for the purchase of an expensive product from the time they are born until the time they die”.

Citing how Congress’ authority under the Commerce clause has greatly increased over the last 200 years, the lone dissenting judge wrote that the “Congress generally had the authority to regulate large parts of the national economy”.

That is the argument the White House is using to justify the  mandate for individuals to buy health insurance and the entire Health Care Affordability Act.

Clearly the State is arguing with itself. This is  ridiculous because the State by its very nature uses force to fund its very existence. So the debate isn’t whether the Mandate is Constitutional but rather is it criminal.

For me  I prefer the term Criminal vs. Unconstitutional. For me any action that violates an individual’s Natural Right to Life, LIberty or Property is a criminal act. This is regardless if the current State deems that act  “legal” or a few judges determine it to be “Constitutional”.

Clearly by this definition the mandate by the Federal Government to force an individual to purchase any item (to me this includes light bulbs or more fuel-efficient cars) is a criminal act because it violates Natural Law, which decrees that every individual has the inalienable right to Life, Liberty and Property. We either own ourselves and determine how to allocate our time and resources or we do not.

Until the majority of individuals understand their inalienable right to Life, Liberty and Property no document on Earth including the Constitution will prevent The State from perpetrating further criminal acts which violate these rights.

And that’s my take



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