Brad Miller

John Stossel’s Spending Cut Plan

In Taxes, True nature of the State on August 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm

An actual spending cut plan!!! Check it out.

It would leave the Federal Government with a 2.3 billion dollar surplus.

No other plan I know of gets anywhere close to that. Most of the plans out there allow for trillions of dollars of deficit spending over the next decade. They are not real spending cuts, just cuts in proposed spending.

John’s plan is a good start. And he goes further on his show talking about the Libertarian position of eliminating the entire Social Safety Net. He argues and I agree, that if the Government Safety Net is removed Private Charity would step in.

If you want a Libertarian Perspective on the news check out Stossel on Thursdays at 9pm and   Freedom Watch, with Judge Napolitano weekdays at 8pm.


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