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MakerBot 3D at home printer -Another Miracle of the Free Market

In Free Market Miracles on August 1, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Another Reason to love the Free Marke: 3D at home printers

Home manufacturing using 3D priners  is here. The company MakerBot is manufacturing and selling a 3D printer for the home. They are selling their Thing-O-Matic for only $1299.  It extrudes plastic and prints 3D objects layer by layer from plans you can download or that you create with a 3D scanner.

At home manufacturing could revolutionize the world on a scale similar to how cell phones and the internet has.  Just think about making anything out of plastic at home. Eventually metal objects could also be “printed” using metal powder heated and injected out of the 3D printer. Even though the current technology is limited today it is rapidly advancing. Just think about the quantum leap from the apple IIe to the Ipad today.

This is another awesome  illustration of the how Free Market works. These entrepreneurs wanted for their own use a 3D printer and designed one. They built a few more thinking they might be able to sell them in a couple of months. To their surprise they sold them almost immediately. Now over 4000 of these at home manufacturing devices are being used around the world.

In the not too distant future instead of going to the toy store to buy your son a Matchbox car,  you would go to their website, download the plans and could “print”  out the actual toy at home.  Kid’s tv commercials would emphasize, download, “print” and play today.

This is another reason why Central Planners are always wrong. They can never foresee or plan for technological innovations. Just as they were hopeless to predict the explosion of home computing ,the internet and cell phone use so will they be unable to plan for how at home manufacturing will change the world.

Leave people free and they will do amazing things.



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