Brad Miller

FreedomLand: Exiting the world of Statism

In FreedomLand on July 28, 2011 at 9:18 am

“Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat 1848

Are you a sovereign individual? That to me is the fundamental question that everyone needs to answer.  I believe that I am. But there are millions of politicians and bureaucrats and the majority of the population who disagree with me.

Of the 57,506,000 square miles of land surface on Earth none of it is free of government. Most of that land is under the control of  numerous layers of government from the city council to the United Nations and all layers in between. You can not escape the tyranny of the State over the individual. (at least not on land).

If you can not change the system, and you no longer want to submit to the system, your only other option is to exit the system.

That is what I propose to do.

I believe the quickest way to enjoy the maximum amount of Personal Liberty is within a framework of a Free Market Society. To accomplish this I propose the start of a new self-governing community 200 miles off the coast of Honduras in the Pacific ocean.

I call it FreedomLand and it is envisioned to become the freest place on Earth. A place where each individual is sovereign over his person and his property. It will be a place where each individual is responsible for himself.

It would not be a self-sufficient community. Trade with others around the world will be vital to FreedomLand. On FreedomLand there will be endless business opportunities for hearty individuals with a drive to succeed.  Those opportunities include aquaculture (fish farming)  and all its ancillary industries, financial services including banking, transplant tourism (no restriction of buying and selling organs) and tons of recreational tourism opportunities,  including installation of artificial reefs for diving.

There are no external  limits to what an individual can peacefully accomplish in FreedomLand. You may do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t restrict the right of others to do the same.  I do not envision a Utopia. Rather I envision an absence of organized theft, fraud and murder, i.e. the State. Crimes committed by individuals would still occur. Private defense corporations would sell their services to consumers in order to defend Life, Liberty and Property. All products and services in FreedomLand will be provided through voluntary exchanges between producers and consumers.

When you buy your plot of ocean in FreedomLand or work for someone who has, you will never have to waste one more minute of your life thinking about Government. How much time today have you wasted thinking about and worrying about  the Federal Government and the debt ceiling circus or  about an increase in your property taxes or being forced to get your emissions tested before getting your tag?  This is all wasted time and energy that could be spent in more productive ways.

When you live in FreedomLand all your thoughts and energies will be spent on your pursuit of happiness. No more external coercion, no more central planners, no more forced retirement savings, no more IRS scouring over ever part of your life, no restrictions on what you can put in your body, and no restrictions on the voluntary transactions between consenting adults.

This doesn’t mean that there will be freedom from responsibility. On the contrary, Responsibility and Liberty are inseparable. For with Personal  Liberty you and you alone reap the rewards as well as the risks of your actions. There are no guarantees.  These risks could be mitigated through various types of insurance. But these would be voluntary and no one would be forced to purchase these policies.

The technology exists off the shelf to launch FreedomLand. There are many different ideas for establishing a community at sea. These include mostly expensive options like huge artificial islands or retrofitting cruise ships. I think a better approach is to start small.

I believe the best way to start is to send out a buoy,  which I dub the ” Beacon of Liberty”, to stake the first claim of FreedomLand.  Later on a floating dock will be built so people can drive  their boats out to and inspect the “sea acreage”. Those who purchase their plots will more than likely live at first on their boats. The next step to support these new Seasteading Pioneers is to position a “Seed Ship” to provide, for a fee of course, power, water and other services until companies are established to provide them. (This would not preclude others individuals  from making their own power and water themselves. )

Once people have bought their plots they would be free to dispose of their property as they see fit, as long as it didn’t interfere with others from doing the same thing. Contracts would be strictly enforced through a private system of courts and arbiters.

I don’t know how  individuals will use their plot of sea. And that is the point. Who could have predicted the Ipod or wireless Broadband?  On the Free Market the entrepreneur seeks to satisfy consumer demand in the most efficient way. Those who are successful will profit and those who don’t will fail. Out of this “creative destruction”  goods and services are available for mass consumption and amazing technological advancements are made.

There is no telling what will be the result of this experiment.  Individuals will be free to choose how to exercise their God-given right to Life, Liberty and Property. And since no entity is granted “Legal Force” to confiscate property at will or regulate individual choice, human creative energy will be free from its current impediments and find its greatest expression mankind has ever known.

FreedomLand will not seek nationhood or recognition by the international community. Individuals living in FreedomLand will, in my opinion be, the most dynamic, innovative, and productive people on Earth and the citizens of other nations will be clamoring to do business with the folks in FreedomLand.

And that’s my vision


Advocate of Liberty

For more info on the viability of a community at sea check out The Seasteading Institute at

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