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I do not pledge my allegiance to the Flag

In True nature of the State on July 22, 2011 at 10:37 am

I no longer say the pledge of allegiance. I’ve been increasingly uncomfortable with saying the pledge for over a year now. The more I’ve read about Individual Liberty, the more I’ve come to realize that I am a sovereign individual and I do not have to pledge my allegiance to anything or anyone, especially the State which is the enemy of all individuals. I can not give my allegiance to an organization which exists to rob, kill and deceive.

That being said I do not advise folks to say it or not. I also stopped saying the pledge because I learned about its origin.  The pledge itself was written by a socialist, Francis Bellamy, who was trying to sell more flags to schools back in 1892. The phrase “under God” wasn’t added till 1954. So debating whether people say “under God” or not is in my opinion missing the bigger issue, which is voluntarily or involuntarily saying a loyalty pledge to a corrupt and violent State. By the way Francis Bellamy also developed a salute to go with the pledge  which you may be familiar with becasuse its the single raised arm with the palm out salute that Mussolini and Hitler adopted as their own.

The pledge and the flag are used by the State to aggrandize itself and diminish the individual. It makes people think that the State is above them.  This was not always the case. At the onset of this nation the founders did not want to waste time on desiging a flag or a loyalty pledge. They knew these were the tools of monarchy and empire and wanted no part of them. They understood that Individual Liberty always shrinks in relation to growth of the state.

Also no one can pledge “to the Republic for which it stands..”, because the Republic no longer exists. The confirmation of this came when the president took the military to war without the consent of Congress, that is what occurs not in a republic but in an empire.  Couple that with the five wars overseas the military is waging and the 900 military installations around the world then the idea that the Republic is dead and the Empire is here to stay. So if the republic no longer exists how can anyone pledge to it?

In society we do not need to pledge to anything or anyone.  We are all self contained sovereign entities with the God given rights of Life, Liberty and Property. Like Frederic Bastiat wrote “Life Liberty and Property do not exist because men wrote laws, on the contrary Laws were written because they existed already.”  On the Free Market  individuals have to each day serve others and by doing so they each serve their own self interest. We don’t serve the “Republic” we serve ourselves by the selling of product and services that other individuals choose to buy. This is what creates the “invisible hand” or the “spontaneous order” that economists have observed as the result of free individuals within a free market.

At a recent clayton county commisioner’s meeting I obstained from not only joining in a prayer with the sheriff but also from saying the pledge. I looked around and one other fellow did the same. It is my small way of expressing my sovereignty over myself. So much freedom has been stolen from us through taxation and through dicatates concerning consumer choice, whenever we can express our disatisfaction with the State I say do so. (always of course in a peaceful manner)

I don’t care if others say the pledge or not. I have control over only myself. When I learned of the origins of the pledge when I from  Judge Napolitano on his  show FreedomWathc, it only confirmed what I had been feeling for the past year. The pledge is an artificial construct whose meaning has been taken as gospel in this nation. But I understand that most folks who say the pledge believe they are pledging not to the State but to the ideas of the founding of this nation, the ideas of Life, Liberty and Property.  But committing to these ideals doesnt require a loyalty oath to the oppresive, corrupt, destructive State. All it requires is that we each live according to them in our own lives each day and that’s exactly what most of us do anyway. The State on the other hand violates these principles on a daily basis and this is why I no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance.

And that’s my take.


Advocate of Liberty

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